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The Rules of the Game



The log competition will have two phases. During the first phase, a two week period, logs will be submitted by their authors. In the second phase, a one week period, log submission will be ended and all players will be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite logs.


Log submission:


All logs submitted to the log competition must also be submitted or have been submitted via the usual channels (boards and mailstring) to an STSF sim during the period of the log competition. They must also be posted into the Log Competition Submissions folder. This limits eligibility to current players on STSF advanced simulations.


The log must follow all other rules related to log submissions on STSF advanced simulations.


Only a log's author may submit to the competition. If the log is a joint log, it must be submitted with the consent of all authors. If consent is denied, the log will be disqualified.


Each player may post one log to the competition during the submission phase. A joint log counts as a log submitted by all the authors. Choose your best, and choose carefully!


While editing for spelling or grammar is unavoidable, extensive editing of a posted log that makes it significantly different from its original posted version is discouraged. A log that is edited very extensively after it is submitted to the competition may be disqualified at the discretion of the contest administrator (LoAmi). The version that is submitted to the ship may be edited in accordance with the usual rules of the specific ship.


The contest administrator's characters' logs are ineligible for submission.




All members of the STSF community (GM's, advanced players and cadets) are eligible to vote.


Within the message board software's limitations, each board ID can vote once. A reasonable number of votes per person would be one vote per player. While the board ID's of voters are recorded, the primary method of assuring one person-one vote is the honor system. Please do not abuse it by "stuffing" the ballot box. Ballot box stuffing may be handled at the discretion of the contest administrator.



Voting will take place in the following categories:


(1) Best Log by a non-GM player

(2) Best Log by a GM

(3) Best Monologue/NPC Dialogue or Writing Style in a single-player log

(4) Best Dialogue or Writing Style in a joint log

(5) Best use of technology or technobabble

(6) Best non-Federation log (eligible characters include NPC's playing non-Starfleet officers and those logs by non-Starfleet characters on the Romulan or Klingon ships)


One log may win in more than one category.


If there are no submissions from a certain category, the category will be removed. If there is only one submission eligible in any category, it wins by default.


While the logs in Categories 1, 2, 5, and 6 may also be the best written ones, they should be judged on their ideas, rather than on their writing. A log does not have to have been written by Shakespeare or his 21-25 century equivalent to win in any of the categories.



The polls will be put up on the boards within a day or two of the end of the submission phase. Voting will be open for a week.


Winners will be announced after the end of the polling period. The prizes are recognition, and an optional pat on the back administered by the winners to themselves.


Please remember that this is only a game. Have fun!


If you have any questions, please send them to LoAmi by board PM.

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