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Found 45 results

  1. Jylliene stepped out of the shower. That worked better than anticipated, she thought. Even the one thing she thought would be most difficult, washing her hair, went relatively smoothly. Not *easily*, but it worked. It did help that she had her hair cut - just shoulder-length now, which seemed to her like it would be simpler. Easier to comb, definitely. All kinds of thoughts had been passing through her mind about dealing with the next couple of weeks. Admittedly, the chance that maybe she’d actually need to ask Nijil for a little help with bathing had not *exactly* been an unpleasant idea. She paused. Stop it, stop it, stop it. Jylliene changed into her pajamas - NOT the Trill equine ones this time. Solid color. Safe. Safe, she thought to herself as she got a cup of tea. His quarters were just a few doors down. And here she sat, safe on her safe couch in her safe quarters. The same safe couch that he’d slept on each time he’d been there overnight. Sure, it had been a bit soon to risk more by sharing a bed instead. But would they, in another month, in another year, still be safely holding to status quo? She looked at her tea. Her nice safe tea. I could use some of that ale right now, she thought inwardly.
  2. A Little Girl and a Strong Woman Nijil and Annisha headed down to the midway without Jylliene. The Rihan girl had more questions. Some he could answer, others embarrassing to contemplate. The life could not more fast enough. They grabbed their two drinks at a place down the walkway from that bar and sat. “So, Trills have those spots on their bodies…do they go all the way down?” Annisha asked in the middle of Nijil’s mouthful. Choking, “As far as I know they do. I do not have first-hand experience.” He held it together, finishing his slug. “And that thing, inside them,” she continued, “Does she have one of those insider her wiggling around, eating her insides?” “What? Certainly not. The thing a symbiote and does not eat a Trill’s inside. As for the wiggling, I don’t know. I’ve never asked her.” Too bad his drink did not contain alcohol he thought. “I bet it does,” a smiling Annisha said as she sucked up her drink through a long winding straw. Her eyes crossed and she twitched her head. “Oh, oh. My head hurts.” She closed her eyes now. “It’s a ‘brain freeze’. The discomfort will pass,” he said with a grin. “If you are finished I can take you back to the temporary orphanage.” The girl looked disheartened. “Aww. Can’t I stay with you?” He did not know how to answer, though he should have realized she might ask. Time froze for him before he replied. “I’d like for you as well, but this is not the time. I just can’t.” His answer felt dismissive. So many children who would never see their parents again. So many Federation races who may possibly turn their backs to Rihans in need. “We will talk about this later, okay?” With big eyes, she nodded. He got up, took her hand and headed back to the orphanage. Neither of them spoke on the way back. The engineer remained in a bit of shock at her asking him. She walked with an air of disappointment. Another rejection by the closest friend she had. For all of the fortune passing his way of late he too had few friends. What she found in him other than her hero left him baffled. After minutes of walking and turbolifts, they arrived at the passageway into the orphanage. “Now you behave yourself. I’ll do what I can to find you people to live with.” He bent down and gave her a hug. “Jolan tru Annisha.” “Jolan tru, daehlen,” she said, returning the embrace. She scurried off in the direction of the orphanage’s headmaster. The woman gave him a stern look. Nijil simply nodded and turned to go to his quarters. A long silence marked the walk back. The closer he got to his place the more he thought about Jylliene. What did I see earlier in sickbay? Jylliene’s terse explanation of her injury made little sense. She spoke to her mother and then broke her wrist. Must have been some conversation. Was it some old disagreement? Wait, she mentioned speaking of me. Was it about me? The last thing he wanted to do was mess this up. Not like the last time. Hindsight demonstrated leaving his first love had been the right move. Well, she left him, but it is unimportant now. Plasma out the manifolds. His walk took him past her quarters first. The curiosity rose as he passed each door. Was his thoughts for himself or for her? Was there a difference? How about… There it was. The door. Jylliene’s door. Perhaps if he pressed his ear against it he could hear something. No. He needed to respect her personal space and family relations. He had to know if something he did caused this. Let her calm down. She needed a friend. She is a strong woman. His hand closed in on the door chime. Creeper, give her time. Closer. She is probably resting. Closer still. My e’lev. Millimeters away… Stop. Nijil did stop. He backed his hand away from the chime. He turned and walked to his quarters a few doors down, gave a look back down the hall then entered his place.
  3. Silver Merit Award [Following the duty shift after the events in Shattered] The door to Jylliene’s quarters slid open, and she entered - and sighed. She had nearly forgotten about the glass all over the corner of the room. Walking to the control panel by the replicator, she pushed a few buttons to signal the cleaning cycle,* then walked over to the desk to examine the damage to the console. Thankfully, it was minor. It looked like her wrist took the worst of it. Some blood, a crack in the desk’s surface, but other than that, fine. Fetching a cloth from the bathroom, she cleaned up the blood, and then activated the console. Still in proper working order. That was a relief. She did NOT want to fill out a requisition form to replace that. Jylliene could see it now: Part: Quarters personal console Damage (give details below): Cracked. It turns out that there is an inner Klingon in all of us, waiting to emerge if sufficiently enraged. The desk cleaned, and the carpet apparently so as well, Jylliene rinsed out the washcloth and sat back at the desk to look for any incoming messages. There were a few of the usual, she saw, as she scanned the screen - then one notification caught her eye. It was from her mother. It was the book she had asked for at the beginning of their conversation. Jylliene hadn’t cried after their argument. She did now. ---------------------- *based on an assumption that by that time period, they at LEAST have something akin to a Roomba they can start up to vacuum.
  4. Silver Merit Award [Events take place just before the upcoming (3/8/2013) sim] Jylliene sat at her desk, waiting for the connection. Her mother's face appeared on the screen. "Jylliene!" Lanyi exclaimed, smiling. "It's so good to see you," Jylliene replied, her grin just as wide. "How are you and father?" "We're doing well. Your father was just named head of his department. I've been offered a research position at Rensh'a'misrel." "Congratulations! I knew they'd see eventually. The book on ancient Trillic?" Her mother nodded. "They called it a breakthrough. Your father said they probably feared their board if they were to find out they let someone else get me and thereby their university’s name on subsequent research." Jylliene grinned. "It's about time they saw that. I'd better get a copy transmitted out here." Her mother laughed. "Of course, of course. But enough of that. How are you?" "Doing well. I wanted you to know that I, well, met someone stationed here." She blushed slightly, and her mother laughed happily. "So who is he? And when might we see him?" "He's an engineer here. His name's Nijil tr'Korjata, and he has been a..." Jylliene stopped. Her mother's expression had changed completely. "That's a Romulan name..." Jylliene nodded slowly. Her mother leaned back. "You've left everything behind? Is this how we raised you? We tried to understand when you left the program, and then when you ran off to Starfleet, and now this?" "You raised me to see the best in everything, to look beyond the surface. You pointed me to the tenderness in the language of even..." "And how is this the best in anything? You've thrown away our joining, our world, and now even the people of your own Federation for...some Romulan engineer? Not even a Senator, at least?" "What does it matter what his position is? Or that he’s a Romulan? He’s been loyal and such a good...” "It doesn't. They're all traitorous!" She softened her voice and continued in a plea, "Jylliene, he'll toss you aside as soon as it's at all advantageous. And then what? And what if you have children? Think of them." She had, actually. Having seen how Nijil immediately acted to protect Annisha during the flight in the Midway, and the picture she drew for him that he hung on his wall, she could hardly avoid seeing the possible children in her mind. Jylliene replied, equally pleading with her. "They would be cherished. You should see him with children, mother, he's caring and protective. He would absolutely adore and..." Lanyi's voice raised again. "I do not want grandchildren of mine in the care of one of those..." Jylliene snapped back. "He's not like that! He's a man of as much honor as anyone from home!" "Are you pregnant? Did you already marry him?" "What? No! We've not been seeing each other nearly long enough for anything like that. How could you think...” "Then end this now, while you can!..." her mother loudly demanded. "No! Mother, I -" "...I will not have my daughter being some treacherous Romulan's harl-" "You will not have a daughter at all!" she shouted at the screen, then slammed her hand down on the console with a crack, closing the transmission. She barely noticed the pain radiating through her wrist as she grabbed the family picture and threw it against the wall, the frame shattering and showering the carpet in glass. Shaking, Jylliene leaned back against the chair, staring at the blank console. What have I done? What do I do *now*? Her hand throbbed. She looked down at it and winced. Sickbay, it would seem.
  5. Back in her quarters, curled up in the same corner of the couch as before. Fresh cup of tea, though. So much was really outside of her control. Jylliene didn’t know quite what to expect of herself next time she saw Nijil. She really didn’t want to do anything differently, but at the same time, she knew they both had the upcoming mission coloring their decisions. It definitely factored into this. She just wanted to feel like she had some handle on something. She didn’t want to feel forced into making choices about their relationship based on IT. IT. The mission was now an IT. An enemy with its own identity, no longer a means to try to get the upper hand on an actual enemy. The mission should be a neutral. Well, even a good. A difficult good, but something that was still supposed to help them try to avoid some very bad potential outcomes. Maybe her visit to Dr Pavilion would help relegate the mission back to at least a neutral. Something that, even if she could not embrace, she could at least work with. And her relationship with Nijil, whether it progressed or held steady in the meantime, no longer felt like it was being held hostage by IT. It. The friendly it? A kinder, gentler it, with a bow around its neck. Now she was just getting ridiculous. Did the doctor slip something else in that hypospray? Or was something off in the tea? Jylliene peered suspiciously at the teacup, shrugged, and drank the last of it. Her cup empty, she placed it on the table and closed her eyes. It was indeed a comfortable couch. “Computer...lights.” Almost as soon as the room dimmed, Jylliene’s eyes closed.
  6. (Joint log: Jylliene and Mimi. Events take place right after Ghosts of the Past) Jylliene didn’t quite know where she was going when she left her quarters; she just knew she needed to walk for a bit, in order to not feel trapped with her thoughts. So she took the lift down and walked along the midway for a bit. It wasn’t the first time Jylliene had done something like this, though usually, her walks were outside, and she would see something that would spark whatever was on her mind, helping her find some kind of resolution (or at least, peace with things that could not be resolved). Whether it would have the same effect here, she wasn’t sure. One can’t really wander aimlessly about a station; the lifts need to be told where to go, and corridors and walkways funnel such journeys to a destination. It’s not really the kind of place where anyone would do aimless wandering. Stations are purposeful places for people who know where they’re going. Not always, Jyll corrected herself, as from her vantage point on the upper walkway she spotted some of the refugees sitting at one of the tables by Drankum’s. They had, however, largely seemed to settle into some kind of routine. Life goes on, Jylliene mused inwardly. It had to. They had no idea when or where they might settle, and eventually, they had to establish a new normal - whether they’d end up moving out to a new colony in two days or in two months - just to have a sense of stability. Ground under their feet, she thought. Or, well, metal. Jylliene continued on her walk and found herself in front of sickbay. She walked inside. “Doctor Pavilion?” Mimi looked towards the door after signing a PADD, “Hello. How may I help you, Jylliene?” “I’d like to ask you about something, if I may - if we can use your office?” she asked, with a glance toward the door. “I promise I’ll keep it brief.” “Ok,” motioning towards her office. “Please enter and take a seat.” Jylliene did as she was asked to and, as the doctor entered, said, “It’s about Nijil and me...” “Ok, what would you like to discuss precisely,” Mimi asked her. Jylliene watched as the door closed. “We’re getting rather close, and I’d prefer not to have...unexpected complications. Especially with current plans.” Jylliene raised her eyebrow slightly, watching Dr. Pavilion’s face, looking for a sign of comprehension. She took a deep breath, knowing exactly what Jylliene was talking about. “I do understand, with current status of this station. There is a way that we can take preventive measures until you and Mr. tr’Korjata feel comfortable about where things are going.” Wtih a sigh of relief, Jylliene nodded. …... “Thank you, Doctor. It was good talking to you,” Jylliene said, pausing by the door of sickbay. Mimi nodded and went about her duties. Jylliene turned and left, walking back to her quarters. While she wasn’t necessarily sure exactly where things were heading with Nijil - or rather, when - she felt a bit more at ease. It felt as if something that had been up in the air was at least settled now.
  7. (Log events take place after Dinner Guest II and before Mind Full of Mindful) Sixty trustworthy officers, that’s what they needed. For Aegean to operate properly it needed a crew of 60. Depending on its mission this number could vary from as many as 90 to as few as 25. With the upcoming reconnaissance mission, and all the possible ways it could go wrong, 60 was the best number. With officers assigned to the Aegis shipyards, pilots of the 209th Test Flight Wing, engineers and starship designers contracted to the shipyards, and the crew of Aegis itself, finding a crew for any mission had never been an issue. But, they had never had a mission requiring this level of security. There were obvious concerns about the Romulans and some worries about all the Allied powers working in this sector. A breach in security, just one loose lip, could sink more than just a ship. Jylliene stretched. It was nice to be working with Commander Ramson again, but this was definitely a bit different than being on the Aegean and operating a console. This was more - well, more intense, in a way. Jylliene wasn’t used to interviewing and analyzing people for job suitability. Still, she was the one who had best access and awareness of the crew manifest, including duty rosters and assignments, so it made sense that she would be here with Ramson. As it was, Ramson was the one who needed to make the decisions. Jylliene was happy to leave that to her. As usual, Kallah Ramson’s desk was a maze of data and files. One list showed the officers with the best skills for the coming mission. Another showed those with high security clearance levels within their respective governments. Buried somewhere under these was the list of those who could easily be removed from consideration, be it security issues or those not up to the hazards that might come. Scattered around these were personnel files of those Ramson would “speak” with personally. Speak would probably not be the best word to use since she was leaving a lot of the talking to Aegis’ Chief of Operations. Kallah was making “other” observations. Currently she was “observing” a young Romulan science officer, SubCenturion t’Lynta. She was an expert in planetary sciences and quite useful in scanning and identifying artificial features in natural formations. She also was from some of the more remote islands of Romulus, an area which supplied few officers to the fleet. Culturally her family kept a quiet but cold relation with the Star Empire as a whole. How those feelings could manifest themselves now was unknown. “Thank you for your time, SubCenturian,” Jylliene began, glancing over the questions they’d been asking the other candidates. “I’d like to talk to you for a bit. There is a mission coming up that we feel you may be suited for, given your area of specialty. We do have questions to ask based on other possible portions of the mission, though. Firstly, tell me a bit about your home. How do you feel it shaped you, and is there anything in particular that you feel prepared you for your current position here?” The young woman's face had a kind look to it naturally, but that was just a canvas for a wretched snarl at the mention of her home. “It only prepared me by making sure I wanted to be anywhere but there.” Her eyes glanced between the Trill questioning her and the more familiar officer who watched on quietly. “If this has anything to do with the colony survey mission, I thought I was already assigned to that?” Her words were aimed at Commander Ramson, though her eyes never left Jylliene. Kallah didn’t respond except to make a note on the PADD in her hand. “That mission is still awaiting final clearance,” Jylliene responded. This was not the first interviewee to ask. Probably wouldn’t be the last, either. t’Lynta’s face easied only a little. A more annoyed look now took its place as she crossed her legs and began looking over the office. “Very well, then. How do you feel about dealing with other races?” The Trill kept moving down the list of questions, making notes herself as well - though she knew the Minaran’s were the more significant for their purpose. “They usually make interesting test subjects,” the Romulan said without a sign of humor. Jylliene nodded slightly, making some more notes, and continued. “Can you tell us what makes you stand out, why you would be the best choice among your peers?” A slight smile crept onto t’Lynta’s lips. “The fact that I’m the best at what I do or that the others are blithering idiots. Either would do.” She seemed to be gearing up to continue before being cut off. “Thank you, SubCenturion. Honest as always.” Kallah smiled. “Dismissed.” Ramson waited till t’Lynta was out of the room and the door securely closed before speaking. “How many more do we have? Or was that our last one?” Jylliene asked, turning in her seat to look at Ramson. “The Romulan ego wearing on you already?” Kallah knew how many of the others felt when they had to deal with the Romulans so closely. She had adapted to them quickly enough, ever a useful Minaran trait. Jylliene chuckled. “I guess the one Romulan I have very much contact with is not at all typical there. No, it’s just not the type of thing I’m used to. Read a console, pass reports through, clear ships for docking or departure. This is very different.” She grinned. “It’s a little taxing.” Ramson rubbed her head lightly. “They can be taxing in many ways.” Her fingers moved over to the psionic verbalizer affixed to her temple. With a light touch she adjusted it’s setting to a more comfortable level. “Using the verbalizer is more so than communicating telepathically, for you, then?” She paused. “Stupid question. I imagine it would be. Ignore the tired officer to your right.” Jylliene chuckled. This was not the day to have been up late the night before. She rubbed her own temples and looked over at the list, wondering if she was being observed just as much as their interview subjects. And then regretting even having the thought with Ramson right beside her. Jylliene winced inwardly. Kallah gave Jylliene a soft though tired smile. “That should do it for now. I can go over the Shipyard officers with the SubCommander.” Jylliene exhaled in relief. “Thank you. And I apologize if I said - er, thought? - anything untoward there.” “No thoughts as extreme as given by some of those we interviewed. I think some of them like having fun knowing I can sense their thoughts. And I’m not just talking about the Romulans.” As open and talkative as Bolians are, she wondered if anyone had a clue of the thoughts they actually kept in reserve. This time, her wince wasn’t inward. “That didn’t even occur to me.” the Trill said with a sigh. “It *is* nice to work with you again,” she added with a smile as she stood up. “I hope the rest go smoothly for you.” “That’s kind of you to say.” Ramson pressed a button on the desk compacting all the files on its display surface onto the PADD in her hand. “I do have one request.” “Yes, Commander?” “Nijil. I know he is committed to this mission. I also know he found someone he knew among the renegades who took the station.” Ramson paused briefly, treading carefully. “I believe you are close enough to him,” another small smile forming on her lips, “to ask him.... what will he do if he finds more on this mission. Possibly, even the family he is searching for.” Jylliene nodded. “I will ask. Very carefully.” Very carefully. “I’ll leave how you bring it up to you. This is less a security concern than a personal worry. As you said, he’s not really your typical Romulan.” A more pleasant smile sprang up on her face, a laugh of sorts coming from a mute race. Kallah thought of mentioning some of the many other emotional extremes that lay waiting under the brash Romulan surface but figured that might spoil some of the fun. She returned a more relaxed smile herself. “Understood. Thank you, Commander.” Jylliene nodded to her, and then walked out of the room. She didn’t know what she thought of the intent of the interviews when they began them; what she really felt about Ramson using her abilities on the interviewees. Though she could see the importance of using them to feel out the potential crew for the mission, it still felt like too much of an invasion. Now, though, especially after the commander’s remarks about being on the receiving end of such - not so much. Truly a double-edged sword.
  8. (Events take place before "A Fine Mess Part III") Jylliene sat at Ops, poring over Aegis’s schematics. She had glanced over them when she was given her assignment, of course – but in the intervening period, she had spent more time by far on the Aegean. Were it the Aegean being boarded, she’d just about be able to run its corridors with the rest of her crew, just as certain of the layout. But Aegis? She was at a distinct disadvantage, and only hoped that whatever duty she was given, she could handle it without as much knowledge of its passageways, access and maintenance hatches, and the like as the others had. She doubted the invaders would pause to let her access a deck layout. So she crammed. This was definitely more effort than she had put into study for her exams. Not that she didn’t study. She did (and admittedly, a few of those were indeed last-moment cram sessions). And just as in this current situation, she felt as if those outside could have easily forgotten the situation she herself was in. It seemed that most she encountered at the academy had assumed that she was a joined Trill. Well, one knows what they say about those who ASSUME. Still, it seemed that she was first assumed by her classmates to have the additional knowledge that would come from the additional lifetimes of the symbiont. Well, assuming that it would have been a symbiont with lifetimes already experienced. There’s that assume thing again. Who knows but that she’d have been in the interesting predicament of a symbiont not previously joined – at least all she had to do was remind people with the word “Unjoined”. Sometimes, it felt she was saying “Unclean”, given their immediate recoil. Okay, so it wasn’t a recoil of horror. Just of a bit of surprise, perhaps. Not that she minded. She had indeed chosen not to be joined. But in times like these, admittedly, a little bit more experience might be nice. It left Jylliene feeling that she was very much alone. She went back to the top of the schematics, and began reading downward once more.
  9. (Events take place during recon of Maasune) The readings continued to pass through to their stations. Jylliene continued to study the scans from ops. Not because she knew a great deal about what was coming in - as far as she figured, anything she'd notice would be picked up by their science officers much more quickly. No, it was just trying to see what she was missing. This was a scouting mission, wasn't it? To check out potential sites for colonization? So...well, this planet CERTAINLY wasn't colony material – not anymore. Maybe once everything resettled to the surface, and things stabilized, but she highly doubted the Romulan refugees would wait the - what, hundreds, at least, given the state of the planet right now? – of years necessary. Might be something to remember if they need a new location for their great-great-great-great-great-great-great (she caught herself nearly counting generations on her fingers) grandchildren. She was unsure why they weren't moving on to the next location. Yes, THIS planet had some kind of cataclysmic event, but given the underground structures and the continued lack of any sign of a fleeing culprit, she imagined this was far more likely to be an isolated incident than a security risk to their endeavor, such as someone with a vendetta against the Romulans. So why exactly ARE they still here, even preparing to risk the fighters from the Revenge among all of the unknown hazards (nevermind the *known* debris and radiation)? It just seemed like everyone had forgotten the reason for their journey - the refugees - to go off on their little exploratory trip. Could they not make a note of the situation and continue onward, instead of wasting the refugees' time (both now and during any possible repairs or re-equiping that might be needed afterward)? Mouth shut, Ensign. You're not of a sufficient rank, nor have you had nearly enough time here, to make any protests. Jylliene leaned back in her chair, sighed a bit, then returned her attention to monitoring her station.
  10. (Events happen about a day before Mollais Hfeh'rhe. Not a joint log, but involving to some degree the relationship between Jylliene and Nijil) hwaveyiir - executive center/flight bridge oira - bridge/battle bridge th'ann'rhe - brig haerht - cargo hold aeh'lla-ifv - cloaking device aaenhr - colony/base awaenndraev - computer hyaa-aifv - disruptor dohtor - force field taeron, bvoeh'rhe/hifvai'rhe - infirmary, sickbay aikhos - memory banks ahrrein'firh - observe caution hfeh'rhe - quarters yhfi'etrehh - turbolift Jylliene scanned through the rudimentary listing. She noticed that she was focusing on what she considered possibly “useful” words, though it occurred to her that she couldn’t really think of how she would actually find duty-related words useful. She wasn’t on a Romulan vessel. Nor was that why she had delved into the list. faedhe - relax, rest aoi - forever ihir - to be/to do kraep - sad viduus - happy oelh - excited, joyful kuoku - child shikaen - family hfihar - House heis'he - love e'lev - love (my love) h'levreinnye - love/lust-devil (term of endearment) Jylliene blinked at THAT term. aehallh - nightmare aefvadh - welcome, you're welcome, be welcome imirrhlhhse - F--- Well, she figured she might actually hear that last one. Perhaps if something went badly in Engineering. Eitreih'hveinn - Farmers' Festival Nijil did say that his family had been in agriculture. Those were the types of terms she wanted. Meaningful to him beyond his duty here. Jylliene’s parents were in academia back on their home world. Her mother studied linguistics, and had often shared points with Jylliene. One of the most fascinating things to both of them was the development of language; how they changed with invasions, exposure to new peoples and vocabulary. Jylliene had found it interesting to see how, despite the adoption (whether under force or through simple utility) of new vocabulary (and sometimes, new language as a whole), people tended to prefer to maintain their original words for intimate relationships. Whether they were terms for family members, friends, lovers, or related verbs or pronouns, they held on to their original vocabulary. New words didn’t have the familiarity of the old. The old words themselves came to feel intimate in relation to the strange new terms. Here on Aegis, Federation standard was, well, the standard. Very useful, and indeed, Jylliene and other Trill learned it very early, as soon as formal instruction began (and often, even before). Regardless, though, it wasn’t that first home language, babbled by infants to their parents, excitedly awaited by their parents’ ears, or words whispered between lovers under the enfolding blankets of night. And this led to Jylliene perusing lists of Romulan vocabulary. Nijil, and all Romulans, had lost so much as of late. If she could use at least a little of his native language, even if he’d never see home again, perhaps she could bring him that small comfort of home. dinglha - hungry draemn - liquor Really? As Jylliene scanned the list, she could find no reference to the well-known Romulan Ale. Nor even just “ale”. She’d have to ask Nijil about that one. ellaer - meal tie-hh'ellaer - breakfast miite'ellaer - lunch kuhaos'ellaer - dinner Arhem rruieh … (I want...) ...soah (chocolate) ...hwavhel (you [singular dative]) Jylliene grinned inwardly, and turned off the console.
  11. (Log events take place between "A Fine Mess Part V" and "A Long and Winding Request". While not technically a joint log, the log was approved by the player of Nijil before being sent) Jylliene looked at the sleeping figure on the couch. She had tried to insist that she would use the couch, as it would be better for his continued his recovery if he slept in the bed. Nijil would hear nothing of the sort. He did seem comfortable enough, and was sleeping peacefully. Once or twice, he shifted about, seemingly disturbed, but settled back down fairly quickly. She *did* hope that he’d be able to get somewhat larger quarters, though she enjoyed his company. Even if he was asleep, it was just nice to have someone there. Okay, so perhaps not just “someone”. She doubted she’d feel similarly about the company of a number of their crewmembers - not because they were unpleasant, but just because she’d feel like she’d need to be a good host, or wouldn’t quite feel she could really be off-duty. She could relax around Nijil. Fine, fine - it was nice to have HIM here. His tea certainly didn’t hurt. Nor did that kiss.
  12. (Log events take place shortly before "A Long and Winding Request") Jylliene walked towards Nijil’s quarters. She had received the package he left for her just a few days ago, and wanted to thank him, but their anticipated tea had been delayed by his injury in the Klingon incident on the Midway. Eh well - in a way, it would be more interesting seeing him now that she’d had a chance to try on a few of the garments. She had decided to wear the lovely deep green dress for the visit. Admittedly, it WAS nice to have something a bit more, well, feminine to wear. She paused at the door and rang the chime. Nijil had been only resting for a few moments, but it was the first time since his injury he felt able to close his eyelids. “Ugh,” he went in his head. “What?” He got up out of the bed and walked slowly to the door. “What could you want,” he asked? The door hissed open. Jylliene had been smiling, until the door opened. Recovered enough for release to quarters, he may have been, but he looked exhausted, and she immediately realized she may have woken him. She babbled, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. Did I wake you? Should I go? Wait, do you want to come with me? You never did get a proper bed, did you? That’s gotta be hard on the back. I...” she paused, took a breath, and began again. “Good to see you. Thank you -” Before she could ramble on any more he grabbed her and pulled her into his quarters. The door closed behind her. He took a step back and looked her up and down. He paused some more. “I guess you got that package.” “I did, yes. I came over to thank you,” she said, smiling. “But I really don’t want to keep you up if you should be resting.” “No! No. It’s alright. Please sit in my...closet.” He waved a hand to indicate his room. All of it. “It’s cozy,” she said, looking for a place to sit. “I just sit here.” Nijil sat on the bed. Normally he just moved the pillows along the long side and it magically turned into a couch. He kept on looking at her. “My elements. You look great. Did they fit? It sure looks so.” He turned a little green at his own enthusiasm. Jylliene grinned. “Yes, they did. Very well. And thank you,” she added, reaching out and touching his cheek. “But where did you get them?” Greener, he answered. “They were in that small cargo container sent here from my folks. I’m guessing the clothing were my sister’s. A thing for clothes. Sorry if that’s a bit weird, but I had not planned on wearing them.” “Well, I imagine the dress wouldn’t really suit your frame...I hope it’s not, well, awkward, my wearing her clothes? Maybe I should have asked before I just impulsively decided to wear this over here.” “I’ve not seen most of them. And believe me, you don’t remind me of my sister either.” Nijil did not know when to shut up. “Tea?” “Tea would be wonderful.” She sat down on the edge of the bed. Nijil got up and heading to the small replicator. He ordered two hot teas in his native language. Moments later he sat her cup and saucer on the table next to her. “Just as you like it.” Jylliene cradled the cup in her hands and took a sip. “Perfect,” she said. His smile was a light year across. He sipped his own brew. “So did you see the brawl on the midway?” She nodded. “We were watching from the CT. Had it up on the main display. It was quite a sight. Speaking of that, how is your back doing?” “It’s stiff and a little sore. I’ve had trouble sleeping. I was just drifting off when you knocked.” He had a thought of Jylliene making one heck of a Romulan. “I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to interrupt. But...I imagine this isn’t the most comfortable place to be recovering. Would you prefer to come over? I can try to firm up the couch a bit, or you’d be welcome to take the bed. Or...I could run by medical, pick up something to help you sleep.” “I think I’m medicated enough. That couch thing may do the trick.” Nijil thought for a moment. “People are probably thinking something is going on between us.” He did not learn to shut up. Jylliene grinned. “I’d be happy to have you. Even if you end up sleeping most of the time away while you recover. And as far as what they think, well...let ‘em.” She paused, then continued, “They may be half-right anyhow.” Nijil swallowed and did not answer. “Let me get a few things.” An image of Annisha flashed on one of the monitors. His computers were searching the subspace waves for news of the girl or her parents. The search expanded to images and where available holograms. Jylliene glanced at the screen. “That was one of the children caught in the middle of the fight, wasn’t she?” “Yes, the one I deflected the knife with using my back. She lost her parents as far as she knows. She remains on the station for the time being.” The pack was full of clothes and a few PADDs. “When we get back to my quarters, I can link my computer in, if you’d like. You can continue your search,” she added. “Ready to go and thanks. I’ve thought about hacking into the station’s core for even more processing power, but I can’t get around the firewalls. So don’t let me around your ops station.” He stood up and opened the door. Jylliene grinned and stood. “We’ll be off, then. See if we can’t get you rested properly.” She led him along the way to her quarters, and as they walked, it did seem like Nijil was right - there were some glances directed at them. Admittedly, it could just be from seeing them out of uniform, or perhaps the dress not being typical among the civilian attire seen on the station. Jyll really didn’t care much one way or the other, all told, though the thought occurred to her that with the increased surveillance, they could be seen on who knows what screens right now. Probably security’s, regardless, knowing the SubCommander, though she imagined he had far more important things to be focused on at the moment. They finally arrived at her quarters and entered. As the doors slid shut, she stepped back towards Nijil and leaned closer...
  13. (Log events take place immediately after A Fine Mess Part III) The door slid shut behind them as Jylliene and Nijil entered her quarters. The first thing he noticed, stopping him in his tracks, was the size. “I live in a closet,” Nijil said, looking about. “I didn’t think your quarters would be much different in size than this,” she answered. “One might think that. There was a bit of activity here when they assigned me quarters.” He thought for a moment. “It’s not important, it...” he stopped. “I don’t have a couch like that. They think I’m a Klingon.” “Perhaps once things settle down, we can peek and see if there was a mistake.” He looked at her, “When you get the time. After all I was sleeping around the station when I arrived. I..I mean not with people. By myself. I should sit.” The engineer headed toward the couch that caught his fancy before. Jylliene chuckled quietly as she approached the small replicator. “Two cups of tea - darjeeling oolong.” She carried the tea over to the small table, and set it down, then took a place on the couch as well. “It’s good to have a break from the activity. A little chance to refocus,” she said. “It’s been a very long shift. Several shifts, really...and I’m babbling. My apologies. Tea,” she finished, cradling the cup in her hands and sipping from it. “Ie. I mean yes.” He took the tea cup in both hands, his injured hand showing prominently in the light. The warmth felt welcoming compared to the cold dark of various conduits he stuffed himself in. “What kind of tea is this?” “Darjeeling oolong.. It’s a nice variety. One of my favorites.” Jylliene took another drink. “Did you drink tea before coming to Aegis?” “My family grew tea on ch’Rihan along with other crops. Wine. Many items. It’s all destroyed now.” Remembering this reality stung, but as more memories stung, Nijil began to be immune to his own losses. He took a drink rather than a sip of the tea. “Hmm. Mmmm. Good.” Jylliene grinned. “Glad you like it. Perhaps a tasting sometime of several varieties.” She took another drink. “Would you care for anything to eat?” She stifled a yawn. It had been a long shift. He nodded, as if in a non-speaking state of mind as he drank more tea. “May I ask you something?” “Of course,” she said as she stood, walking over to the replicator, and trying to decide what to request. “What do you think of Romulans?” She pondered that for a moment. “The ones I’ve met have been very dedicated to their post and their families. Loyal. And I am quite pleased to be able to work with some,” she said, smiling back at Nijil. She settled on a general plate of sliced cheeses, meats and bread, and carried it back to the table. Drinking some more, “That is good to hear. There have been others...others who seems to abruptly stop their conversations when I approach. I’ve heard “varuul” more than once. Not directed as me.” He drank some more, realizing he arrived at the end of the cup. He frowned. As he looked up again a picture frame caught his eye. “I hope a sandwich tray works. At least you can choose what you want this way. With a little more advance notice next time, we could try for more of a real meal.” Nijil grabbed a cheese without looking at the plate, his gaze fixated on the people on the photo. He grabbed the frame without asking and yawned. “This is you in the photo. You look younger.” She nodded. “It was when I entered the program to be evaluated and prepared for joining with a symbiont. My parents were quite proud of that. Selection is still fairly restricted.” “Joining. I think I read about that somewhere. Many species in your Federation. I’m not sure I would be comfortable with a joining.” Nijil studied the photo further. “As it turned out, nor was I. I saw someone I cared about change dramatically after joining. I didn’t want to consider the possibility that I’d yield my personality to a stronger symbiont - to lose myself before I really had a grasp of who I was or what I wanted specifically,” Jylliene replied, looking at the photo as well. Nijil nodded and yawned. “Forgive me. I have been walking nearly the entire station. Seeing her on the list of the dead conspirators shocked me, speaking of altered personalities. I hope she did not kill anyone here. I need to know.” “You don’t need to know right this moment, though, do you?” she said, look at him with concern. “We’re both exhausted, I think,” she said, stifling another yawn. He shook his head. “Knowing would not change anything for anyone but myself.” He yawned hard enough for it to hurt. Over the course of several minutes he’d fallen deeper and deeper into the cushions of the couch. “You don’t have a couch - do you at least have a bed in your quarters? Or will you even make it back there awake?” she said, with a gentle grin. “You do look comfortable right there.” “I yes.. I have a bed of sorts, though I feel I’m never in it. Most of my quarters are filled with displays and indepen...yawn... ent computers for...oh.” Jylliene was already on her feet, and had fetched a light blanket from her bed, and was busily arranging pillows into something more like a bed’s layout. “If I offered you use of my bed, would you accept, or will you insist on taking the couch instead?” He yawed. “The use of your what? He still clutched her family photo absentmindedly in his left hand. “Bed. You’re my guest, Nijil. I wouldn’t dream of not offering you the better sleeping area. But if you’d be more comfortable with the couch, you’re just as welcome to it.” “Oh...ehsiu. This is ra.” He started to speak in his native tongue as reality got quieter and dimmer. “Aur hfihar looks oelh...emaehe is ulluahn or urrhaa.” His head fell to one side as his speech drifted off. She smiled. “Hfihar..?” Jylliene paused. “You are tired,” she said, and rubbed his shoulder. “You’re speaking Romulan to me. Go to sleep, sweets. There’s plenty of time later for more talk.” Jylliene drew the blanket over him, then retreated to her own bed. “Computer...lights off.”
  14. (Log events take place after "Restoration"/the retaking of Aegis) A Fine Mess, Part III - Tea for Two Jylliene walked in a daze toward her quarters. She paused for the security checks along the way, then continued. It felt like it had been weeks since she had slept. She had found herself nearly drifting off at her console, and realized that she needed at least a short break to try to get some food. A nap would be good too, but she wasn’t sure if there’d be time for that before she had to be back. Glancing up, she recognized a figure ahead of her. “Nijil?” she called out. She quickened her pace, catching up with him, and repeated, “Nijil?” “One seven three, panel three seven, power surge. Access tube one baker, junction three. Optical data network node twelve, main trunk beneath engineering...” Whether or not Nijil noticed her remained a mystery. So many things to remember. So many repairs to make. “Computer, Engineer access ‘tr’Korjata One Three Jylliene authorise..” Something did not seem ‘right’ with Nijil. Many thought this, but this time was different. “Mr. tr’Korjata?” He stopped suddenly as if he forgot to get fresh milk from the replimat on the midway. He paused for a few moments. “What? Is that you Tajai?” Nijil asked to the air. He gripped his PADD forcefully. “Unless Tajai is a Romulan term for “Annoying Ops officer who still wants to have tea with you”, no, I’m not.” Somewhat concerned, Jylliene hoped for at least some recognition, or she’d follow him and make sure he got orders to sleep, if need be. He did not look at her, he only handed her a PADD. On this PADD was the face from the morgue, one of a female Romulan. Pretty once, but lifeless now. The autopsy report listed her as one of the conspirators. Name: Tajai. “A lovely woman. Did you know her?” she asked, softly, as she looked at the image. Nijil nodded slightly, a tear fell down his cheek but rapidly caught by his hand. “She would be what you would call a first love.“ Jylliene winced. “I’m sorry. Should I leave you be?” Nijil reached out with his hand and grabbed her uniform at the shoulder. “I should not be alone.” He finally looked up. “Tea.” “Tea. My quarters, if you’d like? Or yours? Somewhere a bit quieter than the midway or the mess?” She glanced at him. “Umm. Yours I guess. Mine is...unsuitable at this time. Thank you,” he answered, still a bit wacky. “Of course,” she said, as she handed back the PADD, and led him further down the corridor. “It’s just over here.” With the push of a few buttons, the door slid open, and she gestured to the open doorway. “Come on in.”
  15. (Log events take place before "Reviewing the Facts") The mess hall was strangely quiet. Well, perhaps not quiet - there was noise - but it wasn’t the usual hum of conversation. People were passing through quickly, grabbing their food, barely sitting to eat before rushing off to prepare for who knows what end. Perhaps everyone felt in the back of their mind that they could meet the same end that had been seen on the viewscreen. While the Aegean had been on a mission for the benefit of the Romulans, one of Aegis’s own fell to the very ones meant to benefit. Who was behind this, and what did they possibly hope to gain? Either way, Jylliene had the same thoughts as many likely did. It’s one thing to join Starfleet knowing that yes, you might give your life in its service. It’s quite another to see someone do just that in what should have been a safe environment, and face your own mortality as you rushed headlong into the same setting. She glanced up and saw a familiar figure just a few steps away. Familiar, but in a much more depressed mood. The sight of what happened earlier on the Aegean main view upset him greatly. It should not have. He knew much of how disruptors worked, much more than he wanted really. And he did not know Jorahl well enough to feel as if a family member met their end for all to see. All of his thoughts of what happened culminated in his stirring and stirring of his tea. “Nijil?” He did not stir. Jylliene touched his sleeve lightly. Like a bolt of lightning Nijil awoke and quickly went for his weapon, only pulling out a small microspanner. His reflexes along with his weapon choice surely placed him in the engineer camp. “Nooo! Oh...I’m sorry.” He laid the spanner back on the table and held his head in his hands. “My apologies.” “I should be the one apologizing. I didn’t mean to startle you.” She paused, then continued, “I don’t know quite how to process it all. I...” She paused again. “How are you?” He gave a quarter smile, “I have been better. I was not prepared for what I saw today. Some Galae soldier I am. Please sit.” Nijil extended his hand, not wanting Jylliene to leave or stand all day. “I was no more prepared for it than you. Than anyone aboard, I think.” She sat down, touching his hand briefly in thanks. “Did you know him well? I only met him briefly,” the engineer asked. ‘I did not. I’ve spent more time since my assignment to Aegis on board the Aegean. I wish I could say I did get to know him at all.” Nijil thought it possible the graphic nature of the death cut deeper than their respective relations to Jorahl. It also reinforced how he knew nothing of his own family’s whereabouts. Were they vaporised as well? Was their end filled with extreme pain, if only for brief seconds? He tried not to think of family, but like a Romulan moth to a plasma flame it’s all he could think about. His eyes averted to not meet Jylliene’s. Jylliene finished her tea. “I suppose we should be preparing.” He only nodded. “I imagine so. You know they are probably all dead.” “Who?” she asked, looking at Nijil quizzically. He shook his head realizing his ambiguity. “My mother, father and sister. I’ve not heard from them since the Romulan disaster. I have been searching for them since I left. I’ve spent a great deal of time searching subspace.” He shook his head again and look at Jylliene. “I have to put that aside.” “For now, it seems so.” She stood, and added, “Be careful. I’d like to share a more casual cup of tea on Aegis when this is over.” “Yes,” thinking for a moment. “I’ve offered my services and experience from my time in the Galae to retake the station. Perhaps I can blend in.” He reaches in his pocket, fumbling for something inside. Jylliene smiled as she turned to leave. Engineers, she thought to herself, chuckling inwardly. Nijil found what he was looking for and tossed it toward her. “Keep this in case I don’t return. Give it to any of my family if they make their way here. Or keep it if they don’t.” She caught the small avian symbol. “I will, but I fully expect that I’ll be handing this back to you later.” Jylliene nodded to him, and made her way out, for her own preparations.
  16. (Note: Events below take place very shortly after "Dabi (spanner) No More", and a full day before "Ghosts of the Past") Jylliene’s mind was a mess. Had she had a normal shift, the five hours of sleep she got would have sufficed. Instead, half the shift had been spent in interviewing, and it was, as she had told Commander Ramson, mentally draining. She needed to do something physical. A thought flashed through her head, but she quickly pushed it down and chuckled inwardly, the slightest blush to her cheeks. Instead, she changed and went to the holodeck. “Computer - Program Jylliene exercise alpha.” Entering, she stepped up to a padded floor, and greeted her trainer. They faced off, and, as they circled, Jylliene charged toward the other. … Twenty minutes later, she emerged from the holodeck, flushed but invigorated. She returned to her quarters and took a shower, put on pajamas, grabbed a sandwich and tea from the replicator, and flopped onto her couch. “Computer - music - program ambient one.” She ate the sandwich fairly quickly, then cradled the teacup in her hands. A recharging night, it seemed. Jylliene finally let her mind return to the question Ramson had posed to her earlier - the one she would need to find a way to ask Nijil. But how? The door chimed, but she was not expecting anyone. Some loose end to tie up? The sound was followed by a muffled “Jylliene.” She blinked. “Come in.” It was Nijil, looking worn out and now with a glob of green across his cheek. “Jolan tru. I did not want to go to sickbay. Can you help me? I’m sorry to impose.” He stood just within the door threshold. It hissed shut behind him. The lighting overhead made the blood more noticeable. An eerie green where the experience is normally red. She peered at him quizzically, then with worry as she saw the injury. “What in the world did you do to yourself?” Putting down her tea, she stood up, and hurried over, looking at his face. “Let me get a washcloth.” She fetched a clean one from the bathroom, dampened it, and returned. “So - what happened? I don’t need to worry about Dabi following close behind you, do I?” she asked, half in jest, hoping to lighten the mood. “..Nijil?” Jylliene looked at him in increasing alarm. “Talk to me.” “tr’Dabi won’t be bothering anyone else on this station,” he answered dryly. He was mad, but more at himself. “I made the mistake of naming a problematic microspanner after someone on the station I did not care for, but it struck me in the cheek. Then I showed tr’Dabi what a disruptor at close range does...poof.” He gestured both hands as if something was exploding between them. Jylliene’s eyes turned from concern to slight amusement. “Just promise me you won’t refer to the former microspanner by name outside of our quarters. Don’t need the wrong person misunderstanding.” She dabbed at his cheek and looked at the wound. “A bit of a gash, but I don’t think it’s going to need a trip to sickbay. No doubt it could be fixed up faster there, but it’ll be fine regardless.” “The real tr’Dabi was in sickbay so I was told, so I wanted to avoid any conflict. We are as bad as Klingons.” He wanted to shift the conversation. “Your day without injury I take it?” He sat down on the closest place he could see. She nodded. “Yes. I’ll take the injury-free days as much as I can right now, given...right, as much as I can.” Jylliene paused, then continued. “Nijil...about when we retook the station...the woman you found that you knew...” “Yes?” Not the shift he wanted nor expected. “If there are more renegades...well...she might not be the only such surprise. I can’t imagine trying to prepare for that, but...” Nijil frowned. “The pain of her turning against me was greater than her death. I did not want to see her get harmed, but I knew the kind of people she got involved with. I would have rather my heart be stabbed than go through what she did to me.” He turned his eyes toward the ground and not at her. “I don’t envy you. My family and friends are far away from all of this.” She sighed. “I’m sorry.” Jylliene reached out and touched his cheek, glancing at it, and trying to see his eyes. “Can I get you anything? Tea?” “Something strong.” “I’m afraid you have the ale, not me. But I’ll make it a strong tea...?” “That’s fine. Don’t worry about me on the station. I have to bury my past. It can hold you back like a gravity well.” He now looked up and gazed out the far window. Just a few scattered points of light. Jylliene was indeed worried for a moment, as he started saying “station”, but thankfully, he hadn’t said anything more - and they were, after all, on a station right now. She retrieved the tea from the replicator - double strength - and brought it to him, sat down, and picked her own teacup back up. “Ah... one of the universe’s great pleasures...tea. Nearly every culture on every planet has a variety or two, or thousand.” Nijil closed his eyes. Then he opened them after a bit of thought. He looked her up and down and gave her a wide smile. She took a drink of her tea and looked at him quizzically. “Hm?” “Nothing. It’s nice to be amused every once in awhile.” “I’m glad I could be of service..?” He nodded simply then touched his cut cheek. The injury felt better and largely gone. Her mention of his deceased former love stirred up some feelings he had been holding back. Jylliene needed not to know. So much on her plate, for this upcoming mission. Around the other Rihans he felt a kind of weakness. A sort of “I’m not like the other” sense of self. Being an engineer in the depths of a ship or station helped keep his mind off of it. Any kind of mental pick-me-up was appreciated. The world around him faded. She glanced down, and then finally noticed what likely amused him so much. Trill equines. She had on the Trill equine pajamas. Cute little Trill equines all over. Exaaaaactly the type of image she wanted to portray. Nooo, she couldn’t have been wearing the more grown-up plain ones. No, she went for the cutesy ones tonight. “Elements”, she muttered, blushing, and sunk her face into her hands. “I imagine we both need more sleep than last night,” she said, after a yawn interrupted her embarrassment. “You okay?” Jylliene looked up. He did not hear the question for Nijil had dozed off himself at the edge of that wretchedly comfortable couch. It sucked the life force from him once more. He looked like he was in the middle of a painful dance move, but seemed to be resting comfortably. She smiled. Pulling his feet up on the couch, she fetched a blanket and covered him. “Good night, e’lev.” After kissing his cheek, she had the computer turn off the lights, and went to her bed.
  17. The corridor at the library was quiet. Jylliene loved it here; shelves upon shelves of books, information waiting for any willing mind to partake. It’s where she had first met Craith, and where they still liked to meet before going out to a park, to a concert, or wherever they chose. They had grown closer, and Craith had suggested a trip out during this coming break in studies to a quiet lake house his family owned. She had been hesitant, but over the past few days had finally decided that she’d agree to the plan, and came here expecting to find him. Which she did. What she did NOT expect, however, was to see him whispering to another young woman. As his back was to Jylliene, he didn’t see her, but Jylliene did see the woman blush and smile at whatever it was he was saying. She thought she heard “lake”, but the surprise was too much for her to register much more before she spun on her heel and fled. A couple of years later, Jylliene had let herself become close to someone again. Daniores was affectionate and warm, and Jyll found herself imagining what a life together with him might be like. They had an evening planned in just a few days, and she thought she might mention the future. It was as they were choosing a restaurant to meet at that the call came in for Daniores - he was the next up on the list for joining, and a host was being brought in on life support. The symbiont would need to be transferred quickly. Daniores and Jylliene shared a quick kiss before he hurried off. When she met him next, she barely recognized him. Sure, he looked the same - but the change in his disposition, his character, were indescribably different. They had been taught, as all preparing for joining had, that there’d be some change from the union of the two personalities; but this wasn’t just “some change”, this was more like a takeover of one person by another. Jylliene left the program the next day and did not see Daniores again. And now..? She sat in her quarters on the couch, curled up against the same armrest Nijil had slept against the previous night, the blanket pulled up around her as she cradled an empty teacup in her hands. She stared at it, wondering what fate awaited them as the mission hung looming overhead. Jylliene’s head drooped; she felt Nijil’s arms around her, not knowing when he had arrived. He pulled her towards him... ..and she awoke abruptly, the cup still in her hands. Placing it on the table, she rose, and left her quarters.
  18. Dinner Guest Part I Jylliene entered her quarters after her shift and changed for dinner, then hit the communicator on the wall. “Jylliene to Nijil. Are you available? Did you have a preference as to where we should eat tonight?” In his own quarters, now only a few doors down, he heard the comm chime. He was holding some things and was unsure where to place them. He decided to hold on and hit the button with his nose. “I was having one of the midway locations deliver food to my room.” The sound of something falling, the crashing of metal, could be heard over the comm on Jylliene’s end. “Can you give me a minute?” Jylliene winced, and hoped her timing hadn’t led to anything too horrid. “Of course. I’ll be along in a few.” She closed the channel and figured at least that she could try to do something a little different with her hair. After walking to the bathroom, she looked in the mirror. Up? Well, it was already up anyhow. Different updo? Nah. Down, then? She nodded to her reflection, and pulled out the pins. Quick brushing...better. Nice, actually. Returning to the living area, Jyll checked the chronometer. A couple of minutes had passed. Barely. Jewelry? She glanced through the small box at her bedside table and found a necklace that looked promising. Putting it on, she went over to the mirror again, and nodded her approval. Back to the chronometer. That took...okay, now one minute later. Three minutes. Enough time? Maybe? Yes. She didn’t really want a lot of down time before dinner. She wasn’t really ready to process the possibilities of the mission ahead yet. The pleasant distraction of dinner with Nijil was indeed, very welcome. Jylliene exited her quarters and walked down the hall to his door, then rang the chime. “Just a second,” Nijil replied from the outer comm panel. That minute seemed longer, but it gave him time to clean up the mess and get the other things ready. Was there enough light or too much. Never mind she’s at the door, he thought. He ran to the mirror to see if he somehow hurt himself again. He walked back to the door and waited a bit. Jylliene waited patiently outside the door. Mostly patiently. She hoped that the crash hadn’t indicated ruined plans. Or a re-injured back. Or some new injury. “Is everything okay?” she called through the door. “Yes, please come in,” he said as he turned down the lights. Jyll entered and smiled as she looked around. “Very nice. Welcoming. Aefvadh..ing. Hm. What would that be? It’s good to see you, e’lev.” That word again. He hoped she used it like it meant, but now would not be the time to ask. All over the quarters sat candles. He heard they were quite mood setting, but after a while he wondered if it was supposed to be in the dozens. So many in fact he had to disable the fire suppression. “It’s good to have you here e’lev.” It felt good to say. Jylliene looked about again, and gestured toward the cushions surrounding the low central table. “May I?” she asked, approaching one of them. He nodded, “Please. Dinner will be here shortly.” A bottle of ale and two glasses were already set out. Nijil waited until Jy sat down. “Is this the infamous ale I’ve heard so much about?” Jylliene asked, glancing at the bottle on the table. “There was one in the cargo container I received. A note mentioned to save it for a special occasion and do not drink alone. I can think of no more special occasion.” Was he getting soft or less of a Rihan? He threw the notion from his mind. “I’m touched - hann’yyo,” she replied, softly, smiling at him. “Shall we open the ale, then? Or is it better with food?” “It’s strong with or without food.” He sat down opposite her. She looked...he had not words in Rihan or Standard. “You look nice.” “And you look refreshing,” she replied. “It’s good to see your face over dinner after finishing a shift. Or on a day at liberty. Anytime. I’m fumbling over my words now. May I ask for a glass of ale, then?” He touched her hand, “I’m having trouble with words as well.” He lifted his hand to open the bottle. He did not know the vintage, but then would not know what a good year was. The cork popped off. A whiff of its aroma caused him to go wide-eyed for a second. “Prepare yourself.” He poured his then hers. He raised his glass. “To...What is there to toast to?” “Life? Wait...no...how about...mnevher?” She glanced at him quizzically, not sure if that was quite the right word. “You are picking up the language well.” He raised his glass again. “May fortune favor our future.” Dierik ly beradar, she inwardly replied in her own tongue as she raised her glass. May it be. Part II Jylliene’s head swam a bit. The ale definitely had a kick to it. It likely didn’t help that she had already finished one glass - and dinner had not yet made it. Probably shouldn’t have downed it quite THAT quickly, she thought. Eh well. Live and learn. The door chime rang. “It’s here!” Nijil jumped up like a Ferengi leaping for latinum. After a few moments, he came back with several white containers of steaming hot food. “I searched for something I’ve never had. ‘Chinese’ I believe.” He smiled as he began to open the boxes. Some of the choices reminded him of home and others were foreign. “Oh, how inconsiderate.” He sat the boxes down so Jy could have first dibs. He took another drink. She looked in the boxes and selected one of the entrees, scooping some out onto her plate with her fork. Meat with what appeared to be little trees. Interesting. She also chose some rice, then gestured to the boxes for Nijil to take what he wanted. Jylliene took a bite, and smiled. “Good choice,” she said. “Thanks.” Each bite caused Nijil to pause to savor it. He nodded for some, not prepared for the spiciness of others. He looked up at Jy to see if the food was all right. “Sorry the quarters are still sparse. I’ve moved most of my things here, but it’s not setup yet.” He laughed. “My old bed and no couch. I’ve become a slob here.” His fork found another artificial schezwan chicken. “Not a slob. Someone who has just moved in. It takes some time to get things sorted out.” Nijil laughed again. He’d drank more than his fair share of the ale. “I’m a bit...tipsy. If that’s the right word. Oh and I lied to you earlier. You look really good.” He felt flush in the face now. The likelihood of him saying drink-encouraged things did not cross his mind. “So... Oh my. Well, has your family ever visited the station? I don’t hear you speak of them much.” “No, they haven’t. I’d not mind inviting them out, but almost as soon as I arrived, we went out on the planetary survey, then the other one, then the station retaking, then...” she paused. “Well, it just hasn’t necessarily been a good time to ask them to stop by. Wonder if it will ever be?” She grinned at this, but inwardly, did worry. Had she gotten herself an assignment that would never quite be a stable location? “I’m not sure if my parents would visit me here. They are people of the land not metal deck plates.” He paused. “Consider yourself lucky you can ask them. Ha, what would they think of me, enemy of the Federation?” Nijil no longer considered these people his enemy. “This is rather uncharted territory. Would that the circumstances leading to this had never happened.” She paused. “Though I’d hope we’d have met under some more favorable circumstances, somehow.” “You as my prisoner? Sorry sorry...” Nijil jokingly quipped. He started to look directly at her now. He looked a tad lit. She giggled. “No, no, you’re beginning to sound like our Daise security there.” Wait, did I just giggle? What am I, five? She eyed her glass. She didn’t remember having topped it off. Jylliene decided it would be a very good idea to finish her food before having more of the ale. She glanced at Nijil’s plate. “Would you care for more?” she asked, gesturing toward his empty plate with her fork. “Please before this drink goes to my head.” Jylliene nodded, and then looked about the table. Hm. They only had their forks, which they had been eating with now, to do so. Perhaps she could carefully empty some of the box onto his plate. Having decided to attempt it, Jylliene began well, but ended up with half the box on his plate in one sudden shift of the contents. She blushed, and quickly righted the box. “I’m sorry!” Nijil leaped up, thinking either he’d been hit with food or she got it on her hand. “Are you alright? Oh, I thought it got on you...like last time. She giggled. Again with the giggling? Really, Jyll, get a hold of yourself. “No, no, I just didn’t mean to dump quite so much out.” She eyed the mound of food. “Hope you’re still rather hungry.” She grinned. “I’ll manage,” He said smiling widely. … Nijil did manage. The two of them finished the last of the food. Either it was good or they were both hungry. One thing’s for certain, the Romulan Ale was a strong brew. Jylliene leaned back against the wall, a spare cushion behind her back, in a kind of makeshift chairback. “That was delightful.” “Nothing compared to the company,” he added without a thought. She grinned at him. “Is that you or the ale speaking?” “The what? What did I say? Oh no, I’m sorry to offend.” His eyes looked worried. Jylliene laughed. Oh good, not a giggle. Good good. “No, no, you’ve done nothing to offend me. You’re just a little more...forthcoming. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. And for the record,” she added, “I agree. Good food, but more enjoyable company.” “I have more things to say and more I’m thinking about. Uh, what am I saying? The ale is strong.” He could see the light from the candles flickering off her face. She seemed a little flushed herself. “I solemnly swear I will not hold what you say against you when we both clear our heads, provided you do the same,” she replied, grinning. “The ale is definitely strong. And good. My first taste of it. Hann’yyo.” He reached out with his hand and brushed her cheek with the back of his finger. “I’d really rather wait until I’m not floating, or you're not floating.” He retracted his hand. “I’m glad you liked it. Hard to get in the Federation does not mean everyone will like it.” He smiled broadly while looking into her eyes. Nijil was sleepy now. Wait, what time was it? He looked at a clock on the far wall. “Oh my, it’s nearly 02:00! When do you need to get up?” He asked in a lazy panic. She thought. “In...about five hours. Shift starts at 0800. I had better get back to my quarters if I expect to get any sleep.” Jylliene stretched. “How about here?” He nearly whacked his own head with his palm. “Nevermind, you’d not sleep well here, not in that lumpy thing,” he said pointing at his small bed in the other room. Nijil got up...whoa...and leaned a bit. The flushed Rihan held out his hand. She’d need it as the station was experiencing an attitude problem. He should inform the Chief. She took his offered hand and stood up. So far, not too bad. A little unsteady but - Jylliene slipped off the dress shoes. Much better. She’d make sure she had breakfast before the shift as well. “Will you be okay? Don’t forget to reactivate the fire suppression system.” “Yes. I’ll have the computer get all of that. I just wanted you to have a good evening, not a late morning.” “I had a wonderful evening,” she replied, smiling. “But we’ll try to keep evenings of this length to rare events. Before we end up falling asleep on duty.” “Agreed.” He escorted her to the door. “Do you need a walk home, down the hall? “Na, hann’yyo, e’lev. You can certainly watch me to my door from here, if you’ll feel better, though,” Jylliene replied, grinning. “Sure.” He remembered something she said earlier about not holding him to anything he said right now. Not sure she meant actions, he pulled her closer and laid a kiss on her. He figured he’d not feel loose enough to do this later. She smiled. “Perfect ending. Good night.”
  19. Jylliene looked at the console. She was about to walk off - she had actually just briefed Lt. Roberts, but saw a notification come through right as she finished. Glancing at it, she smiled, and informed the lieutenant that she would take the information to the intended recipient herself. She hit her communicator. “Jylliene to Nijil,” she said, as she headed toward his quarters. Something beeped. Nijil looked around thinking one of his displays found something interesting in the subspace soup he’d been scanning for months. A small display was blinking, but upon waking it up nothing happened. “Ugh. Where is the indicator coming from now?” he asked himself. The sound chirped again. “Elements...” He tapped his badge. “Nijil here.” Jylliene grinned, and spoke into the badge. “Your new assignment - your new quarters, I should say - just came through. Would you like me to show you to them? I can help you start moving your things.” “He paused for a moment. Getting a new room should have taken longer right? Captain was a busy Captain. “So soon? I was not expecting anything so quickly. Really wanted to get me out of your place hmm?” “I was in no hurry. It’s been nice to have you there. But I’m sure you’ll appreciate having a bit more room to stretch out while you analyze your data.” Being there had been far more than nice for Nijil, but he’d not say anything to her about that. “Time is a greater enemy to my searching than space. I bet the closet there is as large as my entire place here.” Nijil looked around. “What time is it? I’ve lost track of time since getting Jorahl’s report.” “It’s 1600 hours. Shift just ended. I’m just to your door now.” She tapped the communicator, then rang the door chime. “Who’s there?” “Jylliene,” she responded with a chuckle. “Is that the Dabo girl I met on Deep Space Nine coming to visit?” He asked. “Don’t know. Is she cute?” “Very much so.” “Well, maybe she’ll end up out here one of these days. Never know, with Drankum’s connections. Mind opening the door?” “Better be as good looking,” he said as the door opened. “Jolan tru and Dabo! Get in here.” The Rihan waved his hand to show her in. “You’re in good spirits, e’lev,” she replied, grinning. “Shall we see what your new place looks like? And is there anything you want to take over immediately?” E’lev he thought with an internal grin. “I have to disconnect a lot of things, but...,” he grabs his sole plant. “This should do. Let’s see what deluxe closet I am getting.” Jylliene led Nijil through the door and toward his new quarters. “It’s on deck nine, same as mine. Not right next door or anything, but down the hall.” “I was going to say I would lose it if it was right next door. Would mean the tea would not get cold.” “Well, really, even just a few doors down would do similar. Especially compared to before. Let’s see...” Jylliene glanced down at her PADD, then pointed to a door. “There it is,” she said, as she approached. “I think it should be set for your access. Give it a try.” The engineer placed his hands on the door lock. The door hissed open like every door on the station. He leaned inside and looked both ways before crossing the threshold. He stepped in and stood in the middle of his living quarters for a moment. Jylliene stepped inside behind him. “How does it look?” “I’ve never lived in a place this large, even at home. It’s humbling. On a warbird this large a space is reserved for officers of a higher rank. I knew yours were large, but this seems larger. I will have to thank the Captain, if bugging her is the right thing to do.” Nijil ended his long answer and went to the window. “A window...” “Well, you could always send a message of thanks. As long as you don’t imply that I’m moving in here with you or anything like that,” Jylliene replied, grinning. “I’ve made sure I won’t make any requests like that any longer. I can’t get over that and I imagine you won’t let me forget.” Nijil looked out the window to see what kind of view. Some starship of Federation design was orbiting directly out his window in the distance. No klaxon’s sounding battlestations. A bit of an odd feeling. “I already told you, I’m not bothered by it in the least. Truly. The captain hasn’t said a word to me about it, and if she did, I’m sure I could explain it simply by repeating the word, “Engineers”. Jylliene smiled at him. “So please, don’t worry about it. You’re fine. Now, you have a lot to unhook in your previous quarters, I imagine?” “Yes. I did not use the finest Federation standards in hooking things up. I imagine the lighting will improve upon my leaving that space.” Nijil smiled and walked over to Jylliene. He hugged her tightly, saying nothing.
  20. Sky Harbor Aegis Message Utility System (SHAMUS) Stardate: 2387.165, 13 June 2387 Time: 23:57 hours Aegis time To: Captain Kirel Chirakis From: SubCenturion Nijil tr’Korjata Subject: Request for better quarters I hope you are well when this message does get your attention. First, let me thank you for taking me in at this station after the confusion and tragedy of the gamma ray burst that decimated Romulus. I know I said I would take any accommodation when offered a position here. The quarters given were small and I did not complain at the time. Now after a slight accumulation of items the room has shown to be too small. I have a collection of processing units and devices to monitor them for scanning subspace transmissions to and from Romulan territory. Tapping onto the stations cores would be a policy breach and not a good show of trust. My bed now is stuck in its small and uncomfortable configuration. Jylliene, your very capable operations officer, has a particularly comfortable couch I would love to get a replica of, but it will not fit in my current quarters. We have talked at great length about this furniture over our tea sessions. I have sat in it, read in it and even slept in it just to get a restful sleep. I have wondered if Jylliene has done this rather than her own equally delightful bed. Perhaps I could request replicas of both pieces. Almost sounds like I should ask to remain in her quarters instead if accommodations are scarce. Anyhow, if I am to expand my personal comfort in my quarters I believe my productivity will improve around the station. Jylliene’s would surely improve as well. She has not complained at my overnight layovers, but I am sure if I continue I will wear out my welcome. While I am only a lowly SubCenturion I believe she is the most capable and trustworthy non-Rihan I have ever met. For a time I sat alone in the midways and mess halls until our chance meeting. I have read of how the rest of the galaxy regards Romulans. I expected people to avoid me while stationed at Aegis. She has not said go away or whispered behind my back (is that the right phrase?). I would trust her with my life and that of the Sky Harbor Aegis. Perhaps I have gone on too long. So to make a long story short is there a way to have quarters roughly the same configuration as Jylliene’s? I presume the same deck would afford the most similar setup. Unless she finds the same deck unsettling. Are there regulations concerning the proximity of crew quarters? Anyhow, thank you for your time and I hope to continue to best your expectations of me and my people. Nijil tr’Korjata 1st Assistant Engineer, Small Craft Specialist *** Nijil sent this out while resting comfortably on Jylliene's often mentioned couch. As he read the request letter to make sure it arrived he stared at it in shock of what information he passed on to the Captain. He pulled the blanket over his head knowing he was unable to unsend.