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Found 2 results

  1. [Joint log: Jylliene and Kallah] Her mother had once said, “Be careful about whom you place on a pedestal. They do not tend to stay there.” The first real memory Jylliene had of Jorahl - other than fleeting moments in passing - was seeing him hit by the disruptor blast. That image from the Aegean viewscreen was vividly burned into her mind as the fight to retake Aegis began. To discover later that he had carefully constructed a way to survive was mind-boggling, and added to her respect for the chief engineer. It was one of Jylliene’s first tasks once back on Aegis to rewrite the shift rosters and duty assignments - to undo numerous things, actually, that Jorahl had done while the renegades were there. In doing so, she became aware of just how carefully the SubCommander had prepared for their retake of the station. She almost felt like she really knew him. It all added up to quite an internal admiration of the Romulan officer. Her vision of him warped upon truly seeing him in his element. Jylliene was well aware, and kept trying to tell herself, that it was his intimate knowledge of the details of the station’s operations that allowed him to do what he did for Aegis those weeks ago. But until now, her view was comfortable. She had admired the results without knowing what it took to produce them. Jylliene stepped out of the lift onto the Control Tower. Any attempts to hide this uncomfortable feeling Jylliene now had were in vain as Kallah Ramson stepped towards the Ops console. "You've been to Engineering." The Trill looked at Kallah, likely still with a somewhat dazed expression. “You can tell..?” The words were no more out of Jylliene’s mouth before she realized what she said. “Of course you can.” She leaned on the console, the slightest smile briefly appearing on her face. Ramson returned the smile. "It's an amazing amount of data coursing through there," she said as she casually stepped over to lean against the station. Jylliene didn’t dispute that at all. Instead, the image of the SubCommander standing at the displays flashed back into her head. She glanced at her console. “I suppose it’s what I get,” she sighed, running her hand through her hair, then wincing as she turned her injured wrist the wrong way. "I suppose I can relate well with an engineer’s insight into the systems they maintain. It's not too unlike Minaran telepathy. Our nervous system extends much farther than most species. It's more than just reading thoughts; that's almost just a byproduct. All those around me, I can hear their heartbeats, sense the same tastes and smells, be swayed by the same emotions, and..." glancing towards Jylliene's hand, "feel their pains." The Trill glanced at her helplessly. “I’m not sure that makes me feel better.” "Sorry." Kallah tried to give a reassuring smile. "But, understanding doesn't always mean feeling better. Sometimes you just have to learn from the pain." Jylliene nodded in reluctant agreement. "It's just going to take time to see this all as a safety net and not as a snare to fall into.” "Isn't it like that with so much in life. You see it in work, in families, in... love." A cheeky grin spread across Kallah's face. The Trill smiled at Ramson. “Remind me after the shift - I owe you a drink.” "Oh, what for?" Kallah asked with a grin. “Counseling fee, if nothing else. But I’d rather just call it a drink among friends.” "The latter sounds better to me. I'll take on the Athra, Breen, or Renegade Romulans. I'm not up to caring for the mental well-being of half the crew of this station." The laughter from the Ops console drew the glances of the others on the Control Tower. For the first time that day, Jylliene didn’t particularly notice - or care about - anyone watching.
  2. (Log events take place after Dinner Guest II and before Mind Full of Mindful) Sixty trustworthy officers, that’s what they needed. For Aegean to operate properly it needed a crew of 60. Depending on its mission this number could vary from as many as 90 to as few as 25. With the upcoming reconnaissance mission, and all the possible ways it could go wrong, 60 was the best number. With officers assigned to the Aegis shipyards, pilots of the 209th Test Flight Wing, engineers and starship designers contracted to the shipyards, and the crew of Aegis itself, finding a crew for any mission had never been an issue. But, they had never had a mission requiring this level of security. There were obvious concerns about the Romulans and some worries about all the Allied powers working in this sector. A breach in security, just one loose lip, could sink more than just a ship. Jylliene stretched. It was nice to be working with Commander Ramson again, but this was definitely a bit different than being on the Aegean and operating a console. This was more - well, more intense, in a way. Jylliene wasn’t used to interviewing and analyzing people for job suitability. Still, she was the one who had best access and awareness of the crew manifest, including duty rosters and assignments, so it made sense that she would be here with Ramson. As it was, Ramson was the one who needed to make the decisions. Jylliene was happy to leave that to her. As usual, Kallah Ramson’s desk was a maze of data and files. One list showed the officers with the best skills for the coming mission. Another showed those with high security clearance levels within their respective governments. Buried somewhere under these was the list of those who could easily be removed from consideration, be it security issues or those not up to the hazards that might come. Scattered around these were personnel files of those Ramson would “speak” with personally. Speak would probably not be the best word to use since she was leaving a lot of the talking to Aegis’ Chief of Operations. Kallah was making “other” observations. Currently she was “observing” a young Romulan science officer, SubCenturion t’Lynta. She was an expert in planetary sciences and quite useful in scanning and identifying artificial features in natural formations. She also was from some of the more remote islands of Romulus, an area which supplied few officers to the fleet. Culturally her family kept a quiet but cold relation with the Star Empire as a whole. How those feelings could manifest themselves now was unknown. “Thank you for your time, SubCenturian,” Jylliene began, glancing over the questions they’d been asking the other candidates. “I’d like to talk to you for a bit. There is a mission coming up that we feel you may be suited for, given your area of specialty. We do have questions to ask based on other possible portions of the mission, though. Firstly, tell me a bit about your home. How do you feel it shaped you, and is there anything in particular that you feel prepared you for your current position here?” The young woman's face had a kind look to it naturally, but that was just a canvas for a wretched snarl at the mention of her home. “It only prepared me by making sure I wanted to be anywhere but there.” Her eyes glanced between the Trill questioning her and the more familiar officer who watched on quietly. “If this has anything to do with the colony survey mission, I thought I was already assigned to that?” Her words were aimed at Commander Ramson, though her eyes never left Jylliene. Kallah didn’t respond except to make a note on the PADD in her hand. “That mission is still awaiting final clearance,” Jylliene responded. This was not the first interviewee to ask. Probably wouldn’t be the last, either. t’Lynta’s face easied only a little. A more annoyed look now took its place as she crossed her legs and began looking over the office. “Very well, then. How do you feel about dealing with other races?” The Trill kept moving down the list of questions, making notes herself as well - though she knew the Minaran’s were the more significant for their purpose. “They usually make interesting test subjects,” the Romulan said without a sign of humor. Jylliene nodded slightly, making some more notes, and continued. “Can you tell us what makes you stand out, why you would be the best choice among your peers?” A slight smile crept onto t’Lynta’s lips. “The fact that I’m the best at what I do or that the others are blithering idiots. Either would do.” She seemed to be gearing up to continue before being cut off. “Thank you, SubCenturion. Honest as always.” Kallah smiled. “Dismissed.” Ramson waited till t’Lynta was out of the room and the door securely closed before speaking. “How many more do we have? Or was that our last one?” Jylliene asked, turning in her seat to look at Ramson. “The Romulan ego wearing on you already?” Kallah knew how many of the others felt when they had to deal with the Romulans so closely. She had adapted to them quickly enough, ever a useful Minaran trait. Jylliene chuckled. “I guess the one Romulan I have very much contact with is not at all typical there. No, it’s just not the type of thing I’m used to. Read a console, pass reports through, clear ships for docking or departure. This is very different.” She grinned. “It’s a little taxing.” Ramson rubbed her head lightly. “They can be taxing in many ways.” Her fingers moved over to the psionic verbalizer affixed to her temple. With a light touch she adjusted it’s setting to a more comfortable level. “Using the verbalizer is more so than communicating telepathically, for you, then?” She paused. “Stupid question. I imagine it would be. Ignore the tired officer to your right.” Jylliene chuckled. This was not the day to have been up late the night before. She rubbed her own temples and looked over at the list, wondering if she was being observed just as much as their interview subjects. And then regretting even having the thought with Ramson right beside her. Jylliene winced inwardly. Kallah gave Jylliene a soft though tired smile. “That should do it for now. I can go over the Shipyard officers with the SubCommander.” Jylliene exhaled in relief. “Thank you. And I apologize if I said - er, thought? - anything untoward there.” “No thoughts as extreme as given by some of those we interviewed. I think some of them like having fun knowing I can sense their thoughts. And I’m not just talking about the Romulans.” As open and talkative as Bolians are, she wondered if anyone had a clue of the thoughts they actually kept in reserve. This time, her wince wasn’t inward. “That didn’t even occur to me.” the Trill said with a sigh. “It *is* nice to work with you again,” she added with a smile as she stood up. “I hope the rest go smoothly for you.” “That’s kind of you to say.” Ramson pressed a button on the desk compacting all the files on its display surface onto the PADD in her hand. “I do have one request.” “Yes, Commander?” “Nijil. I know he is committed to this mission. I also know he found someone he knew among the renegades who took the station.” Ramson paused briefly, treading carefully. “I believe you are close enough to him,” another small smile forming on her lips, “to ask him.... what will he do if he finds more on this mission. Possibly, even the family he is searching for.” Jylliene nodded. “I will ask. Very carefully.” Very carefully. “I’ll leave how you bring it up to you. This is less a security concern than a personal worry. As you said, he’s not really your typical Romulan.” A more pleasant smile sprang up on her face, a laugh of sorts coming from a mute race. Kallah thought of mentioning some of the many other emotional extremes that lay waiting under the brash Romulan surface but figured that might spoil some of the fun. She returned a more relaxed smile herself. “Understood. Thank you, Commander.” Jylliene nodded to her, and then walked out of the room. She didn’t know what she thought of the intent of the interviews when they began them; what she really felt about Ramson using her abilities on the interviewees. Though she could see the importance of using them to feel out the potential crew for the mission, it still felt like too much of an invasion. Now, though, especially after the commander’s remarks about being on the receiving end of such - not so much. Truly a double-edged sword.