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Found 5 results

  1. Name: Irene Mincine, daughter of P'Lor Species: 1/2 Human, 1/2 Klingon Age: 29 Sex: Female Place of Birth: New Stockholm, Proxima IV Ht: 6'0" Wt: 170 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Long, black and wavy, tied back Identifying marks: Long scar on her ribs. Vulcan script tattoo, right forearm. Rose tattoo, left shoulder. Father: Adam Mincine, 64. Minor government official on Proxima IV. Mother: P'Lor, daughter of Ressa, 83. Formerly Klingon Defense Force, now a consular official, Proxima IV. Brother: Zefram Mincine, 25. Cargo shuttle pilot, Proxima IV. Starfleet Service Information 2384-2388: Starfleet Academy 2388: USS Excalibur-C Rank: Ensign Assignment: Junior member, science staff, planetary sciences. Specialist in exobiology and exobotany. Starfleet Service History: 2384: Enrolled in Starfleet Academy. 2386: Earned master's degree. Specialization in biological studies. 2387: Awarded position as a Nova Squadron pilot. Removed from program due to continued disciplinary issues. 2388: Graduated Starfleet Academy, top 30% of class. Holds top certifications in shuttle, runabout, and small craft piloting. Trained in basic starship bridge operations. Education: - B.S., Exobiology (minor in botany), Cochrane University, Proxima Centauri IV (2384) - M.S., Genetics, Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth (2386) Medical History Various sports injuries on record. Right shoulder reconstructed by Dr. Maryse Dubois, 2018.10. Long-term effects expected minimal due to patient’s outstanding physical condition. Space Service Readiness Examination: Passed. Psychological Examination: Extremely high ambition and drive, but also willful and defiant at times. Recommend re-examination for command track in 8-10 years. Background: Irene, daughter of P'Lor, always gravitated more toward the Klingon side of her family than the Human side. Personally she forsakes the name Mincine in favor of the Klingon matronymic, though in Starfleet she goes by Mincine. Despite this, her mother discouraged her from a career as a Starfleet officer (or Klingon warrior, for that matter) because she wanted more for her daughter than to die for vague ideals of honor that her people discard for political concerns when expedient. (P'Lor's outspoken political opinions had led to her reassignment from the Klingon Defense Force, where she held the rank of Commander and third officer on a Bird of Prey, to pushing papers in the Klingon embassy on Proxima.) Instead, Irene was fascinated by... plants in space, studying exobiology and exobotany while at Cochrane University. She also pursued athletics, winning the regional parrises squares tournament twice in college, no doubt helped by her half-Klingon physique and lack of hesitation to beat the hell out of her opponents. By this time, decades of close contact had meant hybrid Klingons and Humans were more common and more accepted in the Federation, if looked down upon on the Empire. Still, Irene's explosive temper led to many fights and near-dismissals from the university. The study and raising of plants (and bees) was her main way of calming down, recommended by her Vulcan counselor. Even after she was accepted to Starfleet Academy, her problems continued. She was accepted to Nova Squadron based on her gifted piloting skills, but was kicked off the team after getting into a bar brawl with the cadet commander. She graduated near the top of her class on the science track, not being considered command material due to her constant disciplinary problems. She spends her spare time keeping a small hydroponic garden in her quarters, flying shuttle simulations when she can't get real flying time, and practicing hand-to-hand combat on the holodeck.
  2. Galae Personnel File: Personal Data Name: Nijil tr’Korjata Gender: Male Age: Late 30’s Height: 1.75 m Weight: 69.4 kg Hair: Black, straight Eyes: Hazel Body Type: Average Place of Birth: ch'Rihan Joined: No Education History Both Nijil’s parents are farmers and as such he expected to follow in the family footsteps. That was until he met a childhood friend at the age of 10. Achel and Nigil were inseparable for over a decade, getting into trouble wherever they went. At the age of 16 the two of them ‘borrowed’ a damaged atmospheric shuttle from a scrap yard on the edge of town. After months of secrecy and a lot of other ‘borrowed’ parts the two of them completed repairs. Though his first choice was the Academy, it was the War College that accepted him into their engineering training. A fortunate accident of training schedules placed him in a more hands-on environment of support and smaller craft. He performed well on smaller vessels compared to larger systems of stations and warbirds. The main complaint of his instructors were his tendency to make exacting repairs rather than quick ones and talking back when he believed he was being wronged. Psychological Profile Seen as a competent officer in his engineering field. Tendency to remain in the background. Curious about other species in a decidedly non-Rihan manner. This was not tolerated while in the RES, but now that he’s attached to a Federation base this is a non-issue. The largest concern of his previous superiors was a inclination to divulge information too willingly. Commanders noting his skills simply kept him in the dark on matters of security. Upon receiving a commission to the Aehallh his outspokenness dropped off. A talk with his brother, already in the service of the Empire, is believed to be the reason. While he got along with fellow crew without incident, close friends proved fleeting. Observations upon his post to the Aegis revealed contact with a particular crew member of non-Rihan background. Other data suggests a different profile needs to be established looking forward. Galae Information RSE Aehallh, Third Engineer, all systems. Sky Harbor Aegis, First Assistant Engineer, small craft, all systems Medical Data An injury to his left hand on the RSE science vessel Aehallh Multiple concussions and other falling injuries Family Data Father: Niilan (farming, currently missing) Mother: Barissa (farming, currently missing) Sister: Jentela, 6 cycles older (teacher, currently pregnant and missing) Brother: Baroth, 10 cycles older (Last known location: patrolling the far edge of the Romulan empire)
  3. (NO PIC ON FILE YET) BASIC INFO Kraz ch'Roth or simply Kraz call sign -'Blue Devil' 24 Year old Male Andorian born 2361 on Andor 6' / 180 lbs Lean Muscular Build 2ndLt SFMC DESCRIPTION Light blue skin, silver eyes, Hulk Hogan style white gold silken hair worn within Andorian military regs. Kraz comes from a long line of proud Marines in the Andorian guard. His father and mother were both officers and his brother and sister are both currently serving as officers in the Andorian Guard. The only reason why Kraz is no longer a member of the Guard is because his Commanding Officer was jealous and fearful of this rising star. With promotion past LT looking impossible, Kraz reluctantly left The Guard to pursue a Marine career within Starfleet. Kraz graduated top ten percentile at Starfleet Academy and was honor grad and class CO at both The Marine Infantry Officer's School and Starfighter Flight School. Kraz was recruited by Captain Swain to become Exacalibur's Helmsman and CAG immediately following his graduation. SERVICE RECORD -Trained to become an Andorian Guard Officer in both Infantry and Starfighter operations. -Achieved rank of LT in Andorian Guard -Left Andorian because of a difference of opinion with his commanding officer -Starfleet Academy 2381- 83 -Graduated Marine Infantry Officer School 2384 -Graduated Starfighter Flight School 2385 -Joined USS Excalibur as CAG and Helmsman 2386
  4. 864-ZC-JKO-5412 — Commander Mreh K'hal Personal Data Name: Mreh K'hal Gender: Male Species: Caitian Age: 31 SY Place of Birth: San Francisco, Earth; UFP Marital Status: Single Fur Color: Gold + Cream Mane Color: Black Height: 1.73 m Weight: 67.1 kg Starfleet Data ID: 864-ZC-JKO-5412 Rank: Commander Specializations: Flight Control, Navigation, Operations, Life Science, Medical Assignment: Hippocrates NCC-8741-A Position: Executive Officer Certifications: Pilot's Certification Lvl α, Medical Clearance Lvl γ, Medical Certification 1st Class, Operations Clearance δ Medical History Conditions: None Distinguishing Marks: None Past Procedures: See File Last Physical Examination on SD 112014.02 Score: 94.5% of Starfleet Physical Fitness Index Last Psychological Examination on SD 072013.15 Score: 99.1% of Starfleet Psychological Fitness Index Education History Primary: Haven Falls Elementary School » San Francisco, Earth Secondary: Andrew Ermine Middle School » San Francisco, Earth Johnathan Archer High School » San Francisco, Earth Tertiary: Starfleet Academy » San Francisco, Earth B.S. Biology (Chemistry Minor) Pilot Certificate Lvl δ Starfleet Medical School » San Francisco, Earth M.D. Emergency Medicine & General Practice Family Information Parent(s) Cdr JoLan K'hal (Male, 61 SY) » Professor of Astrophysics Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, UFP Cdr Kharril K'hal (Female, 52 SY) » Chief of Security Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, Earth, UFP Sibling(s) Lt Hakran K'hal (Male, 29 SY) » Science Officer U.S.S. Copernicus NCC-21509 Mren K'hal (Female, 26 SY) » Student (Doctoral Research, Archaeology) Oxford University, Oxford, Earth, UFP Ens Rhan K'hal (Male, 24 SY) » Operations Officer U.S.S. Excalibur NCC-2004-C Summary Both JoLan and Kharril K'hal are Starfleet officers, as were their parents. Able to retain posts in or around the Starfleet facilities in San Francisco since their graduations, all of the K'hal children grew up in the area. Visiting Cait only on rare vacations, all of the K'hal children consider Earth home. Mren is the only female child, and the only to decide not to follow in the family footsteps. Mreh, an intelligent and outgoing individual, performed well in his primary and secondary schooling, earning Salutatorian honors at Jonathan Archer High. He was involved with various extra-curricular activities, including the debate club as well as the lacrosse team. Upon graduating, he immediately applied to SFA, and after passing the entrance exams with little difficulty, was admitted. A sociable but brutally honest individual, he had the occasional rebuke from instructors. His performance, however, was exemplary, so other than the occasional remark in his file, and one full reprimand, and he was given some degree of leeway. Often surrounded by friends during his off hours, he was considered somewhat of a party animal, and was known for his skill on the dance floor. As far as his career went, from the very beginning, he intended to be a physician, though rather than taking the more streamlined pre-med track, he chose to study biology and chemistry as his main focus, while also completing the required courses that he would need to enter SFMA. Graduating in the top 10% of his class, he then attended Starfleet Medical Academy, concentrating on emergency medicine as well as standard practice. Upon completion of his work at SFMA, he then completed his residency there, and was then licensed to practice medicine in any Starfleet facility or ship. Mreh then took his accrued leave time of three months, and relaxed first with his family, and then took a short stint on Cait to visit his more distant relations. Returning to Earth, he then applied for a ship posting. However, there were no positions currently available, so he was posted at the small clinic facility at SFA, and was assigned there temporarily while he awaited an opening. Serving eight months performing physicals and providing basic care for the cadets, he was then transferred to DS9 to serve at the infirmary there, but remained only a few weeks before being sent through the wormhole and on to Camelot Station. He was kept busy in the gamma quadrant, especially when the Scorpiad problem became acute and the wormhole was unavailable. His skill at emergency medicine and calm under fire meant that he was often temporarily placed aboard ships during forays. Eventually, as things calmed down to some degree, he requested a more permanent posting, and was placed aboard the Excalibur. After some time on Excalibur, Mreh began to feel uncomfortable in his role as physician; this caused clashes with his co-workers, and pushed his stress level high. Having his pilot certifications up to date became a career-saver for him, as the need for an officer at helm arose on the Excalibur. He applied for the position, and was granted it, moving him from sickbay to the bridge. However, he was not there long before moving off the ship again, to the USS Raleigh, where the need for a navigation officer was even greater than the Excalibur. He remained on the Raleigh until the Excalibur was heading back to the Alpha Quadrant and Earth, where he resumed his role. With the restructuring of the science, operations and command departments, K'hal has been able to increase his experience with operations and protocol. He has kept in close contact with Sgt Morris of the Marines, acting as informal liaison between the 26th and the bridge staff. Mreh took the re-assignment of Cdr M'Vess "Left Ear" JoN's with difficulty, and it was necessary for him to see the Counselor to put him back on track emotionally. Since then he has resumed his usual take of being the chipper (if not somewhat irreverent and/or sarcastic) member of the bridge staff. With the re-addition of a dedicated Operations Officer (Faeona Waters), Mreh has spent the recent pair of missions training all new personnel in the re-organized department of Operations and Flight Control (OFC) to the dual roles of Operations and Flight Control. He is also working on training himself and the sub-department in tactical control for emergency situations. Post Excalibur Mreh experienced one too many bridge consoles blowing up in his face aboard the Excalibur, and took the opportunity to transfer out after the ship once again limped back to Camelot. After some much needed vacation time, he returned back home to San Francisco and took a position in Starfleet Operations handling various tasks both on and off planet. Eventually he got the itch to serve on a starship again and requested shipboard assignment. To his surprise, he was given a promotion and was assigned as the Hippocrates' XO when that position came available. Both his medical and operations experience serve him well aboard the hospital ship, and while the crew has come to know him as a strict task-master, they also know him to be unfailingly fair. Service History Initial Assignment: USS Excalibur NCC-2004-B » Medical Officer Promotion: Lieutenant Junior Grade from Ensign, SD 10704.01 Position Change: Flight Control from Medical, SD 10706.11 Transfer (XLOA): USS Raleigh NCC-75661 » Flight Control Officer, SD 10706.23 - SD 10711.11 Transfer: USS Excalibur NCC-2004-B » Chief Flight Control Officer, SD 10711.12 Promotion: Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade, SD 10804.20 Promotion: Lieutenant Commander from Lieutenant, SD 10910.18 Transfer (OUT): Starfleet Operations, SD 11103.12 Promotion: Commander from Lieutenant Commander, SD 11305.21 Transfer: U.S.S. Hippocrates NCC-8741-A » Executive Officer, SD 11306.03
  5. Starfleet Personal: Pavilion, Cmdr. Mimi General Information: Name: Mimi Pavilion Gender: Female DOB: 06/02 Place of Birth: USS Cowley Parents: Commander John Pavilion and Lieutenant Commander Natia Pavilion, USS Cowley Siblings: None Martial Status: Widowed Family: Cmdr. Torate tr'Jeth Dabi (husband, deceased), Loxil (sister-wife) Children: None Species: Human Hair Color: Brown Skin Color: light, kind of tannish Service Record Information: Current Rank: Commander Current Position: Chief Medical Officer and Children's Home Director Current Assignment: Sky Harbor Aegis Training: Took the rank of Midshipman while in the Academy, but completed shortly after. Although she may be one of the youngest to graduate the Academy, she is one of the brightest in her class. She currently serves on the Sky Harbor Aegis under the Command of Captain Chirakis Kirel and Commander Scott Colderidge, as Chief Medical Officer and Children's Home Director. Family History: Cmdr. Pavilion's family history is contained a long line of Starfleet officer, ever since the beginning of the start of Starfleet. She is the first in her family to graduate as a medical officer. When she was young, she showed a big interest in the medical profession of Starfleet. That is why she is the most capable officer in the Fleet. Medical History: Cmdr. Pavilion has a scar on her arm, from where she broke it, while riding her bike. She has all her shots to protect her from any diseases. Otherwise, she is in perfect health and condition. Psychological History Her psychological test and analysis prove to be normal. She may have tendencies to break down for no apparent reason. It is best to help her gain her stability, when she has her moments. Service Awards and Promotions: 0514.04-- Promoted to Ensign 0730.04-- Promoted to Lieutebant Junior Grade 0225.05-- Promoted to Lieutenant 0225.05-- Received first Service stripe 0825.06-- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander 0609.07-- Received Bronze Good Conduct Medal 0609.07-- Received second Service Ribbon 0727.07-- Received second Bronze Good Conduct Medel 0801.08-- Received Gold Good Conduct Medal 0327.09-- Received third Service Ribbon 0731.09-- Received fourth Service Ribbon 0224.12-- Married SubCommander Torate tr'Jeth Dabi 0228.14-- Promoted to Chief Medical Officer 0328.14-- Received the Starfleet Commendation with Hourglass for ten years of Exemplary Service 0830.19-- Promoted to Commander 1101.19-- Widowed. Husband Torate tr'Jeth Dabi killed in action.