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  1. Sitting at the Klingon influenced table in his quarters Mr. Pilot drinks a raktajino looking over a few padds. "Computer, check inbox messages. Authorization Pilot-Alpha-1-Alpha." The computer replies, "You have 3 unheard communiques." Pilot sat his raktajino down and moved to the computer on his desk and activated the first message. The message recording: EJ this is your mother..How are you doing? I haven't been receiving my regular communiques that you usually send. Are you okay? Please make sure you reply back. I want to make sure my son is okay. Your father is well, as am I. <End Communique> Pilot pondered for a moment and remembered he had not sent a message to his parents after he was recovered from the Oppo planet. He of course wouldn't be able to tell his mom about the mission he was a Black Ops officer of course, he wasn't sure if she knew that. However, she probably figured with the silence I was more than likely in some type of Special Ops program in Starfleet. He turned back to the computer and played the second message. The message recording #2: Son, this is your father. You haven't contacted us its going on 6 days now. You usually don't ever go this long without contacting us. I know I never worry but this isn't like you. Contact us soon. Qapla'. <End Communique> Pilot now thinking that his parents are probably furious because they are probably scared out of their wits. They both know the dangers of wearing this uniform. However, a parent will always worry regardless the knowledge possessed about the matter. Pilot played the next communique. The message recording #3: By the word of Kahless, if I find out you've been seriously hurt I will have that CO of yours beaten till he is in as much pain as you are, if you are in any pain. Son, may Kahless protect you on your missions and bring you back. I would hate for your mother's heart to be broken because her only son of Solern was KIA during a mission. I hope you reply soon son. <End Communique> Pilot looked at his screen he quickly hit the reply button and gave his parents a detailed explanation without giving too much mission detail. He hoped this would be sufficient for them. They didn't know he was on a Black Ops ship, at least he didn't think they did. Pilot sat back to his raktajino and starting drinking it again. I need to take it easy, probably should delegate these tasks to other engineers. Pilot taps onto his console comm, "Pilot to Lieutenant (JG) Cashington, your assistance is required for engineering tasks. I am forwarding the tasks to your inbox copy to padd and complete, that is an order. Pilot out." Pilot for the first time delegated a task I am sure his superiors won't mind this time. He finished the drink and put it in the recycler. "I wonder what happened to the Admiral and is he still indeed our CO? I will find out sooner or later."
  2. Pilot sat on the Chimera nodding in and out as he couldn’t sleep. He understood completely what Jami did. She didn’t want to leave Lowren behind. He wouldn’t either. But she lied to the Admiral about the communiqué being filled with static and then had one of his engineering comrades place real static into the message. If Admiral Atragon asked what really happened, he would be obligated to tell him. He would tell him in the interest of Lowren’s life and if we had left her that she might have been found dead if we waited too long. But as we all know disobeying the direct order of a superior officer is numero uno on the “Things you don’t do to tick off your outranking officers” Pilot knew the admiral and commander were married, but this went beyond their marriage. They are husband and wife, but he is also the CO of the USS Manticore. He has been given 400+ lives to protect while they serve on this ship. He just wants to make sure everything is okay and that is why he is issued the return call. Pilot was pretty sure he would have understood the reasoning for staying if it were explained in more convincing way. I just hope he wouldn’t get a reprimand for this. Pilot just hoped Jami knew what she was doing.
  3. A Day’s Work… Stardate: 200807.21 The equipment shocks Asst. Engineer Pilot still working on the equipment in the medical bay. “Ahh! For the love of Kahless!” Pilot screams, grabs a device from his tool kit and scans the medical equipment. “Godd-mnit!” he said in a angry tone. Pilot pulled out a chip and swapped out the old for the new. Pilot replaces the protective lid over the device, and then puts his tools away. Pilot moved out of Sickbay clicking on his padd that the job was complete *(Sending a message to Kyle Mele, M.D. to inform his repair was complete.)* Pilot hops onto the next Turbolift and heads back to Engineering to check in and check for other repair orders.
  4. Pilot on break from his shift, sat in his quarters just thinking. “Computer, begin log for stardate 200805.12.” The computer replies with an acknowledging beep from its sound buffers. “As I begin my career aboard the starship Manticore I have ran into some unusual characters. Like one of our doctor’s, for instance, he tells me he cannot find his regular physical equipment, so he has to use antique medical equipment. I believe after all this time not a single person should be using old antique medical equipment. After all the effort and time that was been spent in developing our now, advanced technology. You should be using it. Also if your equipment is damaged you need to file a report with Engineering to get it repaired, or file a report with the Ops Manager to have it put on the list when we do another Supply run at the nearest Starbase.” Pilot placed the log entry on pause for a moment to get a drink from the replicator, “Cranberry juice please.” The cranberry materializes on the replicator pad and Pilot grasps it in his hand tightly, like a snake coiling around its prey. He then takes a nice, cooling, refreshing sip from the glass and places it on the table next to him. “Computer, resume log entry 200805.12.” The computer acknowledged and Pilot continued recording. “Another unusual crewmate of mine is one of our security officers. Not to say that our fine Chief Security Officer isn’t handling his business, because he is. However, this security officer, I believe whose name was Kansas. I could not believe the nerve of her, she actually said she would turn me into a pretzel. During that whole physical I got ridiculed by her. She says, “Well maybe he’s a Changelling.” Really, I am ½ Klingon and ½ Human, there is nothing changeling about me. In addition, if I were a changeling why would I make myself look like half of something? However, I think this was all a ploy for the medical and security officer(s) to have a laugh at my expense. Nevertheless, remember Engineering is the folks you call to come fix your broken toys. Why would you prank one of their officers?” Pilot stops and says to the computer, “End log and save.” Pilot then takes a look at the time. “Hmm 15 more minutes.” Pilot takes a nice long finishing off sip of his cranberry juice, moving the empty glass to the recycler and heads out of his quarters back to the Engineering. <End Log.>
  5. Name: E.J. "E'jAi Pi'LuT" Pilot Gender: Male Race: ½ Klingon, ½ Human Marital Status: Single Age: 22 (Earth Years) Height: 6 ft 2 in Weight: 201 lbs Physical Appearance: Black hair close to shoulder length, moderate blue eyes, and black skin. Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, Earth Distinguishing Features: None Parents: Solern Pilot - Klingon (Klingon Name: Sor`Loth Pi`LuT) Jessica Pilot - Human Siblings: None Starfleet Service Record Service Identification: PIL-140-942 Current Rank: Lieutenant Current Assignment: Assistant Engineering Officer Current Ship: USS Manticore-A, NCC-5852 Commanding Officers: Admiral Atragon-9, Captain Sovak, and Commander Jami Eyr Farrington Career Focus: Engineering - Major | Security / Medical - Double Minor Specializations: Medical (Starfleet Certified), Security Certification (Starfleet Certified) Tactical Systems Certification (Starfleet Certified), Engineering Certification Career History SD 0209.23 - Enters Starfleet Academy (Major: Engineering | Minor: Security & Medical) SD 0409.23 - Graduates from Starfleet Academy SD 0409.27 - Receives a notification about Application to serve aboard USS Excalibur as Asst. Medical Officer SD 0409.28 - Assigned to USS Excalibur as Assistant Medical Officer SD 0505.08 - Promoted to Lieutenant J.G. SD 0507.13 - Completed Defensive & Offensive Systems Training (Tactical) for USS Excalibur. Authorized by Former Chief of Security Lieutenant Commander Brian Graham SD 0507.17 - Promoted to Lieutenant SD 0804.01 - Transferred to U.S.S. Manticore, for assignment in his Major concentration from Starfleet. Background (E.J. Pilot) E'jAi Pi'LuT was born in San Francisco, California, Earth. In California, The Pilot Family had a beautiful home. Pilot's father was an Asst. Engineer for Starfleet HQ & Medical. Mr. Pilot's mother was a Senior Member of Planetary Defense for Sector 001 (Earth). His father had a rank of Lieutenant pushing Lieutenant Commander eventually. Pilot's mother was rank of Commander hoping to become a Captain one day. Commissioned Starfleet Officers, his parents to be exact, surrounded Pilot. Through observation of his parents, Pilot had decided that, eventually he would like to join Starfleet Academy. However, he had not one exact clue or idea what he would want to do once getting in. Approximately 1 year before Pilot had to put in his application for Starfleet Academy, he knew what he would like to do. That evening he got the info padds from Starfleet Academy on Medical, Engineering, and Security Fields. After a long decision making process, Stardate 0209.01 Cadet Pilot gets accepted into Starfleet Academy, he majors in Engineering and minors in Medical & Security. Stardate 0209.23 he enters the Academy for his first time beginning classes that day. After a long 2 years of studying and working hard creating simulations on the holodecks and doing intense amounts of work and doing group projects. E'jAi Pi'LuT graduates from Starfleet Academy on Stardate 0409.23. Glorious day in the Pi'LuT (Pilot) Family, the son of Solern & Jessica had earned his wings and was about to be out on his own doing what he loved; being apart of Starfleet. Immediately following his graduation on Stardate 0409.23, Pilot had put in an application to the Sovereign Class starship U.S.S. Excalibur, which he waited very patiently for a response. Finally, Stardate 0409.27, the Commanding Officer, and Executive Officer of the U.S.S. Excalibur replied to his application; they had approved his application. Cadet Pilot had applied to be Assistant Medical Officer on board the Ex calibur. Once receiving his orders he confirmed it, he was indeed AMO (Asst. Medical Officer) on board the Excalibur on Stardate 0409.28. Pilot excelled on the Excalibur quite quickly. Stardate 0505.08 Pilot was promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade, a step away from being full Lieutenant, but he had earned it through his excellent performance aboard the USS Excalibur. Two months had passed, Pilot had undergone Defensive and Offensive Systems Training with Lieutenant J.G. Adrian Knight a former Asst Security Officer aboard the Excalibur. Pilot passed with the advice of Knight during a simulation of the Excalibur versus a Borg Cube, where the Picard Reman Maneuver had to be performed. Four days later, Lieutenant J.G. Pilot had been promoted to full Lieutenant. During that, time Pilot did in fact have to use his newly acquired skills of the Excalibur's Offensive and Defensive systems because he happened to be on the bridge when the ship became under attack and boarded by the Dominion. After all of that Pilot transferred to USS Manticore as Assistant Engineering Officer and is currently serving as her AENG. Lieutenant Pilot is currently serving aboard the USS Manticore registry NCC 5852-A as Assistant Engineering Officer.
  6. >_> Marius has been to sickbay before when I blew up a console in the sickbay.
  7. Oooo Pretty! :rolleyes:
  8. Chief Medical Officer’s Log SD. 0802.19 Lt. Cmdr EJ Pilot recording… Pilot had witnessed an argument that involved his AMO Team of Ensign B’Etor Patterson & Ensign Joe Wilson. He thought those two wouldn’t get into a verbal battle not too long ago they had helped each other out. What could of caused them to fall out that fast. Pilot couldn’t put his finger on it as of yet. Pilot turned looking at his computer, “Computer, display Ensign Joe Wilson’s full bio in its entirety.” The computer beeped with confirmation and the screen lit up and filled with the bio. He then started skimming the bio looking for some type of information on what the hell was with Joe. As he read thoughts running through his mind “Maybe he doesn’t Klingons.” But he wouldn’t respect me all the time, even though I am his commanding officer unless Corizon or JoNs walks in. Pilot continued reading stumbled upon the fact that a few of Wilson’s relatives were killed during Romulan interactions, one of which was his grandfather. This did not change anything in Commander Pilot’s mind. We are all Starfleet officers and we have a duty. I acknowledge the fact that he can’t stand Romulans because of what tragedies they have caused in his family. But do not dishonor your Family name over a person who did not cause your family the tragedy in which you speak or feel in your heart. “Computer, end bio lookup for Joe Wilson.” Thinking to himself, “She is half klingon and half romulan, if anything she is a contradiction in herself.” But what he had against her was wrong and petty. I would hope this not to happen again. However, if it does. Disciplinary actions will be taken immediately. I will not have a hateful staff well I am the CMO of the USS Excalibur. Sickbay is my Bridge and I am her Captain. I run her operations and I oversee she is taken care of and my team is respectful to one another. Computer End Log.
  9. ::eyes widen then lets out a heavy sigh:: Not this place again. Please tell me not this place again. We just got out of there not too long ago. But what can you do? ::goes to make his ISS Bio::
  10. Chief Medical Officer’s Log Supplemental Entry #2 Sickbay was cleared but during the crisis of the exploding mines. We had a visit from a rather rude and obnoxious Yeoman. I understand they are the Captain or CO’s personal slave…assistant. However, did she have to be so damn rude? She also posed a threat to my sickbay. She reached for what appeared to be a sheath, which looked to be able to hold a small weapon or knife perhaps. I am not the one for violence. However, I will protect my sickbay patients by any means necessary. Yeomen also have to follow the chain of command as well, and luckily, we are not on a Klingon ship because he/she would have been dead already. On another note, Maria Kassem-Zier hasn’t reported in as of yet her status since the explosions. Hopefully she is ok and not laying out somewhere bleeding to death. I will send Joe or B’Etor, if she is up to it. To check on her ASAP, Alex would kill me if something happened to her. Lt Cmdr Pilot, MD recording. *End Log*
  11. I am "X" amount of days late HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LOAMI -Mailk's Player :rolleyes:
  12. We're all nervous. Because they need to bring out another Trek Series on Television. Maybe set after Nemesis, I am pretty the previous actors wouldn't mind coming back its a paycheck. I mean look at us we do every time we sim. I wouldn't be surprised if they watch our Sims for creative purposes. You never know.
  13. From the Desk of Dr. EJ Pilot M.D. Memo to: Commander M'Vess JoNs Subject: Casualty Report Message: Sir I am sorry to report that we currently don't any major casualties. Just the usual bumps, scraps, and bruises. I will keep your posted. We are mostly taking in minor injuries. Again I will keep you posted. Best regards, LtCmdr. E.J. Pilot M.D.
  14. Chief Medical Officer’s Log Supplemental Entry As casualties are helped and healed, accordingly we are faced with another unfortunate situation. Apparently, Ensign Patterson’s ridge was fractured during the mine explosions. It was repaired accordingly and she was sent to her quarters. The sickbay just had wounded we didn’t lose any people as of yet. End Log.
  15. Oops! Sorry about that A9. I will take Hottest Klingon-Human Doctor in the Quadrant :rolleyes: