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Found 5 results

  1. = /\ = Aegis Mission Brief 7/24/20 = /\ = = /\ = 16 June 2388 - Stardate 2388.168 = /\ = TBS is zero - 0900 hours (9:00 am) Aegis Local. Security has tightened access to several areas where Pakleds wander. Another species might be using the Pakleds to do the dirty work. The plant in science might be very dangerous. Security is looking for more plants on the commerce deck. Annisha's parents are discussing her entrance to Starfleet Academy. USS Rodman, USS Chi Song, and USS Agincourt are still missing in Nebula 231. Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= mimipavilion: ::in medical:: Dacia Sandero: ::in sickbay:: Fletcher Jackson: :::CnC, taking OPS for the commander::: Chirakis: ::in her office, waiting for Annisha's parents::. Scott Coleridge: ::CnC, monitoring the equipment that Sierra and Nijil installed to track the Pakled shop's illicit power consumption:: Jylliene: ::waiting outside Chirakis's office for Nijil:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: With Jylliene :: What did she do now? Scott Coleridge: ::trying to see the shape of this in his mind... What was he missing?:: Jylliene: Relax, this is about her results on the Academy test. Nijil tr'Korjata: I was only gone 16 mon... wait a few days... Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh, really? Tarisa: ::In the Science labs, looking over the plant in containment.:: Jylliene: ::rings chime at Chirakis's office door:: Chirakis: Enter. Chirakis: Please, Commanders. Have a seat. ::waves Nijil toward a chair::: Tarisa: Miana> ::Is excited because the end of school is coming.:: Alexis McFarland: ::with Miana and Annisha, smiles:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Enters and takes a seat :: Jylliene: ::has seat next to Nijil:: Tae'Lynn Dran: ::in science lab:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Annisha> Au are doing that again...smiling.. Sierra Robinson: + Coleridge + Commander Coleridge, I have completed my scans of the Commerce Level regarding Power Consumption...And so far as I can see the Pakleds did not notice me waving the tricorder around...yet. Scott Coleridge: +Sierra+ Thank you, Lieutenant. Keep sending me your results as you get them. I wonder why the Pakleds think they need all that power. Tarisa: Miana> ::grins.:: Alexis McFarland: ::Well, with Miana:: Chirakis: :::closes and seals the door::: We have something very important to discuss regarding Annisha. Scott Coleridge: Pakled> ::wandering the commerce deck holding a suspiciously familiar plant:: Nijil tr'Korjata: faafetai Fletcher Jackson: ::tossing Pakled junk away:: Tarisa: Miana> School is almost over. It is time to be happy. Alexis McFarland: ::nods:: Hmm, yes. Can't wait to relax and stuff. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looks concerned in a Rihan/Yith manner :: Chirakis: ::blink at Nijil::: A very important decision, Commander. mimipavilion: ::looking over Nijil's brain scan especially the areas of communication:: Jylliene: ::listens:: Sierra Robinson: + Coleridge + Maybe because ....well I can get a closer look at some shops if you'd like. Uhm...shopping on duty undercover maybe. Nijil tr'Korjata: Annisha> Au know what I miss though...seasons… There are no seasons on the station. Tarisa: Miana> Can we program them? Sierra Robinson: :: thinks that idea is ridiculous but what the hell, maybe she would discover something :: Nijil tr'Korjata: Annisha> Seasons? Hmm Alexis McFarland: Yes, I'm sure we could. Sierra Robinson: :: walks over to her starting position near the main access lift and faces the access terminal and looks it over :: Nijil tr'Korjata: Annisha would not tell me the results. Chirakis: ::sigh, leaning forward on her desk::: Admiral Hatchkock, the commanding officer of Starfleet Academy, has ::wants to say ordered, but instead she says::: is asking that Annisha apply to enter Starfleet Academy. Tarisa: ::Steps over to Dran.:: Any changes to the specimen? Nijil tr'Korjata: What? Chirakis: ::glance to Nijil and Jyl::: Your thoughts? Scott Coleridge: +Sierra+ Hmm, it wouldn't hurt to see if you can spot anything obvious in the shop. Tae'Lynn Dran: Nothing yet. It may take some time. Scott Coleridge: Pakled> ::begins eating the plant as he walks the commerce level:: Mmm. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looks at Jylliene :: Tarisa: Hopefully it did not absorb too much in the last test. Jylliene: ::blinks:: Why would the Admiral have any opinion on it? Tae'Lynn Dran: Removing all energy sources should eventually take some toll on its biology. Sierra Robinson: + Coleridge + Copy that. I will pay some of the shops a visit. Literally Pay them...Robinson out. Alexis McFarland: ::chilling out in class, since it's pretty easy going so close to the end:: Chirakis: Several reasons, one of which is that her ability is far beyond the intelligence of anyone else in the academy, despite her age. Nijil tr'Korjata: I do na know this Admiral, but why the interest? She's... young. Chirakis: Indeed. She is young. Tarisa: ::Nods.:: I had received a message from security. They are looking out for more of these. Chirakis: However... there is something else to consider. Sierra Robinson: :: turns noting a Pakled consuming a plant as she begins to walk over to the largest operation...the Pakled Pop Up Store :: Jylliene: ::listens:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Anyone else? Tae'Lynn Dran: Good. Not sure if I hope they do or do not find anymore. Scott Coleridge: Pakled> ::brings the plant into Peter Pakled's store:: Plant good. Sierra Robinson: :: Decides maybe Commander Coleridge is in need of a PADD weight, and decides to pick up a stem bolt :: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Thinks that either the standards at Starfleet are lower than he believed or Annisha is hiding more from them than he realized :: Tae'Lynn Dran: I assume since we've not heard of any potted plants randomly exploding is a good thing. Sierra Robinson: Peter Pakled > :: smiles at his customers as they shop and consume plant material...:: Chirakis: :::sets the room to blue light::: As you are aware, Annisha's biological parents are alive. It is possible that someone at the academy knows this, and that could result in a catastrophe. Tarisa: Indeed. Scott Coleridge: Pakled> ::Peter:: We grow plants. Sell plants. Plants good. Sierra Robinson: :: the only human in the store at the moment...she looks at ...self-torquing stem nuts...and at the same time checks some power consumption levels :: Nijil tr'Korjata: Meaning someone could come after here Chirakis: Or perhaps more than that, of which I cannot speak. Sierra Robinson: Peter> I grow flowers...some sell some the kids take home. Nijil tr'Korjata: Does the Admiral in question know Annisha's history? Chirakis: That I do not know. Sierra Robinson: :: inspects the Peter Pakled Brand Stem Bolt and notes standard Power outlets in this store so far :: Tarisa: Miana> What should we do when school is over? Jylliene: I appreciate that she's advanced, but just being intelligent doesn't make her ready to head off to the Academy. Maturity has to be considered. Chirakis: Indeed. :::nod of agreement uto Jyl::: Jylliene: Nevermind the potential issues with her biological parents. Scott Coleridge: Pakled> We grow this plant. ::thrusts out the plant, which is identical to the one security and science are so concerned about:: Make lots. Much plants, so good. Sierra Robinson: Peter Pakled> I don't eat much plant food... Indigestion. :: to Plant eating Pakled :: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: nods :: Just how well did she do? I thought she was just brushing it off and listening to Yith music. Alexis McFarland: ::scoots over closer to Miana:: We should visit the holosuites and do summery things, like to go to a beach or holo-camping. They have packages were you could sleep a few nights in the holosuites. Sierra Robinson: :: sets Tricorder on the shelf and fires it up as she notes other odd items inside :: Chirakis: Of course, she does not know that they are alive. Alexis McFarland: Or I wonder if we can go on another trip ? That'd be a lot of fun. ::smiles:: Tarisa: Miana> Ooo...sounds fun! Alexis McFarland: Mmm! ::nods:: Tae'Lynn Dran: ::checks the latest sensor readings on the plant:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Annisha> Where to this time? The last one did not end so well Chirakis: :::considering the parents' retribution should Annisha be captured and used as bait::: Sierra Robinson: Peter Pakled> :: takes closer look at Plant :: Very odd.. Sell Many? Tarisa: Miana> That water dragon made a mess of things. Scott Coleridge: Pakled> ::burps:: Yes. Plant good. You sell many. I help you grow, get part of profits? Sierra Robinson: :: tricorder beeps and Sierra quickly bumps into a wind chime :: Ooops!!! Sorry Alexis McFarland: Hm. Maybe a trip to Betazed or something? I dunno, where do you guys wanna go? Nijil tr'Korjata: Do we let her know they are interested or just make a decision outright? I don't know how she feels about the Academy. Alexis McFarland: ::nods at Miana:: Sierra Robinson: Peter Pakled> :: looks to Sierra...:: You break You buy! :: smiles :: Scott Coleridge: Other Pakled> ::approaches Peter and the first Pakled:: You sell plants? Want plant for wife. She sad. Plant make her happy. This plant look good. Will buy plants. Chirakis: ::relaxes in her chair:: Knowing her biological parents, if anything happens to her, that person will suddenly vanish... without a trace. Nijil tr'Korjata: Annisha> Everyone talks about Earth like it's the center of the galaxy. Sierra Robinson: Yes...sorry sorry! Sierra Robinson: Peter Pakled> Oh I have no room...but I would like to see some seeds maybe ...Yes. Alexis McFarland: Yeah, being from Earth it's ok but yeah... Nijil tr'Korjata: Which can happen on a space station or planet. Jylliene: Her friends might be a very good reason she could want to wait. Sierra Robinson: :: checks tricorder covertly wondering why the heck did it beep :: Chirakis: ::listening to Nijil and Jylliene's discussion::: Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh they are hard to separate. Sierra Robinson: Peter Pakled> Yes Seeds Perhaps...then I show to my science friend. Nijil tr'Korjata: I have not known someone so young to attend classes. Tarisa: Miana> Let's go somewhere none of us have been to. Jylliene: I just don't think she's mature enough to consider this yet. She may seem very secure and able to handle herself here, but away at the academy? Alexis McFarland: ::Nods:: Yeah, that'd be great! Though I hope we'll be able to visit Earth together one day. Nijil tr'Korjata: What if she wants to do something remotely? Sierra Robinson: :: looks :: Oh Frak. :: looks to the Pakled eating the plant that is....emitting a...trace of energy...one she isn't familiar with. :: Chirakis: I agree, Commanders. On both counts. Sierra Robinson: Peter Pakled> Are there seeds? Chirakis: Besides, her education here is probably as good as that of the academy. Jylliene: ::is a bit reassured:: Scott Coleridge: Pakled> Good. ::burps again, then other bodily reactions:: Yes. Many seeds. Plant grow fast. Give plant much light. Jylliene: Will the Admiral accept our response? Nijil tr'Korjata: :: thinking in Engineering terms :: Scott Coleridge: Pakled> We grow plants outside. ::points at the green space:: They look good, no one mind. Tae'Lynn Dran: Interesting. With all atmosphere and energy sources removed from the chamber I can actually detect a small energy signature from the plant that I couldn't before. Chirakis: The admiral has no choice. Sierra Robinson: I'd like to pay for this...:: to Peter Pakled and then she turns to the Pakled who is burping:: And....May purchase one of those plants you are eating....they look....good! Jylliene: Perhaps not, but he could make all of us miserable in the meantime. Though it's a risk I'm willing to take. Tarisa: ::Perks up with interest.:: Oh? Nijil tr'Korjata: Jy, we may be able to give her a taste of the Academy without actually going there. Sierra Robinson: Peter Pakled> :: rings up the Stem Bolt Purchase :: Have to talk to him...I do not sell those here. Chirakis: ::listening::: Jylliene: How? ::to Nijil:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Holodeck. Tae'Lynn Dran: At least that means it is dissipating energy at a controlled rate. Sierra Robinson: Thanks! Peter...By the way cute Stem Bolts.. Uhm Sir...where can I get one of those....My boss likes organic meals. Nijil tr'Korjata: I could find out if they record lectures holographically. Nijil tr'Korjata: See if the instructor offers an interactive program, allowing her to ask questions. Sierra Robinson: :: takes gift bag after payment :: Chirakis: :::leans forward::: May I speak to that, Commander? Scott Coleridge: Pakled> ::thrusts plant at Sierra:: You eat? Sierra Robinson: My Boss...He eats...A lot!! Where is more? He needs More! :: smiles :: Nijil tr'Korjata: Sure. Chirakis: On the holodeck, she might become excited and want to go to the academy. I suggest that if you are going to use the holodeck, use it as if the students are studying, that some of them are not so nice, some of them resent her presence, perhaps making jokes. Exactly what she will encounter at the academy. Sierra Robinson: But yes...I'd love some...:: takes plant :: Thank you! Sierra Robinson: Peter Pakled> :: happy people are happy :: Tae'Lynn Dran: We should be able to monitor its mass by the energy output of the antigrav system. Temperature in the chamber should clue us in on energy dissipation. Maybe we can even pick up some trace elements if it has any kind of normal respiration. Nijil tr'Korjata: I can program some of my own experiences, though the academy has profiles on more species than I have met. Scott Coleridge: Pakled> ::sad:: Oh, I not have more. We need to grow. We will grow more for you. Scott Coleridge: Pakled> ::burps:: Hmm. I eat much plant. Sierra Robinson: Where do you grow them? On a ship? Chirakis: ::nod:: Whatever you do make it.... questionable. Tarisa: ::Nods.:: Do what you can. Sierra Robinson: :: smells plant to detect an aroma :: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: turns to Jy :: At her age, I would have liked to know if some door as this was open to me. Nijil tr'Korjata: When do the next classes start? Jylliene: At this age, you can be so ready to run through that door that you don't heed the warnings of anyone around you. Chirakis: The academy classes? Tae'Lynn Dran: This will probably take some time to generate quantifiable information. Nijil tr'Korjata: Right, could have her take a sample class alongside them Tae'Lynn Dran: ::takes a seat:: Any other projects of interest going on? Scott Coleridge: Pakled> ::Sierra:: We not grow yet. Want Peter to grow. We grow many plants here. Tarisa: ::Shakes head.:: Nothing major. I know of a couple personal projects from other members, but nothing major. Sierra Robinson: Thank you Peter! :: approaches Pakled :: Do you Need Water? Power? Nijil tr'Korjata: Ask the Admiral about remote learning options. Surely we can meet in the middle, if Annisha has any interest at all, Jylliene: I'd be willing to do something like that. Sierra Robinson: My Boss can get you Power for Plants. He loves ....Plant Food. Jylliene: ::nods to Nijil:: Chirakis: Commander Korjata... it would not be wise for you to speak to the admiral. Make your own choice and stick to it. Nijil tr'Korjata: She may enjoy showing up people twice her age... like she does when we play Galactic Conquest Chirakis: Admiral Hatchkock is not one to reckon with. Chirakis: She may enjoy it. They would not. Sierra Robinson: But I can come back for some more later if you'd like.. I can pay then. Nijil tr'Korjata: I can look up what they do remotely on my own without bothering the admiral, and we should break this news to her. Tae'Lynn Dran: Sounds like we need a good survey mission to get some more projects going. Jylliene: If taking some classes remotely is not an option, then she will wait until she is older. I do not think it wise nor safe for her to enter the Academy in the traditional sense at her age. Chirakis: As for remote learning options, her IQ of 197 speaks to that, and what she does in class here gives her enough learning that would last a century. Chirakis: I suggest that you watch - remotely - how she works in classes here. Tarisa: ::Nods.:: Agreed. Sierra Robinson: :: smiles and bows to the Plant eating Pakled :: I will see you again... Jylliene: ::nods:: Very well. Nijil tr'Korjata: Wait, did you say 197? What scale is that? Chirakis: ::Nijil::: Beyond my comprehension. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: thinks :: Well...we have a lot to think about Chirakis: And may I suggest that her IQ not be passed on to anyone, especially Annisha. Sierra Robinson: :: winks to the Pakled and smells the Plant...heading to the lift :: Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh I can imagine what she'd do with it. Jylliene: ::nods in agreement:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Nijil felt smaller :: Alexis McFarland: ::hugs Miana, happy like most kids are this time of year:: Scott Coleridge: Pakled> ::Peter:: She's nice. I hope she likes when we grow many plants. Chirakis: Actually, it is normal to her. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: As if his brain shrank two sizes that day... :: Nijil tr'Korjata: Do her parents know of this Admiral's request? Sierra Robinson: Peter> Yes Nice Human. Buys My Stem Bolts. Think she is lonely.. Oh and Seeds..when Ready...Please Chirakis: And Commanders, do not divulge anything that we have discussed here. Chirakis: :::slight smile without answering:: Jylliene: We won't. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Nods :: Shall we not mention to her of this 'offer'? just present it as some kind of 'call to college' thing? Sierra Robinson: :: walks over to the lift access tube and props it open and enters , sealing it shut :: + Coleridge + Robinson to Coleridge. Chirakis: And let us hope that she would prefer to stay here with her friends. mimipavilion: ::has been staring at the scans for so long her brain is spinning:: Sierra Robinson: :: looks at Plant as she awaits a response, she has never seen anything like it....that would be expected...but...feint energy levels...is something completely different :: Scott Coleridge: +Sierra+ Coleridge here. Nijil tr'Korjata: Well, this sure redirected my day. Thank you Captain. Chirakis: Any other questions? Nijil tr'Korjata: :: shakes head :: Sierra Robinson: + Coleridge + Commander, I ran into a Pakled who gave me a plant to eat....and I have it in my hand right here.....it is emitting a very small energy reading. Was not science looking for these things? Chirakis: :::nods, stands, and leads them to the door::: Jylliene: No, thank you. Jylliene: ::follows:: Chirakis: Remember, I am always available. Sierra Robinson: + Coleridge + The Pakled claims he is growing them....along with eating them. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Holds Jy's hand as they walk out :: Sounds like her being in trouble would have been easier. Scott Coleridge: ::sits up straight:: +Sierra+ Yes, I recall science mentioning something about a strange plant. Security is on the alert for them too. Chirakis: ::slight grin as she escorts them out::: It often is. Jylliene: ::nods:: Sierra Robinson: + Coleridge + I take it I should drop this Specimen off to the science lab sir? Also I can lead security to the Pakled who....claimed he is growing it. Scott Coleridge: Pakled> Ohhhh, now I feel bad. ::turning paler than usual:: Scott Coleridge: +Sierra+ Agreed. Let's get ahead of this before we have a serious problem on our hands. Nijil tr'Korjata: So much to consider. She's so young... Jylliene: ::nods:: Sierra Robinson: Peter Pakled> You Eat too much...need Peter Pakled's remedy...Water. Lots of Water. Sierra Robinson: :: exits her hiding spot and approaches a security crewman :: Chirakis: (prepare to pause) Sierra Robinson: :: notes her plant is ..not in good shape...next stop....Science Bay :: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Goes and embraces Jylliene :: Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: Thank you Chirakis: Well done, all. Chirakis: Very interesting... almost too interesting regarding Pakleds and Plants. Chirakis: TBS is zero again. Chirakis: Comments for the crew, Commander Coleridge? Scott Coleridge: Stop bringing cool plants back with you from shore leave. Chirakis: :::puts that on the wall::: Chirakis: Any questions or comments from the crew? Chirakis: Seeing none.. Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  2. = /\ = Aegis Mission Brief 7/17/20 = /\ = = /\ = 17 June 2388 - Stardate 2388.168 = /\ = The time is 0900 hours (9:00 am) Aegis Local. Pakleds continue to check out the station. Security is watching. The plant in science might be very dangerous. A Starfleet Runabout is searching for three starships in Nebula 231 Commander Korjata is still dealing with his stint among the Yith. Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= mimipavilion: ::on the CnC still:: Fletcher Jackson: :::CnC, taking over Ops::: Sierra Robinson: :: in Engineering monitoring Power Flow Levels :: Dacia Sandero: :: manning the fort in the sickbay:: Alexis McFarland: ::in class with Miana and Annisha:: Chirakis: :::next to Mimi::: (w) Doctor... I have concerns regarding Commander Korjata. Scott Coleridge: +Engineering+ Coleridge to engineering. mimipavilion: ::nods::(w) shall we talk privately Sierra Robinson: + Coleridge + Engineering. Ltjg Robinson here.. Fletcher Jackson: :::tossing Pakled requisitions in the pile::: Sierra Robinson: Peter Pakled > :: puts out unusual flower arrangements in front of the Pakled Pop Up Store :: Chirakis: :::deep sigh::: Privately is best. ::heads to her office::: Scott Coleridge: ::smirks at the "Ltjg" part, happy Robinson is proud of her new rank:: +Robinson+ Lieutenant, I'm concerned about the power usage on the commerce level. mimipavilion: ::follows the captain to her office:: Fletcher Jackson: :::glance toward the captain's office, then back to work::: Sierra Robinson: :: walks over to Power Consumption grid display and focuses in on the Commerce Level :: Chirakis: :::the door closes and she offers Mimi a chair, her expression in deep thought::: mimipavilion: ::takes a seat:: Sierra Robinson: + Coleridge + Yes, Commander. There is an increase in Power Consumption in scattered areas of the Commerce Level. I see it here as well. I do not see anything dangerous at the moment. However I should pass on that during the Night Shift a Pakled Merchant put in a request for a high power usage port....something we would use for our computers....but no real reason for a Pakled to have it... The duty engineer denied the Pakleds request. Sierra Robinson: :: zooms in and begins to focus on the Pop Up Store she shopped at earlier, and then to other booths including one across the corridor from it..:: Chirakis: :::takes a while to think, then says::: Doctor, how would you rank Annisha if you were testing her for character, expertise, intelligence, and otherwise? mimipavilion: ::thinks for a moment:: I would say above average... along the lines of gifted. Scott Coleridge: +Robinson+ Ops ran a scan earlier that turned up some concerning results. I've reviewed it and I'm worried the Pakleds have tampered with the monitoring systems, so they're using even more power than we think they are. Scott Coleridge: +Robinson+ I want an engineering detail to inspect the power relay at that shop from top to bottom. Sierra Robinson: + Coleridge + I am on it sir. Robinson out. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Working slowly early in his day. :: Scott Coleridge: ::alerts security to have a subtle detail nearby on the commerce level to assist the engineering team should they meet resistance:: Annisha: :: With her friends... or were they plotting against her? "" Sierra Robinson: Commander Korjata..good morning. Commander Coleridge has requested a visual inspection of Commerce Level Power Monitoring equipment. He suspects the Pakleds have tampered with it Alexis McFarland: ::writing down some notes on her PADD:: Chirakis: :::deep sigh::: If she were to go above her caliber in the school we have here, would you consider her a candidate for Starfleet Academy? Sierra Robinson: :: walks over to equipment locker and retrieves an engineering tricorder :: mimipavilion: Yes I would say so. Annisha: What au writing there Alexis? Nijil tr'Korjata: :: to Robinson :: What are they doing now? Sierra Robinson: :: walks over to Nijil :: Do you want me to handle it sir? Chirakis: And if she were to enter the academy, how do you suppose she would fit in? Alexis McFarland: Hmm? ::shows Annisha:: Some notes from our history lesson on Klingon civilization. Nijil tr'Korjata: Shall we both go down meli. :: gasps and holds his mouth :: mimipavilion: You mean department wise? Sierra Robinson: Commander Coleridge has reason to believe the Pakleds have tampered with our power consumption monitoring equipment... Uh Sir?? You Okay? Chirakis: Not necessarily. Sierra Robinson: :: looks concerned :: Annisha: Oh... thought it was how to... bah, nevermind Alexis McFarland: Okay ::smiles:: Annisha: I have an idea for a project... Chirakis: She is a child. Most academy entrees are several years older. How would that affect her? Alexis McFarland: Oh? ::Looks over at Annisha:: Nijil tr'Korjata: I just called you honey, in Yithian... sorry. mimipavilion: She might have a rough time with those around her, probably more so from the instructors. Sierra Robinson: :: blushes :: I see.... Sierra Robinson: :: grabs an equipment case :: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Looking over reports of the Pakleds :: Chirakis: Even if they knew that she was much younger than the others? Nijil tr'Korjata: :: gestures to walk to the commerce level :: mimipavilion: Maybe Nijil tr'Korjata: As I got more familiar with Muuhi my disposition changed and the way I interacted changed too. Sierra Robinson: :: follows with equipment into lift :: Okay which word..was honey in Yith? Annisha: Smells of the Species... and how to use it to your advantage. Chirakis: :::deep into thought, then she nods::: Thank you, Doctor. :::stands::: Nijil tr'Korjata: "Meli" mimipavilion: ::stands and nods and goes back on the CnC:: Nijil tr'Korjata: You learn the bad and the good words early on. :: checks his scanner :: Sierra Robinson: Oh :: taps lift control :: Well in Sierran the word for Honey is ....well....Honey.... Fletcher Jackson: Pakleds> :::slobbering all over the table at Drankum's::: Alexis McFarland: Hmm. What would a Betazoid smell like? I smell like green apples, but that's cuz of my shampoo. Fletcher Jackson: Pakled leader> This is good. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Looking over images of the new Pakleds. Distinguishing them from one another was a challenge :: Chirakis: ::slow exit from her office:::: Annisha: Like a human, from what I can tell. Sierra Robinson: ::: exits lift and looks around the Commerce Deck deploying her Tricorder :: Alexis McFarland: Well, there's worse smells. Annisha: Perhaps I could have my father, or whatever he is now, help me construct a molecular scanner. Alexis McFarland: Oooh. Nijil tr'Korjata: You do remind me of someone I met. Alexis McFarland: I'd like to help too, if I can Sierra Robinson: + Coleridge + Commander we have arrived on the Commerce Deck.. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looks forlorn :: Guess they are all dead now. I guess to them I have yet to be born. Nijil tr'Korjata: Let me find a power tap to get an initial reading. Sierra Robinson: Oh.... Scott Coleridge: +Robinson+ Thank you, keep me apprised. Sierra Robinson: :: Notes an abundance of Pakled Merchants....and wonders...did a Pakled liner arrive or something ? :: Annisha: If a tiny Betazoid brain could be put on top, though scanning for the energy you use to read minds is worth study. Alexis McFarland: Can I keep my brain in my head? I kinda need it. Sierra Robinson: :: walks over to a utility service node and accesses it for the Chief :: Here you go sir. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Reading the power of the entire level, a map appears on his Padd Pro :: Nijil tr'Korjata: Hmm, seems someone is moving power around to avoid detection. Chirakis: :::wanders around CnC, deep in thought::: Scott Coleridge: ::receiving a report from some undercover security agents:: Hmm Chirakis: ::slow turn in Scott's direction, curious::: Annisha: We could lay au flat on a cart, and you go 'beep beep' each time au read something. :: laughs :: Sierra Robinson: Wow...I wonder if the Pop Up Store owner did it... He seemed nice when I shopped there the other day... Alexis McFarland: ::giggles:: Works for me. Annisha: It's the Pakleds that made me think of this au know. Sierra Robinson: :: keeps an eye out as the Chief looks at the monitor :: Scott Coleridge: ::Chirakis:: Pakleds again. Nijil tr'Korjata: Too bad I can't tag this like a communication. Sierra Robinson: Shall I relay this to Commander Coleridge sir? Chirakis: :::steps over::: And why am I not surprised? mimipavilion: ::shakes her head at the mention of Pakleds:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Ioe.. err, I mean yes. Sierra Robinson: Porto Pakled> :: sells candy nearby :: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: One thing that bothered him after his return to his own body is the new accent he acquired. He wondered if it was permanent :: Annisha: They have.... smell about them. So do Klingons. Scott Coleridge: ::Chirakis:: I have engineering investigating power usage anomalies. Meanwhile, security sent me this. ::gestures to the report on his screen:: At best we're dealing with some kind of smuggling operation. At worst... well, the Pakleds have been used as patsies before by other species. Chirakis: :::looking at the screen:: Indeed. How many do we have so far? Nijil tr'Korjata: O a latou mea o lo’o fai? :: he said aloud :: Alexis McFarland: Yeah, they do, don't they? ::wrinkles her nose:: Sierra Robinson: + Coleridge + Commander...the Chief has discovered manipulation of our Power Data Consumption Monitoring Equipment... Sierra Robinson: :: confused :: Need to work on that translation equipment. Scott Coleridge: ::Chirakis:: At least 12 Pakleds have arrived in the past few days. Nijil tr'Korjata: I recommend not replacing the monitoring devices. Sierra Robinson: Peter Pakled> :: waters his flowers on display :: Scott Coleridge: +Robinson+ Understood. Do not interfere or alert the Pakleds that you've discovered the tampering. Chirakis: Have we determined what they are after? Scott Coleridge: ::Chirakis:: I think it serves our investigation better if we don't crack down on them just yet. Alexis McFarland: I wonder why so many have arrived recently? Annisha: Convention? Fletcher Jackson: Lt Norg> leaves Drankum's and another officer takes his place at a table far, far away::: Alexis McFarland: Pakled convention? Sierra Robinson: Oh sir...I messed up...I should be letting you talk to Commander Coleridge....Fuzz buckets. mimipavilion: ::moves over to Scott to listen on the Pakled discussion:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Oe suamalie, ae e lelei. Sierra Robinson: :: palm on forehead briefly then turns her gaze to the Pakled watering the flowers across the corridor :: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Could hear it in his head :: It's fine. Scott Coleridge: The new shop on the commerce level is dealing with bagatelles. Some Pakleds appear to be... drinking. Two days ago I had security tighten access to several areas that the Pakleds were wandering into, claiming they were "appraising" the department's equipment. Nijil tr'Korjata: My language... I've not forgotten Rihan, but.. Scott Coleridge: Either they think they can pull off some kind of heist, or else they are being used as a diversion by someone else. Sierra Robinson: So we leave things as is not to alert the Pakleds? But is that not a risk to our equipment? Chirakis: Or they are Pakleds looking for a place to live? But that makes little sense. Nijil tr'Korjata: The devices are already compromised. We can use other techniques to get the same results. Scott Coleridge: One of the reports did mention that actually... ::pages back to Hebert's report:: Sierra Robinson: :: observes the Chief's work :: Nijil tr'Korjata: For example I can place an isotope in the plasma on this deck to trace where it really goes. Sierra Robinson: That is a neat idea…Detective Korjata.. Nijil tr'Korjata: I could do it to you. :: smiles :: Muuhi did it to me so she could keep tabs on Prani's body...me. Fletcher Jackson: Pakleds> :::push off from the table, wipe their hands and faces with the tablecloth, push the chairs away almost overturning the table, and they leave, very happy::: Sierra Robinson: Trace me? Well aside from Engineering, Anotnio's Pizza and my quarters...not much of a life to monitor at the moment. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Sets up the vid links to trace these new visitors :: Fletcher Jackson: Pakled> ::HUGE BURPS:::: Sierra Robinson: :: scans immediate area with her tricorder :: Nijil tr'Korjata: It's really a medical thing. Chirakis: Are they all over the station, or only in certain areas? :::checks the screen::: Nijil tr'Korjata: +Dr. Mimi+ After my shift I need to visit sickbay. I seem to be talking in Yithian more than I wish to. mimipavilion: +Nijil+ Ok I will visit with you then. Annisha: Maybe the Pakleds are slowly meeting.. I mean they do everything slowly Scott Coleridge: ::Chirakis:: Only certain areas so far. Scott Coleridge: More concentrated now that security has pushed them out of the more secure areas. Alexis McFarland: The meeting will be very slow too. Alexis McFarland: Then they'll be slow to leave... Nijil tr'Korjata: +Dr. Mimi+ Faafetai fomai. mimipavilion: ::hearing the last comm from Nijil:: +Nijil+ Excuse me. Annisha: :: in a deep voice :: I like things, things that make me leave. Nijil tr'Korjata: +Dr. Mimi+ Oh..oh. That was thank you doctor...doctor. Sierra Robinson: :: looks to the Chief and smiles briefly understanding this language issue will take time to correct :: mimipavilion: +Nijil+ How about reporting to medical now so we can assess the Yith situation. Alexis McFarland: I am smart. Nijil tr'Korjata: Sure. Just collect some data for a bit. :: Goes off :: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Minutes seem like seconds and he arrives at sickbay :: mimipavilion: ::leaves CnC and orders the tl to medical:: mimipavilion: ::arrives not to long behind Nijil:: Sierra Robinson: Take Care sir.. Nijil tr'Korjata: Doctor? :: looks around :: I left Robinson to collect more data so I could be here. Sierra Robinson: :: walks around Commerce Deck collecting readings....:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: jumps :: Ah! Nijil tr'Korjata: I'll just sit on a bed. mimipavilion: Good. Let's get you checked out and see why you keep talking like a Yith. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: sits :: Chirakis: Commander, put the area of their probing on the main screen. mimipavilion: ::starts scanning Nijil's brain:: Nijil tr'Korjata: O a’u o Yith. Scott Coleridge: ::does this:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Maybe I got so used to being one I became one. Muuhi wondered that herself. mimipavilion: Uh? Nijil tr'Korjata: I said I am Yith. Well, not really. Chirakis: :::arms cross::: Hm.... most of them are living quarters. However, decks 1 through 8 are.... delicate areas to say the least. mimipavilion: Probably so. Especially the whole time differential issue that happened. Sierra Robinson: :: wanders over to the Pakled Pop Up Store and just casually passes it by...noting the owner...Peter is discussing things with a very...rotund Pakled :: Nijil tr'Korjata: I guess language is pretty central to a lot of things and it integrates at many levels. mimipavilion: ::nods:: Chirakis: The commerce deck is another.... and the bays. Alexis McFarland: ::snuggles Miana:: Chirakis: I believe that we have more than a small matter in our hands. Nijil tr'Korjata: The time difference was surprisingly minimal. I think worrying about home, a home that was not to happen for 1,400 years was on my mind. Scott Coleridge: I agree. But how do we get to the bottom of it without alerting the Pakleds, or whoever is behind them? Annisha: Now talking about smells. Miana. :: smirks :: Alexis McFarland: Miana smells nice mimipavilion: And if memory serves you said that the Yith homeworld was about 2400 lightyears from ch'Rihan. Annisha: She uses a lot of shampoos and oils., Chirakis: ::turns to face Scott::: Allow security to completely take over. Alexis McFarland: ::nods:: Sierra Robinson: :: notes the unusual flowers...:: Flytraps? Nijil tr'Korjata: Right. Guess wormholes don't care about distance. Chirakis: Block all areas from the Pakleds. mimipavilion: ::nods:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: thinks :: I wonder if they can be made between galaxies. mimipavilion: Probably Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: Thank you Chirakis: TBS will be the same day in the afternoon. Let's say 2pm Chirakis: Anything for the crew, Commander? Scott Coleridge: Beware Pakleds bearing merch. Chirakis: Of course... Chirakis: Questions or comments from the crew? Chirakis: Seeing none.... Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  3. We Are Smart Exhausted from an over-extended watch, Coates grabbed a chair in Drankum’s and plopped into it, wondering if he had the stamina to stay awake and maybe… just maybe he would eat. He ordered his usual breakfast, ran his hands through his hair, then crossed his arms to rest his forehead on the table, desperately hoping he wouldn’t fall asleep. A screeching chair next to him jerked the lieutenant fully awake. “Hey, man,” said the voice. “It’s way past your watch. You look horrible!” “Thanks Ab,” he slurred, blinking to keep his eyes open. “Next time you draw the short straw.” “So I heard,” he replied, leaning back as the barkeep eased Coates’s order onto the table before taking Ab’s and leaving. “Those Packs seem to work best at night, I guess so they think they can’t be seen. It’s easier to put towels over their heads, but I don’t think they know about that.” “Yeah,” Coates whispered into a sigh. “Pakleds. Why does it have to be Pakleds?” Lt Hebert—aka Bert—nodded and joined him in the sigh as he leaned forward to whisper, “And guess who’s coming in.” “Aw gees…. I guess they never get tired.” One of several undercover security officers, Coates had geared up in worn-out bluejeans and a white jersey with Parrises Squares Andor Champions embroidered on the front. Bert looked like he was ready for the gym. They and the rest of Security had been watching the Pakleds poke around every possible nook and cranny of the station. Well, not exactly every area, but those areas that they could squeeze themselves into. They were sneaky. They were chunky. They were ignorant, and boy were they smelly. They were difficult to ignore, especially when they entered Drankum’s and squeezed their way toward a table. “Hey, man,” Bert continued, waving the barkeep over. “Take it to your quarters. Stace and Norg’ll be here soon. We got this.” Coats was gone in a heartbeat. Bert watched him leave and turned back to see the Pakleds settling into the next table and staring at him. Finally, one gave a proud grin. “We are smart!” Putting aside his breakfast, Bert leaned back, knowing exactly where this was going. “Good to hear. I’ve never seen you on station. I’m Bert. Who are you?” “Gredned. I am smart.” “Well, hello Gredned. Are you here for a visit?” “We look for things.” “Well, There are a lot of things on the commerce deck.” He pointed in that direction. “You should take a look at what they have.” “We look for things,” he grinned again, turning to nod with the others. “We are smart.” “Um… you said that. What kind of things?” “Things we need.” “Ohhh kay. What kind of things do you need?” he asked as Stace and Norg crept in and relaxed at the table. Grebned stared at Stace, then Norg. “Hey,” said Bert, snapping a finger to catch Grebned’s attention. “What kind of things do you need?” “Things to live with.” “Things to live with because….” “Things to live with. Places to live. We need places to live,” he continued, dumbfounded. “So... why did you come here to find a place to live?” “We are smart.” “You’ve found a place to live here?” “We are smart. We will live here.” A quick glance at Stace and Norg, and Bret continued with a slight smile. “You are smart. Can you tell me exactly where you will live?” “We are smart. We will live here.” They agreed wholeheartedly. “This is a big place. Where... is here? Can you show me?” “We are smart. This is Kirlemod. He will show. He is smart. I am smart. We are smart.” Kirlemod eagerly bulldozed through a satchel, pulled out PADDs, tablets, and folders, then handed one to Bert. “We are smart.”
  4. = /\ = Aegis Mission Brief 7/10/20 = /\ = = /\ = 16 June 2388 - Stardate 2388.168 = /\ = The time is 0800 hours (8:00 am) Aegis Local. Science is examining a very strange plant brought aboard by a trader. USS Rodman, USS Chi Song, and USS Agincourt are still missing in Nebula 231. A Starfleet Runabout is entering the nebula to search for them. Pakleds are still taking inventory of the station. Security is watching. Commander Korjata is still dealing with his stint among the Yith. Otherwise, situation normal. Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Dacia Sandero: ::working in the sickbay:: Tae'Lynn Dran: ::in the science lab:: Jylliene: ::CnC, Ops:: Alexis McFarland: ::brushing her hair in her bathroom:: Tae'Lynn Dran: ::applying difference acids to the plant:: Scott Coleridge: ::on the CnC, coordinating with security on this Pakled presence:: mimipavilion: ::in medical, going over something:: Chirakis: ::in her office, mulling over the nebula situation::: Sierra Robinson: :: reading the night shift's briefing file :: Fletcher Jackson: :::aux OPS, working on other stuff:: Jylliene: ::compiling requests and such that the Pakleds have made that have come through Ops, just to keep a general handle on what they're up to. Or to try to, anyhow:: Tarisa: ::Enters the lab, heading over to Dran and the plant.:: Any success? Fletcher Jackson: :::glance at Jylliene, thinking "please don't hand it to me, please not me, not me::: Jylliene: ::getting that "don't call on me" vibe from Fletcher:: Fletcher Jackson: ::hates being low man on the totem pole::: Tae'Lynn Dran: I think I've found something of interest. It absorbs certain acids. Sierra Robinson: Peter> :: waving his sign in front of the Pakled Pop Up Store advertising "Pristine Pakled Products" :: Chirakis: ::swivels her office chair to talk to Admiral Solokov::: Tae'Lynn Dran: Which is quite interesting and somewhat terrifying. Tarisa: It absorbs them? ::Worried look.:: It is practically invincible, and it eats acid? Tae'Lynn Dran: I honestly do not know at this point. Scott Coleridge: ::wanders over to Jylliene:: Are we still receiving an abnormal volume of requests from Pakleds? Chirakis: ::listens to Solokov, receives his latest information, and the admiral blanks the screen::: Tae'Lynn Dran: ::adjusts a scanner:: Having tried several compounds I am now going to see if we can catch the absorption on sensors. Dacia Sandero: ::checking up on the patients in the sickbay::: Alexis McFarland: ::once she's ready, she heads to the kitchen to eat some breakfast Mr. Moht made:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Finishes getting ready for school, then heads out into the hall to wait for Alexis.:: Sierra Robinson: :: walks over to the main 3D holographic display of Aegis to get additional updates on station performance :: Chirakis: ::pages through the notifications, puts them aside, then exits her office:: Tae'Lynn Dran: ::siphons out a small amount of acid from the beaker places a drop on the plant:: Alexis McFarland: ::checks the door cam:: Might as well come in Miana. I'm still having my breakfast. ::Mr. Moht opens the door and gestures for Miana to come in:: Tarisa: ::Watches for a hopeful result.:: Jylliene: They've tapered off. A little. For them. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Makes his way to engineering :: Jylliene: Still unusually high compared to any other single group. Dacia Sandero: ::prescribes a hypo to a lieutenant in science:: Tae'Lynn Dran: ::places another drop::: Tarisa: Miana> ::Smiles as she skips into the quarters.:: Hiya! Tae'Lynn Dran: ::glancing at the results:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Enters :: Scott Coleridge: Good. I think they're slowing down thanks to the heightened security presence. Scott Coleridge: I'm starting to get a picture in my head of what's going on but I'm... missing something. Alexis McFarland: Hi! Morning Miana ::hugs:: Did you have your breakfast too? ::eating some bacon and eggs:: Scott Coleridge: It's like they think they can buy portions of the station? But that doesn't make sense, not even a Pakled is that... dim. Tae'Lynn Dran: ::and another drop:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Nods.:: It was different than what I was used to, but it was good. Sierra Robinson: :: PADD in hand jotting down notes while looking at the display :: Dacia Sandero: Ok. ::glad it's relatively quiet again, works on some of her other stuff she had on the back-burner:: Tae'Lynn Dran: I think we have something useful. Far from an answer but something to build on. Nijil tr'Korjata: Robinson? :: he asks to the rabble of engineering tinkering about the deck :: Chirakis: ::notes Scott talking to Jyl, but does not intervene::: Chirakis: ::she's had her fill of Pakleds:::: Sierra Robinson: Good Morning Sir, Have a good night's sleep? Tae'Lynn Dran: ::running the results through the analyzer.:: Nijil tr'Korjata: I dreamed... a lot. Jylliene: Annisha brought home something from one of their shops. They're apparently doing a good trade in trinkets. Sierra Robinson: Peter > :: begins discussing things with a group of Pakleds in front of the Pakled Pop Up Store :: Chirakis: :::passing by Cayne, she asks for a SITREP::: Alexis McFarland: That's nice. Mr. Moht sometimes makes me different stuff too, but it's always good. ::finishes her breakfast. Mr. Moht comes and takes away her dishes:: Tarisa: ::Curious.:: Oh? Scott Coleridge: They can keep trading trinkets as much as they like. I just don't like them disrupting our departments. Tae'Lynn Dran: ::blank stare at the monitor:: Annisha: Situation outside the station is very calm... which I don't like. Tae'Lynn Dran: That can't be right. Chirakis: ::and as he works, she stares at the main tactical screen above::: Sierra Robinson: :: chuckles :: Hopefully no nightmares. :: approaches NIjil with the overnight shift report PADD :: Here you go sir. Jylliene: ::ponders:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Nods.:: We had Earth food. From a place called Kor...Korea, I think? It was seaweed soup, rice, and grilled ribs. It was weird cause there was nothing sweet. Alexis McFarland: Ooh, sounds nice! I should try that one day! Tae'Lynn Dran: I thought we were picking up cells of the plant interacting with the acid. The computer says the acid simply became part of the plant. Tarisa: Miana> Oh! There was something really spicy too...Kim...um...I can not remember. But it was spicy! Tae'Lynn Dran: Let me try another scan setting. Tarisa: :;Glances between Dran and the plant.:: What is not right? Tae'Lynn Dran: :::adjusts the scanner and adds another drop of acid:: Alexis McFarland: Ah.. kimchi. I heard of that, always wanted to try it. Tae'Lynn Dran: ::watching the readings:: Jylliene: Hm. Chirakis: :::still staring at the overhead tactical screen, she asks again:::: Commander Cayne, report. Alexis McFarland: We should look for a Korean restaurant one day, I think I remember seeing a few in the food court. Jylliene: ::enters a few commands in her console, asking for a general energy scan of the area of the commerce deck the Pakleds' booth(s) is/are:: Sierra Robinson: The main thing was a few maintenance issues on the Commerce Level with the new vendors. I guess they requested more ODN ports and additional EPS grid interfaces. Tae'Lynn Dran: Computer ::nervous giggle::: erect a level 1 containment field around the scanning dais. Fletcher Jackson: ::assisting Jyl with the requisitions so she can work on her Pakled problem::: Scott Coleridge: I have security chasing them away from most of the non-commerce levels. Sierra Robinson: Peter> :: bows to his fellow Pakleds and reaches for a PADD-like device and taps away :: Jylliene: I'm probably just a bit paranoid... Jylliene: ::waiting for the computer's results:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Excited:: Yes! That sounds fun! Tae'Lynn Dran: I hope I am misreading this. It's saying the plant isn't absorbing the acid but rearranging it's atomic structure. Tarisa: ::Frowns.:: I do not like the sound of that. Jylliene: ((That's when you hand the plant a lab coat and goggles and bring it on staff)) Alexis McFarland: Mmm. It will. ::smiles:: Let's go find Annisha. Almost time to head to class. Sierra Robinson: :: walks over to the main Stations EPS grid display to perform a diagnostic. :: mimipavilion: ::puts down the final PADD and blinks:: Jylliene: ::ponders:: Tae'Lynn Dran: Yes, a typical house plant is not capable of atomic fission. Jylliene: ::repeats the scan, increasing the sensitivity:: mimipavilion: ::leaves her office to find Dacia:: Chirakis: :::after receiving Cayne's information, she moves on to check a few other things::: Tae'Lynn Dran: Please review these readings in case I've simply lost all sense of reality. Tarisa: Miana> ::Nods as she goes with Alexis.:: Sierra Robinson: Peter> :: notes a Pakled hurriedly approach him with starts discussing something with him in an animated Pakled fashion :: Tarisa: ::Looking carefully over the readings. Her frown says it all.:: Dacia Sandero: ::reading up on some medical reports as she sips a cup of tea in her office:: mimipavilion: ::finds Dacia:: Hey I'm going to the CnC for a while. Alexis McFarland: ::heads to the lift with Miana:: Dacia Sandero: Oh, okay. Fletcher Jackson: ::really getting the hang of things:: Jylliene: ::sighs:: mimipavilion: ::leaves via tl ordering it to the CnC:: Tarisa: You are not wrong... Chirakis: :::stops and does a gentle turn toward Jylliene::: mimipavilion: ::arrives on CnC a short time later:: Sierra Robinson: :: The diagnostic complete she is satisfied with systems all in the green , her attention turns to the ODN diagnostic :: Tae'Lynn Dran: That just can't be. How does it generate the energy? What does it do with the resulting energy? Biological cold fusion? Tae'Lynn Dran: ::more nervous giggle:: Jylliene: Okay, switch tactic.. Jylliene: ::has the computer repeat the scan, but this time on their quarters, knowing Annisha brought home at least one thing from that booth:: Tarisa: I do not have an answer to that. I am almost afraid to find an answer at this point. Sierra Robinson: Peter> :: consoles his fellow Pakled and hands him a trinket with a smile, the other Pakled apparently feeling better departs the store front :: mimipavilion: ::steps out of the way to observe:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Feels out of it. Why can't he snap back to work? Was his time there too long? :: Chirakis: ::Leaning against the window sill of the commerce deck checking her security team as they watch the Pakleds::: Sierra Robinson: Sir? Tarisa: Miana> :;Arrives at Annisha's home with Alexis. Rings the chime.:: Alexis McFarland: ::Smiles:: Sierra Robinson: Sorry you looked lost in thought... my bad. Jylliene: (mumbled) PleasetellmeI'mjustparanoid, pleasetellmeI'mjustparanoid, pleasetellmeI'mjustparanoid Sierra Robinson: Peter> :: turns his sign over, which reveals another ....sign...saying "Peter Pakled's Pop Up Store now OPEN " Tae'Lynn Dran: ::blink:: Computer, bring atmospheric pressure inside the containment field to 0 and set gravity to 0. Jylliene: ::watching the console readouts, repeats the scan:: Fletcher Jackson: ::sitting next to Jyl, he glances over:: Problem, ma'am? Scott Coleridge: ::Jylliene:: I something the matter? Tae'Lynn Dran: I don't want to give it any more fuel, just in case it has a critical mass. mimipavilion: ::looks at Jylliene:: Alexis McFarland: Jolan good morning. Jylliene: Just doing some energy scans. Bad feeling. Hoping it's nothing. Tarisa: ::Nods in agreement.:: Fletcher Jackson: :::deep breath before going back to work::: Tarisa: Miana> Hmm... ::Rings again.:: Annisha! Nijil tr'Korjata: What? Yes. I am. :: shakes his head :: E pei o le miti lea Sierra Robinson: Oooh..what does that mean in Yith? Tae'Lynn Dran: I am going to proceed with a simple optical investigation. Wonder if we have a microscope in storage. Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh, it's like this is the dream. Tarisa: You could replicate one if there is not one available. Chirakis: :::turns to see Dr Pavilion and nods::: mimipavilion: ::nods to Chirakis:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: uses both hands at the console :: Tae'Lynn Dran: If I have to. Replicators are such a waste of energy though. Sierra Robinson: It's okay sir. I don't mind. I think it is important to document all your experiences with the Yith, we may not have the opportunity of meeting them again. Annisha: :: opens :: Yeah? Tarisa: Miana> Yay! ::Hugs:: Alexis McFarland: Hey Annisha. ::hugs her as well:: Chirakis: ::contemplating the three ships stuck in the nebula, she steps next to Mimi::: mimipavilion: Hello Captain Chirakis: Hello, Doctor. A word about nebulae. Tae'Lynn Dran: ::looking through the lab catalogs:: Chirakis: What damage can a nebula do to an ordinary starship? Chirakis: That is... the outskirts of a nebula, not very powerful. Annisha: Oh... the hugger, or is that Alexis? Sierra Robinson: Pakled Child> :: walks up to Peter and hands him a drink which makes Peter smile in return, giving the child a wave...and a Story PADD...the child scampers off to another Pakled nearby :: Tae'Lynn Dran: I should have figured when it absorbed that radiation burst in the other experiment that we'd never get a sensor reading on it. It just slurps up the scanning field. Alexis McFarland: Both? Tarisa: Miana> ::Grins as her poofy tail swishes.:: Time for school. Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh they will be back. Alexis McFarland: But only for another week or two. Tae'Lynn Dran: Ah, here we go. Nijil tr'Korjata: I may have made that possible. mimipavilion: Depends on the nebulae, but it could be radiation, a storm, etc. Tarisa: I see. So essentially any form of energy used on it. Tae'Lynn Dran: Storage room 2, cabinet A, third shelf. Sierra Robinson: I wonder when? Another reason why I think...in my delusional LtJg state of mind ...if an effort is made to learn all we can from your experience, we can make them feel more welcome when they do. Tae'Lynn Dran: Yes. I may even shield it from all visible light when not examining it. Chirakis: Um...:::nods::: And a science ship would not necessarily be damaged by it, correct? That is, if the ship was along the outskirts of the nebula? Nijil tr'Korjata: It's not something I have said to anyone, but I figure you are a neutral party. Jylliene: ((we can get some balloons and some Welcome! banners too)) Scott Coleridge: ::having heard nothing more alarming from Jylliene, he returns to his station to look at some updates:: mimipavilion: ::nods:: Tarisa: ::Nods.:: A reasonable precaution. Nijil tr'Korjata: They have an interesting 'when' Tae'Lynn Dran: We should probably give security a warning to be on the lookout for any more of these that make it to the commerce levels. Have to catch them of visual inspections, sensors will never catch one. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Working on crew concerns, something he did not enjoy :: Sierra Robinson: Prani did not strike me as the conquering type sir. :: returns her gaze to the ODN diagnostic screen :: And having those beverages in the replicators would be another welcoming touch. Sort of like greeting someone with a good cup of coffee! Jylliene: Commander? Jylliene: ::to Coleridge:: Scott Coleridge: ::Jylliene:: yes? Tarisa: ::Nods. She grabs a PADD and begins to write up a warning for Security to keep an eye out. Includes what specs we can provide. Then sends the report.:: Done. Alexis McFarland: ::in class by now, writing down some notes:: Annisha: :: to her friends :: Where we wreaking today? Jylliene: I'm getting some energy readings from the Pakled's booth. Alexis McFarland: Wherever you want to. Tarisa: Miana> I heard a rumor the Pakleds are taking over the station. Jylliene: I can send the results over to your console, so you can take a peek from an engineering perspective. Alexis McFarland: I saw a lot of them milling around the food court Tarisa: Miana> Maybe there is a mystery happening. Nijil tr'Korjata: Prani was well-liked from my experiences on their world. I was not here though. I could not speak the language well at first. Scott Coleridge: ::Jylliene:: Yes, please. Jylliene: ::patching them over:: Nijil tr'Korjata: I think Muuhi changed me though, or my mind. She tinkers like an engineer, except it's with the mind. mimipavilion: ::Chirakis, softly:: Plans ma'am Annisha: :: Working and a bit perturbed :: Chirakis: ::blinks, turns::: Excuse me, Doctor. To what does that refer? Sierra Robinson: Well it is not like Dr. Muuhi implanted a chip in your brain..right? mimipavilion: Nothing ma'am Nijil tr'Korjata: What of these Pakled? Nijil tr'Korjata: No chip. Imagine if you could rewrite the mind's base code... Scott Coleridge: ::looks at the results:: Oh hmm um mimipavilion: I take it we have a serious Pakled problem. Chirakis: ::deep breath:: Indeed we do. Nijil tr'Korjata: O le lasi lea e tatau ona e mataala iai. Sierra Robinson: Well , one Store owner put in a request for ODN and better EPS Access. Another Booth owner requested a high capacity Power Port... Nijil tr'Korjata: High power? Sierra Robinson: Which the duty engineer said No. Sierra Robinson: Denied the request. Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: Thank you Chirakis: Well done, all. Chirakis: TBS will be zero ( 0 ) - same time, same station. Chirakis: Comments for the crew, Commander? Scott Coleridge: Nope Chirakis: Questions or comments from the crew? Sierra Robinson: fine here sir Chirakis: Very well... Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  5. Connecting the Dots Except for basic security, most personnel were on yellow alert protocol, roaming the corridors, verifying identifications, assuring that all was well among the civilians on station, and ready to report anything or anyone suspicious. As far as Security Lt David Garand knew, aside from the usual security guard, he was the only one in the complex, which is why he stopped when he heard mumbling in the main security room. “...Pakleds… to Aegis,” the voice continued, barely audible, as Garand called quietly for backup, then stepped into the main security room. “...part… An-Ward, along with…. Horta mother….” The voice trailed off, then he heard a sigh and slight movement. All the offices were dark and the doors were open, but a sight flicker came from the Captain’s office, located at the end of the corridor. He motioned to Ens Ricora, a tall, slender woman of mixed lineage, who moved immediately to check the other rooms, all of which were empty. His head ticked toward the main office. “....highly protective of their cargo, insisting that they had rocks….” They stopped on either side of the door to listen. “Come in, Lieutenant,” said the voice, now obviously Captain Chirakis. “Your stealth approach needs work, but we will address that later,” she continued without looking up or turning. “Ensign, you may return to your duties.” Ricora acknowledged and disappeared into the semi-darkened corridor. Garand took the proffered chair next to the captain, wondering. “Captain, how…” “...did I know?” She interrupted, pulling her attention from the PADD to relax in the chair. “You have a distinctive odor—shaving cream, body wash, shampoo, or similar. You also have a distinctive cadence to your walk, as does Ensign Ricora.” She shrugged. “As I said, we will deal with that later. What do you know of the Pakleds?” He took a moment to think. “They’re not exactly intelligent, ma’am. They don’t take care of their equipment, they don’t really know how to handle a starship, keep it running, keep it clean, and several other things that don’t fit into our idea of competence.” “And you have come to these conclusions from first hand experience?” “Yes, ma’am.” “Are you absolutely certain that they are what they appear to be?” Garand blinked, stopped, then thought a while, not sure how he should answer. “Some years ago, the USS Enterprise D came in contact with a Pakled ship that needed repairs. After goading the Enterprise into repairing their ship, they held their engineer captive and demanded advanced technology in exchange for his return. Granted, they were outwitted by the Enterprise crew, but it could have ended differently.” The captain retrieved her PADD and engaged the main viewscreen to reveal a timeline of the Pakleds’ recent encounter with Aegis. “The Pakleds brought their dilapidated ship close enough to Aegis to inflict considerable damage, and it would have had we not diverted it to the shipyard. The Pakleds are responsible for our first encounter with the Droids who are now here for diplomatic negotiations. In that same cargo was a pregnant Horta from An-Ward, which led to our investigation of An-Ward and our first encounter with the Alien Alliance that was responsible for the destruction of the USS Vladivostok. That eventually led to the capture of the USS Byron, the chroniton bomb, the disappearance of Captain Ramson, the disappearance of TKR-117, the appearance of an energy-hungry cloud, and on it goes.” All Garand could do was stare at the screen. “I am not saying that all these things are connected, Lieutenant. What I am saying is that we should be even more vigilant, because it is possible that they are connected.” Grasping the chair arms, she swiveled to study the screen. “Up the threat for security personnel, Lieutenant. Commander Cayne will be needed in Command and Control. I will alert CAG Ajax.” “Captain,” Garand began, hesitant, and drawing the captain’s attention. “Do you really believe the Pakleds could be more intelligent than they seem to be?” “Lieutenant, a close friend once told me, ‘There is always someone more powerful or more cunning. Always.’ Their hubris led to a devastating war that nearly decimated their species. “Lieutenant, what could be more cunning than either pretending to be stupid and being extremely intelligent, or being stupid enough to follow the lead of a highly intelligent and extremely dangerous species that is willing to give you everything you want and teach you how to use it to its full effect?”