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SUBJECT: First Lieutenant "Dumbass" V'Roy


PRIMARY DUTY: Commander, Air Group

SECONDARY DUTY: Misc. bridge assignments



Name: V'Roy. Vulcan name is unpronounceable.

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Species: Vulcan hybrid.

Parents: Unknown, presumed dead. Childhood spent on Vulcan in various orphanages and foster homes.

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 145 lbs.

Hair Color: Brown, Graying

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: White with green undertones

Place of Birth: Vulcan

Telepathic Status: Moderate - is capable of touch-telepathy with effort.

Distinguishing Marks: Unknown to the subject he is the identical twin to Ensign Van Roy, a former Reaent helmsman.



Rank: First Lieutenant

Assignment: USS Reaent-G, under Captain Fred Michaels

Past Assignment: USS Lakota II


Medals & Awards:

Service Ribbon

ISS Odyssy Investigation Citation

Nebula M-8312 Mission Citation

4 Bronze Medals of Honor (USS Lakota II)

Silver Medal of Honor (USS Lakota II)

4 Sword Service Slashes (USS Lakota II)

Admiral’s Clusters (USS Lakota II)


BACKGROUND: V'Roy was separated from his natural family at birth, including twin brother Van Roy who later became an Ensign on the Reaent. He was raised with Vulcan beliefs and traditions but did not always accept them. He felt there was something more to life than logic and pacifism. He could not explain why or how he held these beliefs. In his youth this manifested itself via rebellion and confusion as he tried, sometimes unsuccessfully, to repress his unknown alien half. As a result he spent his youth in different orphanages and with different foster parents.


The year after Van Roy's graduation from Starfleet Academy V'Roy started attending classes. He excelled in small craft operations and eventually joined the elite Nova Squadron. Other extra-curricular activities included Cross Country / Track, Debate Society and later Cadet Government. V'Roy's non-Vulcan tendencies, including a sense of humor, made him popular with the other cadets and helped ease his duality troubles.


Due to recessive genetics from his alien half V'Roy's outward appearance is Vulcan, so when V'Roy's Academy entrance physical showed no overt anomalies there was nothing to investigate. Academy medical records are routinely purged soon after a graduating cadet receives assignment. Such was the case with Van Roy. Had Van Roy's medical records been available, however, this would have revealed not only their relationship as twins but that, as with Van Roy, V'Roy is half Romulan. V'Roy still experiences alien feelings and tendencies. He has learned to control them, albeit not always successfully, but to this day he does not know about his other heritage.


V'Roy's first assignment was aboard the USS Lakota II, commissioned after the disappearance (and presumed destruction) of the USS Lakota in the Delta Quadrant (ironically with Van Roy aboard). Because of his Nova Squadron experience he was assigned as a fighter pilot. In his spare time he attended correspondence courses in computer operations and is also rated for helm, operations, and tactical bridge positions.



Stardate 0211.21 - Graduates Starfleet Academy. Subject assigned to USS Lakota II as fighter pilot.

Stardate 0303.25 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Stardate 0309.16 - Begins correspondence courses on starship operations.

Stardate 0407.27 - Promoted to Lieutenant after completion of above courses.

Stardate 0408.11 - Enters Pon Farr. Subject returns to Vulcan to mate.

Stardate 0412.21 - Returns to duty after extended leave.

Stardate 0510.01 - Hears about new fighter wing forming on the USS Reaent-G and applies for transfer.

Stardate 0601.12 - Transfer approved. Subject is ordered to Starfleet Headquarters to await arrival of USS Reaent-G.

Stardate 0703.08 - Promoted to First Lieutenant.

Stardate 0801.07 - Promoted without rank to (Acting) Commander, Air Group (CAG).

Edited by V'Roy

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