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  1. I had a werid dream about giant green slugs eating people and me with a phaser rifle, and there was a floating bannana. my dreams are useally weird.
  2. Can I have "Local Betazoid" please
  3. So anyways this one time at Space Camp well yeah there was this Vulcan and she was like Your so illogical than this Bajoran guy was like "Dude no way" and I was like Dude...chill man its space camp....I am bored
  4. Hello everyone, I am back. I have taken interest in star trek role play because my friends in college do it so I decided to get involved with stsf again because of the way it is set up. I can not wait to role play with the great members and staff of the site!
  5. O dear god!! :o
  6. OK back in the day when I simmed here during the academys we encountered the dreaded pandorians in their rusty ship. There were 3 pandorans 2 males and one female, from what I understand their ship was destroyed but are they still alive?
  7. Hello everybody! I used to sim here for the academy and It was lots of fun but than I never graduated because I impersonated fredm and well my spelling was bad. I was formally Voric Ruler of Rivendell. I stoped simming sometime before the closing of the lounge and the great migrations to other startrek websites. I hope I will have lots of fun this time.