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Thalen Sinjyn

A Warning

Thalen watches the events unfolding on the viewscreen with a mixture of curiosity and dread. He had never seen what the humans called a "Guardian of Forever" but there wasn't an El Aurian that didn't know about them. He supposes that in a way that his people are something of kin to the sentient time portals. In the same way that humans and the other species of the Alpha and Beta quadrant were kin in a way. Among many lessons that was drummed into every El Aurian was to never trifle with a Guardian of Forever, no matter what the reason may be..even if it may be good and noble reason. The consequences of messing with time was something that was not worth risking for. Idly he wonders if Duren was doing so because he wanted to alter what happened to the El Aurians when the darkness came. Thalen frowns and shakes his head. Not that the thought hadn't occurred to him when he realized what was actually going on but there was no way to tell what the changed history would be. And Duren had proven himself power mad enough that it was within the realm of possibility that he was just trifling with a Guardian of Forever to secure his own power.


Or it could be worse than that. The ships that the El Aurians once had were nothing like anything seen in the Federation or it's neighbors. If Duren somehow changed time so that the El Aurians were imperialistic and conquerors there was nothing any of the Alpha and Beta quadrant powers could do to stop them.


Thalen glances at the General and frowns. He doubted any of them understood fully the consequences of what was happening. Yes, history as it had unfolded certainly didn't seem correct to him but that could just because he didn't like what Duren had engineered. Still it could be that the General had just doomed her race to extinction. Or that they would all cease to exist. There was no telling what was the correct time. Sixty-thousand El Aurians had survived the Borg. If this wasn't the correct time it could be that in the correct time all of them survived, maybe the Borg never attacked...or that the Borg did attack and that none of them survived. It could even be that in the correct time, if this wasn't it, that the Borg conquered the Federation even before it was born. Or the change could be something as subtle as he was never born or that he never met his wife and his kids never existed.


For a minute Thalen considers whether to warn the General or not. However, things were already out of hand, beyond their control. What was going to happen was going to happen no matter what it was. He steps down to the General's side and glances sidelong at her for a few seconds. He bows his head slightly and says quietly so only she can hear. "It was an honor serving you, General. And..one more thing. I do not believe in God or any other deity. But I do believe that the Universe contains light and dark. Duren is one such example of the Universe containing darkness but he is far from the worst." He pauses momentarily and his voice takes on a dark ominous tone "The darkness that nearly destroyed my people will come for yours..sooner or later. It may even be on the way here now. If you and the others are not prepared for it..you will suffer a fate far worse than death. It merely killed my people..it will take yours."

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