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Found 1 result

  1. Manticore Brief Stardate 52008.10. TBS is 3 hours, 21 minutes and 8 seconds. Manticore is in synchronous orbit around an asteroid that has a waterfall between two mountains. We'll be going down to relax. =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Erich Jaenke: What kind of facility is this Commander Farrington? Annika Sorenson: ::on the bridge, looking at the view screen from her science console:: Oooh. Callista Tyrel: :: getting ready for another excursion in her quarters :: Gila Orrak: :: Checking in on the CO and XO again :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::turns to Erich:: No one else knows about it as far as I know. Uninhabited. Small animals, nothing dangerous. Amanda Davis PhD: :::grabs her gear, especially her swimsuit:: McFly: ::sitting up in sick bay; wearing clothes with an actual back to them this time; looks at Gilla:: Am I well?... No wait, let me rephrase... Am I si... no longer needing to be in sickbay? Erich Jaenke: Uninhabited? Surely this is not naturally occurring. Kansas Kenickie: ::Tries to clean herself up in the sink and touch up her hair:: Callista Tyrel: Computer , can you tell me any information on our destination, mainly...do I need to replicate snowshoes....or Sun Block? :: not sure if the computer will have anything on file :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::checking with the helmsman::: Yes, naturally occurring. Kansas Kenickie: ::Evil eyes Gila:: Gila Orrak: I can't do anything to you in here without people knowing...err, you should be fine. Unless you are feeling up to an implant. McFly: ::raises eyebrow:: What kind of implant? McFly: ((impant sounds like something you'd get on Risa )) Kansas Kenickie: an implant ::Tisks:: Typical Gila Orrak: Oh, did I say implant? Perhaps another time. Gila Orrak: Trusted Cardassian technology for centuries. McFly: ::furrows brow:: tease Cmdr JFarrington: ::notes the helmsman is not happy staying behind, but he'll get his chance::: Gila Orrak: You may both leave sickbay. Call me if anything changes. Annika Sorenson: ::back in her quarters, changing into some loose comfortable shirt and shorts and sandals, applies on some sunscreen and bug repellent:: Kansas Kenickie: No please tell us of your brain smashing technology. Gila Orrak: It has not smashed for a very long time. We have come a long way in our extraction techniques. Gila Orrak: :: putting away some of her medical devices. Putting new devices into her pack :: Amanda Davis PhD: :::feeling strange, going down to an uninhabited asteroid that even has a waterfall, grass, and flowers:::: McFly: Will do Doc. ::slides off the biobed and heads for the door; grabs KK around the waist and pulls her with him:: Erich Jaenke: Well, perhaps I can use some non-holographic environment Callista Tyrel: :: into her standard uniform she packs everything..which is not much into her utility bag. ..and her trusty tricorder :: Callista Tyrel: Okay...off to wherever... Cmdr JFarrington: ::is not going to tell them how she came upon this asteroid because it's too special::: Callista Tyrel: :: exits quarters to TR :: McFly: ((good thing we can't hear your thoughts with a tease like that)) Gila Orrak: :: Places the last item in her pack :: Cmdr JFarrington: (Heh) Erich Jaenke: :: Enters the lift :: Sickbay. McFly: ::walks down the hall with KK:: I read a couple of padds while I laid there to catch up on what I missed. Commander Farrington is back? How'd that happen? Amanda Davis PhD: :::exiting her quarters and moving toward the lift::: Annika Sorenson: ::grabs her holocam and sunglasses and heads to the TL:: Kansas Kenickie: Right place right time. Callista Tyrel: :: arrives at TR room waiting for with her over the shoulder tote :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::packing a bag of medical gear, just in case someone slips::: McFly: ::walks into TL with KK and inputs the crew deck:: Annika Sorenson: ::she arrives at the TR:: Kansas Kenickie: It did show me that I am an awful XO. Callista Tyrel: Hi Annika. Amanda Davis PhD: :::enters the TR::: Hello, everyone. This is going to be interesting. Kansas Kenickie: I wasn't trained for it. Erich Jaenke: :: Runs into the Doctor :: Oof! Annika Sorenson: Oh hey Callista. Back for take two of our vacation. McFly: For what, running the ship without me? Annika Sorenson: I guess? Gila Orrak: Ahh! Careful Commander. :: clutching her pack :: Kansas Kenickie: pretty much Cmdr JFarrington: :::exits the lift and enters TR::: Erich Jaenke: Are you going to the...surface too? Gila Orrak: Unless I get run over on my way to the transporter, or are we taking a shuttle? Cmdr JFarrington: I have to warn you... the water is cold. Erich Jaenke: Transporter I have been told. Callista Tyrel: Yes. :: a short smile :: Note Big tote....:: points to her large bag :: I don't know a thing about where we are going so..I figured..take everything Kansas Kenickie: ::Wraps her arm around him:: I am sorry I'm not better at all this McFly: I'm sure it was fine. I know there were plenty of times Sovak disappeared on me. It was a little overwhelming but you get the hang of it. Erich Jaenke: We should buddy up, as they say. Annika Sorenson: I hope it's not too heavy for you. Gila Orrak: :: blinks :: Really? McFly: ::hugs her tight:: We're security grunts. Neither of us was really trained for command. Amanda Davis PhD: :::waiting to TR down::: Erich Jaenke: You are the only one that dispenses my medication. Cmdr JFarrington: ::::trying not to toss Erich a grin::: Callista Tyrel: Oh engineers have to haul stuff occasionally. Gila Orrak: Oh, well I don't have any. Besides, you need to control your ability. Kansas Kenickie: ::hugs him back::: I wish I could see myself the way you do... I only see my failures. Gila Orrak: :: She gestures in the direction of TR1 :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::waits:::: McFly: Most people usually do. Just have to learn to deal with them and grow from them. Erich Jaenke: Who knows, perhaps this is some kind of sentient lifeform our sensors can't detect. Erich Jaenke: :: Enter the TR :: Callista Tyrel: Well I have one sweatshirt from school...hope that does it! McFly: ::arrives on deck; takes KK by the hand and walks to their quarters:: Annika Sorenson: Yeah, we science people do too. Hope so too. Gila Orrak: I'd rather not have that happen. Erich Jaenke: :: Steps on the pad :: I have no idea where at this place we are beaming. Kansas Kenickie: I'm not used to failing, I shoot failure in the face and more on. Amanda Davis PhD: ::steps onto the pad:: Annika Sorenson: ::Steps onto the pad as well:: Erich Jaenke: Our group to beam down...seemingly. Cmdr JFarrington: :::steps up, checking her knife and boots::: Callista Tyrel: :: on pad :: Callista Tyrel: :: looks at the commander's boots and...hopes the regulation ones will do..:: Annika Sorenson: ::not even wearing boots:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::TL person::: You have the coordinates. McFly: whelp, sometimes failure likes to shoot back. You just give it the middle finger and try it again. McFly: ::enters quarters and heads to the closet to get out a fresh uniform:: Will be nice to wear real clothes again. Callista Tyrel: ( our captain's attire is truly unreal! ) Kansas Kenickie: ((hey! no looking!)) Kansas Kenickie: Are we going down to that green nightmare below? Cmdr JFarrington: Lt Beamer> Stand by... beaming. :::beams whoever is with them::: Callista Tyrel: :: energizes :: Amanda Davis PhD: :::beams::: Kansas Kenickie: ::opens her messy closet ::: because I could go for a swim in non-simulated water. Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::arrives next to the waterfall::: Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::mouth drops open:: Oh, my. It's beautiful. Kansas Kenickie: I know everyone say there is no difference but I can feel it Erich Jaenke: @ Hmm Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::checking the area:: Just mind where you sit. Some of the plants are prickly. Gila Orrak: @ We are not in Cardassia any more. Amanda Davis PhD: @ Oh, I will look. But this is a beautiful place. Callista Tyrel: @ :: looks around impressed :: Wow...artificial construct or natural? Erich Jaenke: @ We weren't there before. Callista Tyrel: :: thinks cactus like back home :: Annika Sorenson: @ ::looks around::: Wow ::takes some scans with her tricorder:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ Natural. McFly: ((I'm still a security grunt at heart, I always go it commando)) Kansas Kenickie: ((::PPurrrs::)) Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::looks to Jami::: However did you find this place, Commander? Annika Sorenson: @ Yeah, very interesting. All this in an asteroid. I wonder what's swimming in these waters. Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::slight grin::: If I told you I'd have to kill you. McFly: There's a green somthin-somthin down there? Guess I have more padds to read. ::groans:: Amanda Davis PhD: @ Oh. Well, then. I'll just... look around I guess. Callista Tyrel: @ :: notes Annika is probably in her element with the aquatic life :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ Wise choice. Kansas Kenickie: Don’t bother... nothing of import happened Gila Orrak: :: Holds onto Erich's arm, protest or not :: Callista Tyrel: @ Gila are you being silly? Erich Jaenke: @ Uhm.. Kansas Kenickie: ::says in a lying tone to her voice:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::checks out the water::: Yes, it's cold. Not frozen. Just cold. Gila Orrak: @ No, I'm taking charge... :: softly :: for once. Gila Orrak: @ We should get closer to the water. Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::sets her things down and wiggles a few toes in the water::: Oh... my. Yes, it's cold. Annika Sorenson: @ ::analyses a small sample:: Very pure. You can probably drink it. McFly: ::puts shirt on; chuckles:: That usually means something did happen. Or you're just trying to save me from all the paperwork. Erich Jaenke: @ That's fine. :: Looking all around, not sensing anything beyond the crew :: Kansas Kenickie: If it did happen then maybe you shouldn't read about it Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::Annika::: Good to know. It's been a while since I've been here. Annika Sorenson: @::dips her foot in the water:: Oooh, I have to agree. Kansas Kenickie: Let it go. ::waves hand about:: Callista Tyrel: @ :: reaches for her tricorder :: Drinkable? McFly: You're probably right, I'll wait for the movie to come out ::kisses her then heads to the door:: I should probably make an appearance on the bridge and say hi to Farrington. It's been a while. Kansas Kenickie: ::is being too blasé about things:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::just remembered::: +HELM+ Run silent, just in case someone or something followed us. Annika Sorenson: @ ::Nods:: I would say so, yes. These waters are quite clear and the pollutant levels are very low. Kansas Kenickie: ::Glances back:: everyone is below... Cmdr JFarrington: Lt Lancaster> Running silent, aye. Annika Sorenson: @And it's cold, so it'd probably be pretty refreshing. Kansas Kenickie: Expect Karl and Crystal. Callista Tyrel: @ Nature unspoiled. Not like New Las Vegas... Kansas Kenickie: They are manning the helm while we rest. Annika Sorenson: @Not that I'd recommend drinking strange water from a place you don't know. Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::dangling her feet in the water::: Oh... how nice. It's cold, but you get used to it. :::looks to Annika::: Kansas Kenickie: :::Grabs towels and a fancy robe::: Let’s just go relax and forget crap for a while. Erich Jaenke: @ :: They make their way to the waterfall. The white noise envelops the soundscape :: Annika Sorenson: @ ::Nods:: Its quite the contrast isn't it? I don't know which I prefer more? McFly: I feel a little sheepish going on vacay after a good sleep. Kansas Kenickie: I had the transport Dude find us a nice peaceful spot, away from prying eyes. Gila Orrak: @ :: speaks up :: I have not seen many waterfalls in my life, this one seems... :: tilts her neck up :: very tall. Callista Tyrel: @ :: observes waterfall :: Snowmelt? Annika Sorenson: @::Looks up at the waterfall as well:: If I had to guess, probably. Kansas Kenickie: ::takes his arm:: No prying eyes..... Erich Jaenke: @ It is tall. This is a good spot. The sound of the water blocks the sound of the other minds. McFly: But it's more fun when they pry ::winks:: Kansas Kenickie: ::Covers her face, blushing::: no noo... Gila Orrak: @ Really? Auditory therapy.... interesting. :: makes a not on her write device :: Callista Tyrel: @ Uhm...was I supposed to bring a tent? :: taking it all in :: Annika Sorenson: @ I haven't done tent camping in forever McFly: ::smirks:: That's alright. We'll always know Erich knows what we're doing Annika Sorenson: @or ever? ::thinks, she swishes her foot in the water:: Kansas Kenickie: how am I to relax with that on my mind? Callista Tyrel: @ :: walks along streambed looking :: Annika Sorenson: @::Gets up and follows Callista and the others:: Gila Orrak: @ :: moments upon moment pass :: I can perhaps use the embedded translator to emit white noise... Gila Orrak: @ Commander? Erich Jaenke: @ Hmm? :: looking up :: Cmdr JFarrington: (Is everyone on the asteroid?) McFly: ::pulls her close:: I'll make you forget all about him ::kisses her tenderly on the lips:: Callista Tyrel: @ Commander Farrington are we to beam down some...camping equipment? McFly: ((me and KK are still on the ship)) Gila Orrak: @ I never did thank you, any of you, for allowing me on this ship. If it was you on a Cardassian vessel you'd get the cold shoulder, or worse. Cmdr JFarrington: (Ohhhh..... all righty) Kansas Kenickie: Sounds perfect. Annika Sorenson: @Maybe we can share a tent? ::to Cal:: Erich Jaenke: @ Are we resting here? :: looks confused :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::starts wandering up the mountain, looking for something:: Gila Orrak: @ I don't see why not. Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::turns:: You can rest wherever you want to. Just watch out for prickers. Kansas Kenickie: ::hurries into the transporter room:: Annika Sorenson: @::Glad she put her sandals back on:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::gets to the top of the fairly low hill and looks around::: Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::spreads out her blanket and basks in the sun::: Callista Tyrel: @ :: sits down on a rock, placing her tote bag on the ground :: Sure. Commander...do we need to transport our own camping equipment? McFly: ::beams down with KK to the asteroid:: Amanda Davis PhD: @ Nothing like *real* sunlight. Erich Jaenke: @ :: Feeling calm :: That legal stuff really worked me over. Callista Tyrel: @ :: looks around as she awaits some 411 :: McFly: @ ::looks around:: Oh wow, it really is nice out here. Kansas Kenickie: @:::takes a deep breath:: I can smell the sunlight. Erich Jaenke: @ :: stumbles :: McFly: @ ::lets KK lead him to her spot:: Gila Orrak: @ Commander, perhaps we should stop here against this rock. Kansas Kenickie: @ to bad we won't be here long enough to get a crisp tan. McFly: @ Not enough UV in the stars. Kansas Kenickie: @ ::nods:: Everyone is below at the waterfall.....we are on top. Erich Jaenke: @ :: Sits :: What is that? Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::stops at the top of the hill, kneels down to pick a flower and slip it into her pocket, its petals visible::: Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::sighs and sits there alone::: McFly: @ ::finds a nice spot near the water; sits down with KK and holds her by a waterfall:: Annika Sorenson: @::looks around as well:: Callista Tyrel: @ Well glad to be with you for another mysterious adventure Annika. Gila Orrak: @ Oh this, a pocket replicator. :: taps. Presses a button and a kit materializes :: Callista Tyrel: @ I guess we will just wait until the brass tells us more about this place. Erich Jaenke: @ Could you have simply brought a blanket or whatever? Annika Sorenson: @Yeah, likewise. If I was going to be on a mysterious adventure I'm glad it's with you. Kansas Kenickie: @ it has been to long since we just soaked up the sun ::Lays back:: Gila Orrak: @ Oh sure, but I just wanted to try this out. I figure when I unreplicated the items I'll run out of a charge. :: sits on the blanket :: Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::almost falling asleep, glad she has sunscreen on::: Callista Tyrel: @ Thanks... :: in her duty uniform at the moment not too concerned about the UVs yet :: Once we get another brief...I’ll swap out my gear. Annika Sorenson: @::sits down in the grass:: Ahh. Sounds good to me. Callista Tyrel: Then again we might not be down here long enough for a change...:: smiles :: Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you Cmdr JFarrington: All yours, Boss. Kansas Kenickie: Nice vacation spot Jami, better then the one I picked. McFly: Nice to have a little R&R especially when you wake up from a long nap as I did. McFly: Jami, KK and comments? Cmdr JFarrington: There's a story behind it, Commander. Kansas Kenickie: Soak up the sun while you can. Cmdr JFarrington: Just enjoyed it all, Captain. Cmdr JFarrington: Right. McFly: Questions or comments? Callista Tyrel: ? Amanda Davis PhD: We get too much sun here. McFly: Callista Callista Tyrel: Length of shore leave? Should have asked that in sim..lol McFly: I don't have anything too determined but probably not too long. Going to work on a new plot here. Cmdr JFarrington: How about 50 years Kansas Kenickie: eep Annika Sorenson: lol McFly: Or that, we can just live out our days as renegades on vacation and live on replicator rations. Callista Tyrel: It is pretty enough for that...just need to know if we need to beam down a tent! Cmdr JFarrington: Or grass. Amanda Davis PhD: Oh, dear. What did I get into? McFly: Probably not. Especially if we keep it an hour every week Cmdr JFarrington: One hour it is. Callista Tyrel: one hour copy McFly: Ok so no questions McFly: Alright if there's nothing else, grab a drink and chill by the fire while being... DISMISSED!