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  1. Arcadia will meet. We will determine whether to continue with the regular plot or do something else at that time.
  2. Pher, If this were Slashdot, I probably would've modded this one +1 Insightful. But, I'm not sure if I agree with it, at least as far as all of STSF goes. Counter example: How I think of Arcadia, which I think of more in the mode of TNG (and maybe even [ack!] the good parts of Voyager?) than, say, the latter seasons of DS9 or season 3 of Enterprise. We're a bunch of people flying through space, encountering strange things, exploring and trying to get what we do right. Sometimes, it works; sometimes, we cause more trouble than we solve, and sometimes, it backfires really badly. Do we occasionally have moments where we bend the prime directive? Sure! Every Trek series does. It's not like Kirk didn't bend the rules occasionally... But it won't happen without a lively debate on the bridge.
  3. Congratulations to Dana Los, who graduated the Monday Night Academy on 2/20/12 after commanding USS Pioneer into a sector with a sector with mysterious ships!
  4. Arcadia arrives at the mines, finding other freighters and shuttles shuttling miners back and forth from asteroids. A probe is beamed down to the mines, and it shows large quantities of latinum and dilithium that can practically be picked off the ground. An away team is sent to investigate, but the away team finds only rocky caves. After Cmdr Marx leans on a wall, the paper-thin "rock wall" caves in, exposing a heated, dark room. Circuitry is detected nearby.
  5. Using coordinated scans between the away team and Arcadia, it is determined that the freighter the away team beamed to is a figment of their collective imaginations. The away team is recalled to Arcadia, after which the freighter dramatically explodes for no apparent reason. Arcadia continues on to the mines.
  6. Congratulations to STSF's newest ensign, Arizhel, who graduated from the Monday night academy on 11/7/11!
  7. Congratulations to Ensign John Tork, our newest returnee ensign who graduated the Monday Night academy. Welcome back!
  8. After more reports of hallucinations, the Arcadia crew theorizes that the cause of the hallucinations might be found in the mines; meanwhile, they fight the exhaustion that the hallucinations cause. After evacuating the station crew from Arcadia, the ship sets course for the mines. En route, they encounter a distress call from a freighter whose systems, including life support, are failing. An away team is dispatched to the freighter to render engineering and medical assistance. Onboard scanners on Arcadia indicate that the away team does not move at all once beamed aboard.
  9. Congratulations to Ensign Zaphod, who graduated the Monday Night 10PM academy under STSF LoAmi and STSF Nickles.
  10. Congratulations to Ensign Brad Schmidt, who graduated the 10PM STSF Monday academy on Dec 27, 2010. Have fun future adventures in space!
  11. Congratulations to Ens Drayvend T. McKenna who graduated the Monday night academy on 11/29/2010 under Lo'Ami and Kent. Have fun in your adventures in space!
  12. Before choosing a department, I would suggest you watch some of the advanced sims you're interested in joining. Each sim has its own character, and the departments operate differently too. The academy tonight was something of a puzzle (as I've been doing lately in Monday academies), with the general idea that a player should work with team-mates to get evidence from ACTIONs, add evidence through his/her own scans based on what's already been established, theorize, talk to each other, and come to some conclusions. For the record, most of them aren't solved in an hour.
  13. Arcadia is also in the post-TNG/post-DS9 era, although the war and war fallout have very little effect on the plot line.
  14. Congratulations to Ensign Va'yel, who graduated at the 10/19 Monday Night Academy.
  15. Sumo and I would like to congratulate Ens_Hawke on his promotion to Ensign at the June 22, 2009 Monday Night Academy!