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Travis Kroells

Lay Down Your Burdens

“Lay down your burdens” Final log of Lieutenant Colonel Travis Kroells/Travis Kroells




Lieutenant Colonel Travis Kroells watched his two fighters, Hideki Nakamura, and Archangel prepare themselves for whatever was to come next. He pondered for a second on his life, which due to the whole temporal explosion was a rather drawn out second. His family, Kestra and many others drifted into his mind. He didn’t get much of a chance to think about it however, as Hideki, Angel and the flight deck disappeared.


The charred walls of his flight deck were quickly replaced by pure white light. He couldn’t discern a horizon, if one even existed. For a moment, he thought he was dead, but quickly realized if this was what he thought it was, he wouldn’t be here. Considering all that had just happened in the last few hours, Travis was hoping for some sort of epic end to everything. But...it didn’t come. In fact, nothing happened. Kroells stood for several minutes, waiting, hoping for anything.


After what the Colonel had perceived as...a while, his thoughts once again shifted back to thinking he was dead. But again there was no sulfur and hellfire, or no annoying theists and cream cheese. So, after a while he started walking. Most people would criticize for the randomness in his actions, but Travis figured that with no real distinctiveness, and no visible land markers, it was probably going to be the same no matter where he went: White and boring.


Except, something did change. In a vast distance a new shape formed. If only for the fact that this new development was something other then the vast stark nothingness that surrounded him, Travis ran towards it, faster then he had ever ran for something before. He ran at it like it was a massive door out of this place, or a note on the wall kindly explaining what was going on, but instead of answers he froze in horror as he finally could make out what he was so desperately trying to reach.


He was looking at himself.


Both Kroells’s stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Colonel Kroells was quick to size up his counter part, his long brown hair a stark contrast to his military regulation cut. The two also carried very different stances. Colonel Kroells’s hard and stern from his military life. This other Travis...seemed to be aloof to things just from his very demeanor. Other then that fact they looked identical, a fact which bothered the Colonel deeply.


However, the other man was brave enough to speak first. “Uh...who the Hell are you?”


The Colonel paused for a moment, trying to think of what to say, if anything would even make sense. In the end he just fell back on what he knew. “Lieutenant Colonel Travis Kroells, NFS Reaent. Who the Hell are you?”


The other man spoke almost instantly, obviously much less confused by the situation. “Travis Kroells, of the....wait...uh...Just Travis Kroells.”


Colonel Kroells blinked, and pondered for a moment. “What is going on, where what is the place?”


Travis gave a light chuckle at the man as he crossed his arms over his chest. “You expect me to know? All I remember was laying down in the back of my ship for a nap, and then I’m here. I’ve got ten bars of latinum says this is just a weird dream induced by my faulty replicator.”


The Colonel furrowed his brow at the other man. He was so cocky and arrogant...even more then himself. This was certainly no dream for him. “Well, I can assure you your not sleeping. I certainly wasn’t when the Reaent was caught in that temporal explosion from People’s Head.”


The other Travis blinked, and refocused his attention on his doppelganger. “Temporal Explosion, People’s Head...what are you talking about?”


Colonel Kroells sighed, and gently rubbed the bridge of his nose between his thumb and index finger, not likely having to drawn upon these horrific memories, while they were still so fresh. “The NFA, Starfleet, The Romulans, and the Breen engaged in a battle over a planet named People’s Head. In the resulting battle, a temporal device that Duren had created was destroyed. I’m foggy on the details...but somehow, I’m here now.”


Travis raised an eyebrow, rather confused. “Wait, wait, wait. Who’s Duren? And what is the ‘NFA’?”


The Colonel gave him a perplexed look. “Duren is an El-Aurian. He’s the president of the Federation, and a tyrant at that. The NFA stands for New Federation Alliance. We’re a group of planets that broke away from the Federation years ago. We’ve been fighting a civil war for almost eighty years.”


Travis was still rather confused. “Wait...none of this makes sense. You’re some sort of rebel fighting against the Federation? How’s the Reaent play into this? And the Romulans and the Breen?”


River sighed as he continued this his little story. “The NFS Reaent is an Ambassador Class Carrier. I’m the ships CAG, and Bravo Squadron leader. As for the Romulans...The Federation declared war on them sometime back. For us, it’s something along the line of ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’. And the Breen...well, until several days ago, no one had confirmed they even existed.”


The scientist, long thrown away was brewing in Travis as he listened to this Colonel’s story. Praxis, Duren, it was all wrong. “Wait...all of this, your civil war, everything is all wrong.”


“What are you talking about?”


Travis paused for a moment, trying to find words he’d understand. “The Federation never went to war with the Klingons after Praxis exploded...At least...At least in my timeline.”

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