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Found 4 results

  1. ((Joint log, Jylliene and Jorahl. Log events transpire during the sim of 5/13/2016.)) With the station on lockdown, Jylliene had not anticipated going anywhere; the summons to the shipyard, though, was approved. The officer therefore soon found herself transported off Aegis, all appropriate documentation having been filed with security to cover herself as the investigation continued. Exhaling as she stepped off the platform, the Trill made her way to the shipyard command center. I wonder how many monitors he has here? she thought to herself with a slight smile as she neared her destination. Jorahl stood by one of the holographic design stations. Work on the Aegean-class ships could be seen on all the monitors and down in the drydocks below. A different ship design seemed to have the SubCommander’s attention at the moment, though. Jylliene’s presence hadn’t gone unnoticed -- he waited for her to formally present herself before looking up. “SubCommander,” she greeted. “How may I be of service?” “Lieutenant Commander.” He stood tall, folding his arms behind his back. “I am needing preparations made for the assignment of a Romulan ship to this section. While their assignment will have them working throughout the sector, Aegis will be their home base.” She nodded slightly. A Romulan ship? Perhaps to see to the security of the refugees? “Of course. Is Starfleet aware yet of their assignment?” “The assignment is not going through the normal channels. Romulan Fleet Command has much of their time taken up with seeing to Romulus. Certain affairs are being left to Senatorial and other independently operated fleets.” He lifted an eyebrow waiting to see what deeper questions this might entice. “It will draw attention, and tensions are slightly elevated with the investigation of the An-Ward representatives’ death and disappearances, not to mention the Nei’rrh’s mission. I am sure you have some idea in mind of how you would like this handled from my end?” “The vessel has yet to depart Romulan space so I am quite sure we will be on to some other disaster by the time it arrives. In other regards I will be responsible for the upkeep and welfare of this ship and its crew. Repayment of any burden on Aegis will be handled by myself. This however is not to be publicly known.” Jylliene nodded. “You may speak freely of the matter with Captain Ramson. She is aware of the arrangement.” That unnerving look Jorahl could get crept onto his face. “This will not be shared with anyone else. Anyone. Understood?” “I understand, SubCommander. Captain Ramson and no other,” she replied. Yep, there was the Jorahl she remembered. Jorahl turned and took a PADD from the nearby console. Handing it to Jylliene, he explained, “These are the specifics of the vessel, her crew, and typical supply load outs. Please provide quarters on Aegis for those who wish to stay over when in dock. All other documentation will come through Captain Ramson.” “Of course, sir. Is there anything more I should know?” she asked. I am going to need a drink when I get back. How the elements does he plan to keep this from Chirakis? “Not at this time.” With that, the SubCommander returned his attention to his work. Jylliene nodded again, even as he had already turned away. “Have a good evening,” she added, and proceeded back toward the transporter. Elements. This should prove interesting.
  2. Facility 78628 JAPSB - Joint Allied Powers Star Base Captain Chirakis, Mr. Roberts, SubCommander Jorahl, and Dr. Pavilion Sky Harbor Aegis, Facility 30218 UKRFCB, was well past its prime. Considering the attacks it had endured, the number of internal accidents and acts of sabotage, a few relocations and an unexpected trip into subspace, it should have been replaced long ago. That it took a full scale attack by a Negh’var Class Klingon warship under the command of a deranged Klingon-Bajoran captain to jerk the powers that be out of their pocketbooks and consider replacing it did not speak well of the Allied Powers, but it got the job done. That's all that mattered. After several weeks of studying its layout and watching the various corps of engineers assemble, test, and install the systems, it became more and more obvious to Captain Chirakis that the latest incarnation of Sky Harbor Aegis - Facility 78628 UAPSB - had been built as a first line of defense along the border, along with Joint Task Force Aegis: USS Missouri, USS Tsinghua, USS Anhui, RSE Praetor and IKS Fek’lhr. Its mere presence spoke of authority, and it raised questions in the captain’s mind. Did Design and Construction Contractor Rov actually search for and find the station, or had it been conveniently placed there for him to find? Why had the Allies been so forthcoming with funding, equipment, and personnel after decades of dearth? Why here? Why now? What are the Allies not telling us? Paranoia? Hardly. Foresight and knowing what goes on behind closed doors leads to discretion and vigilance. The top saucer section, decks 1 through 69, housed a military base capable of serving 2800 personnel attached to Aegis and the Allied Powers. Decks 14 - 16 provided spacious quarters for 140 senior officers, 380 officers, 800 junior officers, 1200 enlisted personnel, and 200 civilian specialists. Quarters ranged from 1600 to 2150 sq ft, depending on rank and purpose, all customizable at the occupant’s expense. Gone was the patchwork Control Tower. In its place stood a Command and Control center overlooking the commercial section of the station. The present C&C module incorporates work centers for C&C staff, office space for command personnel, a conference room and a staff lounge that allows duty personnel a chance to recuperate during alert status situations, while being moments from their stations. One way transparent aluminum comprises the outer perimeter viewports and floor, as well as a 6 panel transparent viewscreen with holographic overlay. A holographic situation display table is surrounded by Strategic and Station Operations, and workstations for the Executive and Commanding Officers with command offices located two steps up and to the rear of the module. Alternate Tactical and Security, Engineering, two science stations and two mission configurable stations complete the workstations, allowing complete control of the station from the C&C. The Primary Medical Complex, under the direction of Dr. Pavilion, rivals any facility in Starfleet. It and the Children’s Home are located in the central core. At the urging of Dr. Pavilion and with the approval of the RSE, the Children’s Home is restricted while it is surrounded by the arboretum and equipped with advanced educational facilities. As Kirel studied the holographic station display that hovered above her desk, her attention wandered to another monitor. Outside the station, work drones darted along the station’s exterior, occasionally disappearing on one side, only to reappear on the other. Freighters docked at the ring like lampreys, attached to the station while they deposited their cargoes, then detached for other destinations. In the distance, a mere dot on long-range, a section of Facility 30218 UKRFCB slowly receded from view. Without a second thought, she raised her glass. “Q’plaH. Beidh tú díoghal’ar.” * _________________ * Klingon and Sindarin words of salutation.
  3. [Joint log, Jylliene/Jorahl/Ramson - takes place shortly after the sim, SD 2387.179] Jylliene ran the simulations of a scenario in which the Aegean would use the asteroid to block the link with the Narada, and use that link as a scan. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem terribly hopeful. When she had the computer compare the type of information they were likely to get to what had already been gleaned from the Narada, the probe, the Nei’rrh, and the Aegean's brief “mineral” scans, it calculated a ten-to-fifteen percent chance of finding anything further. How significant that information would be, if they got it at all, would be unknown. There was also the distinct risk of those on the Mist Station finally figuring out that such a scan was far from innocent, and being compelled to act. The communication link was indeed predicted to result in a spike in the station's communications system, which would be rather the opposite of subtle. Wait, a spike in the station's systems? Jylliene re-ran the simulation to confirm. She checked into the load capabilities of the Aegean and Narada, and ran the simulation again; this time, with the ships intentionally ramping up their output to 60% of their maximum. Then again, at 80% of their full load. The resulting spike predicted for the station was something that seemed quite probably capable of disrupting systems fairly significantly. Which systems might be a little bit of a gamble; but if they wanted a distraction on the station, this could do it. The Ops officer grinned slowly as she amended her report to add the last simulations. "SubCommander? The report, sir," Jylliene said, still with a lingering smile on her face as she handed him the PADD. Jorahl took the PADD, other thoughts obviously on his mind. The numbers played out more or less as he had figured, a shot in the dark. The last data set, however, gained more than a passing glance. An eyebrow raised as he glanced at the young Ops officer, then back to the simulation data. “Almost Romulan thinking here. Though, I guess a few things can be picked up when in close quarters for long enough.” Jorahl turned quickly without another word. If the wording took the Trill off guard, he didn’t have time to enjoy it. After a few brief words with Commander Ramson, both turned and headed towards the port bridge exit. As she stood, Kallah said, “The SubCommander and I will be in astrometrics. Lieutenant Kital, you have the bridge.” “Yes ma’am,” Jylliene replied as calmly as possible, watching as they left. The SubCommander’s comment, coming from him, she would take as a compliment. That she now also had the bridge? This was definitely quite a day. Jylliene sat down in the command chair, watching as the relief ops officer stepped up to the console, and exhaled quietly.
  4. (Joint log, Jorahl and Jylliene) (Events take place about 2387.172) The turbolift sped its way down to Engineering. Inside, Jylliene tried to forget seeing the bank of monitors behind which SubCommander Dabi had been seated, intently watching the goings-on all over the station. She didn't really like the atmosphere in main security - she gave them their PADD and left - but then, she wasn't a security officer. They did definitely know their jobs. As the door opened, she stepped out into engineering and looked about for Jorahl. He was standing before his own array of screens, maps and status updates continually refreshing. She pulled the final PADD from her reclaimed satchel - a cross-body leather case she had found in a crate of old supplies that had been moved from place-to-place for who knows how long. When Jylliene had inquired about the items, she had been told they were terribly outdated and could be cycled back to the replicator. This, though, which had apparently once been used to carry a medical tricorder, she had kept. She liked the feel of it. So when she was handed the PADDs for hand-delivery, Jylliene retrieved it. She felt much more comfortable having them in something versus simply held. "SubCommander? Secure report," Jylliene said, as she approached him. Jorahl slowly turned his attention towards the young Trill. He had not dealt directly with the Ops officer much, though he was quite familiar with her. By nature of the position every action at Ops had an instant reaction in engineering. The shifting patterns of energy demands and computer functions, activation of sensors and the communication array, even what subfiles were activated by the Control Tower replicator told Jorahl about the actions and intent of whomever stood at the Ops station. And each officer had a unique rhythm. The Trill had not been on the station long, but the SubCommander felt he had a fair grasp on the nature of the young officer. "Thank you," Jorahl said simply as he took the Padd, his attention returning to the boards. Jylliene eyed the displays. She recognized several portions, due to their duplication at Ops. Others were unfamiliar, though she had at least some vague sense of the type of data being monitored. The Master Display Board could be much like a giant spider web. Everyone on Aegis pulled on its threads. Security's monitoring was obvious by intent. Those who know they're being watched tend to behave themselves. Engineering's vantage point could be more subtle, which Jorahl found more advantageous in most situations. More subtle and, as evidenced by the sudden chill Jylliene felt, more ominous. While cameras along the corridors and public areas of the station were practically an expectation, this seemed like something more. It made perfect sense that engineering had the capability to monitor what was displayed, but the attitude of the SubCommander standing before the board was something akin to the the person behind the scenes, pulling the strings of his puppets - whether to entertain children, slyly manipulate a ruler, or plot the end of empires. It was one thing to hear such stories; quite another to witness it - and to realize that you yourself are upon his stage. With a nod and a quiet thank you, she turned toward the lift. The Romulan engineer nodded, keeping his eyes on the boards. Even after the lift doors closed, however, Jylliene could still feel the unseen gaze.