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Found 1 result

  1. No Worms in the Wormhole Chirakis Kirel, Captain, SI-5 The lights went out on the commerce deck, leaving everyone in the dark long enough for screams and a lot of grabbing hold of one another and hoping it’s the right person and not the neighbor’s husband. Or wife, but it’s usually pretty easy to tell which is which. Within seconds, emergency lighting flicked on, the screams and grabs settled down, and after a gasp with everyone looking up and around, a cacophony of questions in various languages—some not the best words to translate—echoed from the commerce deck into CnC. Pushing away from the CnC overlook, Captain Chirakis turned slowly towards the OPS console as she pinched the bridge of her nose and winced to quell a growing headache. “Lieutenant Hargraves, contact engineering and ask them if they were successful,” she ordered, her words close to a whisper. “And get security to the commerce deck to calm... those... people... down.” She heard his “yes ma’am” but nothing else as she slowly settled into the command chair. “They’re a little busy down there, ma’am,” Hargraves reported. “The transport was successful but the wormhole destabilized and overloaded the buffers. Main power is shut down to prevent a total system overload.” Something was missing. “And…?” “And… uh.…” Hargraves dug in to scan reports. “The medical complex is on emergency backup, and… emergency lighting is on throughout the station, but… you know… it’s not really good lighting, at least it’s not like we have here, or in the med complex, or in....” He skidded to a halt as the captain’s hand flew up. “Thank you, Lieutenant. Just keep me apprised,” she sighed as her eyes closed knowing that it would make it more difficult to stay awake. “And… unless it is an emergency, if anyone calls, I’m not available.” The last three days, or 72 hours, had been grueling to the point of exhaustion. Engineers and science personnel had worked through the nights while medical personnel stood ready for any situation, everyone hoping that as soon as the micro-wormhole engaged, thoughts would transfer from Prani to Nijil and vice versa. The stress of working and/or waiting had pressed their endurance beyond the limit. But now, with the aid of the micro-wormhole supplied by the Yith, Aegis’s duty was done. Except for the power outage, of course. Engineering minions could take care of that. As soon as possible, the captain released engineering and science from duty, ordering them to rest and recuperate. She would do the same, but only after the mechanism that created the micro-wormhole—at least what was left of it—would be locked and guarded in the security complex. If it fell into the hands of the Alien Alliance, not only Aegis, but the entirety of the Joint Allied Powers would be in jeopardy. Thankfully, the Yith technology was secure. After briefing the next watch, Kirel climbed to the station’s pinnacle where she could be alone, stare into space, and forget most of what could easily have happened.