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  1. hahaha :) you too Jami! Glad to see some familiar faces.
  2. Hey everyone! I haven't poked around in a few years. Where did everyone go?! :mellow:
  3. Happy Birthday!
  4. Welcome to STSF :)
  5. Sonic drinks are best biggie size in trig class.
  6. I loved it! but it felt more like Battlestar Galactica than Trek, I think. Especially the combat. Gorgeously Brutal.
  7. I'm involved with a forum based simm in another organization that is nicknamed Tranquility. So I'm extremely happy :D I think Stephen got a fair cut with his own official NASA acronym.
  8. Buahahaha :D I love it.
  9. Happy Birfday!
  10. I really enjoyed it :o the ending could have been done differently but it was still worth my 8 bucks.
  11. Since my last comment I've seen both Knowing and Madea Goes to Jail. Both great ^_^ Still no Trek teaser but I did see it playing without volume in the popcorn line. How cruel. ;)
  12. Sparta ain't got nuthin on me.
  13. USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ;)
  14. I met Brent Spiner at a convention in Tulsa, OK a few years ago. He's a hoot ;)
  15. Shoot, I think it would be awesome if they named it Colbert. The Colbert Report is my favorite comedy show. I'm not a big Firefly fan either.