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Zafira Terios

Bio: Zafira Terios









File No: 28406-ADG-191


Name: TERIOS Zafira


Species: Bajoran


Gender: Male


Height: 6'1”


Weight: 183 lbs


Place of Birth: Dahkur, Bajor


Date of Birth: 18 January, 2355


Age: 28


Eyes: Green


Hair: Brown


Residence: Deck 10, Room C603


85 Wood Lane

Healy, Alaska, USA, Earth 99743


Marital Status: Single






Service ID: 84329DFZ-0023A


Rank: Lieutenant Commander


Assignment: USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, NCC-86590. Commander Air Group, 388th Starfighter Squadron.


Call sign: Denali


Years in Service: 7


Total Enemy Kills: 84


Major Battles Participated: 18


Reprimands: None




Biological Parents: Trajet Terios (Father, Deceased)

Liana Terios (Mother, Deceased)


Siblings: Kenari Terios (Biological Younger sister)


Adoptive Parents: Comm. Peter Reddington (Ret)

Sharon Reddington



Information: After retiring from Starfleet, Pete and Sharon Reddington moved to Fairbanks, Alaska where Peter opened a successful tour company and continues to operate it today. His wife Sharon runs a small but popular restaurant in downtown Fairbanks and Zafira's sister Kenari currently serves as a Park Ranger at the Denali National Park. When Zafira is on Earth, he resides with his sister at her four bedroom home in Healy, 11 miles north of Denali.









During childhood, Zafira and his sister were educated by his biological parents, and by close friends of the family with the other children at the strip mine he and his parents worked on. This was done secretly and during their off-time. This continued on and off for several years until Zafira moved to Earth, where he was educated in Federation schools.


On Earth, Zafira enjoyed piloting small craft belonging to his adoptive family in Alaska, and continued his formal education in public school until his graduation from high school at the age of eighteen. After which, Zafira enrolled in Starfleet Academy. An assessment test showed that Zafira would do best in the Starfighter Corps, which is where he enrolled.


Starfighter piloting proved to be the best choice for Zafira, as he quickly adapted to the role. He soon gained familiarity with the flight and weapons systems of virtually ever type of fighter. His keen piloting and targeting skills earned him many awards in Academy, and later graduated in the top 20 percentile of his class.







Medical Allergies: None


Distinguishing Features:


One 10cm long scar on back, from Cardassian whip for “talking back”


One 6cm long scar on back, from Cardassian whip, same reason as above


One 1.5cm long scar above right eye, pistol whipped by Cardassian for “slacking”


Last Physical: Stardate 10606.06 – Pass


Physical/ Mental Condition: Excellent






Zafira's childhood was an unfortunate one, filled with much hardship and sadness. Born during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, Zafira was born inside of a small cave on the outskirts of Dahkur, a major city on Bajor. His early childhood was mostly spent toiling in the mines under strict Cardassian supervision with his parents and young sister, being offered little in terms of food and compensation.



Despite the apparent bleakness and suppression the young Zafira witnessed in his short life, his parents were very loving to both him and his younger sister Kenari and instilled in them both strong belief in

the Prophets and adherence to Bajoran practises and principles. Naturally though, this did not prevent the young boy to harbour an intense dislike for their Cardassian oppressors. A dislike that continues on to this very day.


Because of the circumstances of his childhood, Zafira did not get the chance to enjoy his youth as a normal child would, but that wasn't to say that it wasn't all filled with hardship and suffering. Zafira had a small group of friends in the mine he worked at. But he considered his younger sister of four years his closest friend and playmate.


The two were always close and for the most part remained virtually inseparable, to the extent of the elder Zafira being quite protective of the younger Kenari, finding solace in each other and their parents despite their harsh living and working conditions in the strip mine they worked at, until the events that took place shortly after Zafira's tenth birthday.



Lead by Zafira's father Trajet Terios, a member of the Bajoran Resistance, the workers of the strip mine staged a revolt against their Cardassian oppressors. The revolt, though successful in shutting down the strip mine, and freeing dozens of people, was won at the cost of both Trajet and his wife Liana, who were systematically executed by Cardassian Authorities for Trajet's role in the revolt.


To prevent the children from suffering the same fate, Zafira and Kenari were both taken to a safe place far away from the strip mines by friends of the family, eventually being smuggled into a cargo freighter leaving Bajor, bound for a nearby Federation Starbase. After safely arriving at the station, the two were accepted asylum in the station, under Federation refugee rules, and originally destined for an orphanage somewhere on Earth.


However, before this could take place, Station Commanding Officer Commodore Peter Reddington and his civilian wife Sharon grew attached to the young children. Childless, the Reddingtons adopted Zafira and Kenari. They received formal education at the station school and stayed aboard the starbase for about seven months, when the Commodore retired from Starfleet.


Upon the Commodore's retirement, the Reddingtons took Zafira and Kenari, now ten and six respectively to their home on Earth, located in the Fairbanks North Star Metropolitan area of Alaska in North America. Though it took awhile to adjust to the harsh Alaskan climate, the two children finally had the opportunity to enjoy their childhoods like normal children.



It is here, where Zafira gained his passion for flying after being taken up to the skies by his father in his bush plane. Enjoying the freedom it had to offer and the spectacular Alaskan landscape, Zafira went up often with his father, and eventually was taught by him to fly the craft, quick to learn the tricks of the trade of small plane piloting.


When Zafira turned eighteen, he was enrolled in the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, California. Originally wanting to take Helm and Navigation, he instead enrolled into the Starfighter Corps when a pre-assessment test showed that he would fare better in that particular role. A role which Zafira took quickly to and enjoys primarily due to the freedom and solitude it offers over piloting a large starship.






June 2377: Promotion to Ensign and Graduation from Starfleet Academy Starfighter Corps - San Francisco, California.


August 2377 – September 2379: Pilot in the 133rd Starfighter Squadron – Starbase Delphi


March 2378: Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade


September 2379 – January 2383: Pilot in the Delta Starfighter Corps Squadron - USS Vengeance


May 2381: Promotion to Lieutenant


November 2381: Promotion to Delta Squad Flight Leader – USS Vengeance


January 2383: Leader of the 2nd Squadron, 420th Light Fighter Group – USS Reaent


September 2383: Promotion to 1st Lieutenant


January, 2384: Transfer to USS Franklin D. Roosevelt under Captain Rob Blake and Commander John Elway





Having spent his early childhood working with his parents in a Cardassian strip mine on Bajor, Zafira never had an opportunity to pursue hobbies as most children his age do. It was not until he was adopted and moved to Alaska when Zafira finally found hobbies in flying and horseback riding. Both of which, Zafira is considered an expert in.


Whilst in Alaska, Zafira's other hobbies grew to mountain climbing, hunting, fishing and kayaking the iceberg laden fjords that dominate the Alaskan landscape. Though born on Bajor, both Zafira and Kenari consider Alaska as their true home and love the vast and rugged Alaskan frontier (despite the cold climate and mosquitoes in the summer).


However, both siblings have not turned their backs on their Bajoran heritage. Both still practise Bajoran religious beliefs and principles. In addition, Zafira is very proficient in the Bellaclavion, a stringed instrument native to Bajor, following in the footsteps of his mother Liani who prior to the Occupation was also a professional player having performed at such venues as the Jalanda Forum.


Zafira is also seen often wearing a metallic earring on his right ear. It is made of diamide laced berillium and has his family symbol inscribed onto it. The earring is considered a symbol of his faith. Like most Bajorans in Starfleet, Zafira only wears his when not on duty in order to comply with the Starfleet Uniform Code.


Both Kenari and Zafira also enjoy traveling together whenever they can and have the free time to do so. Their most recent trip back together was to their native Bajor five years ago after the end of the Occupation. Both were happy to see their planet rebuild but were naturally saddened of the state it was left in.


Nonetheless, they have both since returned to Bajor two more times in order to attend Bajoran religious festivals and participate in Bajoran Holidays. They have also traveled to other places as well, such as Risa and Betazed. Academically, Zafira is also interested in Earth History, painting and classical Earth music such as Mozart and Beethoven and enjoys action movies, football and poker.





Professionally speaking, Zafira is considered as one of the best young and coming pilots in the Starfighter Corps. His demeanour, professionalism, piloting skills, instincts and unquestioned loyalty is a valuable asset to any ship he is a part of. Though still harbouring a dislike for Cardassians, Zafira has never let this affect his ability to follow orders regarding the Cardassians or Cardassia.


Personally, Zafira is a friendly and sociable individual easily getting along with most anybody he meets, and tries to make them feel as comfortable as he can. As a Flight Squadron Leader, this trait is also shown to his subordinates, to the extent of offering coffee and donuts in the Flight Mess Hall for his pilot's enjoyment.




Edited by STSF Seiben

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