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  1. This, this is shocking. As a friend and as a crewmate, may you rest in peace. This is really sad, it should've never came to this. :(
  2. I'm hoping for Ghana to upset Brazil :P Ghana is shockingly in the round of 16 and could pull off an upset. Germany beat Sweden today, and Argentina beat Mexico today in extra time. So it'll be Germany vs. Argentina sometime on Friday.
  3. I'm cheering for Germany, England and the Netherlands :) However I think it'll be Germany or Brazil to win the cup.
  4. Would love to see it. Not going to happen though.
  5. Awesome trailer. Doesn't give away much but great to see they're releasing a trailer now. Sucks that it won't be out until 2007. Hopefully the multiplayer will be as good as it was in Halo 2.
  6. Happy Birthday everyone. @ Murray, 21, eh? Get out the beer :lol:
  7. It's very expensive, that's what it is! :lol:
  8. Wow, it feels like the '05 Spaceys were only a couple months ago.
  9. You're a leafs fan? :lol: ;)
  10. Ah Oilers fan, I should've known. :lol:
  11. WHat's wrong with the Flames? :o Y'all know they should've won last season anyways. ;)
  12. It's not a dream sequence, I believe that Ronald D Moore clearly stated that in an interview or I think in his podcast ^_^
  13. Why is Toronto on that list? They're 5 points out (was 9 points a couple days ago) and the chances of them making it are still pretty small. ^_^ If it's a Western team, I'll say Calgary but it could be Detroit. If it's an Eastern team, I'd say Carolina or Ottawa. Ottawa i s highly expected to win but I think there may be some sort of upset... Plus, you spelled Montreal Canadiens wrong :P
  14. Because they still don't trust the Cylons and can't be certain that they're telling the truth. ^_^
  15. Indeed it was a big risk. A lot of people loved it but I do know there are some that though this was horrible. But the way I see it is they needed fresh material, a new big storyline. Something other than "we're running from the cylons". I always wondered how long coudl they keep that story going without something major happening, and well something major did happen. Hopefully this won't lose some fans, a bold risk but BSG has always been about the storyline and the big risks.