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Found 1 result

  1. Girls Just Wanna Have (Lockdown) Fun (Miana, Alexis, and loveable Annisha) Miana, Alexis, and Annisha quickly arrive at Annisha's quarters after the red alert is sounded. They are having an impromptu sleepover party since the station is in danger...again. They get out a game or two. Alexis sat down on the floor between Miana and Annisha and looked over their selection of board games, as well as a few that she brought over from her quarters. “Let’s see here, I brought over…” Lexy said perusing the box full of games she brought over. “The Game of Drones, Sorry! Galactic Edition, Parcheesi Cubes? A couple of others in here too.” Lexy rummaged through at the few games sitting in the bottom of her box. “Let’s see which game we want to start with first.” "Oh come on Lexi, let's not forget," Annisha said as she turned around, "Cloaks and Daggers. Well, two of the pieces are still cloaked, or missing and...the Daggers were recalled for being too sharp." She jumped excitedly. "I also have Dabo: Kids Edition, Spin the Dagger. That last one is fun. You have to tell a dark stinging secret or accept an embarrassing dare." She stacked some other games, all seemingly genuine Rihan games, but with surprisingly similar layouts to Earth games. She turned to Miana who was still looking at all of the games. "What are the games like on, whatever your planet is called?" “Mithra…” Miana quietly replied. She seemed to be in her little world for the moment. The red alert was still going on, and she had just contacted her mother to let her know where she was. That didn’t seem to calm Yda down much, but at least she had known her daughter was safe. Miana glanced between the other two girls. The fact that they were both so relaxed helped the little Mithraan calm down. "Oh oh!" Annisha gets up and grabs a marker off of her desk across the room. A desk by which everyone could see she was working on homework and not playing in her room. She came back and went to the wall to the right of where they were playing games. She crosses a series of four vertical lines with a diagonal one. "That makes fifteen red alerts since I got on the station." She hopped back over to where she sat before between her two friends. "I think they are going for a new record here, from what father said. Oh, that's a cool planet name. Doesn't mean anything in Rihan though, but then you do have a planet. Mine's, well..." She makes a 'poof' sound with her lips and a matching gesture with her hands. "You know, there is the Ferengi Games of Pure Skill in that box. Not a chance to cheat on those games." She smiled at Miana. “I think I must be up to ten myself. I haven't been on the station as long as Annisha has,” Alexis replied. “Sometimes they can be convenient. It did get us out of school early.” She looked at the Pure Skill box. “Hmm. Yeah that's true”. Alexis looked over at Miana and smiled. “Do you have any preferences?” “This happens often?” asked Miana. “No wonder you are both so calm.” She still appears to be quite nervous. Miana carefully looks over the choice of games, fluffy white tail waving back and forth as she tries to make a decision. “Umm...I do not know which to pick,” she said with a slight frown. “Uhh, Pure Skill is fun, but I think it'd be better if we left that for later. I guess we should start with something more simple, like Sorry or Targ Trap. But I'm open to anything” shrugged Alexis. “What about you, Annisha? What should we start off with?" "How...," she stopped. A deep sound rumbled from beyond Annisha's quarters. It erupted from well below their feet, pulsing towards them, then extending above into the distance. Miana had never heard such a strange metallic sound before. Clearly she was frightened, she screeched, "Aaaahieeee!" Then all of her fur poofed out. "Whoa!" Alexis shouted, jumping back. "Oh, cool!" Annisha watched in wonder. Alexis went over to Miana just as quickly as she jumped back. "It's okay Miana. It's just the station getting ready." She hugged her from the side, trying any mental ability she had to calm her down. "Father said it is the defenses moving into place, something new for the station." Annisha said. She smiled all-knowing, folding her arms in front of her. "It allows us to keep track of how many red alerts keep us in our rooms. Now relax Miana and let's play!" Miana had buried her head into Alexis for a moment as she tried to relax. It wasn’t long before a relative calm came about and she began to pur. Her fur also began to depoof as her tail once again started to wave. “Alright…” "Hey," Annisha said brightly, "At least your homeworld did not get irradiated." She placed a hand over Miana's hand. "This is nothing compared to that." Annisha bent over to Miana's ear and cupped her hand, whispering, "I'm scared every time, 'bout lots of things, so bad I have to take an injection to sleep." She went back to sitting as she smiled at Miana at her own admission. She looked tough on the outside, but more fragile on the inside than she let on. This red alert was no different.