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Brothers in arms....A farewell to arms..

He just stood there .blinking in disbeleif at the alien enviroment that surrounded him

and stretched all the way to the horizon,in every direction,nothing but desert and blu

clear skies above him..two suns,::startled:two suns.,parked next to him was the new

fighter he had been assigned to by his wing commander V'Roy, had checked the bird

and preflighted it in anticipation of going into battle with what remained of the wings.

A myrid of conflicting thoughts and emotions engulfed him sweeping over him like a

ebb and flow of a surreal tide from a deep dark ocean,he shook his head as if trying

to clear the deluge of thoughts and memories cascading into his mind.


obviously something was amiss,he had been with his fellow pilots on the flight deck

the N.F.S. Reaent going over their experiences with each other,and toasting to those

of the ship, the valiant pilots that had not made it through the living hell of battle of

peoples head in the confrontation with the feds,he vividly remembered the comm

between Maj.Hideki,and Col Kroells,he had relayed to us to spend the few remaing

minutes of our lives doing what seemed best to enjoy those few as theywere going to

be our last in existence, due to a gigantic power surge resulting in the planet blowing up,or becoming a star,or something to that effect,either way it was a foregone fact... we had a precious few minutes to live, apparently the ship was unable escape the doom that was upon her,He had monitored the comm chat over the speakers...he was aware of the heroic struggle mounted by the crew of all the various departments in vain to leave,he remembered the col joining he and hideki on the flight deck..

Just prior to his arrival i had gone over to the bar and gathered a box of brews ,

surely the commander would overlook this indiscreetion considering what they were

facing he mused and snickered to himself as he and hideki had drank to a toast,the

commander joined them,pulled out cigars,they lit them up,he was in an unusually

good humor this time,he even took the brew i offered him...well all things considered

i dont beleive an administrative action was warranted,they proceeded to toast to the

wing,the ship,all the crew,and last but not least our brothers in arms not present.


He had just related to the Kroells and Hideki how it seemed strange and ironic to

him that they were facing certain demise gathered together,sitting on stools on the

flight deck sipping brews,making toasts,talking about old battles and adventures and

not being in the thick of heated battle with the enemy in their fighters instead of in

the flight bay..he had taken a last long swig...puffed the cigar with his fellows when

"bam" he found himself here staring at the bleak desert planet,looking up at the awe

inspiring totally alien sky..he asked himself where were the others,the ship,this was

not where he had been mere moments before...


He clambered back into the cockpit,going over the scan data he punched up onto

his screen,this could not be happening not only was he lost in on a planet with zero

astral nav reference to try and get back to where he had been,apparently there was

some kind of time dialation that had occured...he continued to check and recheck

the data scrolling down the screen when he noticed a glint of something reflecting

the glare from the dual suns on the floor of the fighter,he reached down and picked

up the metallic object...it was Maj.V'roys cigar lighter,he scratched his head as he

read over the names inscribed into the metal casing,the names of both squadrons

and their respective pilots..he felt something in the very pit of his stomach start to

knot up and churn,he dropped his head and sighed in rememberance of the ones

he had grown close to ...after a moment of prayer he snapped back to the reality

of the situation he was facing,was this to be his fate,the fighter seemed to be intact

or was this to be a farewell to arms...and his beloved brothers in arms..End log:

Edited by eagle

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