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  1. ::Grabs a mop and bucket for the mess on the floor.:: Looks like "A" wins the poll. This was actually the one I was thinking of using. Thanks for voting guys.
  2. Here's the fighters I was thinking about possibly using. Pick which one you like best. Slight disclaimer though. The winner won't necessarily be what I eventually choose (Unless I like it too. :P ) I mainly want your opinions. Some that aren't chosen may make appearances later. A B C D E F G
  3. Sgt. Madison Williams, one of Shadow Squadron's navigators, was quietly walking down the MARDET halls with a purpose. She had heard a rumor about her squad leader and had to check it out for herself. Arriving at the proper bunkroom, the young slender brunette opened the door and turned on the lights. "No lights!" shouted someone from one of the beds as a pillow sailed across the room, hitting Madi in the chest. Williams sighs as she picked up the pillow and moved to the bed, which held the figure in question, Dyan Slyvanis. "Not again...How many time are you going to learn that your Melandri physiology can't handle alcohol?" Dyan, who was completely covered in her blanket to block out the light, only muttered in response. Madison grabbed the blanket and lifted it up to see the occupant underneath. Dyan, who was wearing the same clothes she had went out in, immediately curled into a fetal position. "Well at least you kept you clothes on this time," said the sergeant as she let go of the blanket and threw the pillow back on the bed. "Unlike the time at Drozana Station where you thought your clothes were trying to burn you and you ran halfway across the promenade naked before someone caught you..." Sylvanis didn't respond. She simply latched onto the returned pillow. "Honestly Dyan, who dared you this time? Or were you trying to impress someone?" It was silent for a moment before Dyan finally uttered a single word. "Delta..." Madison quickly facepalmed. "Ugh, really? You know some of those guys practically live in a bar right?" She sighed as she brought her tone down a little. "Just try to take it easy next time ok?" Williams started for the door, but stopped short of exiting. "Oh I almost forgot. You do realize you have Zero G drills tomorrow right?" With a smirk she finally shut the lights off and exited. "Good night El Tee," Madi said as the door closed behind her. "Urgh..." was the only sound Dyan could make as she tightened her grip on her pillow.
  4. General Information: Full Name: Dyan Sylvanis (pronounced "dee ahn") Call Sign: Silverhawk Species: Melandri Place of Birth: Melandros IV Gender: Female Age: 22 Height: 5' 7" Weight: 120 lbs. Hair Color: Silver Eye Color: Light Blue Family: Kite Sylvanis (Father) Lavie Sylvanis (Mother) Service Information: Rank: Lieutenant 1st Class Position: Squad Leader, Shadow Squadron, 4th Marine Tactical Wing Assignment: USS Challenger Personal History: Melandros IV is a very mountainous and hostile environment. There are very little flatlands, and the only way to travel around on the planet was to fly. For the Melandri people this meant you must learn how to fly at an early age. That wasn't a problem for Dyan. She excelled very quickly, and was the youth champion in every form of race held. But this was never enough for Dyan. She wanted to go beyond what she was capable of on Melandros and travel the stars. Getting into Starfleet was no problem for Dyan, as the Federation highly valued Melandri pilots. It was here that she greatly improved on her skills. Eventually she was shipped off to border patrols. While here she was involved in numerous skirmishes with pirates and rogue factions, earning her status as an ace. When her service in the border patrols came to an end, Dyan and her squad was transferred to the USS Challenger for deep space deployment. Training: Advanced Fighter Training (Ace status) Advanced Shuttle Training Advanced Sidearm Training Standard Rifle Training Standard Hand-to-Hand Combat Training Basic Maintenance Training Service Record: Maintains Ace Standing. (13 confirmed kills from various sources.) Responsible for single-handedly disabling a D7 Battlecruiser About the Melandri People: The Melandri are a humanoid race from Melandros IV. They are very similar to humans in appearance and genetics. In fact it is believed that transplanted humans from many millennia ago merged with a native ancient race, creating the Melandri. Every couple generations or so, an individual is born that has the dominant features of the ancient race. They are known as Zavania Korra. Zavania Korra, which translated means Silver Goddess, are female Melandri that are born with silver hair and bestowed a special ability to control those around them. This ability is actually a very strong pheromone that the Zavania Korra produces which affects both male and female humanoids. Throughout Melandri history these women have been worshipped and pampered the rest of their lives. Dyan's Abilities: Dyan is a Zavania Korra, which mean she produces the strong attractive pheromones. These pheromones in high doses can cause a humanoid to basically bend to her will, whether she intends it or not. It has been noted that reptilian and amphibian based humanoids are immune to such influences. Through the marvels of modern medicine a suppressant has been developed to bring the pheromone production levels down. The use of the suppressor monthly ensures that Dyan can have a normal life on board a starship. Though even with the suppressor, some pheromones are still produced (But this is only minor. Things such as crewmembers unknowingly being drawn to her attention or attracted to her, etc. Nothing serious.) In situations that call for it and when she is concentrating, Dyan can become very suggestive. A special flight suit (pictured above) has also been developed, since high stress situations can bring pheromone production above the suppressor's limits.