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Without Rhyme or Reason

Well, she was gone. It's not like this had never happened to Juhdia before. He had lost so many women over the past few thousands of years, he had even lost count. To many lives, to many names. Soon even her name would be a faded memory, not locked away, but forgotten.


It was time for his shift to be over, so Juhdia logged out and went to his quarters, he was going to make a stop at Sick Bay, but then he remembered. She was no longer there.


Juhdia could have felt remorse, sorrow, even anger. She had not told him she was leaving, no good-bye speech, no recorded message, not even a letter. But then he would have been a hypocrite. How many times had he left without notice, he had even lost count. When someone had lived as long as he has, time starts to flow together or pieces just seem to vanish with time. No he would not hold anything against her, that was not his way. And her choice to leave was hers.


Juhdia sat alone in his quarters, a bottle of two hundred year old Scotch sat on the table in front of him. Next to the bottle was a glass. He mused as he looked at the bottle. It was the same bottle as their first dinner together. Albeit it was not a date, their first date was some time later. But it was their first time together.


Funny thing about memories, they fade just like flowers. Juhdia mused about the white lilies he gave her that first time. Did she save them, did she dispose of them as they wilted? Of his few times in the Sick Bay of the USS Morningstar, he had noticed it was bereft of life. Cold, sterile. It was not like the USS Excalibur. Briana had kept the Sick Bay alive with plants. But this was a Warship and the Sick Bay was not a nursery. Juhdia looked arcoss his room and saw the project he was working on. Something to liven up Sick Bay. It was a holographic emitter programmed with over sixteen million species of flowers, he even worked in a scent emitter that would mimic the scent of the flower it was displaying. Now it would just sit there. Soon even it's purpose would be a faded memory, not locked away, but forgotten.


Yes there were many things around to keep her memory fresh, but soon those memories would fade.


Soon even Elaine Delgado would be a faded memory, not locked away, but forgotten.

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