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  1. RES Talon Mission Briefing 51805.03 - Season 23 The Talon, after spending a few weeks chasing down the fleeing Othan fleet, was forced to delay their pursuit, in order to make sure several key worlds, colonies or shipyard bases had been freed of Othan influence. Unfortunately, the Othan left a grim trail of bodies in their wake, that the Talon had been attempting to rectify and assist those in need. Having not had the chance to attend to even their own families and personal needs before they began their pursuit, the Talon is now approaching ch'Rihan, to allow the crew what personal time they needed, as well as to restock and supply, repair the ship and file reports with Galae. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM ACTION:: As the Talon approaches chRihan, several ships turn their focus towards it, wanting to ensure this was na an Othan attack STSF Seiben: ::in the oira, piloting the ship towards it course back home:: Lerak trPexil: :: Sitting down in main engineering :: Laehval tTemarr: ::In her seat on the bridge, she raised a brow at the sensor readings:: A bit too late for that, I think. As if they'd return to face our ire. ::She snorted.:: S'Bien, send our transponder codes to assure the fleet that we are na the enemy. KhreRiovtRex: @ This is the RES Firehawk....identify auself STSF Seiben: Ie. sending now. ::transmitting their ID codes:: Lerak trPexil: :: Taking deep breaths :: KhreRiovtRex: @ Firehawk> :: receives the transponder codes and runs them.... "Tallon..... Aefvahd.....au may proceed on course to chRihan KhreRiovtRex: @ Firehawk> :: noting some damage:: Talon....do au need repair frame time to correct that hull plating? We will make your ship priority if so STSF Seiben: ::glances back at Laeh:: Laehval tTemarr: ::She nodded.:: Ie, and have them coordinate with the Daise'Engineer to get a list of our priorities. KhreRiovtRex: t'Vatrix> :: glances up from her work and notes that they appear to be nearing their destination:: Lerak trPexil: :: Is actually a little apprehensive about returning home :: STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Aye aye... m_k_tksa: ::glancing over to io of her nurses who's staring out the viewport:: STSF Seiben: +Firehawk+ This is Talon, ie this will be required. Please coordinate with our chief engineering officer for repairs, thanks. Lerak trPexil: :: Wonders how much of a rest he will get :: m_k_tksa: ::walks over to her and stands next to her:: How's the view? STSF Seiben: ::hope he can get some good rest as well:: Lerak trPexil: :: Gets messages regarding further repairs :: KhreRiovtRex: @ Firehawk> Talon, we will relay au message to the repair frame station, however au will have to coordinate with them for au repair, we are out here on guard duty. Contact Galae Facilities and they will put you in touch with the Quartermaster there. Best of luck STSF Seiben: +Firehawk+ Will do, thank you. Lerak trPexil: :: Looking over the repairs to get a better idea how long it will take :: m_k_tksa: S'har> I'm worried. What we saw the last time.... Laehval tTemarr: Take us in to the shipyards, S'Bien, and inform department heads that we have arrived at the homeworld. Lerak trPexil: :: Had composed a message for his family before arrival :: KhreRiovtRex: t'Vatrix> :: starts to pile several ISD's and map overlays, as well as a few incident reports from various department heads to file with Galae STSF Seiben: ::Continuing on course for ch'Rihan:: Taking us in now. +Dept Heads+. We're arriving to ch'Rihan. KhreRiovtRex: :: steps out of her Chambers, to watch their approach to chRihan rhae the main viewscreen STSF Seiben: ::requests docking clearance in the repair yard:: m_k_tksa: I understand completely. ::glancing at the viewport as her comm goes off:: KhreRiovtRex: A better homecoming welcome than the last time.... :: not really to anyone in particular STSF Seiben: ::begins to dock the ship once they've received clearance:: Lerak trPexil: +Oria+ Engineering acknowledges. Laehval tTemarr: They are cautious. It seems much of the fleet is here being repaired. KhreRiovtRex: And rightfully so........ it's just mice to come home, without shots being fired AT us KhreRiovtRex: (nice, not mice) STSF Seiben: ::safely docks into their assigned berth:: m_k_tksa: ::takes a deep breath:: Right then. I've got some work to do before I can let you lot go. Better hop to it, right? ::grimacing smile before she heads back to her office:: Lerak trPexil: :: Repairs, repairs... after a while even he started to hate it :: KhreRiovtRex: Once I debrief at Galae, I'll update au as to how long we have had, but ie, go relax Laehval tTemarr: ::She turned to t'Rexan.:: Rekkhai, I can remain here and oversee repairs if au wish to visit the homeworld. ::She paused, frowning as she looked at the planet.:: I have na reason to return just now. m_k_tksa: ::settles back down at her desk and starts reviewing the necessary paperwork:: KhreRiovtRex: :: looks back at tTemarr:: I will be spending most of my time with Galae. However, we may need au opions as well. KhreRiovtRex: However, if au wish to oversee the initial plan, I know that will make au more comfortable with the repairs KhreRiovtRex: Au care more for this ship, than most do of their families. Au diligence has kept us alive often. ACTION::: The Talon has docked at the repair facility STSF Seiben: There we are.. Lerak trPexil: :: Tossing back and forth wondering if he should stay. Mother would na be pleased :: KhreRiovtRex: Make sure that if au spend most of au time here, that au do at least get some well needed rest Laehval. Laehval tTemarr: If au need me to debrief at Galae, I will be more than happy to oblige. tr'Pexil will be overseeing repairs and doubt he will need me looking over his shoulder. KhreRiovtRex: There is na need to push yourself while we're here. Later au will be wishing for rest and quiet time m_k_tksa: ::looking over the plans that she and the Kheinsa made for their time on ch'Rihan:: Lerak trPexil: +Message to t'Temarr+ Dinner in mess to discuss repair itinerary. KhreRiovtRex: I will contact au if they need additional information. Oh, and see that the Daise Maenak also takes a break. I do na beieve she had the opportunity to follow up on her family before we left KhreRiovtRex: I will take my leave of au, contact me if au need anything. Hannyyo KhreRiovtRex: :: t'Vatrix takes the lift down to the RAC bay, so that she may take her small ship down herself KhreRiovtRex: TWO MINUTE WARNING Laehval tTemarr: Ie, Rekkhai. ::She watched the lift door close and then glanced at her screen, seeing the message from Pexil. Her reply was short: Fine.:: Lerak trPexil: :: Sees some engineers filtering out, waving at them as they go :: PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM m_k_tksa: ::paused:: KhreRiovtRex: Nice sim everyone STSF Seiben: KhreRiovtRex: So, here is au chance to do what au need while at home, work on backstory, anything you'd like to expand about your character, this is a great time to do so. KhreRiovtRex: Leah, do au have anything for the crew? Lerak trPexil: Nalia au say? Laehval tTemarr: Nope. Laehval tTemarr: Everyone have a good weekend. KhreRiovtRex: Thank au all for coming tonight, and I hope au all have a great weekend. With that.... Crew Dismissed.
  2. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51804.26 - Season 23 Many of the crew were finishing up a well deserved respite while the ship was being repaired and restocked while at the Justarus Shipyards. However, leave time had come to an end, and all crew are expected back on board so that the ship may take it's leave of the station. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex: :: studying maps hrrau her chambers STSF Seiben: ::returning back to the ship, feeling much better than he did before having just come back from a nice meal and drink:: Lerak trPexil: :: Just crossing over from the station to Talon :: STSF Seiben: ::Taking the lift up to the oira:: KhreRiovtRex: :: expands the map upon the walls once again, and starts to mark their current location, of the planet they were last, of where the ambush had been set:: m_k_tksa: ::knew that the refugee was just trying to make some money for her family, so she couldn't resist buying a length of woven cloth before heading back to the ship:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Back on board the Talon, Laehval paused at t'Rexan's chambers and rang the chimes.:: KhreRiovtRex: :: starts setting markers, and turns to the door:: Enter Lerak trPexil: :: Enters a lift :: Engineering. STSF Seiben: ::gets out of the lift and heads to his console on the lira:: STSF Seiben: okra* STSF Seiben: oira( STSF Seiben: (stupid auto correct) KhreRiovtRex: :: turns to see Leah:: m_k_tksa: ::lays the bolt of fabric in the corner of her office and then gets settled at her desk:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Nods as she steps in and the doors close behind her.:: Rekkhai. The crew is boarding and we should be ready to leave shortly. I'd wondered if au'd given any thought to our next destination. Are we returning to ch'Rihan? Lerak trPexil: :: Enters engineering where people were busy working and paid him no mind :: KhreRiovtRex: That is a menkha question. That had been our focus....until that ambush... STSF Seiben: ::logs onto his console:: Laehval tTemarr: (( ::Koga's replicator starts spitting out mounds of some odd crispy fried green vegetable:: )) STSF Seiben: ((:and old obsolete Terran currency)) KhreRiovtRex: I wish to hear au thoughts? And what of the crew? Lerak trPexil: :: Sits at the main console :: Laehval tTemarr: Many of the crew are eager to return to ch'Rihan to check on and visit their families. Laehval tTemarr: But none would balk at orders to return to Othan space to continue to weed them out. We have all seen the devastation they have caused through this sector. KhreRiovtRex: ::turns and points at the wall::: Lerak trPexil: :: Checking each system himself :: STSF Seiben: ::preparing for their eventual departure, doing pre-flight checks and the like:: KhreRiovtRex: I've been mapping out where we've been, what we've come across.... KhreRiovtRex: Needless to say, the main force seems to have left, and only left small damage or retention forces....but the ambush, it worries me more. It was as if a trap, to assess our capabilities. The lead ship, obviously sacrificed the others willingly, for the attempt to take us out...or perhaps, test to see if we really can track them. ..... Laehval tTemarr: ::She turns to study the map and steps forward for a better look.:: KhreRiovtRex: Or perhaps to see if we had other ships with us....... Luckily Stinger was not in the area, or at least stayed hidden to stalk our attacker. KhreRiovtRex: Regardless we need to let the home world know about our status out here. We can send a message from the station, or we can take a quick.....and from what I saw of the station supply list...a needed trip back to chHavran. m_k_tksa: Maec>::pokes his head into tKsa's office:: Jolan tru. KhreRiovtRex: So let me ask au. What would au have us do? Laehval tTemarr: Ie, the reserves here are painfully low. They have repaired the ship as best they could, but there are parts that we cannot get until we return to the home world. Laehval tTemarr: I would take us back for a brief trip to resupply and finish repairs, na to mention reconnect with the rest of the fleet to take stock of what survived. m_k_tksa: ::raises her head:: Did au here from the official? ::putting her ISD down:: Lerak trPexil: +Koga+ Check the navigation links please. STSF Seiben: +Pexil+ Sure, no problem,. ::checks:: Having issues with it, or just checking? KhreRiovtRex: A solid plan. I do na wish to tip our foes of Stingers location. We will leave him orders here, in case he checks in. He should remain in the area and look for signs of that Othan ship, and trail it if possible. When au are ready to take the oira, au may direct the crew to head us back to chRihan. m_k_tksa: Maec> Ie, and all thi children are settling in and adjusting. I was told that au should expect a few messages from Dava. STSF Seiben: ::going over the nav links:: +Pex+ Yeah, they look good mate. Laehval tTemarr: Ie, Rekkhai. I will have S'Bien leave word for the Stinger and set course for home. Lerak trPexil: +Koga+ I have to make sure my readings match yours. KhreRiovtRex: Menkha. I hope au and the crew were able to get some relaxation while rhea the station? STSF Seiben: +Pexil+ Ah, gotcha. Laehval tTemarr: Ie. ::She smiled.:: A bit too much, thanks to your offer of free drinks. Hann'yyo for that. They desperately needed it. KhreRiovtRex: ::nods:: It was menkha to see au all being able to sit , talk and relax together for a change, without the worry of being attacked. Lerak trPexil: :: Motions people to had him the reports :: KhreRiovtRex: Were all matters attended to that we needed? Major repairs? The medical patients dropped off to the facility medics? STSF Seiben: ::checks his link and engineering's:: Lerak trPexil: :: Five engineers had him reports on the state of Talon :: STSF Seiben: +Paxil+ Looks to be good sync. Laehval tTemarr: Would that we had more of those times. Perhaps when this war is over and the Othans are gone. ::She sighed.:: Ie, all of our major repairs were attended to and the patients cared for. We only need restocking when we return home. KhreRiovtRex: Au protege'... He did a menkha job of keeping the ship together through these last few months. Au should be proud of au teaching, and of his capabilities. I will say I had my doubts at times, but he's shown an aptitude for keeping the air on the inside of the ship. Laehval tTemarr: He is a good Daise'Engineer. ::She agreed.:: I would na have turned the department over to him had it been otherwise. Laehval tTemarr: And he cares for this ship as I do. It is important in a Daise'Engineer. KhreRiovtRex: The ship is lucky to have au Leahval... turns for a siuren... I am lucky to have au fahd as well. m_k_tksa: ::deep breath:: That's a blessing. I was worried there for a bit. Laehval tTemarr: ::She quirked a brow at the moment of sincerity.:: For what it is worth, Rekkhai, I am glad to have au back in command. Lerak trPexil: :: to an engineer :: Have a team test this bulkhead assembly enroute. If the repair is off by a few microns we will get a resonance at certain warp factors. I don't want to explain to everyone why their drinks vibrated off their tables. m_k_tksa: Maec> Well, we were lucky there was a good local worker who could help with the transition. Lerak trPexil: :: Pexil rubs his eyes, he knew he would feel any variance more so than others. Others thought he was too picky. He just wanted to sleep at night. KhreRiovtRex: :: a bit surprised:, quietly replies: Hann'yyo. Au may be the only io though. I know the Daise Meanak despises me now. She most likely regrets ever resurrecting me with those veruul-ish nanogenes. I'm sure she's na the only io. I'm sure there are others from earlier. m_k_tksa: And a good Kheinsa onboard. KhreRiovtRex: But...na sense dwelling on it or wishing for any semblance of a normal life or anyone to talk to..... I have work to do, and I'd best get back to marking these maps for when we return to High Command. KhreRiovtRex: Hann'yyo for the update, au have the Oira at au command. Lerak trPexil: +t'Ksa+ Pexil here. Are there any engineering issues you have found in your department? Laehval tTemarr: ::She wasn't sure what she could say to convince t'Rexan otherwise, though she didn't think half of what she said was true, so she simply nodded.:: Au should remember that au have me to lean up, should au need. That is what I am here for, Rekkhai. I will see au on the Oira. ::Turning, she headed out and stepped foot on the bridge.:: Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, it is time to take us home. Plot a course and engage. ::Taking her usual spot, she sat down with a sigh.:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Typing up a message for the Stinger, she sent it over to Koga's station.:: Send that message to station keeping before we go. m_k_tksa: +Pexil+ Unless au broke something that I do na know about, then na. Lerak trPexil: +Pexil+ I'd never break something that could save my life. Very well, Pexil out. KhreRiovtRex: :: she heard the door shut behind Leahval, and turned back to the map, trying to divine what she was missing, what that ship was doing this close, and where had it gone:: KhreRiovtRex: TWO MINUTE WARNING KhreRiovtRex: TWO MINUTE WARNING KhreRiovtRex: :: pulling up the last information files they had on the Othan Shipyards, she decided to start working on calculations on how many new ships they would be able to put out to replace those lost in the battle at chRihan.:: STSF Seiben: ::relays message to station keeping as per proper procedures:: Message sent. ::engages:: We've broken lose and are departing. Laehval tTemarr: ::Sits back.:: Menkha. ::Laehval had mixed feelings about returning to the homeworld, but it was the best course.:: STSF Seiben: ::Receives confirmation, and sets course to ch'Rihan once they're clear of the shipyards:: Lerak trPexil: +Koga+ Au have full warp capabilility. STSF Seiben: +pexil+ Acknowledged, thanks. STSF Seiben: ::jumps to warp speed, once it's safe to do so:: KhreRiovtRex: :: walking over to the window, she leans her forehead against it, shuts her eyes and let's out a deep sigh of frustration and uncertainty:: KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM Laehval tTemarr: Night, everyone. Have a good weekend. KhreRiovtRex: Nice sim everyone STSF Seiben: Goodnight! KhreRiovtRex: Crew Dismissed, and we'll pick up next week before chRihan
  3. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 5180419 The Talon is currently at the Justarus Shipyards doing resupply, dropping off some patients and giving the crew a short break before heading back to chRihan. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM Lerak trPexil: :: Reading from his ISD and drinking a little something :: STSF Seiben: ::walking along the station, eating some kind of a snack he bought from a food vendor:: KhreRiovtRex: @ in station Ops reporting on the ambush we'd run into on the way here, and that there are still Othan lurking in the area. Station patrols will need to be alert, as we know at least one ship had escaped m_k_tksa: ::having been given a half dozen small sweet filled biscuits for being a menkha patient, stands to one side and watches the foot traffic:: Au know, these are na as good as the ones from home. ::munch, munch,, munch:: m_k_tksa: Maec> Do au have to be so critical of another locations baked goods? ::risking life and limb by stealing io of the biscuits from her box:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval paused, glancing about the deck at the few scattered shops that had managed to reopen. Supplies were running low and it showed in the small variety of goods for sale. At least there was food available, but for how long? Spotting Pexil, she started over.:: m_k_tksa: I am when I think my regional specialties are better. ::smirks, motions with a half-eaten biscuit:: What do you suppose they're trying to do over there? Is that an art installation or an engineering project? STSF Seiben: ::there wasn't much to choose from in the food courts, noticing quite a few closed stalls still, buy a juice as well go with his food:: KhreRiovtRex: :: finishes up with station command and heads back down to see if there is anything that piqued her appetite, and if na she'd just eat on the ship:: Lerak trPexil: :: He watched the progress of the repair teams as they applied fixes to the hull...he wished for a proper drydock :: KhreRiovtRex: (Pexil...this IS the shipyards.... ) Lerak trPexil: (oh, sorry) m_k_tksa: Maec> ::wipes his chin with a napkin:: Engineering project. Heard they had a collapse of one of the promenade walkways. Laehval tTemarr: ::Eases down in a seat across from him and turned to peer through the window at the ship:: I do na get to see her from this point of view very often. I forget how majestic she is. ::She took a sip of her drink.:: STSF Seiben: ::Sits at a table by a window, watching them repair a ship:: Lerak trPexil: :: smiles :: We are always on the inside looking out. She is also not the newest class of vessel. Perhaps I need to quit reading journals. m_k_tksa: Hmm...that reminds me. I reviewed that supply list you gave me and then scaled it back. There's not much here available for restocking, but if we get some replicator credit on Talon, I think we can make due with just a few pharmaceutical ingredients. Lerak trPexil: Au wish to evaluate the repairs? They are coming along as expected. KhreRiovtRex: :: concerned where N'Dak and the Stinger may be, as they'd not been heard from for some time, but wanted to trust he was still following their plans:: Laehval tTemarr: Na, she is na. But still elegant. ::She waved a hand and leaned back in her chair a bit.:: I'd rather na worry about that for a short while. m_k_tksa: Maec> One of these days au are going to have to teach me au's trick of multiplying supplies with na resources. ::grins at her:: Lerak trPexil: Heading back to ch'Rihan are we na? I was na expecting this so soon. Laehval tTemarr: Who said we were returning to ch'Rihan? STSF Seiben: ::sitting near Leah and Pexil, but doesn't want to be a third wheel:: KhreRiovtRex: :: sees several of the crew, but decides na to disturb them as they are off duty, and evidently having a conversation, takes her purchase and food and moves to an empty seat where she can also watch the ship being repaired:: Lerak trPexil: Koga...we can see au. STSF Seiben: Jolan truuu... STSF Seiben: ::orders some food and drinks:: Lerak trPexil: I have heard things. Laehval tTemarr: I don't think we can plan much these days. ::Snorting.:: With so many Othans in hiding, au never know where we might end up chasing io. Lerak trPexil: Just do na have me snipe them.. Lerak trPexil: :: Drinks :: KhreRiovtRex: :: sits watching the ship, her food untouched, thinking back to better times when they had been here:: Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, get me io of those. ::Points to what he'd just ordered.:: STSF Seiben: Sure. ::Orders another one for Laeh:: Lerak trPexil: :: In the back of his mind he kept on thinking of those letter from Nalia. Perhaps she's just bored...or tasking him :: m_k_tksa: It's na a trick I wish I had to teach anyone ::shrugs, glancing at him, then back to the foot traffic:: Lerak trPexil: :: Takes a bite of his meal :: KhreRiovtRex: :: she hated to see the ship damaged, but thanked the elements that the Daise KhreRiov had seen that they had gotten those upgrades, or they may not have been here still:: STSF Seiben: ::The waiter delivers what Laeh orders that Koga did:: Koga>. Its quite nice. Lerak trPexil: I don't know about any of au, but a restful sleep is what I will need after these repairs. STSF Seiben: ::watches the repair work from the window:: Laehval tTemarr: Are au na eager to return to ch'Rihan? ::Posing the question to both Koga and Lerak.:: Laehval tTemarr: Or would au rather us continue to hunt Othan? KhreRiovtRex: :: looking across the way, she was glad to see that her officers were getting along and spending time among themselves talking:: Lerak trPexil: Whereever we are needed the most. STSF Seiben: I'm quite eager to return to ch'Rihan. Hopefully, I could meet up with some friends and family. Lerak trPexil: Question is, where do the Othan end? m_k_tksa: Maec> What do au think of those re of there? ::jerks his in the direction of the Rihans he's talking about:: m_k_tksa: Are au wanting to play that story game........again? ::raises a brow:: Laehval tTemarr: Ie, where indeed. ::Slight shake of her head.:: Laehval tTemarr: Io hopes we can find where they scurried to hide. STSF Seiben: ::Eating his meal:: m_k_tksa: Maec> It will pass the time until the Station's Daise'Maenak can meet with us. Laehval tTemarr: ::Tries what Koga had ordered and found it pleasantly tasty.:: KhreRiovtRex: :: notes that tKsa is na with the others and wonders if she were still busy in medical, or spending some time with her Kiensha:: Lerak trPexil: My parents have settled into my place...they are na too keen on venturing far from its protection. Laehval tTemarr: And au do na mind them living there with au? ::Takes a drink.:: Lerak trPexil: I'd rather they be safe. Na like I'm there now. KhreRiovtRex: :: tapes her ISD to check on the Medbay list of injured and frowned when she noted tKsa's name listed there as well, but noted that she was not classified as serious:: Lerak trPexil: Between them and Nalia the place will be spotless. KhreRiovtRex: :: would liked to check on her, but knew the woman now despised her, so decided na to raise her ire by stopping by. She'd just check the crew logs later:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Her lips thinned at the mention of Lerak's houseguest and she looked down at her plate, spearing a bit of food.:: And how has she recovered from her ordeal? KhreRiovtRex: She was concerned about that io ship that got away in their recent battle, and wondered how they could ever be sure that it was just one single ship remaining, or if it was a scout for a larger fleet:: Lerak trPexil: Getting stronger...albeit slowly. She was lucky. Finding her family has taken longer than they thought. KhreRiovtRex: :: decided she had planning to do and needed to go look at her maps again, and see where the fleet was weak and needed shoring up:: Lerak trPexil: :: shivers thinking what Nalia looked like when they found her :: Lerak trPexil: Anything from home for either of au? :: drinks :: KhreRiovtRex: :: pushes the food aside, as her appetite had waned and the thought of food made her want it even less. motions to one of the workers and points across the room:: Laehval tTemarr: ::She shook her head and glanced back out the window.:: Na likely. KhreRiovtRex: :: stands and walks out of the eatery and heads back to the ship, only stopping at another small stand for a siuren, then leaving:: KhreRiovtRex: Waiter> :: walks over to the table and starts to set a large pitcher of ale and fresh glasses in front of Laeh, Koga and Lerick:: m_k_tksa: Menkha point. ::tilts her head:: But I think I lack the imagination I had during our last round. ::leans against the viewport, fishing for another biscuit from her box, glancing up to study the Rihannsu walking by:: Lerak trPexil: :: frowns :: I suppose n.. :: sees the ale :: KhreRiovtRex: Waiter> Is there anything else I can get au? Laehval tTemarr: ::Lifts an eyebrow at the drinks.:: We did na order this. ::Points.:: Lerak trPexil: Na from me. STSF Seiben: Thanks! STSF Seiben: I'm good. KhreRiovtRex: Waiter> Na.... the officer that was just over there, asked that I serve au Lerak trPexil: Never turn down a free ale Koga? Laehval tTemarr: (( typical Koga. )) KhreRiovtRex: Waiter> She seems to have left. I believe she said something about going back to her ship. :: pointed out the window:: STSF Seiben: Free ale is free ale. ::looks around at the officer:: HMm Lerak trPexil: :: pours each a drink :: Laehval tTemarr: ::She looked, but there was no one in sight that she knew. Follows his gesture to the Talon and nods.:: Lerak trPexil: To the Talon :: raises his glass :: STSF Seiben: ::Raises glass:: INdeed m_k_tksa: Maec> Getting tired? ::concerned, glances over to watch her looking for biscuit crumbs:: KhreRiovtRex: :: back rhae the ship, she had sent another small package to be delivered to the medical bay by io of the dheno:: Lerak trPexil: :: Klinks the glasses :: KhreRiovtRex: :: moves to the viewport and looks back at the station, it too having taken some minor damage, mostly to the outer repair friames:: KhreRiovtRex: Dheno> :: enters medical and looks around for the Daise Maenak Lerak trPexil: :: drinks :: Lerak trPexil: Oh, this is strong... I may need carried back... Laehval tTemarr: ::She lifted her glass with the others and took a long swig.:: tr'Pexil, au could never hold aur ale. KhreRiovtRex: Dheno> :: directed by io of the staff towards a smaller area and inquires as to the Daise Maenaks' location. Lerak trPexil: Or my rifle... :: does a shooting gesture with his finger :: KhreRiovtRex: Dheno> ::leaves the small package with io of the medics to give to her and heads out STSF Seiben: ::chuckle, sips his ale:: KhreRiovtRex: Medical staff> :: knocks on door :: Is the Daise Maenak awake? she's received a package from Dheno\ Lerak trPexil: Knowing my teams and the shipyard here we should be on our way in na time., KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM Lerak trPexil: :: paused :: Laehval tTemarr: What's in the boooooox? m_k_tksa: I dunno. Guess it'll have to wait until t'Ksa returns from the station. KhreRiovtRex: (It's been put on a shelf awaiting her return) Lerak trPexil: Box of cheeses. KhreRiovtRex: Nice sim everyone, so next week, we'll make our decision as to our next set of actions will be. KhreRiovtRex: Pex, I'd watch mentioning your little waif around Leah......................... Lerak trPexil: But it's fun... STSF Seiben: lol Laehval tTemarr: She's just making a mental list. KhreRiovtRex: You may na think so much when she smacks au upside the head Lerak trPexil: For more than a decade. KhreRiovtRex: Did you ever think she may have needed a decade and a day before she fell for you? KhreRiovtRex: ,,,and you blew off the day! Lerak trPexil: Pexil was never a bright star Laehval tTemarr: Night, guys. Have a good weekend. KhreRiovtRex: Ok, everyone, I hope you all have a nice week. We're hoping tomorrow we will actually have a day without snow. KhreRiovtRex: Crew Dismissed
  4. Laehval tTemarr: BEGIN SIM Laehval tTemarr: BEGIN SIM Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, signal docking authority and get us a berth. m_k_tksa: ;:rather grumpily sitting on a biobed after io of her own maenakenn has grounded her:: STSF Seiben: Yes sir,,, STSF Seiben: ::raises the shipyard for docking clearance:: Lerak trPexil: :: Engineering was abuzz with activity and teams coming and going to repair every area of the ship. Now he would need to coordinate with the shipyard. While the help was essential, getting teams on the same page took some doing :: Laehval tTemarr: ACTION> Clearance is granted and Talon is assigned to docking pylon seventeen. m_k_tksa: How long must I stay here? m_k_tksa: Maec>Until tr'Paine says so. ::scrolling through his ISD, avoiding eye contact:: m_k_tksa: Au know very well that I am fine. STSF Seiben: We're cleared to dock... +Shipyard+ Acknowledged, docking pylon 17 Laehval tTemarr: Signal all department heads that we've arrived and have them send their resupply lists to be routed to station. m_k_tksa: Maec> ::looking up:: Au nearly fell over t'Ank. I saw au. Au know au are dizzy. Rest will do au good. STSF Seiben: OK sure m_k_tksa: Au are in soooooooooo much trouble. ::narrows her eyes:: STSF Seiben: +Dept Heads+. We've arrived. Let me know what you all need. Lerak trPexil: :: Noticed they have arrived :: Now that the teams have returned with their close up assessments of supplies needed, please submit them to m- :: He is rushed by the other engineers getting their requests in :: Bah! Io at a time. STSF Seiben: ::completing docking into the berth:: Laehval tTemarr: +Medical+ t'Temarr to Medical. m_k_tksa: Maec> Au forget, unlike the rest of the members of this ship, I'm na afraid of you. ::smirks:: m_k_tksa: Maec>+t'Temarr+ This is medical, go ahead. m_k_tksa: ::pouts:: Laehval tTemarr: +Medical+ ::Absently wondering why Ksa didn't answer, but assumed she was busy. She liked Maec, anyhow. He was nicer.:: We have arrived at the station. Is station medical aid required? Are there any critical patients? Laehval tTemarr: (( )) STSF Seiben: Docking procedures are complete Laehval tTemarr: ::Gives S'Bien a nod.:: Menkha. m_k_tksa: Maec>+t'Temarr+ Hanny'yo for the update. There are a few patients from our last adventure that'll need to be turned over to the station's medical crew for additional treatments. We've been triaging our own for the past half hour and do na have the equipment nor the personnel for some of the more complicated procedures. If au could notify the station operations, we'll make sure they are ready to transfer within the quarter hour. Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, inform the station of our medical needs and request personnel for transfer. m_k_tksa: ::sigh:: If I'm stuck here, at least I can work on the requisition forms. Laehval tTemarr: +Maec+ And the Daise'Maenak? STSF Seiben: Forwarding it now. ::sends medical's request to the shipyard's quartermaster:: m_k_tksa: Maec>I"m na sure I can trust au with that. What if au double order. How many finger am I holding up? Lerak trPexil: :: After everyone got their requests in Pexil was ready to give his department's supply list :: Lerak trPexil: +Oria+ Engineering is ready to transmit their supply list. STSF Seiben: +Pex+. Right, I'll send it on. :;does so:: m_k_tksa: Maec>+t'Temarr+ ::choosing his words carefully, if he says too much, t'Ksa will take it as a green light to jump up and start moving again:: She's here. Took a bit of a tumble, but she'll be back terrorizing the crew shortly. m_k_tksa: ::calling out at the end of Maec's comm so she's over head:: I'm FINE! m_k_tksa: Maec> Don't make me get tr'Paine. ::waggles his finger at her:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Refrains from snickering. Barely.:: +Maec+ Menkha luck keeping her down. Everyio knows that maenaks make terrible patients. Lerak trPexil: :: Sees several orb looking supply requests on the list. Some coolant junctions needing replaced most likely :: m_k_tksa: Maec> +t'Temarr+ m_k_tksa: Almost as bad as Enarrains and Khre'Riovs. Laehval tTemarr: Station> Acknowledges S'Bien's transmissions. Informs him that medical personnel will be made available, but their supplies are still rather low and they would not be able to send everything on their list. m_k_tksa: t'Ksa>::annoyed by the finger, makes a grab at it and misses, almost toppling over in the process:: Laehval tTemarr: +Maec+ Almost. Inform me if the situation changes. t'Temarr out. Lerak trPexil: :: Wonders if he may get a bite to eat soon...off station :: STSF Seiben: +Station+ thanks for what you can give though. Laehval tTemarr: What did they say, S'Bien? m_k_tksa: Maec>::catches her before he thinks she'll fall off the bed:: Sure au are fine. ::steadies her:: I'll let you review the requisition list after S'taple is done. Until then, just sit back and rest, ie? STSF Seiben: They informed me that medical personnel are available but they aren't able to provide everything in our supply lists as they're low on supplies. Laehval tTemarr: ::She grumbled.:: Well, it is to be expected considering the circumstances. Though, I do hope that supply lines will be running soon. ::Leaning back in her chair she sighed.:: Send a message to all crew to inform them that they are free to visit the station when they are off duty. Lerak trPexil: :: Gets a glass of water :: m_k_tksa: Fine. If au insist. ::na sure she wants to admit she doesn't feel good:: Laehval tTemarr: +tr'Pexil+ t'Temarr to Engineering. Lerak trPexil: +t'Temarr+ Pexil here Laehval tTemarr: +tr'Pexil+ Aur wish list is going to be whittled down. The station has na been resupplied since we were last here. If au have any pull with the supply master, I suggest au use it. m_k_tksa: Maec> Do au need anything? Food, water, pillow, foot massage? STSF Seiben: I hope so as well.. +Crew+ This is the Oira, you're free to visit the station during your off duty hours. m_k_tksa: ::listening to the overhead, then glances at Maec:: Na, I'm fine right now. ::fluffs her pillow and then leans back:: Although if i'm forced to do this, I should take advantage of this. I shall have to think of how I can do so. ::folds her hands behind her head:: Lerak trPexil: +t'Temarr+ So good to hear. I will evaluate the list and see what we can replicate later. Lerak trPexil: +t'Temarr+ I will take the list with me to the station. I will be at their eatery if au need or wish to join. Lerak trPexil: :: Gives instructions to the repair teams as what to really worry about :: I shall be on the station. Au :: points :: will be in charge in my absence. :: Grabs his ISD and goes :: STSF Seiben: ::checks system status and shields and stuff:: Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, au may visit the station, as well, if au wish to bring in relief Ops. ::Thinking on Lerak's offer. It was tempting, but there were things to do and orders to give.:: m_k_tksa: Maec> Oh Elements. ::shakes his head;: I'll be back to check on you shortly. Lerak trPexil: :: Makes his way to the station :: STSF Seiben: Ie, thank you. I'll go ahead do that. STSF Seiben: ::nods to the relief officer to take his place:: Thanks, mate. ::heads to the lift:: Laehval tTemarr: (( Ksa is going to have Maec feeding her grapes soon. )) m_k_tksa: ((Of course she is. )) STSF Seiben: (heh yay) m_k_tksa: ((Or fanning her with a large fan)) STSF Seiben: ::Exits the lift and heads out into the station:: Laehval tTemarr: (( Two minute warning )) m_k_tksa: ::staring at the ceiling:: Well, this is relaxing. ::pouts:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Things quiet down and Laehval picks up her ISD to review the repair list, frowning at the damage they took in the last skirmish. It still irked her that they hadn't found that last Othan ship.:: Lerak trPexil: :: Enters the station and consults the guide for the eatery location :: Laehval tTemarr: END SIM Laehval tTemarr: END SIM Laehval tTemarr: END SIM Laehval tTemarr: Nice simming, all. We'll pick up there next week. STSF Seiben: Nice Lerak trPexil: I'll have to wait a week to eat... Laehval tTemarr: Yup. m_k_tksa: Laehval tTemarr: At least you'll be hungry and will appreciate it. STSF Seiben: m_k_tksa: I'm going to head off to bed guys, I'll see you next week. STSF Seiben: Goodnight everyone
  5. RES Talon Mission Briefing 51803.29 Season 23 The Talon while enroute back to the Justarus Shipyards, has picked up a small ship tracking them, and upon returning scan, noted that it was one of the Othan attack ships of the same class as the Stinger. Evidently this pilot was unaware of our ability to track them when in proximity. t'Vatrix has passed this chase to Laehval, as she started this fight and should be the one to end it. tTemarr has ordered the ship to enter the asteroid field to give chase. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex: :: takes her seat, interested in watching the interaction of the oira crew:: Lerak trPexil: :: On the Oria at the engineering console :: STSF Seiben: ::Continuing to pilot the Talon to the Shipyard:: Lerak trPexil: ( :: Nudges Koga... "field... field") KhreRiovtRex: (I thought she ordered you into the asteroid field. See Mission Briefing above for reminder) Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, fire into the field, low power and wide spread. We're herding, not looking to destroy. tr'Pexil, how's the strain on the deflectors? STSF Seiben: ::field yes:: STSF Seiben: Yes sir. Wide spread. ::presses some buttons and fires a wide spread volley:: STSF Seiben: (long day..) Lerak trPexil: Nominal t'Temarr. It will increase as the mass of what we are moving increases. Lerak trPexil: They are moving off, deeper into the field. KhreRiovtRex: (They had cloaked so visual is gone, limited sensors) Lerak trPexil: (oh) Lerak trPexil: :: Waiting silently :: KhreRiovtRex: (Is ok, we said last week, that hoping to expose them with the weapons fire, debris off of sheilds, just do what Laeh says : ) STSF Seiben: ::Continues to fire in an arching pattern:: KhreRiovtRex: (not shields/cloak) Lerak trPexil: :: Waiting for a blip on his sensors of any kind :: Laehval tTemarr: (( And we can track them from the Othan metals in their hull. We have Stinger's specs. )) Lerak trPexil: Nothing on sensors... They may be relatively still. STSF Seiben: Hm. Gotta try shooting in another area then. Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, work the area randomly. You've control of all weapons. KhreRiovtRex: # Othan Ship> :: sees Talon moving into the field searching for them:: STSF Seiben: ::Slowly moving to another area in the field and resumes his open firing:: Ie, acknowledged, STSF Seiben: Come on out, you.. KhreRiovtRex: # Othan Ship Enarrain> :: Keys in a code onto his control panel:: ACTION> Pexil sees a sensor blip two asteroids over that pings as Othan metal. KhreRiovtRex: #Othan Ship> :: moves a bit further into the field:: m_k_tksa: ::standing quietly, holding her breath, na looking forward to the oncoming storm:: Lerak trPexil: A ping at 129 mark 4, 2.3 kilos Laehval tTemarr: Au heard him, S'Bien. Target that area. KhreRiovtRex: # Othan Ship Enarrain> :: grins wickedly :: STSF Seiben: Understood ::Cautiously approaches and fires at the area:: # ACTION> Shot much closer than he wanted , grimaces and curses as the ship is rocked and several panels on the oira spark and sizzle Lerak trPexil: Plotting possible vectors. KhreRiovtRex: # Othan Ship Enarrain> Fvaht! Too close.....we shall see...now..... Laehval tTemarr: Menkha. S'Bien, another volley. Target the larger asteroids and see if au can knock them toward that area. KhreRiovtRex: # Othan Ship Enarrain> :: keys command and grins STSF Seiben: ::nods and fires at the asteroids as ordered:: ACTION> TALON'S SENSORS PING WITH MORE TARGETS TO EITHER SIDE FLANKING THEM Lerak trPexil: Multiple signals on our flank. They are na alone. KhreRiovtRex: # Othan Ship 1> All ships.....fire..... Lerak trPexil: Incoming! ACTION> Weapons fire suddenly targets the Talon from 3-4 locations STSF Seiben: It's a trap Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval swore.:: Take us up, S'Bien and target all contacts. KhreRiovtRex: (Seiben wins the Admiral Ackar award for tonight) Laehval tTemarr: They have the numbers, but na our weaponry. Send a tight band message to the Stinger. Lerak trPexil: We cannot repel fire of their combined magnitude for long. STSF Seiben: ::rocked by the hits:: Shields holding.. right. ::Takes the ship up, and targets the Stingers, sending the message to the Stinger:: Message sent. STSF Seiben: ::targets and evades as best as he can remember from his experiences with the Stinger:: KhreRiovtRex: # The smaller ship's maneuverability makes them difficult to target as they dart in and out of the asteroids Laehval tTemarr: S Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, target the asteroids rather than the ships if we cannot get a lock on them. Make it difficult for them to maneuver and then look for an opening. m_k_tksa: <q> Here we go. STSF Seiben: Ie, understood.. ::targets the asteroids as ordered, taking away their hiding spaces:: Lerak trPexil: Shields holding.. ACTION> The Othan ships continue to dive in and out at the Talon like annoying flies on a horse Laehval tTemarr: ACTION> Hit by a wide volley, the asteroids began ricocheting off one another in a chaotic dance, making the field extremely difficult to navigate. The Talon was struck by several, but the shields held. Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, take us out of the field, but continue to fire. tr'Pexil, what have we in the way of power to direct to our other deflectors? STSF Seiben: ;;curses a bit as well at their manoeuvrability:: Spreading a wide load. ::fires a wide volley as they exit the field:: Lerak trPexil: :: Look to the ceiling as if a rock is going to crash through it. If it were with enough force worrying about repairs would be the least of their problems :: Lerak trPexil: I can reroute power from other systems we are not using. :: Does so :: Power to deflectors up by 13% ACTION> Othan ship 4 gets hit by asteroids on both sides, causing a huge explosion as the ship is destroyed STSF Seiben: Well, that's one down. ACTION>Othan ship two is also hit and it heavily damaged, It's cloak appears to be failing m_k_tksa: ::dealing now with the influx of injured crew members:: Lerak trPexil: An Othan ship is experiencing a failing cloak. Laehval tTemarr: Ha! Au see it, S'Bien? Target to destroy. We only need io. STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Opening fire ::shoots:: Two left. STSF Seiben: ::Manoeuvres the ship around and targets the remaining ships based on the Stinger's capabilities, speaking of which...:: Stinger still seems to be too far out.. Laehval tTemarr: I want io crippled. Lerak trPexil: Deflectors maintaining increased power. STSF Seiben: I'll focus fire on one of their engines to disable them. Laehval tTemarr: ACTION> Another volley smacks a dozen asteroids off one another and sets them tumbling into others. STSF Seiben: ::like pin ball.. ding ding ding..:: Lerak trPexil: :: Watching large debris bounce off the deflector fields :: Laehval tTemarr: ACTION> Talon is struck by another dozen medium-sized asteroids and deflectors flicker in the aft section. m_k_tksa: ::wobbles and almost topples over onto the patient she's working with:: STSF Seiben: ::shakes:: Lerak trPexil: Grrr. :: taps :: Aft deflectors are straining. STSF Seiben: So many asteroids.. STSF Seiben: ::hopes more of the asteroids would hit the Othan ships instead:: KhreRiovtRex: Othan Ship 3> :: Dives in and make a run towards Talon STSF Seiben: ::watches the ship:: What're they doing? STSF Seiben: ::Targets the ship:: Laehval tTemarr: They're desperate, looks like. Fire at will. ACTION> Othan ship is heading right for the Talon STSF Seiben: ::Fires at the Othan ship:: ACTION. Othan 3 explodes as it neared the Talon, showering the ship in debris Lerak trPexil: Ah! Deflectors failing. STSF Seiben: ::holds onto his console:: One left. Lerak trPexil: :: Seeing an awful lot of read on his status display :: ACTION> As the explosion clears, the Talon is left facing a field full of rapidly moving asteroids of multiple sizes, and debris from the other 3 ships spread out all over the field and on the asteroids, literally giving hundreds of readings matching that of the other ship KhreRiovtRex: Othan Ship 1> Has used the distraction, to shield and move off, too much interference to even considering finding them at this time KhreRiovtRex: Othan Enarrin 1> :: grins knowing they will na be able to find him at this time, but now has a better understanding of the ranges that they can be picked up on the Galae sensors. PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM STSF Seiben: ::paused:: KhreRiovtRex: Nice sim all KhreRiovtRex: I hope that you all have a nice holiday break. STSF Seiben: Same to you all Laehval tTemarr: Night, guys. Have a good weekend. KhreRiovtRex: Just a heads up, I will be traveling for work in 2 weeks, so most likely will not be online the 8th thru the 13fth KhreRiovtRex: but will remind you all next week. Crew Dismissed STSF Seiben: Hm, ok STSF Seiben: Goodnight
  6. RES Talon Mission Briefing 51803.22 - Season 23 The Talon is making its way back to the Justarus Shipyards to report in their findings on the planet and to leave additional stores at the shipyards before heading back to chRihan. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM [11:11 pm] STSF Seiben: (4 celsius = 277 Kelvin & 39 F) [11:12 pm] Laehval tTemarr: (( If we switched to the metric system, we couldn't have quarter pounders any more. )) [11:12 pm] Lerak trPexil: ((That would be bad why?)) [11:12 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (: gasp:: right there is why it should never happen!) [11:13 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: On the oria :: [11:13 pm] STSF Seiben: ::piloting the ship back to the shipyards:: [11:13 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: turns watching the door close behind t’Temarr and t’Ksa, and goes back and sits at her desk:: [11:15 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval strolled to her usual seat on the bridge and sank down, feeling a bit tired, but thankful they were back in motion and making progress.:: [11:16 pm] m_k_tksa: ::heads to the lift doors, casting a glance at the Oira and the crew there as she waits for the lift to arrive:: [11:16 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Looking over the engine stresses. Even though the ship would do it continually and more precision than himself, tr'Pexil always felt he'd find something it couldn't. :: [11:17 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: begins compiling the department heads reports into her overall report which she wanted to file both at Justarus and to have them forward on towards ch’Rihan over tight beam:: [11:18 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Hears a miss in his head :: ACTION: As the Talon has changed its course back towards the Shipyards, a small blip is picked up near a small asteroid nearby [11:21 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Looks over to t'Temarr who looked a tad weary from her usual self :: Action: Be-de-beep.....Be-de-beep [11:23 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Switches his screen upon hearing the be-de-beep :: [11:23 pm] m_k_tksa: ::enters the lift and heads back down to medical, going through the sequence of events needed to disembark the patients:: [11:23 pm] STSF Seiben: Detecting something nearby in the asteroid field. Can't tell what it is as of yet. [11:23 pm] Lerak trPexil: Rerouting sensors to gather more detail. [11:24 pm] STSF Seiben: It's a blip [11:25 pm] Laehval tTemarr: What sort of blip? ::Eyes narrowed.:: Is it moving? [11:26 pm] STSF Seiben: It's a small blip. [11:26 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (Leah, you have permission to shoot him for that) [11:27 pm] Laehval tTemarr: (Heh heh heh_ [11:27 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She sighed.:: Take us to intercept. [11:27 pm] STSF Seiben: (pool) [11:28 pm] STSF Seiben: OK... Taking us in to intercept. ::does so:: [11:28 pm] STSF Seiben: (I have a bit of Baileys in me ) [11:28 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (lol.. define 'a bit'!) [11:29 pm] STSF Seiben: (250-300 mL?) [11:30 pm] Laehval tTemarr: (what's a mL? ) Action: As the Talon turns towards the reading, they suddenly pick up readings similar to the Stinger, but this was not their escort ship, unless the Stinger had turned off its transponder code:: [11:30 pm] m_k_tksa: ::enters medical, motions for io of the nurses to follow her:: [11:31 pm] Lerak trPexil: The signal matches that of the Stinger class of ship, but it is na ours. [11:31 pm] STSF Seiben: Is it another Othan ship like the Stinger? [11:33 pm] Lerak trPexil: They may have procured some of our vessels from various sources. ACTION: Long-range sensors pick up the small Othan ship for a siruen, as it turns and starts to speed away. It obviously engages its cloak as it turned from the advancing Talon. [11:34 pm] STSF Seiben: I think it ran off. It looked similar to the Stinger [11:34 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (Same class of ship as those that had hunted us, and had been difficult to track until we got our improved tracking device from the miners. Same type as the Stinger we had captured) [11:35 pm] Laehval tTemarr: If the signal matches, it could be another of their ships. Shields up and ready the weapons. +t'Rexan+ Rekkhai, we might have an Othan ship on sensors. [11:36 pm] KhreRiovtRex: +tTemarr+ Hann'yyo, I will join au rhae the oira [11:36 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Fvaht, I thought we had rid ourselves of these parasites for at least a little while..... [11:36 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: puts down her ISD, and heads out to the oira:: [11:37 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: passes through the doorway onto the oira and joins tTemarr:: Status report fhaen [11:39 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: takes a seat:: [11:39 pm] KhreRiovtRex: ::: pulls over her monitor to view what they had been tracking on the oira:: [11:39 pm] STSF Seiben: It ran off away from us and cloaked, they may have seen us coming but can't confirm nor deny that at this time. [11:39 pm] Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, engaged the tracker and see if au can pick up its heading. ::She sighed again and looked at t'Rex.:: It seems to have the same sensor readings as the Stinger. [11:40 pm] STSF Seiben: Aye aye.. [11:40 pm] STSF Seiben: ::works on the tracker to pick up the Othan ship:: [11:40 pm] KhreRiovtRex: That's a tight little asteroid field, and na all of their ships, may know that we are able to more easily scan and pick them up if we are close enough. [11:42 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Perhaps we should force their hand...... fire some shots in there, start heading in ourselves. If we can make them panic, perhaps we can force them to give away their position. Of, if you have another idea, I'd be happy to hear it. [11:44 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Na, if we make it difficult for them to stay hidden, we may be able to get a reading. I've already ordered weapons armed. They should be charged and ready. [11:44 pm] KhreRiovtRex: No. Actually Enarrain.......Au found this, fhaen.... proceed as au find best. This will be au yy'a or cpature. [11:45 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Au have already started the hunt, I will na take this away from au. Fhaen, proceed. Though if au do na mind, I will remain to observe. I tire of looking at star charts. [11:47 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Ie, Rekkhai. S'Bien, take us into the field. The shields can handle a bit of a battering. tr'Pexil, give us extra power to the shields. [11:48 pm] STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Very well then. ::engages thrusters to take the ship into the asteroid field:: [11:48 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Au may wish to inform the Daise Maenak, so she may secure any of her patients that may have need to remain still [11:49 pm] Lerak trPexil: Diverting power to shields. [11:50 pm] Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, take us to Condition Red and inform medical of the situation. [11:52 pm] STSF Seiben: Right, will do. Condition red. +t'Ksa+ Oira to Medical, we're about to enter an asteroid field to pursue an enemy ship. Please secure all loose objects and/or patients and prepare for possible injuries incoming. [11:53 pm] m_k_tksa: +Oria+ Understood. ::glances at her nurse;: Well, first thing's first, I suppose. ::nods, then puts out the alert to batton down the hatches:: [11:57 pm] Laehval tTemarr: tr'Pexil, get on the sensors and scan for traces of the Othan vessel. It should have the same mineral content in the hull. ::She cracked her knuckles.:: S'Bien, it is time for us to have a bit of fun. Begin randomly firing into the field. [11:57 pm] Laehval tTemarr: tr'Pexil will direct au to specific areas if he spots the ship. [11:58 pm] STSF Seiben: ::nods, activates weapons and begins to randomly fire around the asteroid field::: [11:59 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: His sensor display shows the results of the scans of the field ahead :: I have ion dispersion, but the trail will not last long... PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM [12:00 am] m_k_tksa: ::paused:: [12:00 am] Laehval tTemarr: That was quick. [12:01 am] KhreRiovtRex: Very nice ya'll. Yea, that did run quick tonight. Time flies when you're having fun! [12:01 am] KhreRiovtRex: Ok, so next week, we'll see if you can catch this ship or at least blow it out of the sky [12:01 am] KhreRiovtRex: Laehval, do you have anything you want to follow up on? [12:01 am] STSF Seiben: oooh [12:02 am] Laehval tTemarr: Nope. Everyone have a good weekend. [12:02 am] KhreRiovtRex: ok then...so Crew Dismissed!! Everyone have a great week!
  7. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51803.15 - Season 23 The crew had returned to the ship after assisting on the planet to get basic systems up and running again, and the injured to the medical facilities. Those that were severely injured, had been brought to the ship for healing. After a quick debrief and sending them off to get some sleep, a shower and prepare reports. After reviewing more fleet movement charts, t'Vatrix has asked t'Temarr and t'Ksa to meet her at her chambers. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM [11:11 pm] STSF Seiben: ::in the mess hall, eating his meal with Pexil as far as he remembers:: [11:11 pm] m_k_tksa::: gotten as far as the oria, had na made it to the Khre'Riov's chambers quite yet:: [11:12 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: Spreads a number of ISD's about her desk, and turns to stare at the map positioned upon the wall [11:12 pm] Laehval tTemarr::: Having just entered t'Rexan's chambers, she gave her a nod.:: Rekkhai, au summoned? [11:14 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: half distracted by the map, she looked back over her shoulder to tTemarr::: Ie.....I wanted to speak with au, and the Daise Maenak. I trust au were able to get some rest before I bothered au? [11:14 pm] m_k_tksa: ::taking a deep breath, straightens her uniform tunic before ringing the chime:: [11:14 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: to Koga :: Did au ever meet Nalia? Wait, au must have. [11:15 pm] STSF Seiben: I believe I did, when we were in ch'Rihan yes. She seemed nice, but I didn't talk to much if at all. [11:16 pm] KhreRiovtRex: I am deeply worried about our current troop locations [11:16 pm] Lerak trPexil: Au stay away from her :: laughing :: [11:17 pm] Lerak trPexil: So, what of our next adventure? [11:17 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval waved the door open to admit t'Ksa and then took a seat.:: Ie, I had a shower and a brief bite. ::She glanced at the map.:: What of the troops? [11:17 pm] STSF Seiben: ::chuckles:: All right, I doubt she'd want to be with some retired keve'shrek fighter anyway. She's probably not the type to be into it much. [11:17 pm] STSF Seiben: ::shrugs:: I don't know yet. Haven't heard anything regarding that. Hopefully, we can be able hunt down these Othan scum [11:17 pm] m_k_tksa: ::following t'Temarr and taking a seat as well:: [11:20 pm] KhreRiovtRex: As you know, we were losing ground back home, it wasn't until that extra wave of ships that turned up that we were able to turn the battle to our cause. However, many of those ships, were from this sector and protecting Justarus. They lost many here in the first attack that was made here but held. it's a good force. However.......many are still at the home world, reinforcing and checking small outposts for Othan traitors. [11:20 pm] KhreRiovtRex: If we were to continue our mission, to follow the Othan and try to cut them off...I foresee two critical issues at he moment: [11:22 pm] KhreRiovtRex: 1) In our efforts to liberate and help both the last colony and Justarus (the station and colony world), we have given the Othan the time to slip away. They are no doubt far from our reach by now. [11:23 pm] KhreRiovtRex: 2) If we were to pursue, we have ships coming back here to defend this sector, but they are few. I would hate for us to pursue, meet a poor end, and then leave an open corridor for them to slide right back in. [11:24 pm] Lerak trPexil: A lonely path we walk. [11:26 pm] STSF Seiben: Indeed it is. It's fortunate you were able to find someone okay with you being away so often. That's pretty rare. [11:26 pm] Laehval tTemarr: So... we must either continue to provide aid to the colonials and give up the pursuit, or we can pursue and hope we find them, but abandon the outer worlds and hope that others come to their aid. [11:26 pm] STSF Seiben: ::takes a bite of some food:: [11:27 pm] KhreRiovtRex: More or less in a nutshell....ie. [11:27 pm] KhreRiovtRex: As I know many on the home world, myself included, and I'm sure many here as well, seek vengeance, I think that this is na the time nor place for it. However, some may see it as taking an easy way out, or accuse us of fearing to face the Othan. Personally, :: turns and points at the map:: I think from a strategic position, we should not push on. [11:29 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Eats :: [11:29 pm] m_k_tksa: ::watching both t'Temarr and the Khre'Riov closely:: [11:29 pm] KhreRiovtRex: I wanted to first hear both of your thoughts on this. and then I had a follow up from the Daise Maenak on the status of those that were injured. Can they all be handled here, or would the facilities at the shipyards be better? Are any severe cases that need to be taken to the home world? [11:29 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She turned to give Ksa a look.:: And au? Do au think we should abandon the pursuit? [11:31 pm] m_k_tksa: IT is my opinion that is better for us to gain our strength then to continue as we are. We know the Othans and what they are capable, and their resources will be cut off. We need to rally our own people. [11:32 pm] Lerak trPexil: How many other ships do are pursuing the Othan. [11:32 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: nods to tKsa:: [11:33 pm] KhreRiovtRex: And au tTemarr? [11:33 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Ie, I agree. ::Firm nod.:: As much as it pains me to allow the Othan scum to live a moment longer, there are people in need here that are more important than a blood quest. [11:36 pm] STSF Seiben: I don't know off hand, but it wasn't that many [11:36 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Very well...... Then we all agree and will explain it to the crew that we will hold this line for now until we regather our strenght. [11:38 pm] KhreRiovtRex: They have a fully functioning shipyard,.ours..is just getting back on its feet. Our two ships could possibly be flying into a major trap, or just overwhelming forces. Though, we did injure them badly ourselves [11:39 pm] Lerak trPexil: How long would au wait...for someone Koga? [11:40 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Morganna, on the status of your patients. I know au have done extensive work with au team to get their systems back up and the medical facilities. Many of their families also work at the shipyards. They are sending ships here with engineers and medics. Do au have any cases that need to be taken to the shipyard medical, or more severe back to chRihan? [11:41 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: drinks :: [11:41 pm] m_k_tksa: Na that need to be transferred back to ch'Rihan. I'd like to transfer the rest of the patients to the shipyard when they're ready. [11:42 pm] STSF Seiben: Someone? As in that special someone? I don't know, those don't come by too often. But, I think it'd wait at least another 5-10 years. I'm still young enough. [11:42 pm] STSF Seiben: ::drinks his drink:: [11:42 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: glances at his isd and the workload :: [11:44 pm] KhreRiovtRex: That is easily enough done. We can also leave some of our supplies at the shipyard to supplement their stores. We can restock back home. [11:44 pm] STSF Seiben: Did au manage to get some decent rest yet? ::watches him look at his ISD:: [11:45 pm] KhreRiovtRex: I'd also like for au to discuss with the Kheinsa, any recommendations he'd make for the crew. Many did na get to deal with their personal losses before we had to so quickly leave [11:45 pm] Lerak trPexil: Na... and I'd like a massage... but I'm not likely to get it. I'll ask t'Temarr. I'm sure after I do I'll be escorted to the brig...or airlock. [11:46 pm] STSF Seiben: I'd pick the latter. [11:46 pm] Laehval tTemarr: (Or the morgue. ) [11:47 pm] m_k_tksa: Understood ::nods:: [11:47 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (lol) [11:49 pm] Laehval tTemarr: What of the children? ::Looking again at Morgana.:: [11:49 pm] KhreRiovtRex: I want to thank au both, for being so strong and helping the crew get through this. I do na believe we'd have made it through everthing without au both....... Pexil and Koga too........ [11:50 pm] KhreRiovtRex: ::turns to tKsa:: [11:50 pm] STSF Seiben: Hope to get some decent sleep when I retire. At least I'll get a chance to sleep in some. [11:51 pm] Lerak trPexil: I'm na sure what awaits me. [11:51 pm] STSF Seiben: You and me both. [11:53 pm] KhreRiovtRex: ::turns back to Laehval:: Did we na leave them at the medical facilities at the shipyards? [11:54 pm] KhreRiovtRex: If they have na been found someone to be with, we could feasibly pick them back up, and take them back to chRihan. I'm sure Galae medical would be interested to find out what the Othan were doing to them. [11:55 pm] m_k_tksa: There are three remaining. I'll know for sure if we find a familiar match in the morning. [11:56 pm] KhreRiovtRex: have au and the kheinsa been able to gleen any information from them? [11:56 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Alright. I suppose that is the best we can hope for at this point. [11:57 pm] Lerak trPexil: Back home I mean. Perhaps a bit of motivation for me to press on. [11:57 pm] m_k_tksa: Na much, other than they are very comfortable with the maenkenn and nurses. This has been a part of their life for a very long time, maybe since birth. [11:59 pm] KhreRiovtRex: ::frowns, displeased with that information:: The day will come, were there will be retribution...... :: turning and pointing to a few areas on the map:: But I'm afraid that today is na that day. We have way too many holes....in our net......that predators can make their way into unseen. [12:00 am] KhreRiovtRex: Hann'yyo for both of au opinions. If the crew feels we are making the wrong decision, we will just have to explain it to them. [12:02 am] KhreRiovtRex: Laeh, can au get us back on course for the shipyards. We will be making a brief stop, then heading back to chRihan. I'd also like to turn over those th'ann, that NDak interrogated for us [12:02 am] Laehval tTemarr: I doubt any of them will deny the logic of it, nor the chance to help those in need. [12:02 am] Laehval tTemarr: Ie, Rekkhai. ::Another nod.:: [12:02 am] KhreRiovtRex: I honestly think many would like to check in on their own families as well. We had little time for them to do so before we left [12:03 am] STSF Seiben: Ah. Maybe I can be a Keveshrek commentator on one of those sports holo-networks. [12:03 am] Lerak trPexil: Are au ready to get out of here? Perhaps a holoroom form of relaxation...if we are afforded it. [12:03 am] KhreRiovtRex: I do na wish to take up too much of au valuable time. I know au both have been busy. That is all for now. Hann'yyo for coming by [12:03 am] Lerak trPexil: As an expert? [12:04 am] STSF Seiben: That would be nice. Au could get that massage au wanted? And ie, I still know a lot about the sport and I still follow it regularly. [12:04 am] KhreRiovtRex: :: picks up io of the ISD's and turns back to the map starting to make indications rhae the map for troop moment senarios.... [12:05 am] Laehval tTemarr: ::She rose and turned, making her way to the bridge to carry out t'Rexan's orders.:: [12:05 am] m_k_tksa: ::nods, and heads out the door, still na sure what to make of that meeting considering their history:: PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM [12:07 am] KhreRiovtRex: Nice sim guys, and thanks Pexil and Koga for keeping yourselves busy while we had a mini staff meeting [12:07 am] STSF Seiben: No worries, was fun [12:07 am] Lerak trPexil: Nalia...err, I mean no problem. [12:07 am] KhreRiovtRex: We'll pick up next week heading back, and we should let Laehval go enjoy the rest of her birthday....she still have time for more ice cream [12:08 am] Laehval tTemarr: I just had some cake, so on the right track. [12:09 am] Laehval tTemarr: Night, guys. Have a good weekend. [12:09 am] KhreRiovtRex: lol....ok all...thanks and have a great week..... [12:09 am] Lerak trPexil: Night.. [12:09 am] m_k_tksa: Happy Birthday! [12:09 am] KhreRiovtRex: Crew Dismissed
  8. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51803.08 - Season 23 The away team had returned to the ship and had done a quick debriefing with t'Vatrix hrrau her chambers. Shortly into the discussion, she dismissed them to go shower, rest and eat, and get their reports completed and turned in. And really, she wanted them to shower......peew..... BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM [11:11 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: sitting rhae the oira reading through some of the reports from the dheno team:: [11:11 pm] STSF Seiben: ::returns to his quarters and after taking off his dirty clothes and tossing them into the reclamator, steps into the shower:: [11:12 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: pausing a siruen, she reread io section, about how and altercation with a young Othan ended with t'A in a shed:: [11:13 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: she made a note to forward the file to the Kheinsa for review:: [11:15 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Crouches on the ground to take the shot towards the compound. Finds the target. Fires... :: plink :: A miss! Finds the target. Fires... :: plink :: A miss! Fires...:: Plink :: A miss! :: Plink :: A miss!....miss!....miss! :: [11:16 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval had changed, showered, and grabbed a bite on the run, but didn't take the time to rest. There was still much to be done. She took another bite of fruit as she read her ISD on her way down the corridor.:: [11:16 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Lerak took another sip of his family's wine he brought on board. It was a strong fruity blend of various grapes. The portrait on the bottle looked a lot like him... if he was more buff :: [11:17 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: The missed shot down on the planet played over and over in his mind. Each time it played a sliver of doubt crept in :: [11:18 pm] STSF Seiben: ::finishes his shower, dries off and changes into some clean clothing:: [11:18 pm] m_k_tksa: ::making an inventory of the items that need to be replaced in her medical kit for away missions, noting the depletions and damages:: [11:19 pm] STSF Seiben: Ahh, that feels better. ::walks over his reclining chair and picks up an ISD, reads it over and continues to write his report on their mission, their findings notably what they found when they landed, the Othan resistance force they took down and the base of operations for the local resistance force:: [11:20 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: His shower was short. Just enough to sonic away the grime, the dust, the guilt. Well, it didn't wash away the last one. Perhaps the wine could smooth his mind of his near mission fatal mistake :: [11:21 pm] STSF Seiben: ::opens his refrigeration unit and takes out a cool bottle of ale from NDak's family vineyard, or was it one of its subsidiaries? Pours himself a glass and puts the bottle back in the fridge:: [11:21 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Somehow, out here at the near edge of ch'Rihan space another message awaited him. He was surprised anything got to him now. :: [11:21 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: He checked the sender. Nalia. :: [11:22 pm] STSF Seiben: ::proof reads the report and sends it on when he's happy with it, looks out of his window and enjoys the rest of his ale:: [11:23 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: She seemed nice enough for someone he met by chance. He knew so little about the woman...or what she was doing to his ch'Rihan home :: [11:25 pm] KhreRiovtRex: ::nodded to Ops 2 responding to his indication of additional ships arriving from Justarus:: [11:25 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Then he thought of Laehval. It was ironic, or tragic that she was right there, literally within reach, but as far away as Nalia. Perhaps some routine engineering reports would set his mind at ease :: [11:26 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (Pexil...who takes a partial glass of ale? It will go flat if you don't finish it...live a little!) [11:27 pm] Lerak trPexil: (Hey, I'm the guy with the Moscato in his frig for several months, unopened) [11:27 pm] STSF Seiben: ::Finishes the rest of his ale so it doesn't go flat:: [11:27 pm] Lerak trPexil: (And it was wine... ) [11:28 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Ops....take us back to the shipyards. We can drop these more serious patients off at their medical facility and let their families help tend and comfort them. [11:28 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: He took another larger sip of wine. The sweetness swirled around his mouth, over his tongue, then down his throat. Was Nalia drinking this too...his entire batch? She seemed the type that would :: [11:31 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She stopped in the middle of the hall and then scowled at the officer that nearly ran into her. Taking another bite of her fruit, she took a hard left and continued on down the hall, then wandered into engineering. It had been a while since she'd visited and inspected her old department.:: [11:31 pm] STSF Seiben: (ah, Rihannsu wino lol) [11:31 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Pexil finished off the glass and placed the bottle back in the climate controlled box it came in. He imagined an even sweeter vintage with Nalia's form on plastered on the label. Then some more tart formulation with Laehval's. He laughed out loud at the thought, for how it made him smile, even if it seemed cruel to think so. :: [11:31 pm] STSF Seiben: ::decides to head down to the mess hall for something to eat:: [11:32 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Ops, let the department heads know that we'll be heading back to the shipyards. and to have a preliminary list of vial replacements, but only what is vital, That station was badly hit and are awaiting supplies themselves [11:32 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Decides to both eat with others while eating along and headed to the mess :: [11:33 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Moments, minutes passed. Who knows, this ship is more a city than anything. A home for years :: [11:33 pm] m_k_tksa: Maec> ::pokes his head inside the supply storage:: t'Fournier has finished updating the preliminary patient files and I proofed the causality report. Are we ready to send it on? [11:33 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Enters the mess, sees Koga :: [11:34 pm] STSF Seiben: ::enters just behind Pex:: Jolan try again. Away teams are hungry work, eh? [11:34 pm] Lerak trPexil: I did not want to miss a meal, even if I miss with shots or women. :: Goes to the replication unit :: [11:35 pm] m_k_tksa: t'Ksa> Ie, fhaen. ::nods, adjusting the packing in her bag:: [11:35 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Brings his meal to a table :: [11:36 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Gets a message on his ISD :: We are heading to the shipyards. [11:36 pm] STSF Seiben: ::Gets his meal and brings it to the table Pex is sitting at:: Au do need to work on your shots, but au seem to be better at women now than I am... oh, are we? Hmm. [11:38 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Ops> :: inform Justarus we're on the way [11:38 pm] Lerak trPexil: Better with women? Hmph. I did not kidnap Nalia to have her as my mate when I return. She simply needed help and I was in a position to offer it. [11:38 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She strode through, inspecting and being inspected. It was fun to remind the crew once in a while that they were still under the scrutiny of the most demanding taskmaster they'd ever had.:: [11:38 pm] m_k_tksa: Maec> Something a wrong? ::tilts his head, watching her pack::: [11:39 pm] Lerak trPexil: She is sleeping in my bed while I'm away. :: he smirked :: [11:39 pm] STSF Seiben: I see.. Of course. I didn't mean to sound condescending or anything. I mean, it must be nice to have someone like au for au, not just for fame, or your family's fortune. [11:39 pm] m_k_tksa: t'Ksa> Na, just tired. ::snaps the lid closed and signs:: I need to go check on the patients in bay re and thi. Would au care to go with? [11:40 pm] Lerak trPexil: My family did not come into anything until that flush of latinum. [11:40 pm] STSF Seiben: ::nods:: [11:41 pm] Lerak trPexil: I'm just an engineer that pursues routine and items he cannot have. [11:41 pm] Lerak trPexil: Na matter how badly he wants them. [11:41 pm] STSF Seiben: ::smirks, takes a bite of his meal:: Still though, how are things with au two going? [11:42 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: coded several messages to be passed to the incoming ships to update them from the last status report for this sector, and has Ops2 transmit to the incoming ships [11:42 pm] Lerak trPexil: Laehval and I-- Err, no change. [11:43 pm] Lerak trPexil: I mean she met my family, but I never got a sense of what she thought. [11:44 pm] STSF Seiben: Ahh.. and that flower girl? Nadia? [11:44 pm] Lerak trPexil: I imagine they were a stark contrast to her own experience.. [11:44 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: looking at where the fleet was stationed at the moment, and frowning at the major holes due to ships they had lost during the altercation with the Othan:: [11:44 pm] STSF Seiben: Hmm. ::nods knowingly:: [11:44 pm] Lerak trPexil: Nalia... she's doing well...sending me correspondence. Getting better, albeit slowly. [11:45 pm] STSF Seiben: That's good to hear. She seems nice enough. [11:45 pm] Lerak trPexil: She is like the flowers she arranged. [11:45 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She paused by the AQS -- her baby -- and patted it with a tenderness that she'd never shown another sentient being. Helping all of those people, getting her hands dirty, repairing things ... it made her nostalgic for days past, long before the Othans and the devastation of their home planet.:: [11:46 pm] Lerak trPexil: (Aww Laehval....) [11:47 pm] Lerak trPexil: I need to write Nalia back. If she expends the effort to contact me, I should at the very least return the favor. [11:48 pm] STSF Seiben: Ie, au should score some brownie points if au do that. I'll bet she's expecting au to write back to her. [11:48 pm] Lerak trPexil: Au should have seen how Laehval looked at her. A streak of contempt I think. Perhaps that's why we have not spoke of it much. [11:49 pm] Lerak trPexil: Ie, and in holoimage form. She enjoys the live log. [11:49 pm] m_k_tksa: Maec> Ie, of course. How bad is it? [11:49 pm] STSF Seiben: (q) Ooh, a love triangle perhaps? Very interesting, those are always exciting but often doesn't end well. [11:50 pm] m_k_tksa: t'Ksa> The io in re is the io I'd like au to observe. We'll use the io in thi as an excuse. Just tell me what au think, ie? [11:50 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Ops 2, please send a message to tTemarr and t'Ksa seeing if they are available for a quick meeting, and if na, find out when they may be available for a few siuren [11:50 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Laughs without the quiet:: If only. I had not considered that. A bizarre love triangle for sure. [11:51 pm] STSF Seiben: But one nonetheless.. what is a typical love triangle anyway? [11:52 pm] Lerak trPexil: That I do na know. I'm more of a love line kind of Rihan. [11:52 pm] STSF Seiben: Ie, I try to be too. Much easier that way. [11:53 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Ops 2> Ie Rekkhai... :: quickly puts together the short message, and forwards to tTemarr and tKsa, asking if they'd be able to meet the KhreRiov shortly [11:54 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She broke from her reverie as her ISD buzzed, indicating a new message. Sighing, she flicked open the messaging program to view the request. Tapping out a quick note of acknowledgement, she indicated she would be on the bridge in a few minutes.:: [11:54 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Eats more of his meal :: [11:55 pm] STSF Seiben: ::Continues with his meal as well:: [11:55 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She started for the lift, taking another bite of the sweet fruit. An ensign jumped at the crunch and she hid a smile at his nervousness. Yes, it was always fun to remind them how lucky they had it now. Pexil knew his business and ran an efficient department, but he was... soft.:: [11:55 pm] Lerak trPexil: I guess we will be hopping from system to system to stop the Othan. [11:55 pm] m_k_tksa: t'Ksa>::frowns as a message is broadcast to her ISD:: Might have au just go look on au own. I'm being summoned. ::tapping a quick response:: Perhaps take tr'Paine with au? ::glances at Maec:: [11:56 pm] m_k_tksa: Maec> Don't worry, I can make due. I'll let au know what I find out when au return. [11:56 pm] Lerak trPexil: Farther from home... my flower girl :: smiles :: [11:57 pm] STSF Seiben: Ie as far as I know that's the plan. ::Smiles:: Ie, I know what au mean. [11:57 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Stops himself :: She is not my flower girl... gads, even I'm repeating it. [11:58 pm] STSF Seiben: WAsn't that an old song or something? [11:59 pm] Lerak trPexil: Not from the music I listen to...perhaps you are thinking of a non-Rihan something. [11:59 pm] STSF Seiben: Perhaps. Sounds like an old Earth song or something. [11:59 pm] KhreRiovtRex: TWO MINUTE WARNING [11:59 pm] m_k_tksa: ::ill at ease with going to the Oira, but had noticed that she was na the only one who got the message so perhaps it wouldn't be as disastrous as the last visit:: Menkha luck. ::steps on the lift:: [12:00 am] Lerak trPexil: Earth? Even further away. Doing some spying on the enemy? [12:01 am] Laehval tTemarr: ::Back in the lift, she sent it up to the bridge, resting her head against the back wall.:: [12:01 am] STSF Seiben: I dabbled here and there.. PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM [12:02 am] Lerak trPexil: That was fun [12:02 am] KhreRiovtRex: Nice sim, thank you for coming everyone [12:03 am] Laehval tTemarr: Question. [12:03 am] KhreRiovtRex: Yes [12:03 am] Laehval tTemarr: It is a triangle if the 3rd person doesn't know she's in it? [12:04 am] Lerak trPexil: Only to the outside observer [12:05 am] Laehval tTemarr: I'd call Lerak's dilemma just a line. Maybe one of those dotted loopy ones. [12:05 am] KhreRiovtRex: ::shrugs:: lol [12:06 am] STSF Seiben: lol [12:06 am] Lerak trPexil: A line that misses its target [12:06 am] Laehval tTemarr: Nice sim, all. Relaxing. [12:06 am] Lerak trPexil: I'll write another letter. Night all [12:06 am] KhreRiovtRex: Ok, we'll pick this up next week. Have a nice weekend everyone and I hope you all are feeling better now. Oh, and I believe tksa had an annual trip around the sun complete..... [12:07 am] KhreRiovtRex: Happy Birthday [12:07 am] STSF Seiben: Yay happy birthday [12:07 am] Laehval tTemarr: [12:07 am] Laehval tTemarr: Night, everyone. [12:07 am] KhreRiovtRex: Anyway, Crew Dismissed
  9. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51803.01 - Season 23 The away team had helped to transport many of the sick or injured from the farming center where they had been held and forced to work by the Othan, back to the main medical facility on the Western continent. Laeh, Pexil and Koga besides getting the transport ship moving, had also assisted in getting many of the main power facilities back online, while NDak and the Stinger had been making sure the Othan were gone from the command centers and trying to retrieve any data they had left. The team is returning to the Talon to debrief and see what our next actions will be BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM Lerak trPexil: :: Glad to be heading back to the Talon :: STSF Seiben: ::piloting the shuttle back to the Talon:: KhreRiovtRex: +Away team+ Let me know when you've returned and have time to debrief and update me fhaen Lerak trPexil: :: Rubs his eyes as they make their way back :: STSF Seiben: ::noses up the shuttle as they approach the planet's stratosphere:: Lerak trPexil: +t'Vatrix+ We shall na be long. KhreRiovtRex: +trPexil+ Acknowledged, na rush. Laehval tTemarr: ::Cracks an eye open at the comm and then shuts it again as Pexil answers.:: S'Bien, how long until we dock? STSF Seiben: Not long as Pexil says, I'd say within the next ten minutes. Lerak trPexil: :: to the others in the shuttle :: I don't know about au, but I could use a meal. STSF Seiben: So could I. STSF Seiben: ::enters space again and heads towards the Talon:: Laehval tTemarr: And a shower. Au both need io. Lerak trPexil: Na doubt au as well. :: grins to t'Temarr as he turns to the forward window :: KhreRiovtRex: @ :: hrrau chambers updating files from the information they've gathers so far from the Stinger's update and some of the med team, and looking forward to Laeh's team update STSF Seiben: Just not together Lerak trPexil: Na... Laehval tTemarr: Au two are more than welcome to. STSF Seiben: But the showers are so small... Lerak trPexil: :: Wanted to say something, but decided against it :: KhreRiovtRex: ((good plan)) Laehval tTemarr: I doubt that has stopped au before. ::Dryly.:: Now get us docked so we can get to the debrief. The sooner we debrief, the sooner we get a good meal, shower, and a comfortable bed. Lerak trPexil: Ie... STSF Seiben: Indeed. We're approaching the Talon now. Initiating docking sequence,:: requests docking clearance:: KhreRiovtRex: @ :: not very happy with what little they had gained from the th'ann and from what the Othan had left behind:: KhreRiovtRex: @ Talon Ops2> Au are clear for landing bay 2 STSF Seiben: +Ops+ Acknowledged. Landing Bay 2. KhreRiovtRex: @ ::notes the motion out her window and nods to herself that they were back:: STSF Seiben: ::aligns with landing bay 2 and begins to dock:: STSF Seiben: ::enters the landing bay and sets down:: Lerak trPexil: :: Gets up :: STSF Seiben: ::powering down and opens the exit hatch:: STSF Seiben: OK ::gets up and follows everyone out:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Groans as she gets to her feet. Steps out of the shuttle and heads for the lift.:: Lerak trPexil: t'Temarr is right, we should get the debrief over with. STSF Seiben: I agree. Lerak trPexil: :: Follows her :: STSF Seiben: ::follows:: Lerak trPexil: :: Enters the lift :: Laehval tTemarr: ::Waits until they're all in the lift and then sends it up to the bridge.:: STSF Seiben: ::walks in the lift and leans against the back wall:: KhreRiovtRex: @ :: personally na happy about what she believes would be the best course forward Lerak trPexil: :: Makes his way to the debrief :: Laehval tTemarr: ::Steps out onto the bridge, looking for t'Rexan.:: STSF Seiben: ::follows and enters the bridge:: KhreRiovtRex: Ops 2> :: salutes tTemarr and motions towards the Khre'Riov's chambers:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Rings the chimes.:: KhreRiovtRex: Enter Laehval tTemarr: ::Steps inside and nods as the others file in.:: Rekkhai. STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Lerak trPexil: :: Files in as well :: KhreRiovtRex: Fhaen....:: notes that they look tired:: Na need for formality.... :: motions to the small table across the room: We can just quickly meet here, and then let au go get some well-deserved rest and .. freshened up Lerak trPexil: :: Gladly takes a seat :: KhreRiovtRex: Medical has already updated me that the Daise Maenak is still occupied....and will update me later on what you can’t cover KhreRiovtRex: I've also spoken with NDak, and he's interrogated the th'ann au sent back. They did na provide much information of worth unfortunately Lerak trPexil: :: Nods :: KhreRiovtRex: :: walks across the room and activates a padd, coming back with 3 chilled bottles of ale and hands them to the team:: I am interested in au report and thoughts STSF Seiben: Thanks. Laehval tTemarr: ::Sinks into her chair and leans back. Takes the drink with a nod of thanks.:: The people are getting situated. We've done what we can to get their services back up and running. Lerak trPexil: The Othan left these people in much the same state we found people on ch'Rihan. Much of the infrastructure was left intact. STSF Seiben: ::sips his ale:: STSF Seiben: We've transported the people from the farmland. There was only an old freighter as transport left. Lerak trPexil: It needs some service, but it is not bad enough not to fly. STSF Seiben: ::nods:: We managed to repair it enough to get it to a flight worthy state KhreRiovtRex: There are ships heading here from Justarus now that we have made sure the Othan are na here. Though, from what we got from the th'ann au brought back, when the Othan came here, they had hoped to stage vs our shipyard and take it. They did na know that much of Galae's reserve and personal fleets were ...... temporarily here....(and thus, na tricked into being trapped at chRihan). T Lerak trPexil: I imagine our challenges will become more difficult as we progress. STSF Seiben: ::nods in agreement:: KhreRiovtRex: They indicated that they had hoped to bring back reinforcements and make another attempt on Justarus once our fleet had went to fight at chRihan. Fortunately, with our forces routing them there, they swung by in time to warn most of those here, to pull back for now, unsure how much of our fleet was pursuing them KhreRiovtRex: Many of those working on the Shipyards had family here, so they are intent on getting here and getting services back up. Besides this is the main spaceport, as normal commerce is na allowed to route to our military shipyard. KhreRiovtRex: Enough of my talking. Fhaen...au findings, thoughts and anything that stood out to au there? Laehval tTemarr: They seem resilient colonists. With some aid, I think they will be fine. KhreRiovtRex: How heavy had their casualties been from the initial attack? KhreRiovtRex: :: thinking she may have offered them the ale 'after' the reports, as Pexil looked about half ready to doze off , even without the alcohol STSF Seiben: Indeed, they had a good leadership structure and I believe they'll remain loyal to us now. Lerak trPexil: This is strong... KhreRiovtRex: I would hope so, as I said, most are family members of those working at the shipyards. They are very Galae loyal, though I'd be a veruul if I were to believe that all are happy, there are always those that are fans of the Tal'Shiar KhreRiovtRex: Pexil, what was the status of their power systems and other utilities? Laehval tTemarr: They lost roughly a third of the working population in the initial attack, many of those the very young and elderly. Likely a third of the remainder in the camps. The working conditions were harsh. Lerak trPexil: Serviceable... I don't think they will fail, just a lot of maintenance. KhreRiovtRex: Fvaht....that many? :: curses under her breath at the Othan once again:: KhreRiovtRex: The th'ann also indicated that many of the young men and women with engineering skills were taken along when the Othan pulled out, to be put to work on their ships and serve the Othan. They did na know, that ch'Rihan and Galae had persisted. They were told that Othan had taken over and now ran the Empire Laehval tTemarr: It does na surprise me. ::Takes a drink.:: Those remaining on the planet thought that we were to blame for their misfortune. Laehval tTemarr: The Othan continue their campaign of chaos by spreading lies. KhreRiovtRex: Indeed? :: furrows her brow:: Just as they did on ch'Rihan...... KhreRiovtRex: They will pay io day for this..... KhreRiovtRex: I had previously expressed my intentions as to the Othan, yet we also have a duty to free as many of our outer worlds as we can. We also have other matters we need to see to...... KhreRiovtRex: Go get freshened up, a meal and some sleep. Complete au reports and if there is anything else of note we will reconvene here, with t'Ksa and hopefully NDak, and follow up on any other matters, as well as my thoughts on the next step we take. I also wish to hear au thoughts.... KhreRiovtRex: But first....go rest. KhreRiovtRex: And get something to eat,... Laehval tTemarr: And stop stinking up your chambers. ::She smirked as she finished her ale.:: STSF Seiben: ::smiles and finishes his ale:: KhreRiovtRex: :: grins:: Ie...that thought was coming to mind.....hence..why only the ale and na the meal.... KhreRiovtRex: Au are all dismissed for h'nah. PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM Laehval tTemarr: Night, guys. I'm bushed. KhreRiovtRex: Ok, it's late, Laeh's na feeling well and I am betting you guys are tired as well (I know I'm yawning myself:: So, short and sweet, good sim, have a great weekend. Anyone have anything they want to say? KhreRiovtRex: That works too Laeh, good night KhreRiovtRex: Crew Dismissed
  10. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51802.22 - Season 23 Ok, so when we left off, Laeh, Koga and Pexil had taken the transport ship on a test flight, while Torek had been confused and thought they had left without taking anyone and reported to tKsa. The ship has returned now, and the patients can be loaded and transported to the main hospital facility on the western continent. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex: Torek> :: standing near t'Ksa... :: It seems the transport ship has returned. STSF Seiben: ::powering off engines after they've landed:: Glad we made it make in one piece. Lerak trPexil: :: To Koga :: It needs some servicing.. STSF Seiben: Ie, indeed it does. She flies, but just barely. m_k_tksa: ::glances at the man, wondering if he's been hit in the head one too many times:: Ie, I see. ::motions to the others:: Get those litters prepped. STSF Seiben: Think au can get it to be more air worthy? KhreRiovtRex: Torek> ::motions to the team of people to go help the medics get the wounded ready for transport STSF Seiben: ::performing his post flight checks and power down:: Lerak trPexil: :: Heads back to t'Ksa and Torek :: Depends on how much time I have. STSF Seiben: ::finishes and follows Pex:: Hopefully they don't need to leave quite so soon. m_k_tksa: Hopefully we can get by with one trip. Lerak trPexil: :: Walks up to t'Ksa :: STSF Seiben: ::walking along not far behind Pexil:: Lerak trPexil: t'Ksa, au can get people on the transport. It could use some tuning, but nothing that will negate its use. KhreRiovtRex: Torek> Surely that Othan could na have destroyed or taken all of the ships? Have au checked the spaceport? We are after all, home to those that work at Justarus Shipyards. I'm not even sure where you found that piece of junk? Perhaps the junkyard waiting for scrap conversion? Lerak trPexil: I could take au up in the transport if au like. STSF Seiben: ::Wouldn't surprise him if that was the case:: m_k_tksa: ::glances between trPexil and Torek, wondering what the heck?:: KhreRiovtRex: Just get those that were sick and wounded by the Othan to the medical facility. We have a few medics and doctors here that had been locked up with us, that we hid what they did from the Othan. They took quiet a few of our people with them...and heard they just shot those that wouldn't comply. Lerak trPexil: :: nods :: Lerak trPexil: The sooner the better. KhreRiovtRex: I will have some of our other people head to the spaceport to see what they can scrounge up until we can get reinforcements from Justarus..... ::turns to tKsa:: They are still there, are they not? They were able to fight off the Othan au people had said, m_k_tksa: Ie. they are still there. KhreRiovtRex: That is a relief and will help bolster the spirits of many here. Thank the Elements for that Lerak trPexil: The transport is na the best-shielded vessel, so any escort would be appreciated. ACTION: Several groups of people come and assist getting those that tKsa and her team had triaged, onto the ship, as well as several of those with engineering, came along to go inspect the western facilities to make sure the Othan did na leave any traps behind m_k_tksa: Au are not building my confidence, tr'Pexil. Lerak trPexil: I am to tell au how it is. Shall we begin? m_k_tksa: Of course. KhreRiovtRex: Torek> :: heads off to direct some other teams to go get the food storage facilities back up and running, and see just how much of food and supplies the Othan had taken Lerak trPexil: I do wonder what the Othan have left in their wake as we go from system to system. STSF Seiben: Hopefully things that are good Lerak trPexil: :: Checks his ISD and wonders where t'Temarr went off to :: m_k_tksa: ::starts directing traffic, pointing out where each litter should go:: KhreRiovtRex: @ :: reading through several ISD and notes that the interrogations are ongoing, and with the additional time being taken, she can only assume that NDak was doing his utmost to retrieve every scrap of information these fvai may have Lerak trPexil: :: Goes to Koga :: I presume au are to fly the transport? Either of us could do it, naturally. STSF Seiben: Ie, I can fly it sure. I don't mind either way. m_k_tksa: We should be completely loaded in about five minutes. KhreRiovtRex: Torek> Is thankful that the Daise Maenak and her team had stabilized most of those needing attention, else they may na have been up to this delay Lerak trPexil: Very well Koga. m_k_tksa: Be ready to depart au two STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Ie, will do. KhreRiovtRex: Torek> I have things to see to in restoring order here, some of my counterparts will travel with au to get things in order there. Lerak trPexil: We should return to the transport. STSF Seiben: Right,let's go. m_k_tksa: ::finishing the last of the loading and securing the litters:: KhreRiovtRex: 2 minute warning STSF Seiben: I wonder how much time we'd have to tune things up? KhreRiovtRex: (2 minutes!) lol m_k_tksa: I((What?!?! Did I just say we should go in 5 minutes.....?) KhreRiovtRex: (is there metric time in CAN?) lol KhreRiovtRex: STSF Seiben: 9lol) ACTION: THE TRANSPORT IS LOADED AND HEADS TO THE WESTERN CONTINENT TO TAKE THE PATIENTS TO THE LARGER AND MORE EQUIPED MEDICAL FACILITY. KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM m_k_tksa: Huhboy KhreRiovtRex: LOL, Move along home........ Move to the next Shap..... KhreRiovtRex: Ok, took some time, but we've finally gotten them moved over and we'll see about getting ya'll back to the ship and let reinforcements from the shipyards assist as we've cleared out any remaining Othan KhreRiovtRex: Anthing from anyone? Lerak trPexil: Nothing here Lerak trPexil: Wish I was in a DnD group though KhreRiovtRex: Ok, then I hope you all have a great weekend, try to stay warm and ......careful what you wish for.... More dice? KhreRiovtRex: See you all next week Lerak trPexil: See you then STSF Seiben: See you.. goodnight! KhreRiovtRex: Crew Dismissed and see ya later KhreRiovtRex: Good night m_k_tksa: Gnight guys
  11. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51802.01 - Season 23 Torek had allowed Leah to approach and after an exchange of information, dheno and other crewmen were taking the captured Othan guards back to the ship for questioning, and lending aid to any of those that had been held hostage. Torek had spoken with Laehval and was pointing out what systems needed to be restored as priority. (someone fold up the cardboard tKsa helping some injured and drop in the real one, same with the t'A) BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM [11:15 pm] KhreRiovtRex: @ +t'Temarr+ Status report Fhaen. What have au found? [11:15 pm] STSF Seiben: (::stashes away the cardboard cutouts:: [11:16 pm] STSF Seiben: ) [11:16 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: ponders his lack of aim, stands next to Koga :: [11:17 pm] STSF Seiben: ::stands next to Pex, pondering things:: [11:17 pm] Laehval tTemarr: +t'Rex+ We have found the remnants of the planet's population. The Othan rounded up all survivors and imprisoned them in a work camp. They have been freed and we have Othan guards transporting to the Talon for interrogation. We are currently providing aid to the inhabitants. [11:18 pm] tAehjae: :: keeping watch over the Othans that had been rounded up ... awaiting transport to the ship:: [11:19 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::To Torek.:: This is my Daise'Engineer. ::Gesturing to Pexil.:: He and his team will be able to assist your people with repairs of necessary equipment and transports. [11:19 pm] KhreRiovtRex: @+t'Temarr+ It sounds as if au mission was more of a success than we had wished for. See that the survivors have what they need and we will contact the fleet back at Justarus that it is now safe for them to send aid and check in their families or associates that were settled here. [11:19 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: nods :: We can industrially replicate items au may need. [11:21 pm] m_k_tksa: ::dealing with wounded and sick people:: [11:22 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek> We will need to get teams to check the harvesting center and food processing centers, I've already dispatched some of my people to look into what damage may have been done. We will need transport to the other continent to see what they may have destroyed or stolen, as our main administration and space port to support the Shipyards is based there. Do au have any reports to let us know what has been found? [11:23 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::Also to Torek.:: S'Bien here is our operational expert and will help organize your people to get them back their home sectors. S'Bien can also recall any information au require from our scans. [11:23 pm] STSF Seiben: ::nods:: ACTION: Supplemental crew from Talon beam down to assist with the weather worn prisoners, engineering to inspect critical facilities, and medics to assist t’Ksa with the large task of checking everyone out and logging who was still alive [11:24 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Checking his ISD and the locations of these facilities :: [11:25 pm] tAehjae: +talon+ tA to Talon. Request to transport prisoners to the Talon [11:25 pm] STSF Seiben::: writing down notes on his ISD, supplies and reports to compile and send over:: [11:26 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek> We thank au for au assistance. :: nods to Sieben:: If au have a ISD, we can get the critical locations uploaded for au people to check. [11:26 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Talon Ops> +tA+ Stand by for transport. How many are au bringing up? [11:26 pm] STSF Seiben: Thanks, that'd be a great help. [11:28 pm] tAehjae: +Talon+ 10 [11:28 pm] m_k_tksa: ((Ruh roh) [11:28 pm] Lerak trPexil: Are there any Othans in hiding? [11:28 pm] tAehjae: ::Looking around taking a head count :: [11:29 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (N'Dak when last here had searched the other continent, they had all bugged out, had left the 20 here.... AT and survivors took out 10, and subdued. There were 10 remaining. (2 of the ten....not really breathing...Koga shot one in the head...) [11:30 pm] tAehjae: (( worked 32.75 hours in 3 days... kinda hard to catch up) [11:31 pm] KhreRiovtRex: +Talon+ Ie t'Aehjae, picking up those at your location [11:31 pm] STSF Seiben: ::jots down lists of reports to make when he returns back to the ship:: [11:32 pm] Laehval tTemarr: There could be, but doubtful. ::To Lerak.:: tr'Pexil, there are several larger transport vessels parked in the yards on the other side of the prison. Come with me. We will check their operational status. [11:32 pm] tAehjae: :: turns to tTemarr:: Rekkhai I will go shipside and start with these... [11:32 pm] tAehjae: With au permission [11:33 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Nods :: Very well. [11:33 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: walks :: It will help greatly if they are operating. ACTION: Torek shows Seiben and Pexil where to load the datalinks to their ISD's and starts separating his people to assist the Talon crew [11:34 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Ie, t'Aehjae. t'Vatrix will wish to speak with them, as well. [11:35 pm] STSF Seiben: ::following Torek and Pexil:: Ahh ok. I'm familiar with this type of input [11:35 pm] m_k_tksa: ::taking DNA samples to use for the logs:: ACTION: t’A and the thann are beamed aboard the ship [11:36 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: looks over the locations ask he and Laehval walk to the transports :: [11:38 pm] STSF Seiben: ::heads to one of the datalink terminals and begins to download the reports from the ISDs to his:: [11:38 pm] tAehjae: :nods to another Dheno:: Lead them to the brig ::motions to the Othans to follow, as she follows them:: [11:39 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek> :: finds t'Ksa:: We have a small medical facility nearby, and a large hospital on the Western . May I have our people assist yours, and move them to more appropriate facilities other than this food storage warehouse? [11:40 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::Makes a few notations as they walk toward the large transport vehicles that the Othans had confiscated.:: [11:41 pm] m_k_tksa: Are we sure the Western front has been secured? [11:42 pm] tAehjae: +tVatrix+ tA to tVatrix [11:42 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Looks at the transports as they approach :: They look serviceable. [11:42 pm] STSF Seiben: ::downloads what's need to compile his reports and rejoins Pexil and the others:: [11:42 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: sends preliminary report back to Justarus to report what was found, status of current planetary operations (updates pending return of the AT), and request that a team be sent to provide relief and transport any with extreme need back to the Shipyards [11:43 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She pointed at one of the largest, meant for transporting equipment.:: That io would fit quite a lot of people. Let's take a look at that one first. [11:43 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: pauses in her work to take the message:: [11:43 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: reaches up to her t'Liss:: +t'A+ Ie, report [11:43 pm] tAehjae: :: moves the Othans into the big:: [11:46 pm] tAehjae: + tVatrix+ The Othans are in the brig I will be beginning the interrogations. Do au wish t be present? Or conduct au own? [11:46 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek> The reports say that they have all left, and either forgot to take our guards with us, or they left them on purpose and did na care. [11:47 pm] Lerak trPexil: Can't imagine the Othan would sabotage the ships, unless they did not want any escape attempts [11:48 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Ie, but we should scan everything just in case. ::Enters the ship and makes her way to operations:: [11:48 pm] KhreRiovtRex: +t'Aehjae+ Au and au team may interrogate and be sure to send a preliminary report to myself and t'Temarr. After I complete my fleet updates with Justarus, and review au report, I'm sure Laehval and I may have additional information to inquire of them. [11:49 pm] Lerak trPexil: I will check engineering [11:49 pm] tAehjae: Ie rekkhai [11:49 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Hann'yyo. I also look forward to reading through au mission report . t'Vatrix ta'khoi [11:49 pm] tAehjae: **+tVatrix+ [11:50 pm] STSF Seiben: ::examines the transport vessel as well:: [11:50 pm] m_k_tksa: Then I'd be agreeable to moving them to a larger facility, as long as we can verify that it's safer [11:50 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek> I will have to trust in the reports from au people....we have been confined in this warehouse and loading yard for the last 2 months. [11:51 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: arrives at engineering and begins his scans [11:51 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek> However I greatly appreciate au efforts in freeing us and caring for those of us that had na recieved the best of care. [11:52 pm] Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, do the honors and check the ignition programs. Call out if you see anything out of the ordinary. I"ll be scanning the ship while tr'Pexil checks the engineering systems. [11:53 pm] STSF Seiben: Ie rekkhai [11:53 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::Plugs her multicorder into the internal sensors.:: [11:53 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Looks a fuel levels and fusion reactor logs :: [11:54 pm] tAehjae: :: moves one of the Othan out of the brig and into another room.:: [11:54 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek> if au will excuse me, I need to find au engineer once again, and make sure that the power plants on the other continent are in working order and had na been sabotaged. We know these are still working, but individual buildings will need to be restored. We can handle that ourselves [11:54 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (ourselves) [11:54 pm] STSF Seiben: ::heads to the cockpit area and begins a check of ignition programs and flight controls as well:: [11:55 pm] m_k_tksa: Of course ::nods: [11:56 pm] tAehjae: :: steps in the room behind the Othan motioning to the chair in the middle:: Au will have a seat there! ::being followed by another dheno:: [11:58 pm] tAehjae: ::to the other dheno:: If he makes a threatening move .... shoot him. [11:59 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Othan guard> Au are going to do it anyway, so au might as well get it over with [11:59 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Looking for rogue code in the engineering systems :: [12:00 am] STSF Seiben: ::similarly looking for such rogue or malicious codes or programming:: [12:00 am] Lerak trPexil: (with that see you all Monday, or most of you) [12:00 am] tAehjae: Na before au answer questions ... I may spare au if au give me the information I am looking for. TWO MINUTE WARNING [12:02 am] Laehval tTemarr: (( Night, Pex. )) [12:02 am] KhreRiovtRex: Othan guard> I am Yy'a either way [12:02 am] KhreRiovtRex: (night Pex) [12:03 am] tAehjae: I may be able to persuade them otherwise, IF au cooperate [12:03 am] KhreRiovtRex: and... [12:03 am] KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM [12:03 am] tAehjae: ::thinking I may have picked the right oi:: [12:04 am] KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM [12:04 am] KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM [12:04 am] KhreRiovtRex: HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY [12:04 am] KhreRiovtRex: (which means we rewind and do this all over again!) [12:04 am] KhreRiovtRex: JK [12:04 am] STSF Seiben: lol [12:05 am] tAehjae: ::snickers:: [12:05 am] KhreRiovtRex: Nicely done all.... Looks like we'll be able to make our way out of here soon [12:06 am] KhreRiovtRex: tA, glad you could be back tonight [12:06 am] KhreRiovtRex: au too tKsa, hope your trip was ok [12:06 am] KhreRiovtRex: Anyway, unless Laeh has anything? [12:06 am] m_k_tksa: Glad to be home [12:06 am] tAehjae: Next week I will be at a conference, Not sure Ill be hiome in time but I will try to make it [12:07 am] KhreRiovtRex: Ok, tA [12:07 am] m_k_tksa: G'night guys [12:07 am] KhreRiovtRex: Ok then..guess we're done [12:07 am] Laehval tTemarr: Night, all. Everyone have a good weekend. [12:07 am] KhreRiovtRex: Crew Dismissed..... Have a great weekend
  12. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51801.25 - SEASON 23 After the team had pressed upon the main holding compound, realizing they had already taken out many of the guards, some help evidently came from inside, with those being held prisoner, overcoming the remaining guards while they were focused on t'Ksa, Pexil and Koga. After a few tense words, a spokesman called t'Ksa forward, and he moved forward to meet her as well, the others covering him with the obtained weapons to make sure these supposed "Galae' members, were not an Othan trick. Torek tr'Nalus has moved towards the gate to speak with tKsa. [11:17 pm] KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM [11:17 pm] KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM [11:17 pm] KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM ACTION:: A scream is heard from within the prisoner's compound. ACTION:: A woman's voice is heard calling for help....a stray shot had hit her daughter, and she needed help. [11:19 pm] STSF Seiben: ::with the others:: Au hear that? [11:20 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Looks at Koga :: Ie. [11:20 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> ::looks at tKsa:: Au claim to be the Daise Maenak aboard the Talon. Show us au good will....someone needs a maenak.....the others...they will wait here for au.... [11:20 pm] STSF Seiben: ::knows if anyone can tend to the woman, t'Ksa can:: [11:21 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> :: nods to two of the others to get the gate open, while he ushers tKsa into the compound to see to the injured party. I will remain fahd, and will have words...with these others to determine their sincerity...... ::Go....watch her:: Nods to one of the armed women to take tKsa to the child [11:23 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ACTION> An RAC approaches from the Southeast and sets down near the camp in a swirl of dust and debris [11:25 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Wonders if he shot was one of theirs, or worse, one of his :: [11:25 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> ::Notes the approach of the RAC and motions to his people with the commandeered weapons to take defensive positions in case the approaching ship was full of soldiers [11:26 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval stepped out followed by a contingent of security forces and strode to where the others waited outside of the gate. Her dhenos had weapons at hand but were not actively targeting. She paused first near Seiben and Pexil.:: Report. [11:26 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (or your gong shot that ricocheted?) [11:27 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> :: sees the armed guards and motions for his people to move back. He himself moves back to be closer to some minimal cover should they turn and fire upon his people. [11:28 pm] STSF Seiben: They seem to be fairly well organized for a group of this size. [11:31 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: to Koga :: This is only the first place we have encountered... [11:31 pm] Laehval tTemarr: And where is the Daise'Maenak? [11:32 pm] STSF Seiben: She went with what appears to be the leader of this group to treat someone who was apparently injured [11:33 pm] STSF Seiben: ::nods to Pexil:: I don't have too much information about this place [11:35 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Feels like he may have to wait for a while :: [11:35 pm] STSF Seiben: I [11:35 pm] STSF Seiben: I'm glad they at least trust her. [11:36 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::Eyeing the armed prisoners, and the man commanding them, Laehval approached the gate with a slight flick of her hand to indicate that the dheno should remain behind.:: Are au leading these people? ::Addressing tr'Nalus.:: [11:37 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> For the siuren, they have decided to heed my advice. [11:38 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> I presume au are with the Daise Maenak, as au spoke with her compatriots [11:41 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: to Koga, making small talk :: (w) I got a message from that woman now living at my place with the rest of the Pexils. [11:41 pm] STSF Seiben: (w) The flower girl? [11:41 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Ie. The Talon is my ship and these are my crew. I am Laehval t'Temarr. We are searching this sector for the remnants of the Othan scum that tried to destroy our homeworld. [11:42 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> I am Torek tr'Nalus, once the administrator of the food distribution center for this sector (this planet and the shipyards. Do na worry, au Maenak will na be harmed. She is assisting io of those injured during the revolt. [11:43 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> Au Maenak said au were from the Talon, yet we were told that the Talon started this war. Words from the Othan, the same Othan that imprisoned us, and made to attack our families that work at Justarus Shipyards. I am inclined to believe au side. [11:44 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Nods :: [11:45 pm] STSF Seiben: (w) That's nice. Things are going well with you both, I take it? [11:46 pm] Lerak trPexil: (w) I..am na sure. [11:46 pm] STSF Seiben: (w). Hmm, good luck. [11:47 pm] STSF Seiben: (w) I think you'd make a nice couple [11:47 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: turns to Koga, unsure what to think [11:48 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Ie, that is very wise of au. They are adept at spewing lies. Do any of the Othan that imprisoned au still remain alive? We would take them for questioning, if so. [11:50 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> Ie, we have five of them detained and are happy to be rid of them. There are dev unaccounted for, but we are assuming au teams have dealt with them all, as some of those on the work details came back without them. [11:52 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She turned to peer at Lerak and Koga and then blew a shrill whistle to get their attention, gesturing for them to join her.:: [11:52 pm] STSF Seiben: ::looks over and joins Laehval:: [11:53 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: goes to join her :: [11:54 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> As I said, we will be glad to assist au, by handing them over to au, but .... we need assistance too. We have been removed from vital areas that need to be re-manned. Power plants, irrigation systems related to the dam, and we need to know the status of our families at the Shipyards [11:55 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::To Koga and Lerak.:: Au dealt with the guards outside of the prison yards, ie? Are any still among the living? [11:56 pm] STSF Seiben: ::Listens to the man:: We've managed to take them all out on the way here. [11:57 pm] KhreRiovtRex: We also have others here that need care, we've been imprisoned in this yard and 5 warehouses, ever since they arrived. There are a few hundred of us left. But food has been rationed severely of late, many go hungry so the young can eat. [11:59 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::With a satisfied expression, she turned back to tr'Nalus.:: Au will receive all the aid that au require. We can transport au back to your communities and provide medical assistance, food, and other supplies. Organize yourselves and we can begin the transfer immediately. [12:00 am] Lerak trPexil: I do na believe so [12:00 am] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> Question, we knew Galae had increased the fleet fhad to protect the home world, I presume au presence here bodes ill for the enemy? [12:00 am] Laehval tTemarr: Oh, ie. ::Laehval said darkly.:: We intend to crush each and every io of them. [12:00 am] KhreRiovtRex: Torek> ::motions for the gate to be opened [12:02 am] KhreRiovtRex: Torek> Take them to the Othan fvai...before our people yy'a them. Get those needing immediate help to the maenak or io of these Galae officers. [12:03 am] KhreRiovtRex: Torek> :: holds the weapon out to Laehval::: I presume for au safetly, until au verify that we all are who we say, au will wish to confiscate these? [12:05 am] Laehval tTemarr: ::She looked down at the weapon, then back up to Torek.:: Na, au may keep them. Consider it a gift in good faith. ::Confident in her own security to handle any trouble before it could get started.:: [12:06 am] Lerak trPexil: :: nods :: [12:06 am] KhreRiovtRex: Torek> :: turns to Laehval quietly:: The Othan, told us many lies and half-truths. However we had heard news that the Daise KhreRiov had attached the Fhvillah. Is this true? It was he that had organized the defense of the station, and had requested that we send enough food to hold the shipyards through a lengthy siege. [12:07 am] STSF Seiben: ::planning out the logistics of delivering supplies and crew to aid these people:: [12:08 am] KhreRiovtRex: (prepare to pause....will hold a sec in case au are typing) [12:09 am] Laehval tTemarr: The Othan are to blame for all. ::Stating simply.:: [12:09 am] KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM [12:09 am] KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM [12:09 am] KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM [12:10 am] STSF Seiben: ::Paused:: [12:10 am] KhreRiovtRex: iI think we lost Pex there at the end. Ok, think that will clear up most of this and we'll be able to move on soon to our next objective [12:11 am] KhreRiovtRex: well done and now I'll let you both go to bed. Keep warm Koga, Keep cool Laeh, Sleep all around! [12:11 am] Laehval tTemarr: Night! [12:11 am] KhreRiovtRex: Have a nice weekend and crew dismissed
  13. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51801.18 - SEASON 23 The Away Team lead by t'Ksa after freeing those that had been taken on the work detail, have went back to stop some of the others from alerting the camp cards, and to try and overtake them. Laeh, NDak and tA are off investigating other sites or chasing down escapees so they don't alert the others too soon When we left off, Koga had made a fantastic shot, shooting a whistle from a guard’s hand and mouth, while Pexil's shot missed and hit a metal plate next to his guard's head, making a loud gong like sound....... BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM ACTION:: BONGGGGGGGGG! STSF Seiben: Ooh that's not good. Lerak trPexil: :: courses and reloads :: STSF Seiben: ::reloads as well:: KhreRiovtRex: (wait….you’re reloading an energy based laser weapon?) ACTION: As there had been several shots ringing out, and a few squeals and yells, the guards turn their attentions to the noise of the gong.... and from there, look for who made the ruckus m_k_tksa: ::is rather upset about the missed shot because it calls attention to them:: KhreRiovtRex: @ Camp Dheno 3 (1 and 2 already dispatched) .....looks around, realizing that whatever had caused that noise, must have come from outside the fencing m_k_tksa: ::is cutting through the underbrush on the other side of the dispatched guards, trying to see if she locate the rest and somehow herd them towards Pexil and S'Bien KhreRiovtRex: @ Camp Dheno 3> Quickly...... it came from over there... focus your fire there past gate 2 Lerak trPexil: :: realizes hid ACTION: Several of the lower level guards turn their attentions towards gate 2 and lay down some cover fire around that area towards the woods Lerak trPexil: :: realizes history position isn't compromised :: STSF Seiben: ::peeks his head above the thing he's hiding behind and scans the area and guards:: m_k_tksa: ::makes a sharp whistle to distract the guards with their fire:: ACTION: Camp Dheno turn their attention towards the sound of the whistle, and start laying down heavy fire.... KhreRiovtRex: (koga, give me a number between 1-6) STSF Seiben: 5 m_k_tksa: ::lays flat on the ground, covering her head:: If I die, I'm going to kill those two. ACTION:: AS Koga peaks his head up, one of the perimeter guards is standing right on the other side of his cover, and reaches over and grabs Koga's collar. KhreRiovtRex: ((Quick Koga...what do you do, count of 5) Lerak trPexil: (having issues) KhreRiovtRex: 5 KhreRiovtRex: 4 KhreRiovtRex: 3 KhreRiovtRex: 2 KhreRiovtRex: 1 STSF Seiben: :decks the man:: ACTION:: Guard is out like a light....... STSF Seiben: ::Grabs his disruptor and moves in closer, whilst ducking to avoid fire:: Lerak trPexil: :: takes cover with Koga :: m_k_tksa: ::careful to belly crawl along, hoping that the thick vegetation will keep her hidden:: ACTION:: Koga ...whilst ducking...manages to avoid fire and closes in on Pexil's position., and had a visual on where they last saw tKsa, but do not see her anymore STSF Seiben: ::Ducks beside Pex:: I think I saw tKsa over there somewhere. Did au get a visual on her? Lerak trPexil: :: scopes out the camp through the rifle sight :: Na, I've botched this operation. Lerak trPexil: She's likely circled around STSF Seiben: It was an unlucky shot KhreRiovtRex: (Early estimate was about 20 guards....minus 10 from the work detail... and 3 dispatched and 1 unconscious here......) ACTION:: There is a commotion that has begun within the fenced compound, followed by more weapons fire and yelling.... STSF Seiben: So many of them... \ Lerak trPexil: :: is unsure of his ability to hit another ::] KhreRiovtRex: (20-10=10, 10-4= estimated 6 remaining m_k_tksa: ::frowns, had hoped that trPexil and S'Bien had taken advantage of her distraction to take out more guards, now trying to regroup:: Lerak trPexil: It can't be that many, but they have taken cover STSF Seiben: ::fires back at the guards:: ACTION:: Shots spray around Koga and Pexil' s position..... followed momentarily by some more commotion within the compound..... Lerak trPexil: :: looks for the target Koga fires at and squeezes the trigger ::' Lerak trPexil: :: ducks his head :: STSF Seiben: ::quickly fires a return volley:: ACTION:: More weapons fire from within the compound, then nothing..... Lerak trPexil: We may have to... m_k_tksa: ::checks the pack the dheno gave her before leaving, finding a smoke bomb and prepares to lob it towards the compound until she notices it's gotten quiet:: KhreRiovtRex: Voice:: AU.....would be advised to get back to au ships, and go back to where au came. Lerak trPexil: :: looks at Koga :: KhreRiovtRex: Voice:: If au come back hrrau fahd, au will be shot.... We have all of au weapons now, and several of au men..... Leave or they will be shot. If au leave, we will na yy'a them ....yet... STSF Seiben: ::looks back:: Hmm. What men? m_k_tksa: ::waiting a moment or two before attempting to mimic one whistle calls she heard from one of the guards:: KhreRiovtRex: Voice:: We will na bow down to au invaders, we support the Homeworld..... Lerak trPexil: They talking to the Othan? m_k_tksa: ::yet, which "homeworld":: STSF Seiben: CH'rihan? ACTION:: Quickly, several of those that had been held behind the fencing, run out to check on the guards Sieben and Pexil had been shooting at, see's they are dead and take their weapons..... One furtively notices the io outside the fence, near Koga's position, but runs back to cover Lerak trPexil: :: looking through his scope :: STSF Seiben: ::scans:: KhreRiovtRex: (que's the Jeapordy theme music while we wait) m_k_tksa: ::tilts her head, wondering if this change in direction means that they've disabled the Othan guards, calls out:: Who's speaking the Othan scum? Or those they oppress? ::wondering if this means she's going to get shot at:: Lerak trPexil: Perhaps they have regained control from them STSF Seiben: There she is. We'll see KhreRiovtRex: Voice: Who dares call us Othan? We are of ch’Rihan.... many of our family work at the Justarus Shipyards....who wants to know? STSF Seiben: Rihannsus. Good to know STSF Seiben: We're also from ch'Rihan. We're fighting a common enemy it seems. m_k_tksa: Daise'Erei'Riov t'Ksa of the RES Talon. Daughter of ch'Rihan. Born in Mhiessan. ::calling out with conviction, although keeps herself flat on the ground to keep from being shot:: KhreRiovtRex: Voice:: Talon!! The traitors that started this from what we were told?....Yet..... au, we know au name....tKsa....au once stood hero to the Empire...where do au stand now? STSF Seiben: Where'd they hear that? Lerak trPexil: (w) Glad I did not use my name. KhreRiovtRex: (umh..... Othan propaganda?) KhreRiovtRex: Voice>> Who is with au?? How many more? Is au ship here as well? STSF Seiben: (w) Same here> STSF Seiben: (heh yea) KhreRiovtRex: ( /thwaps Koga...they'd know your name too knucklehead) Lerak trPexil: (w) The great Pexil, misser of shots... KhreRiovtRex: (I sorta like that) STSF Seiben: Heh m_k_tksa: Oh Elements! ::rather pissed off now herself, would throttle these people, takes a deep breath to calm down:: We are and have always been loyal to ch'Rihan. *I* remain loyal to ch'Rihan. ::getting really tired laying on the ground:: KhreRiovtRex: Voice: Au....t'Ksa.... au may approach, au will na be fired upon. m_k_tksa: (m)If I y'ya, I'm going to haunt these people for the rest of their natural lives:: I'm standing up now. ::tucks the smoke bomb back into the bag and then carefully stands:: ACTION:: An older man, and two women move closer to the fencing, yet remain close to cover. ....We would speak with au.... Lerak trPexil: :: keeping alert :: STSF Seiben: ::watches:: m_k_tksa: ::is careful na to make any sudden moves, na even to dust herself off as she picks her way over to the fencing:: STSF Seiben: ::has his weapon ready just in case:: ACTION> The older man approaches the fence, weapon lowered. Jolan tru... I am Torek tr'Nalus, once the administrator of the food distribution center for this sector (this planet and the shipyards. m_k_tksa: I am t'Ksa. Daughter of ch'Rihan. Daise'Maenak of the Galae. m_k_tksa: ::nods, taking a deep breath:: The other guards are incapacitated? KhreRiovtRex: tr'Nalus> Au can tell those 2 over there making all the noise, that they might as well stand up and come forward as well. I would hear their words as well, but na give any of au a chance to fool us with au words KhreRiovtRex: tr'Nalus> How many more of au are there? Enough to force these Othan thugs off our planet and back to where they came from? PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM m_k_tksa: ::paused:: STSF Seiben: ::Paused:: KhreRiovtRex: We'll pick up there next week..... well done, nobody got shot, except a badguy KhreRiovtRex: well played all STSF Seiben: yay KhreRiovtRex: (Koga picked his number and his action well....) KhreRiovtRex: Ok, I know you are all very tired, so will keep this short... KhreRiovtRex: See you next week... Crew Dismissed... Have a great weekend, see you all Monday
  14. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51801.11 - Season 23 !!! The Talon away team had beamed down to the planet of Quatel to investigate the status of the planet and its people. They have found a large amount of people outside of the town, locked in a high fenced corral. Approximately 50 workers and 5 guards head out to harvest some sort of tuber root that grows well here. The workers all lined up before a small out building and take the tools and bags handed to them to start collecting, so some of our security and team infiltrated the group. The AT attempted to take out as many of the guards as possible, however a standoff has ensued. The work gang, only seeing weapons fire, quickly take refuge in the other storage buildings. They know if whoever is doing this loses, that their families will be made to pay, so they must not be involved. others take off back towards the camp, and a few turn to help the newcomers... t’A ordered the team to close in on one holdout that had barricaded himself in a work shed and ordered the team to take him out. Upon bursting in security forces took out what appeared to be an Othan guard, still just a youth. that had obviously been pressed into service for the Othan. Others on the team, moved back towards the main camp to attempt surprise and to liberate the rest of those being held hostage. [11:12 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Questions after that novel? [11:13 pm] KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM [11:13 pm] KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM [11:13 pm] KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM [11:15 pm] m_k_tksa: ((Sorry, don't know where the t'Ksa cardboard cutout was left since I was having technical difficulties last week)) ACTION:: The last of the captive workers have either been ushered to a safe location by Talon Dehno, have headed for the forest or deserted city down the road, or are trying to make their way back towards the camp where the rest of their families were being held [11:16 pm] NDak: @::Aboard the Stinger, where they had been doing some outriding, but were headed under cloak to Talon's postion:: [11:16 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (Cardboard tKsa was keeping watch over those hostages that were being made to work that had been freed, to keep them safe from the weapons fire, just into the edge of the nearby forest. ) [11:18 pm] m_k_tksa: ::okay, keeping watch over the other hostages:: [11:18 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Scanning the perimeter of the camp, a surprise can only happen once... :: [11:19 pm] STSF Seiben: ::Scanning with Pexil:: [11:22 pm] Lerak trPexil: We need a grand distraction. [11:22 pm] STSF Seiben: Like an explosion? [11:23 pm] KhreRiovtRex: @ :: on Talon monitoring fleet movement and status of Justarus and information relayed to there from the homeworld:: [11:24 pm] Lerak trPexil: Perhaps that and smoke. [11:24 pm] KhreRiovtRex: @:: looks at map projected onto the wall:: Hmm, we've moved them back here, and they are not where we thought they may have went...either they are making a straight escape back to Othan, or they are circling around behind us...... [11:25 pm] m_k_tksa: What are you going to use to start an explosion? The tuber vegetables over there? Why don't you just try impersonating one of the guards? [11:26 pm] Lerak trPexil: Impersonation is not my forte. [11:26 pm] NDak: #::Check that, he was on the planet in the Tech center frowning as per usual. His d'heno had secured the area but had so far found it devoid of Othan. Perhaps they were in deep hiding?:: [11:26 pm] m_k_tksa: Seriously? [11:26 pm] STSF Seiben: Probably better option than an explosion. [11:27 pm] KhreRiovtRex: ((giving 2:1 odds that they'd probably blow themselves up)) [11:28 pm] m_k_tksa: (Not sure how they can blow themselves up, but if anyone could do it I'm sure we'll figure out a way)) [11:29 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (looking into the wrong end of a potato gun?) [11:31 pm] NDak: #::His Daise'D'heno was looking surlier than normal:: Jhael? [11:31 pm] NDak: #Jhael> I was hoping to find some of the veruul to bloody the men with. They're antsy and want to take out some of their... [11:32 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (you're missing a good fight, might want to see what's up with the other continent! lol) [11:32 pm] NDak: # ::He waved a hand:: Ie, ie. I remember that feeling of being a young d'heno. But they must learn patience. This will be a long battle between us and the Othan, they will have plenty of time bloody their hands. What have au found? [11:33 pm] NDak: (( Maybe that's why we're staying at the Tech center :thinkinfface: )) [11:33 pm] KhreRiovtRex: @ :: makes some notations on the virual board, indicating suspected flight paths either back towards Othan or back to ch'Rihan, starts working on a plan to have her patrols cover both routes [11:35 pm] m_k_tksa: Better think fast. We don't have much time [11:35 pm] NDak: #Jhael> Nothing as of yet. ::Frowns:: They destroyed much their records before abandoning the place. We're gathering as much of the information as we can, but its heavily fragmented. The Talon .. or homeworld will be better suited to making sense of it I expect. The Stinger isn't equipped with much in the way of lab space for this sot of thing. [11:35 pm] NDak: # ::Nods:: +Talon+ N'Dak to Talon [11:36 pm] KhreRiovtRex: @:: notes time and wonders how the AT's and NDak are making out with the planet, and if they'd encountered any hostilities. Na word was either good, or vriha bad..... [11:37 pm] KhreRiovtRex: @ Talon Ops> +Talaon+ We are reading au NDak. [11:39 pm] NDak: #+Talon+ ::holds a hand to Jhael:: Please inform the Khre'Riov that we have yet to encounter any resistance at the Tech center. Much of the equipment and data contained therein has been destroyed. We are going to begin transmitting what data we can recover to the Talon for further analysis. [11:39 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Is feeling confused, perhaps it was something he ate. Needed to take out as many guards as possible, as quickly and quietly as =... :: [11:39 pm] KhreRiovtRex: @ Talon Ops> +NDak, Ie, I will do so at once. Fhaen.....hold to see if she has a reply [11:40 pm] KhreRiovtRex: @ :: receives the message from Ops and asks that he link be transferred to her chambers:: [11:41 pm] m_k_tksa: ::uses her binoculars to scan the area one more time:: [11:42 pm] STSF Seiben: ::scans the area as well:: [11:42 pm] KhreRiovtRex: @ +NDak+ Hann'yyo for the update. Have au teams glean as much information as possible. Also, we've had na communications from Laheval and her teams on the Eastern continent. I do na wish to give away their position by sending down more ships that could be spotted, perhaps au could use Stinger to assist them? [11:42 pm] KhreRiovtRex: and make sure that they are ok [11:44 pm] m_k_tksa: S'Bien, take the east flank. tr'Pexil au take the north. [11:44 pm] NDak: @ +tVatrix+ Ie, I will have my d'heno finish securing the tech center and see what I can do for Laehval's teams. [11:45 pm] STSF Seiben: Taking east flank ::nods:: [11:45 pm] KhreRiovtRex: @ +NDak+ Opinion, did they make a hasty exit, or had they just finished with what they were doing here? [11:47 pm] STSF Seiben: ::checks his weapons and moves into position:: [11:47 pm] NDak: @ +Vatrix+ They had enough time to destroy much of their equipment. I would say they had finished what they were working on before leaving. [11:47 pm] NDak: #+Vatrix+ They did na even leave any ale in the commander's chambers. [11:49 pm] Lerak trPexil: (sorry, fell asleep) [11:49 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Moves north to his position :: [11:49 pm] KhreRiovtRex: @ +NDak+ Ssuej'ha. I will leave au to au work. As for that, I'll see au ship is well stocked. The Commander's family's vineyard was.....shall I say....bitter and not very palatable... [11:49 pm] KhreRiovtRex: t'Vatrix ta'khoi [11:50 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Primes his rifle :: [11:51 pm] NDak: # ::He grinned as the comm chirped off:: Au have au orders Jhael. See to it that we collect all of the data possible, then begin transmitting to the Talon. I will see what we can do for the other teams. [11:51 pm] m_k_tksa: ::slips into position herself, as she is a Galae maenak, she's prepared to take out the enemy, as long as she can prevent innocents from getting hurt:: [11:51 pm] NDak: #Jhael> Ie, as au command rehkkai. [11:52 pm] STSF Seiben: ::zeroing in on his targets through the rifle's scope:: [11:53 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: The camp guards, used to very little resistance from the families living in the small portion of the town that had living quarters that had been turned into small bunkhouses...tended to glace at their charges and daydream a bit off in the distance [11:54 pm] m_k_tksa: ::nods to S'Bien to go ahead:: [11:54 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Sets his sights :: [11:54 pm] Lerak trPexil: +Team+ North side ready ACTION:: The two guards at the gate however, had come to attention, having noticed 2 of the workers that had went out earlier, headinb back down the road to camp. [11:55 pm] STSF Seiben: ::nods and takes out his targets:: [11:56 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Dheno io> What is with that? Where are the others? Where are the... :: gasps and puts hand over chest, watching emerald blood drip between his fingers before he fell [11:56 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Dheno 2> What was that? Au are shot!! ::reaches for his whistle, but it is shot out of his mouth as Koga's next shot hits him in the head [11:57 pm] STSF Seiben: Got them. [11:57 pm] m_k_tksa: ::actually pretty impressed that S'Bien could handle it without causing a scene:: [11:57 pm] STSF Seiben: ::pretty impressed too:: [11:58 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Whispers before taking his shots :: (w) For Nalia... :: squeezes the trigger :: [11:58 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (told you last week you had earned a +bonus, you just used it) [11:58 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Pexil..number 1-6 [11:59 pm] KhreRiovtRex: tKsa, same [11:59 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (2 Minute warning) [11:59 pm] m_k_tksa: ((3)) [12:00 am] Lerak trPexil: 2 [12:00 am] KhreRiovtRex: (3-2=1 = critical miss)_ ACTION> Pexil's shot misses and hits a metal plate next to his guard's head, making a loud gong like sound....... [12:01 am] KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM [12:01 am] KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM [12:01 am] KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM [12:02 am] STSF Seiben: Uh oh [12:02 am] Lerak trPexil: (eng, not marksman) [12:02 am] STSF Seiben: heh [12:02 am] KhreRiovtRex: Not a problem.....just think fast and think of how to handle the situation! [12:03 am] Lerak trPexil: re;load [12:03 am] KhreRiovtRex: Ok, we'll pick up here next week, hopefully we'll have Laeh and NDak's teams able to provide some back up..... [12:03 am] KhreRiovtRex: that too! good answer! [12:03 am] STSF Seiben: That'd be nice [12:04 am] Lerak trPexil: night all [12:04 am] KhreRiovtRex: Ok, hope you all have a nice weekend. Enjoy your 3-day weekend if you get one [12:04 am] KhreRiovtRex: Thanks for being part of the Talon's 23 years in existence [12:04 am] KhreRiovtRex: Crew Dismissed
  15. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51801.14 - Season -22 [11:11 pm] KhreRiovtRex: RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51712.21 Talon away team has beamed down to the planet of Quatel to investigate the status of the planet and its people. They have found a large amount of people outside of the town, locked in a high fenced corral. Approximately 50 workers and 5 guards head out to harvest some sort of tuber root that grows well here. The workers all lined up before a small out building and take the tools and bags handed to them to start collecting, so some of our security and team infiltrated the group. The AT attempted to take out as many of the guards as possible, however a standoff has ensued. The work gang, only seeing weapons fire, quickly take refuge in the other storage buildings. They know if whoever is doing this loses, that their families will be made to pay, so they must not be involved. others take off back towards the camp, and a few turn to help the newcomers... [11:14 pm] KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM [11:15 pm] KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM [11:15 pm] KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM [11:16 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: holding his position with the others :: [11:16 pm] STSF Seiben: ::holed up in his position with the others taking cover:: [11:17 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Security> ::Hauls butt down the field to cut off the runaways and round them up and herd them back with the others.:: ACTION> Othan Guard 8, peeks around lifts his weapon to the windowsill of the small storage building, and blindly fires towards where the shots had rang out. The weaon's fire just barely misses Koga's head [11:17 pm] tAehjae: :: Holding up behind some cover:: [11:18 pm] tAehjae: :: returns fire towards the building :: [11:19 pm] STSF Seiben: Ooh ::feels his hair:: That felt warm. [11:19 pm] tAehjae: Au ok Koga?? [11:19 pm] STSF Seiben: Ie, thanks. They just singed my hair a little bit [11:19 pm] STSF Seiben: ::fires some return shots:: [11:20 pm] KhreRiovtRex: OG8> :: reaches up and fires again, then crouches down and barricades the door with a chair and using a few rake handles to lock it into place. [11:21 pm] tAehjae: This didnt go well, we need to find a way out of here Or take down that building [11:22 pm] KhreRiovtRex: OG8> :: hits the floor as a random shot breaks the remaining pane of glass in the small window, the tinkle of glass shards hitting the ground below him [11:22 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: wonders if they are pinned down somewhat, or at a standstill :: [11:22 pm] KhreRiovtRex: OG8> :: reaches for his t'Liss, but finds it's no longer attached, starts to search around the floor of the shed desperately trying to find it [11:23 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Security> ::A bunch of sheep with rakes were easy to herd together when weapons were waved in front of them. They'd been put down by mere Othans. Galae dhenos were equally to the task.:: [11:25 pm] tAehjae: Ideas? [11:26 pm] STSF Seiben: We gotta try to break this stalemate and advance forward somehow. Too much enemy fire though coming our way. [11:28 pm] tAehjae: Im seeing light from that buildings window, We could get behind the building and go in the back way to stop that shooter. [11:28 pm] KhreRiovtRex: OG8> Unable to find it, realizes it's too quiet......reaches up and fires blindly again.... [11:28 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (Its a small block storage building.. 1 door, 1 window) [11:28 pm] STSF Seiben: ::lies low against the wall:: [11:29 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Security> ::Some of the security officers stay with the civilians while others rejoin the Away Team to where they huddled under the fire.:: What's the status? [11:29 pm] tAehjae: (couldnt hurt to try.. thanks) [11:29 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: searchs floor again for tLiss to warn his team) [11:29 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (basically a tool shed) [11:29 pm] tAehjae: (ah ok) [11:29 pm] STSF Seiben: ::fires at the guard's t'liss:: [11:30 pm] Laehval tTemarr: (( I think Pexil got that last sim. )) [11:30 pm] STSF Seiben: (ahh.) [11:30 pm] KhreRiovtRex: OG8> :: still can't find it:: Oh Elements.......where is it!? [11:31 pm] KhreRiovtRex: OG8> I'm going to yy'a!! I'm going to yy'a! I'm going to yy'a! [11:32 pm] KhreRiovtRex: OG8> :: reaches out and fires again::: They said we'd have no opposition.....we'd be able to go back home soon...... [11:32 pm] tAehjae: We only have oi firing at us .. We could lay cover fire Get to the building and take them out. [11:34 pm] tAehjae: Has anyoi reported to the Talon on this? [11:36 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: scans :: [11:37 pm] KhreRiovtRex: OG8> Maybe they'd go away, and he could slip back to camp....all he wanted was to go home and do his art. [11:38 pm] tAehjae: Im going to try something see if it will work. [11:38 pm] KhreRiovtRex: OG8> :: Camp would notice.....elements, not for hours, the crew was to be out for 6 hour detail [11:39 pm] STSF Seiben: Goodluck. ::scans the area as well:: [11:39 pm] tAehjae: AU IN THE BUILDING DROP AUS WEAPON AND EXIT THE BUILDING!! [11:39 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Security> One? Just one holed up in there? Why hasn't anyone shot him yet? [11:40 pm] STSF Seiben: It's hard for me to get a good shot at him from my angle [11:41 pm] KhreRiovtRex: OG8> Au...... Au must return to the camp. They will realize we have na reported in soon. If au continue to fight us, they will hurt au. Fhaen.....just go back, I will hold my fire to allow au passage [11:42 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Security> ::Closes in on the shed, coming up from one side where they were out of the line of fire.:: [11:44 pm] STSF Seiben: ::Follows behind Security:: [11:44 pm] tAehjae: :: looks over to Koga then nods to the Dheno:: [11:44 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: clearly this was not the most ideal line of work for Pix :: [11:45 pm] tAehjae: Au are surrounded exit the building or au will be yy'aa [11:45 pm] KhreRiovtRex: OG8> I'm giving au io last chance.....Leave......... I.....I won't tell. I'll tell them au knocked me out, stole my tLiss.....go.... [11:47 pm] STSF Seiben: We might as well advance then ::hears the guard:: But I'm not a dheno [11:47 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Fhaen....just go....I don't want to hurt anyone. Au know.....au all know me, I'm the one that 's been slipping you food when I can. Go.... [11:48 pm] KhreRiovtRex: OG8> :: still think these are the families of the shipyard workers he's been secretly helping:: [11:48 pm] tAehjae: This may be our change. Lets move out... ::quietly:: [11:49 pm] STSF Seiben: ::nods and moves out:: [11:49 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Security> ::Rams the door with his shoulder and it shudders. He banged on the door.:: Come out of there and you will na be hurt. We're here to help these people. [11:50 pm] KhreRiovtRex: OG8> Leave!! I don't want to hurt anyone....... Please just go [11:50 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Security> ::Rams the door again and it shudders even more, splintering at the edges.:: Do na make me tell au again. Come out now. [11:51 pm] STSF Seiben: ::already moved out with the others, advances towards the settlement:: [11:51 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: moves with them :: [11:51 pm] KhreRiovtRex: OG8> Why won't au go!? I don't want to hurt anyone. If I let au in, au will yy'a me. and if au don't go, they will yy'a me for na stopping au [11:53 pm] Lerak trPexil: (sry gtg) [11:54 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (night Pex) [11:56 pm] tAehjae: :: makes way to the building:: This oi is correct ..come out.. we are here to help these people and it sounds as if au do as well. [11:56 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ACTION> Security shoulders the door one last time and it splinters, bursting inward. [11:57 pm] tAehjae: Come out Now! [11:58 pm] KhreRiovtRex: ACTION: Nobody comes out, Security standing just outside the splintered door [11:59 pm] tAehjae: OI LAST TIME EXIT NOW OR AU WILL BE YY'AA!! [11:59 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (3 years later and this is still a standoff....lol) [12:00 am] tAehjae: ((LOL) [12:00 am] KhreRiovtRex: 2 minute warning [12:00 am] tAehjae: ::nods to Security to go in and take them out:: [12:01 am] Laehval tTemarr: Security> ::Does the deed on t'Aehjae's order. Leans around the door and fires at the Othan guard.:: [12:02 am] KhreRiovtRex: OG8> :: huddles in the corner, arms around his knees and his head down, only looking up as they come barging in....firing at him and instantly killing the kid, barely old enough to be out of school. His weapon, powered down and on the floor across the shed. [12:04 am] tAehjae: :: enters the building moving to the weapon picking it up and looking at the youth :: CURSES!!! Why did au na just exits as told!! [12:05 am] KhreRiovtRex: and.... PAUSE SIM [12:05 am] KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM [12:05 am] KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM [12:05 am] STSF Seiben: ::paused:: [12:05 am] KhreRiovtRex: Man....brutal.... [12:05 am] KhreRiovtRex: that should be an interesting report! [12:06 am] KhreRiovtRex: Thanks for coming everyone. t'A, great to have you back and we hope that we'll be seeing you some more [12:06 am] KhreRiovtRex: we've missed you [12:06 am] STSF Seiben: Yay [12:06 am] KhreRiovtRex: Anyway, Happy New Year everyone, may this one be better than the last