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Found 6 results

  1. Passing On Mimi Pavilion, MD Amanda Davis, PhD There are times when Amanda can cope and times when she can not cope. Counselor Amanda Davis stood at the door to Dr Pavilion’s quarters wondering if she could push past her personal feelings and help her dear friend Mimi deal with the death of her bond mate, her husband, the person she had chosen for life. He loved her dearly, but SubCommander Torate tr’Jeth Dabi, was also a warrior. As dedicated to his people as he was to her, he left Aegis to rebuild the Empire after the devastation of ch'Rihan in 2387.* Then came the destruction of the Breen.** Many who were no longer Breen slaves formed the Alien Alliance that not only threatened the Romulan Star Empire, it threatened to overtake the Joint Allied Powers…. “If it’s not one thing, it’s another,” thought Amanda. “And Torate, as bold and brave as he was, gave his life to save his captain. Oh, Mimi.” She sighed quietly, then took a deep breath to regain her composure before pressing the chime on Mimi’s door. “Enter,” Mimi said, as she sat at her desk. Amanda stepped in quietly. “Hello, Mimi,” she said in a more professional manner. “How are you?” She looks at Amanda and sighs, “Not well, as expected. How can one deal with the loss of a spouse?” “With difficulty, Mimi," she replied quietly and sincerely. "You will have times when you remember him fondly, maybe even smile at some of the things he did. Then you’ll have times when you can’t stop crying..” “I know,” Mimi replied; “it’s just the biggest adjustment that I’ve… I’m going through, since being assigned to Aegis.” Amanda pulled up a chair and waited for her to continue. And if she wasn’t going to continue, she would be Mimi’s friendly presence, sitting by her side, mourning with her. “You know Torate and I had been married for over a year. Thing is he wanted children to carry on the family name. Now there’s going to be a big empty house and no children.” Amanda pressed through her sadness, knowing how important that is in the Rihan culture. “Yes, that is very important, not only to you, but to Torate. If you can, try thinking of it this way, Mimi. He is in Vorta Vor... watching you, and knowing how you feel. Try to think of his passing as a transformation from one world to another. Try to think of him as being here next to you, but in a different form. Does that make sense?" Mimi nodded. “It does,” she replied. _______________ *In the Aegis timeline, ch’Rihan was not destroyed. At the request of the crew, the exploding star’s cosmic rays devastated ch’Rihan and rendered it uninhabitable for hundreds of years. **In their attempt to create a subspace attack corridor, the Breen trapped themselves in subspace.
  2. ...and then the lights went out. SuCdr tr’Korjata, Dr. Pavilion, Dr. Sandero, Counselor Davis, Cptn Chirakis The subspace probe was like no other—neither the Breen, nor the latest alien presence. Ensign Jackson described it as a banging, like someone or something was trying to get out. Whatever it was was persistent, and attacked only in the area used by the first alien probe, directed at Aegis. Science sensors detected no life signs accompanying it. They detected nothing biological or metallic. “Only energy,” reported Science Officer Lawliet. “We can rotate the subspace grid frequencies,” Lawliet continued. “That should do the trick, if not delay whatever's out there.” And it seemed to help. The probing stopped. Completely. It that seemed strange. Then, even stranger, a mist appeared in space, not far from the station. The defense grid did not detect any danger, and to Commander Coleridge’s question, LtCdr Lawliet suggested we send a shuttle craft to investigate. An incoming comm chime echoed throughout Command and Control. "Lieutenant Jennifer Larson here, engineering. The station is experiencing erratic power drains. We will have to shut down the M/AM generators and go to fusion. What's your current status?" The comm scratched a bit, not a good sign. “Status is unusual, Lieutenant Larson,” Chirakis replied with a glance to Commander Coleridge. “There is an unidentifiable mist, or fog, outside the station. Do what you have to for station integrity. Can you identify the reason for power drains?” The audio crackled. "No, the dropping levels are randomly distributed over the entire grid. There's no risk to losing chamber containment, but as you know, shields are less than effective running off of the fusion backups." She paused. "I need a check of your backup status. I don't trust my readings." Jackson glanced across his board. “Backup is steady and ready,” he said into the comm. "Confirms my readings. I'm no SubCommander tr'Korjata, but I'll do my best to get this under control. Call us at the first sign of trouble. Larson out." Jackson relaxed, but only a little as he continued to stare at the mist on the viewscreen. Captain Chirakis made a mental note to post more experienced Starfleet personnel at OPS, no matter what the cost, then turned to OIC Commander Coleridge, ready to suggest the shuttlecraft, but the mist had vanished. And then the lights went out. “CnC to Engineering. Report.” "Larson here," as the channel quickly reopened. A rumbling of voices played behind her. "We have just lost all primary power generators simultaneously. The system should automatically switch to secondaries, but none of them are coming online either." A garbled sound burst interrupted her report. "Sorry, the wireless comm lines are being affected. Vital systems on specialized power systems have remained online in medical, shelters, main engineering, environmental, and CnC." The channel remained open, but she stopped speaking. “Do what you must to keep us alive, Lieutenant. And get the power restored in any way possible.” Chirakis turned to Jackson. “Inform Starfleet of our emergency.” “Informing Starfleet now….” Jackson’s voice trailed off. “It’s…. Hm. Well, ma’am, I sent the message, but we have limited range for external communications. I’m not sure they’ll get it.” “Can USS Toronto receive and relay?” “No idea, ma’am.” * * * * Lured by the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee, Amanda Davis exited her office and ran straight into a frantic Lieutenant Alison Crenshaw. Her face was flushed, she was breathing heavily through her clenched teeth, one hand braced against a table and the other clutching her very swollen abdomen. “Help,” she squeaked. “Please. It’s….” “The baby’s coming?” The young lieutenant bent forward to stifle a scream, and the hand that braced her upright took a death grip on Amanda’s arm. “Umhum…” came out, high-pitched, before a forced exhale of relief. “Mimi! Dacia! Kat!” Amanda hollered across sick bay, bracing herself to keep the lieutenant from falling over while she reached for a chair that would hopefully support the mother-to-be until help arrived. “Help! Come quickly!” There were a few shouts from not too far away, then Mimi arrived. “What is… oh…” Mimi started to say as she noticed Lt. Crenshaw doubled-over in pain from the contractions. “Alright, let’s get you into the Labor and Delivery suite.” Mimi told two nearby nurses to get the suite ready, as Mimi helped get Alison prepped. A tremendous groan, followed by a gasp, forced Alison to her knees before the nurses could get hold of her and a tremendous gush flooded the floor. “Doctor Pavilion,” said Amanda, her arm growing white in the lieutenant’s grip. “I think it’s coming right now. Did you say it is twins?” she said to both, trying to steady and encourage the young officer, who, at this point, needed a little more than encouragement. And just when she thought things could not get any worse, the lights went out. “Mimi?” echoed in the brief darkness before emergency power engaged. “Yes, it’s twins, but right now they’re ready,” Mimi replied. “What should I do, then? Stay here with her, or try to get her to delivery?” She he was losing the feeling in her arm. Lieutenant Crenshaw seemed to have relaxed a little, but she was approaching panic. “Is this her first?” “Yes, Amanda, the twins are her first delivery.” Mimi turns attention to Lieutenant Crenshaw, “Think you can get up and move to the delivery room?” Alison nodded vigorously, then mumbled, on the verge of tears, “I think so. It hurts… so… much. No one said it would be this….” She gave a gurgling groan. “Go as quickly as you can, but be careful, Lieutenant. Before another contraction.” Amanda looked to Mimi for further instructions, ready to help in any way possible. “Ok, on the count of three we’re going to lift the lieutenant up,” Mimi said to Amanda. “Alison, you let us do all the lifting, you just try and get your balance, alright.” “Okay,” she squeaked. Mimi moved one of her arms under one of Alison’s shoulders, nodding to Amanda to do the same, “One… two… three…” Mimi, along with Amanda’s help, lifted Lieutenant Crenshaw up to a standing position. “I think we’re now ready to hustle to the delivery room.” Dacia was in the medical lab performing experiments when she heard the commotion outside, after someone called her name. She helped Mimi and Amanda to the bio bed in the delivery room. Dacia asked how far apart the contractions were. “Thirty seconds? Cutting it close here, aren’t we?” asked Dacia before helping with the childbirth process. Luckily, with Dacia being a licensed pediatrician, none of this was new to her but it was still an exhausting process. A few minutes later, just as her excited but apprehensive husband entered delivery, they were presented with a healthy, rosy-cheeked boy who seemed ready to conquer the universe. A few minutes later came the twin, identical in every way, squirming and kicking like a tier-one athlete about to run a marathon. The exhilaration of childbirth hit them both at the same time. “Alie,” he breathed, his hand grasping hers. “They’re beautiful. Are you okay?” “I’m fine, Bill.” She turned, her smile ecstatic. “I’m fine.” Dacia checked both twins, cut and tied off the umbilical cords, cleaned up and weighed the two twins and recorded them in the computer’s database. “Congratulations” smiled Dacia. “You have two new healthy boys,” she said before handing them to the happy new parents. “Thought of their names yet?” she asked again, mainly to enter them into the records, but also a hint of curiosity. “We have a few, but haven’t been able to make up our minds,” replied LtCdr Bill Crenshaw as he watched Dacia work. “I’ll…. we’ll let you know when we do.”
  3. After nearly a week of recovery, Mimi was ready to get Torate out of sickbay, so he could stop bothering everyone and demanding to be released. She knew he needed at least another week, mentally, to fully recuperate before heading back to active duty. If nothing more this week he spent in sickbay, bought her sometime to get their quarters situated with the groceries and making sure that there were more Romulan decor rather than human, since some of her angel figurines were broken during the comm siege. Mimi walked into the room in sickbay where Torate had been, to see how he was doing and see if he needed any help getting dressed due to the extent of his injuries that he obtained, prior to his arrival. She stepped in and let the door to the room close. “So, my love, are happy now that you are getting out of here,” she asked. “It should have been last week. Holding me hostage here has created more friction than these people will ever know. I don’t understand why au have been on their side. Did au forget au are married to me?” He pulled at the restraining field, something he’d been pushing against for the past week, feeling it’s tingly pulse rage through his veins with each strain of his muscles against it. He actually figured with enough practice and enough pressure, he’d eventually be able to even break through their lloann’na containment field. Mimi released the forcefield. “Well, it was for your own good, considering the extent of your injuries. I’ve missed you. I have everything set up in our quarters in the way of decor and food for your arrival home. I have also have your personal effects crate in our closet, should you want to put some of the items out. Also, you do realize we have a lot really to talk about once we get home,” Mimi stated. He wasn’t really interested in small talk with his wife. She’d been in to visit him multiple times each day, to which he tried to dismiss her idle chatter. it sounded much like what the lloann’na described as a Schultz Teacher, though he wasn’t sure what that meant, but never argued with someone replied with a muffled “whaaa, whaaa… whaaaannn whaaannn” if he discussed it with them. The only one he had a conversation with of any length was one of his former Security Technicians, ST Elder, the one he was most fond of, that is if a Rihannsu Dheno could have fondness for anyone or anything. “Just get me out of here.” Mimi thumped one of Torate’s ears. “Really!? You should be glad I am taking you home, today. You can get dressed if you like.” The point wiggled slightly, then went back to it’s standard straight up position. Since the forcefield was released, he sat up and reached over to the drawer containing his off-station clothing. He tossed them back onto the biobed, then with his toe, clamped the drawer shut, making a not-so-quiet noise. He stripped off his medical gown, and threw it over Mimi’s head. He reached for his medical pants, pulled the string until it snapped, then pulled them off his legs, leaving him bare, except the Rihannsu boxers (or briefs?) that were standard issue for his race. He stood up next to Mimi while she pulled clothing off of herself. “Did au miss this too?” He flexed, and even though he had wounds still healing, his muscles were ripped under his taunt skin, with a very broad girth from one arm across his chest to the other arm. Mimi smiled at him, “What do you think,” as she went in to kiss him. He met her lips as he bent his knees enough to get to her level, and reached under her knees with one arm, then around her waist with the other. As he started to lift, she backed off on the kiss, gave him a stern look and said, “Take it easy, your injuries are still healing. I should know, considering I had to help repair them.” He let out a half-playful, half-disgruntled moan but let her go. He grabbed his shirt, and pulled it over his head, arms and chest. The sweatpants followed. “Good to be back in my own clothes, instead of those that all the women were staring through to see my body in sickbay.” He flexed once more, trying to get a rise out of her. Mimi looked at him and smiled, “Well their not as lucky as me to have you as a husband.” “Then let’s get out of here. What’s for dinner?” His own clothing now on, he headed towards the Medical Department’s exit. “Hmm, let’s see. I could make lasagna, steak, or a Romulan dish.” He interrupted her statement with a firm, “Ie. All of them.” A bit taken back, Mimi looked at him “You definitely never lost your appetite. Plus, you’re gonna like our quarters. Three bedrooms, a workspace, a good size kitchen, and a living room,” Mimi told him. He paused once they were outside sickbay, “We finally got full quarters”.... and continued with a silly smile, “Maybe I should send for Loxil or maybe that’s room for another wife.” He exposed a rather wide Rihannsu grin with his shifty eyebrow’s lifting. “Yes, full senior officer quarters. Speaking of Loxil, where is she,” Mimi asked and continued, “plus what about visitors and maybe future children.” He reached around Mimi, nearly lifting her up against his side. “Slow down… feed me first.” “Alright, that I can do,” Mimi stated as she was happy that their little family was reunited.
  4. Facility 78628 JAPSB - Joint Allied Powers Star Base Captain Chirakis, Mr. Roberts, SubCommander Jorahl, and Dr. Pavilion Sky Harbor Aegis, Facility 30218 UKRFCB, was well past its prime. Considering the attacks it had endured, the number of internal accidents and acts of sabotage, a few relocations and an unexpected trip into subspace, it should have been replaced long ago. That it took a full scale attack by a Negh’var Class Klingon warship under the command of a deranged Klingon-Bajoran captain to jerk the powers that be out of their pocketbooks and consider replacing it did not speak well of the Allied Powers, but it got the job done. That's all that mattered. After several weeks of studying its layout and watching the various corps of engineers assemble, test, and install the systems, it became more and more obvious to Captain Chirakis that the latest incarnation of Sky Harbor Aegis - Facility 78628 UAPSB - had been built as a first line of defense along the border, along with Joint Task Force Aegis: USS Missouri, USS Tsinghua, USS Anhui, RSE Praetor and IKS Fek’lhr. Its mere presence spoke of authority, and it raised questions in the captain’s mind. Did Design and Construction Contractor Rov actually search for and find the station, or had it been conveniently placed there for him to find? Why had the Allies been so forthcoming with funding, equipment, and personnel after decades of dearth? Why here? Why now? What are the Allies not telling us? Paranoia? Hardly. Foresight and knowing what goes on behind closed doors leads to discretion and vigilance. The top saucer section, decks 1 through 69, housed a military base capable of serving 2800 personnel attached to Aegis and the Allied Powers. Decks 14 - 16 provided spacious quarters for 140 senior officers, 380 officers, 800 junior officers, 1200 enlisted personnel, and 200 civilian specialists. Quarters ranged from 1600 to 2150 sq ft, depending on rank and purpose, all customizable at the occupant’s expense. Gone was the patchwork Control Tower. In its place stood a Command and Control center overlooking the commercial section of the station. The present C&C module incorporates work centers for C&C staff, office space for command personnel, a conference room and a staff lounge that allows duty personnel a chance to recuperate during alert status situations, while being moments from their stations. One way transparent aluminum comprises the outer perimeter viewports and floor, as well as a 6 panel transparent viewscreen with holographic overlay. A holographic situation display table is surrounded by Strategic and Station Operations, and workstations for the Executive and Commanding Officers with command offices located two steps up and to the rear of the module. Alternate Tactical and Security, Engineering, two science stations and two mission configurable stations complete the workstations, allowing complete control of the station from the C&C. The Primary Medical Complex, under the direction of Dr. Pavilion, rivals any facility in Starfleet. It and the Children’s Home are located in the central core. At the urging of Dr. Pavilion and with the approval of the RSE, the Children’s Home is restricted while it is surrounded by the arboretum and equipped with advanced educational facilities. As Kirel studied the holographic station display that hovered above her desk, her attention wandered to another monitor. Outside the station, work drones darted along the station’s exterior, occasionally disappearing on one side, only to reappear on the other. Freighters docked at the ring like lampreys, attached to the station while they deposited their cargoes, then detached for other destinations. In the distance, a mere dot on long-range, a section of Facility 30218 UKRFCB slowly receded from view. Without a second thought, she raised her glass. “Q’plaH. Beidh tú díoghal’ar.” * _________________ * Klingon and Sindarin words of salutation.
  5. (Joint log: Jylliene and Mimi. Events take place right after Ghosts of the Past) Jylliene didn’t quite know where she was going when she left her quarters; she just knew she needed to walk for a bit, in order to not feel trapped with her thoughts. So she took the lift down and walked along the midway for a bit. It wasn’t the first time Jylliene had done something like this, though usually, her walks were outside, and she would see something that would spark whatever was on her mind, helping her find some kind of resolution (or at least, peace with things that could not be resolved). Whether it would have the same effect here, she wasn’t sure. One can’t really wander aimlessly about a station; the lifts need to be told where to go, and corridors and walkways funnel such journeys to a destination. It’s not really the kind of place where anyone would do aimless wandering. Stations are purposeful places for people who know where they’re going. Not always, Jyll corrected herself, as from her vantage point on the upper walkway she spotted some of the refugees sitting at one of the tables by Drankum’s. They had, however, largely seemed to settle into some kind of routine. Life goes on, Jylliene mused inwardly. It had to. They had no idea when or where they might settle, and eventually, they had to establish a new normal - whether they’d end up moving out to a new colony in two days or in two months - just to have a sense of stability. Ground under their feet, she thought. Or, well, metal. Jylliene continued on her walk and found herself in front of sickbay. She walked inside. “Doctor Pavilion?” Mimi looked towards the door after signing a PADD, “Hello. How may I help you, Jylliene?” “I’d like to ask you about something, if I may - if we can use your office?” she asked, with a glance toward the door. “I promise I’ll keep it brief.” “Ok,” motioning towards her office. “Please enter and take a seat.” Jylliene did as she was asked to and, as the doctor entered, said, “It’s about Nijil and me...” “Ok, what would you like to discuss precisely,” Mimi asked her. Jylliene watched as the door closed. “We’re getting rather close, and I’d prefer not to have...unexpected complications. Especially with current plans.” Jylliene raised her eyebrow slightly, watching Dr. Pavilion’s face, looking for a sign of comprehension. She took a deep breath, knowing exactly what Jylliene was talking about. “I do understand, with current status of this station. There is a way that we can take preventive measures until you and Mr. tr’Korjata feel comfortable about where things are going.” Wtih a sigh of relief, Jylliene nodded. …... “Thank you, Doctor. It was good talking to you,” Jylliene said, pausing by the door of sickbay. Mimi nodded and went about her duties. Jylliene turned and left, walking back to her quarters. While she wasn’t necessarily sure exactly where things were heading with Nijil - or rather, when - she felt a bit more at ease. It felt as if something that had been up in the air was at least settled now.
  6. Starfleet Personal: Pavilion, Cmdr. Mimi General Information: Name: Mimi Pavilion Gender: Female DOB: 06/02 Place of Birth: USS Cowley Parents: Commander John Pavilion and Lieutenant Commander Natia Pavilion, USS Cowley Siblings: None Martial Status: Widowed Family: Cmdr. Torate tr'Jeth Dabi (husband, deceased), Loxil (sister-wife) Children: None Species: Human Hair Color: Brown Skin Color: light, kind of tannish Service Record Information: Current Rank: Commander Current Position: Chief Medical Officer and Children's Home Director Current Assignment: Sky Harbor Aegis Training: Took the rank of Midshipman while in the Academy, but completed shortly after. Although she may be one of the youngest to graduate the Academy, she is one of the brightest in her class. She currently serves on the Sky Harbor Aegis under the Command of Captain Chirakis Kirel and Commander Scott Colderidge, as Chief Medical Officer and Children's Home Director. Family History: Cmdr. Pavilion's family history is contained a long line of Starfleet officer, ever since the beginning of the start of Starfleet. She is the first in her family to graduate as a medical officer. When she was young, she showed a big interest in the medical profession of Starfleet. That is why she is the most capable officer in the Fleet. Medical History: Cmdr. Pavilion has a scar on her arm, from where she broke it, while riding her bike. She has all her shots to protect her from any diseases. Otherwise, she is in perfect health and condition. Psychological History Her psychological test and analysis prove to be normal. She may have tendencies to break down for no apparent reason. It is best to help her gain her stability, when she has her moments. Service Awards and Promotions: 0514.04-- Promoted to Ensign 0730.04-- Promoted to Lieutebant Junior Grade 0225.05-- Promoted to Lieutenant 0225.05-- Received first Service stripe 0825.06-- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander 0609.07-- Received Bronze Good Conduct Medal 0609.07-- Received second Service Ribbon 0727.07-- Received second Bronze Good Conduct Medel 0801.08-- Received Gold Good Conduct Medal 0327.09-- Received third Service Ribbon 0731.09-- Received fourth Service Ribbon 0224.12-- Married SubCommander Torate tr'Jeth Dabi 0228.14-- Promoted to Chief Medical Officer 0328.14-- Received the Starfleet Commendation with Hourglass for ten years of Exemplary Service 0830.19-- Promoted to Commander 1101.19-- Widowed. Husband Torate tr'Jeth Dabi killed in action.