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Final Log: Gen. Deb Matthews: CO - NFS Reaent

Thalen Sinjyn wrote:


For a minute Thalen considers whether to warn the General or not. However, things were already out of hand, beyond their control. What was going to happen was going to happen no matter what it was. He steps down to the General's side and glances sidelong at her for a few seconds. He bows his head slightly and says quietly so only she can hear. "It was an honor serving you, General. And..one more thing. I do not believe in God or any other deity. But I do believe that the Universe contains light and dark. Duren is one such example of the Universe containing darkness but he is far from the worst." He pauses momentarily and his voice takes on a dark ominous tone "The darkness that nearly destroyed my people will come for yours..sooner or later. It may even be on the way here now. If you and the others are not prepared for it..you will suffer a fate far worse than death. It merely killed my people..it will take yours."


General Deborah Matthews watched as the El Aurian science officer walked away. She'd always considered his species a bit arrogant, an opinion reinforced daily by UFP President Duren's behavior.


The El Aurians had once been a great, spacefaring race but their population had been decimated by....something. Exactly what happened on their homeworld remained one of the most tightly guarded secrets in the universe. Nevertheless, there were not that many of them left and only a small minority volunteered for military service. Their expertise was highly prized. That's why Matthews hadn't pitched a fit when Sinjyn was assigned to her ship. Despite her personal opinion of El Aurians, the NFP needed officers like him.


Under other circumstances, Deb would have considered Sinjyn's remarks another example of El Aurian arrogance. He knew so much more than his inferior, human colleagues, he couldn't resist predicting their eminent demise. But this situation was different and so was Sinjyn's tone of voice. He really believed they were doomed. He was trying to say good-bye and Matthews knew it.


She was nothing more than pure bred human but Deb was intelligent enough to have figured out what was about to happen. They really were doomed. She'd known that since they'd finally identified the type of energy belching into the galaxy from what was People's Head. The idea they could plug the dike was nothing more than a pipe dream.


Of course, she'd ordered her gallant crew to attempt to resolve the problem, a problem many of them didn't fully understand. After all, where there was life, there was hope. But Matthews had known all along they had no chance. A temporal distortion of this size was impossible to stop. And there was no point running either. What was about to happen would envelope not only this tiny little system, it would swallow the entire universe. Nothing would escape it. And if her guess was right, it would all happen in the blink of an eye. They might as well stay here and actually witness the event that would change their lives in ways they would never even know.


Matthews again turned her attention to the view screen. People's Head was gone. All that remained was the eerie blue hue of the temporal energy field. She could almost see it moving outward as it prepared to flood the universe. There was very little time left. She glanced around the bridge of her ship and took note of each person there. She could tell by their demeanor that some suspected the end was near yet they remained calm and focused. She was so proud of all of them. They were consummate professionals, even Travis.


Deb stood beside her XO, George McLean. They exchanged glances but neither spoke. There was no need. She caught sight Thalen Sinjyn over George's shoulder. The El Aurian's expression was carefully controlled as he watched events unfold on he view screen.


"George," said Deb quietly. "Do you believe in God?"

McLean met her gaze, a slight twinkle in his eye. "I wouldn't be out here if I didn't."

General Deborah Matthews smiled warmly and looked at the view screen. The energy field would swallow them in a matter of minutes. "Neither would I," she said softly. "And now I look forward to meeting Him."

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