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Found 4 results

  1. Passing On Mimi Pavilion, MD Amanda Davis, PhD There are times when Amanda can cope and times when she can not cope. Counselor Amanda Davis stood at the door to Dr Pavilion’s quarters wondering if she could push past her personal feelings and help her dear friend Mimi deal with the death of her bond mate, her husband, the person she had chosen for life. He loved her dearly, but SubCommander Torate tr’Jeth Dabi, was also a warrior. As dedicated to his people as he was to her, he left Aegis to rebuild the Empire after the devastation of ch'Rihan in 2387.* Then came the destruction of the Breen.** Many who were no longer Breen slaves formed the Alien Alliance that not only threatened the Romulan Star Empire, it threatened to overtake the Joint Allied Powers…. “If it’s not one thing, it’s another,” thought Amanda. “And Torate, as bold and brave as he was, gave his life to save his captain. Oh, Mimi.” She sighed quietly, then took a deep breath to regain her composure before pressing the chime on Mimi’s door. “Enter,” Mimi said, as she sat at her desk. Amanda stepped in quietly. “Hello, Mimi,” she said in a more professional manner. “How are you?” She looks at Amanda and sighs, “Not well, as expected. How can one deal with the loss of a spouse?” “With difficulty, Mimi," she replied quietly and sincerely. "You will have times when you remember him fondly, maybe even smile at some of the things he did. Then you’ll have times when you can’t stop crying..” “I know,” Mimi replied; “it’s just the biggest adjustment that I’ve… I’m going through, since being assigned to Aegis.” Amanda pulled up a chair and waited for her to continue. And if she wasn’t going to continue, she would be Mimi’s friendly presence, sitting by her side, mourning with her. “You know Torate and I had been married for over a year. Thing is he wanted children to carry on the family name. Now there’s going to be a big empty house and no children.” Amanda pressed through her sadness, knowing how important that is in the Rihan culture. “Yes, that is very important, not only to you, but to Torate. If you can, try thinking of it this way, Mimi. He is in Vorta Vor... watching you, and knowing how you feel. Try to think of his passing as a transformation from one world to another. Try to think of him as being here next to you, but in a different form. Does that make sense?" Mimi nodded. “It does,” she replied. _______________ *In the Aegis timeline, ch’Rihan was not destroyed. At the request of the crew, the exploding star’s cosmic rays devastated ch’Rihan and rendered it uninhabitable for hundreds of years. **In their attempt to create a subspace attack corridor, the Breen trapped themselves in subspace.
  2. To: Mr. Wesley Roberts CC: SubCommander Jorahl From: Dr. Mimi Pavilion Subject: Chirakis Kirel, Captain Results of Physical: Temperature: Normal Blood Pressure: Normal Pulse: Normal Respiratory: Normal Head, Ears, Nose, and Throat (HEENT): Normal Abdomen (ABD): Normal Extremities (EXT): Normal Neurological (NEURO): Normal. Though her long-term memory may have tampered, based on the microcellular scan of her cerebellum. (E.g.: Copied, read, etc.) Doctor's analysis: After talking to the patient and asking her about her mental status, which she claims is normal for her, I do believe that this is Captain Chirakis Kirel, Commanding Officer of Sky Harbor Aegis.
  3. (Joint log: Jylliene and Mimi. Events take place right after Ghosts of the Past) Jylliene didn’t quite know where she was going when she left her quarters; she just knew she needed to walk for a bit, in order to not feel trapped with her thoughts. So she took the lift down and walked along the midway for a bit. It wasn’t the first time Jylliene had done something like this, though usually, her walks were outside, and she would see something that would spark whatever was on her mind, helping her find some kind of resolution (or at least, peace with things that could not be resolved). Whether it would have the same effect here, she wasn’t sure. One can’t really wander aimlessly about a station; the lifts need to be told where to go, and corridors and walkways funnel such journeys to a destination. It’s not really the kind of place where anyone would do aimless wandering. Stations are purposeful places for people who know where they’re going. Not always, Jyll corrected herself, as from her vantage point on the upper walkway she spotted some of the refugees sitting at one of the tables by Drankum’s. They had, however, largely seemed to settle into some kind of routine. Life goes on, Jylliene mused inwardly. It had to. They had no idea when or where they might settle, and eventually, they had to establish a new normal - whether they’d end up moving out to a new colony in two days or in two months - just to have a sense of stability. Ground under their feet, she thought. Or, well, metal. Jylliene continued on her walk and found herself in front of sickbay. She walked inside. “Doctor Pavilion?” Mimi looked towards the door after signing a PADD, “Hello. How may I help you, Jylliene?” “I’d like to ask you about something, if I may - if we can use your office?” she asked, with a glance toward the door. “I promise I’ll keep it brief.” “Ok,” motioning towards her office. “Please enter and take a seat.” Jylliene did as she was asked to and, as the doctor entered, said, “It’s about Nijil and me...” “Ok, what would you like to discuss precisely,” Mimi asked her. Jylliene watched as the door closed. “We’re getting rather close, and I’d prefer not to have...unexpected complications. Especially with current plans.” Jylliene raised her eyebrow slightly, watching Dr. Pavilion’s face, looking for a sign of comprehension. She took a deep breath, knowing exactly what Jylliene was talking about. “I do understand, with current status of this station. There is a way that we can take preventive measures until you and Mr. tr’Korjata feel comfortable about where things are going.” Wtih a sigh of relief, Jylliene nodded. …... “Thank you, Doctor. It was good talking to you,” Jylliene said, pausing by the door of sickbay. Mimi nodded and went about her duties. Jylliene turned and left, walking back to her quarters. While she wasn’t necessarily sure exactly where things were heading with Nijil - or rather, when - she felt a bit more at ease. It felt as if something that had been up in the air was at least settled now.
  4. Starfleet Personal: Pavilion, Cmdr. Mimi General Information: Name: Mimi Pavilion Gender: Female DOB: 06/02 Place of Birth: USS Cowley Parents: Commander John Pavilion and Lieutenant Commander Natia Pavilion, USS Cowley Siblings: None Martial Status: Widowed Family: Cmdr. Torate tr'Jeth Dabi (husband, deceased), Loxil (sister-wife) Children: None Species: Human Hair Color: Brown Skin Color: light, kind of tannish Service Record Information: Current Rank: Commander Current Position: Chief Medical Officer and Children's Home Director Current Assignment: Sky Harbor Aegis Training: Took the rank of Midshipman while in the Academy, but completed shortly after. Although she may be one of the youngest to graduate the Academy, she is one of the brightest in her class. She currently serves on the Sky Harbor Aegis under the Command of Captain Chirakis Kirel and Commander Scott Colderidge, as Chief Medical Officer and Children's Home Director. Family History: Cmdr. Pavilion's family history is contained a long line of Starfleet officer, ever since the beginning of the start of Starfleet. She is the first in her family to graduate as a medical officer. When she was young, she showed a big interest in the medical profession of Starfleet. That is why she is the most capable officer in the Fleet. Medical History: Cmdr. Pavilion has a scar on her arm, from where she broke it, while riding her bike. She has all her shots to protect her from any diseases. Otherwise, she is in perfect health and condition. Psychological History Her psychological test and analysis prove to be normal. She may have tendencies to break down for no apparent reason. It is best to help her gain her stability, when she has her moments. Service Awards and Promotions: 0514.04-- Promoted to Ensign 0730.04-- Promoted to Lieutebant Junior Grade 0225.05-- Promoted to Lieutenant 0225.05-- Received first Service stripe 0825.06-- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander 0609.07-- Received Bronze Good Conduct Medal 0609.07-- Received second Service Ribbon 0727.07-- Received second Bronze Good Conduct Medel 0801.08-- Received Gold Good Conduct Medal 0327.09-- Received third Service Ribbon 0731.09-- Received fourth Service Ribbon 0224.12-- Married SubCommander Torate tr'Jeth Dabi 0228.14-- Promoted to Chief Medical Officer 0328.14-- Received the Starfleet Commendation with Hourglass for ten years of Exemplary Service 0830.19-- Promoted to Commander 1101.19-- Widowed. Husband Torate tr'Jeth Dabi killed in action.