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  1. “A new chapter” USS Langley, Main Bridge After what felt like an eternity, the Aegis finally appeared on sensor range. As the Langley was getting close, Captain D’Amico invited his VIP passengers up to the bridge. “Drop us out of warp and slow to impulse. Let ‘em know we’d like to request docking clearance” he said to the helm and operations officers. Soon enough, the large station appeared on the main viewer. “It’s good to finally be here, thanks for the ride” smiled Robert McFarland. After almost three weeks since they left Andoria, he and his wife Mariana were glad to have finally made it to their destination, feeling fully rested after a brief two-week sabbatical on Betazed along the way. Getting here took more than a week, with a slight delay to take on a supply of food and other goods when they received word from Dacia that Aegis’ replicators were offline. They were relieved to hear that the replicators now seemed to be back online, even if it made their supply of food somewhat redundant now. Still, Captain D’Amico hoped they’d still take the food nonetheless. You never know if you might need it, which was what he said when he found out their replicators worked again. Seemed pretty weird to him the replicators suddenly started working again so quickly, since Dr. Sandero didn’t have much knowledge of how they work, she wasn’t able to provide a great explanation of how that came to be. Oh well, he thought to himself. “Langley, you’re cleared to dock at docking port 10” came the voice of Aegis’ gamma-shift operations officer. The New Orleans class Langley dropped to quarter impulse and slowly went through the Aegis’ docking port. It didn’t take them long to find their designated spot and backed into it. Umbilical cords and the walkway connecting the ship to the station were quickly extended over. “Well, we’d better get down to our quarters and prepare to disembark. Mr. Moht has all our luggage ready” Mariah said. “You sticking around for a while?” D’Amico nodded “Yes, I think we’ll stay here for a few days to allow my crew to get some R&R. They sure could use it after the last mission we had. “Well, maybe we’ll see you around then”. Robert and Mariah smiled and gave their farewells to the captain and returned to their guest quarters a deck below. As expected, their valet Mr. Moht had their luggage ready to go and loaded on hover carts. A yeoman pushing the cart went by and the McFarlands followed along. Not long later, they crossed the air lock out of the Langley and into the Aegis. Waiting for them was their daughter Alexis, surrounded by who they’d later find out the security detail assigned to her. Alexis ran up to them and gave them hugs. Robert picked up Alexis and spun her in the air as most fathers seem to do, then put her back down. Alexis giggled. “You’ve grown up so much since we last saw you” her mother said. “Mm, thanks. I hadn’t noticed” Alexis replied. “it’s been too long. I’m glad we were able to get back to you” Robert said. After their reunion, one of the yeomen from Aegis took their luggage and led them to the turbolift. Alexis seemed excited to see their quarters even if it was probably going to be more or less the same quarters she and her family had on Earth, Vulcan and Andoria. But Alexis would appreciate the extra space her new quarters would have, even if she’d miss being with Dacia. On their last night together, she and her spent the evening on a couch watching holo-movies and eating burgers and ice cream (to celebrate the replicators being back online). The lift stopped and opened at the diplomatic suites. There were much fewer doors in the suite, which seemed to indicate the larger size of the suites in the deck. Alexis wondered which one was Miana’s. She hoped they would be neighbours. The yeoman stopped at a door near the middle of the deck, which opened for them. “Is it this one?” she asked. “Yes, it is, dear” her mother replied. “Our new home…”.
  2. Joint log w/Alexis’ parents & Dr. Dacia Sandero Dacia’s Quarters – 2300 Dacia sat in her quarters and ate a granola bar before going to bed for the night. It was part of one of the emergency rations they handed out to people after the replicators went offline. Dacia let out a sigh. Of all the things to kill the replicators, it had to be the cup of coffee she replicated. She didn’t even drink coffee normally. You would think if anything would have killed them, it would have been all the food and decorations they replicated for Aegis’ anniversary party a few days ago – especially that giant Aegis cake that measured a storey tall, Dacia was obviously no engineer, but she thought that probably didn’t help the replicator situation in the first place. Like other people on the station, Dacia gave what she could of her leftovers to help with their supply of food to distribute amongst the station’s inhabitants and helped Dr. Pavilion take stock of the existing stocks of food rations they already had on hand. She and Dr. Pavilion reckoned they had enough on hand to last for at least the next day or two. While the engineering staff on hand worked on restoring the replicators, calls were made out to Starfleet HQ to send ships with food and other supplies to keep Aegis going under the repairs to the station’s replicators can be fully made, which at this point Dacia didn’t know exactly how long it would take. One of those ships was the USS Langley, a New Orleans class frigate which was already on their way to Aegis, carrying two rather important diplomats with them. Dacia sipped on her tea as she spoke with them via sub space. Robert and Mariah McFarland smiled back at Dacia from the Langley’s ready room with her captain Tony D’Amico, a relatively young man from Brooklyn. “It’s good to see you again Dacia. How’s Alexis doing?” Mariah asked. “As well as can be expected” Dacia replied. “She’s asleep now, but at least she ate pretty well given our situation”. Mariah smiled. “That’s good to hear. We can’t wait to see her again, but I’m afraid our arrival will be somewhat delayed, which brings us to the nature of our call” Mariah turned to Captain D’Amico. “Yes, we were supposed to be arriving tomorrow, but our ETA has been pushed back an extra day as were diverted to Starbase 41 to take on a large supply of food and other stuff you’se guys might need” D’Amico said. “How many people do you have again? 15-16,000?” Dacia nodded “We have about 16,000 in total, both Starfleet personnel and civilians”. D’Amico quickly did the math in his head. “So, all of our cargo bays are filled to the brim with food and all the other essentials you’ll need to survive. I’d say with that much people in total, we probably have enough to last you at least two or three days” “Well, I don’t know if we’ll have enough replicators online by then to sustain ourselves. I’m a doctor not an engineer, so I can’t even begin to guess how long it’ll take to get all of them up and running again, despite a significant increase to our engineering department” Dacia said. “Though not every race on board uses our replicators – we do have a sizeable Klingon population for instance, who of course eschews replicators opting for fresh raw food, like targ and gagh. But, even still, I think the total should be over the 15,000 mark anyway” “For the long term, I think you’ll be okay. We have spoken with Starfleet, and they are planning on diverting more ships to your location to help deliver food and whatever else you’ll need. I don’t know how many exactly, but I’d say around five or six within a reasonable travelling range to Aegis. I even heard the Klingons might be sending a ship there to deliver food to the Klingon populace on board.” Captain D’Amico said. “However, they’d still take a few days or so to arrive as they have a longer distance to travel to get to you. We were lucky, in that we were already on route to Aegis to drop off the McFarlands. But we’re still a day and a half out ourselves, what with our diversion to Starbase 41. I hope you have enough on hand to last you ‘till then” added D’Amico. Robert chimed in as well. “My father has also gotten wind of your emergency there and is offering to send some cargo freighters fully loaded with food and supplies. They’re big freighters, so I’d imagine that’d be enough food to last for at least a month, probably two. Problem is, there’s no nearby UFS freighters with any spare cargo space for additional items. I was told the freighters could get there in about a week, week and a half from Port Alexis” That was generous of the old man, Dacia thought to herself. Robert seemed to pick up on Dacia’s thoughts as well. “It was very nice of him to offer, but I guess his decision to do so, had more to do with not liking the prospect of his son and beloved granddaughter starving to death on the station” he said with a smile. Dacia smiled too. Robert’s father certainly loved Alexis. Given how much he sends her every week to make sure she’s happy and has anything she’d ever want or need and then some. Heck, he did name the company’s main processing hub after her. “I was told that his logistics personnel sent in the offer to your command staff less than an hour ago, but so far hadn’t heard back from them last I spoke to them, that was about 20 minutes ago” Robert said. As Captain D’Amico mentioned, that was good news, for the long term. Dacia thought to herself. In a few days, they should have enough to last them for a good while, but short term might be difficult. The Langley is still more than a day and a half out. “We’re still cataloguing what we have in stock, but it looks like we do enough to last us until the Langley arrives, but maybe only just. But we do appreciate the delivery of food, and the offer from your father as well. I know it will be a great benefit to everyone on the station, not just for you and Alexis so we’re grateful for the offer whether our command staff decides to take it or not” Robert nodded and smiled. “Of course. Starfleet certainly would let you guys starve and despite his shrewdness, my father is a caring person deep inside. We’re travelling as fast as we can, but good luck in your emergency situation” he said. “Thanks. It’ll be difficult for sure, but I’m sure we can manage. See you when you arrive” Dacia replied and the transmission ended, it was probably going to be a bit of a tough day and a half, but she was sure they’d survive till then.
  3. UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS – CREW BIOGRAPHY PERSONAL INFORMATION: Name: Dr. Dacia Sandero, M.D. Species: Betazed Gender: Female Martial Status: Single Age: 22 Height: 189 cm (6’2”) Weight: 70.3 kg (155 lbs.) Hair Colour: Strawberry Blonde Eye Colour: Black Date of Birth: Stardate 42456.4; (Earth Gregorian calendar: 16 June 2365, 14:06:38 AST (UTC-4)) Place of Birth: Road Town, Tortola, (British) Virgin Islands, Earth FAMILY INFORMATION: Father: Servel – Captain, Starfleet Judge Advocate General. Mother: Arianna - Betazed diplomat. Older Sister: Kestrel, 29, Lt. Cdr., Ship’s Counsellor USS Superior (NCC-78132) Cousin: Alexis McFarland (Maternal), 9, Civilian, Sky Harbour Aegis Pet: Chester, six months, male, fawn pug EDUCATION: 2368-2374: Educated on Betazed. 2374-2383: Highgate School, London, UK 2383-2387: Starfleet Academy; Medical Program SERVICE INFORMATION: Service Status: ACTIVE Service Number: A0DC078-5442 Rank: Lieutenant Commander Role: Assistant Medical Officer Assignment: Sky Harbour Aegis CAREER TIMELINE: 2383: Enrolls in Starfleet Academy, Medical Program 2383-7: Starfleet Recruitment spokesperson (Posters, adverts, commercials, etc.) 2387: Graduates from Starfleet Academy 2387: Assignment to Sky Harbour Aegis 2387: Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade 2387: Promotion to Lieutenant 2388: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander QUALIFICATIONS: As a medical doctor, Dacia possessed an extensive medical knowledge of anatomies of most Federation and non-Federation species. Dacia majored in general medicine, but is also qualified as a paediatrician, as well as veterinary medical practices. Dacia also has a strong knowledge of biology as well as human and alien diseases as a result of her medical training. Non-Medical qualifications include, basic to intermediate weapons skills, shuttle piloting and light covert duties. Dacia is skilled in linguistics and is fluent in English, French, Spanish, German, Betazed, as well as a familiarity of Romulan and Klingon. MEDICAL ASSESSMENT: Conducted at Starfleet Medical HQ, SD: 64729.9 (24 Sept. 2387, 09:55 PST) by Dr. Hilary Sutherland, M.D. Build: Medium/ Slim Blood Type: O- Physical Health Assessment: Clinical tests show that the patient is in prime physical health. She has passed all medical and physical training tests administered by Starfleet Medical. Patient has had no significant history of past illnesses or other medical issues. Known Allergies: None Mental Health Assessment: Patient has passed mental health checks with top marks. No known history of past mental or psychological problems. Patient has a sound mind and considerable mental stamina, attributed to her intense telepathic/empathic training she had done as a child. Physical Examination Result: PASS – Patient is cleared for active duty. PSI RATING: Conducted at Betazed Medical Centre, Janaran Falls SD: 64659.3 (29 Aug. 2387, 15:19 UTC) Ratings are out of a possible best score of 10. Empathy: 9.0, Telepathy: 8.5 COMMENTS: Having undergone intense telepathic and empathic training from a very young age (as all Betazed children do), Dacia has an excellent empathic and telepathic capability. Possessing a sound knowledge of her abilities and displaying admirable control of said attributes, they should serve her and her potential crew well in the future. BACKGROUND: Born in the Virgin Islands, where her family has a vacation home, Dacia was primarily raised in Betazed until the age of nine, when she and her family fled the planet for Earth after it was attacked and invaded by the Dominion during the Dominion War. On Earth, Dacia and her family settled in their home in the upscale Kensington area of London, but also spent considerable time in the Virgin Islands as well. On the recommendation of her mother’s family friend, Sylvannia Feretti, Dacia took up modelling at the age of eleven and appeared in commercials, and holo-ads in an effort to boost her confidence and self-esteem. Whilst modelling she learned how to properly compose herself by her best friend Leilani Feretti who taught her all the tricks of modelling. Dacia’s formal education was conducted at Highgate School, a co-educational school in London, from age 9-18. Having spent most of her life in London, Dacia speaks with an upper class British accent. Dacia began telepathic and empathic training at the age of three in Betazed, and continued on Earth. Upon the liberation of Betazed after the Dominion War, Dacia returned to the planet to complete her training there. Upon her graduation from secondary school, Dacia felt inspired by Leilani and joined Starfleet Academy upon her friend’s recommendation and referral. Like Feretti, Dacia juggled modelling assignments (fashion shows, holo-magazines, commercials and other advertisements) with her studies at Starfleet Academy. With a strong knowledge of medicine, Dacia enrolled in the Medical program. Due to her modelling experience, Dacia also served as a recruiting model during most of her academy years for Starfleet. Scoring above average marks in her courses, Dacia graduated from Starfleet Academy and received her Doctor’s degree from Starfleet Medical. Resigning her modelling job after graduation, Dacia was assigned to Sky Harbour Aegis, as an assistant medical officer. It is expected, that Dacia should perform quite well in this endeavour. OTHER INFORMATION: Outside of medicine, Dacia has an adventurous and outgoing persona. Hobbies include swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing and hang gliding. However, she also enjoys more relaxed hobbies such as reading Shakespeare, and other classic Earth literature with a cup of tea, chess, ballroom dancing and ballet (which she has learned as a child in London). Dacia is an accomplished pianist and can also play the violin. She can speak several languages, and loves animals. Despite this outward persona, Dacia still displays a sense of child-like curiosity and innocence, which some may view as naïve or ignorant, despite the fact that Dacia is a highly intelligent individual. She has a six month old pug dog (named Chester) that she keeps in her flat in London, but she does not enjoy horseback riding (or riding on any animal) as her telepathic abilities constantly enable her to detect the thoughts and emotions of the animal she is riding. Outside of Starfleet, Dacia’s primary residence is her flat in the Kensington & Chelsea district of London, as well as her family’s vacation home in Seven Mile Beach, Virgin Islands. Dacia is considered highly sociable and approachable and is generally friendly to everyone she meets. END OF BIOGRAPHY Aegis Bio.pdf
  4. Two Weeks Ago... Starfleet Academy, San Francisco So far in her young life, this was a moment that she'll always remember most fondly. After four years of busting her butt in Academy, it culminated to this moment, stepping up to the stage and accepting her diploma with honours as her friends and family proudly watched on. After the diplomas were handed out, Dr. Dacia Sandero joined the rest of her class in the traditional tossing of the graduation caps. "Congratulations, Class of 2387!" said the Academy Dean as the graduation party officially began, at a nearby pub overlooking the water. Due to its proximity to the Academy campus, the pub was always filled with young cadets. Tonight however, the pub was filled with graduates. With several of her friends and now former classmates, they toasted to their graduations. Many drinks were had as the jubilant graduates drank to their health and futures. Dacia sat with several of her classmates in the medical program at a table in the outside patio overlooking the Pacific. "Can't believe it's finally over,” said one of Dacia's friends. "I never thought those four years would ever end" Dacia nodded in agreement. "I know what you mean. There were times I'd never thought I'd never graduate, and if it wasn't for Boothby, I most likely wouldn't have” A loud voice boomed from across the bar. "To Boothby!" said a Caitian, who obviously overheard. Dacia raised her glass with the rest of the pub. "So, what next? Any of you have postings yet?" She asked. Most of her friends said they did, on various ships, stations and outposts scattered about the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants. That was the nice thing about Starfleet; there never seemed to be a shortage on available posts, especially in the medical field. The remaining few were holding out for particular ships they were hoping would accept their applications. "Where are you assigned to, Dacia" asked Melissa, her best friend and roommate for their four years in Academy. "I'm posted on the Aegis. I'm looking forward to it. That's where Leilani is posted,” she said happily. Melissa smiled. "Nice! Don't forget about me over there!" "I won't!" Dacia replied and hugged her friend. "Good luck on the Lincoln, Melissa! I'm kind of envious of you. Being posted on a brand-new ship, but I know you'll do well over there" Melissa smiled. "Thanks, Dacia I know you will too. It must be awesome serving with a friend. At least Leilani will help you along and provide sage like advice for you. Like which shops on the Aegis have the best dresses. That's what I like about space stations,” she said. "I don't know what the shopping is like on the Aegis, but it'll be good to actually know somebody on my first assignment" Dacia said. One week later... Kensington, W8, London "Chester! Come here, boy" Dacia watched as Chester, her 6-month old pug ran towards her with the boundless energy puppies possess. Dacia picked up the small puppy and gave him a hug, as he licked at Dacia's face. The puppy was a graduation present from her parents, given to her about two months ago. In that short time, Dacia already considered Chester to be her little baby and treated him as such. She gently placed him in his crate, and finished packing the rest of her clothes and other small possessions she was bringing along. With Chester out the way, Dacia busied herself around her flat and packed in her clothes and other possessions she planned to take with her. In the old world economy, the Kensington & Chelsea district of London, was one, if not the, most upscale and wealthy areas of London. Back in the early 21st century, her flat, built in 1891, was at one point, worth about £4 million, according to some old historical files she read. Dacia loved the history of her two-bedroom flat. Some of London's wealthiest people lived here for almost five centuries, and it survived three world wars relatively intact. Placing her bags and Chester's crate near the front door, she took one last look, knowing it'll most likely be a very long time before she returns. In the meantime, she made arrangements with her friends and family to look after the place in her absence. At 1:20 in the afternoon, the chime rang. Dacia grabbed her bags and headed out of the doors, to the shuttle which will take her to Earth Spacedock, where she will catch her connection flight to her new posting on the Aegis. Exiting past the doors, she locked up and got into the shuttle. The pilot, helping Dacia with her bags and dog, soon took off giving Dacia one last look of London before it quickly disappeared from view, replaced by the dark black void of outer space, the large mushroom shaped Spacedock quickly came into view, looking positively gigantic compared to the small short-range shuttlecraft, she was riding in. The massive doors opened and the shuttle entered, and headed to the shuttle bay. It was quite the imposing sight, and something Dacia still wasn’t used to. After docking, Dacia had a nice dinner at the restaurant overlooking the station’s internal docking bay waiting for her connecting flight to Aegis, which arrived about two hours later. During that time, she managed to see her friend Melissa off, as she boarded the newly commissioned USS Lincoln, before being informed that her ship was ready to depart not long after that. Present day Dacia’s connecting flight to Aegis turned out to be the USS Yosemite, an old Oberth class ship, which had clearly seen better days. The Yosemitewas heading there to pick up supplies and agreed to drop her off before beginning a new mission to catalogue some gaseous anomalies some light years away. Due to the Oberth’s limited warp capabilities, and age, the journey took about a week, at warp 6. For Dacia, the bulk of her journey was spent in her quarters, which by comparison to other ships, was small and cramped. She didn’t seem to mind too much, but Chester wasn’t as happy, having to spend much of his time either in his crate and later free to roam around the quarters they shared. Dacia could feel the dog’s apprehension to run around in a larger environment. Once they arrived on Aegis, she promised Chester they’d go for a long walk in the station’s arbouretum and/or in the holodeck, recreating Kensington Gardens; one of their favourite places to go for walks together. On occasion, Dacia would venture out to the ship’s messhall where she would mingle with the crew, who offered plenty of advice and tips on surviving in Starfleet to the young graduate. On rarer occasions, she was given tours of the ship’s medical and engineering bays. For the most part though, the weeklong journey was uneventful. On the final day of the voyage, the captain invited Dacia up to the bridge for the approach to Aegis. “I figured you’d like a good look at your new posting before assignment” said the captain. Appreciative of the captain’s gesture, Dacia leant on a railing behind the captain since there wasn’t any other place to sit or stand in the bridge. “This is the USS Yosemite NCC-19002 to Sky Harbour Aegis, requesting docking clearance” said the operations officer who transmitted theYosemite’s ID codes at the same time. Once Aegis responded and gave them their docking clearance, Dacia watched on as the helmsman navigated to their docking port. After being given their docking clearance by the Aegis, Dacia watched on as the helmsman navigated to their docking port. The Yosemite docked next to two Akira class cruisers, the Calgary and the Toronto. Docking next to the Toronto, the Yosemite was dwarfed by the two larger ships. After docking was completed, Dacia was eager to board Aegis. Thanking the captain for the tour on the bridge, Dacia returned to her quarters to transfer her belongings to her new quarters on the Aegis. She was looking forward to hooking up with Leilani. Dacia informed her of her assignment to Aegis not long after her graduation, both looking forward to serving together at the time. However, once she left Yosemiteand walked through the airlock to Aegis, she was met by Leilani, who seemed to be hiding something. “Dacia! It’s so good to see you again!” Leilani said, and gave Dacia a big hug. “Thanks, Leilani. I’ve missed you so much!” Leilani put an arm around Dacia’s shoulder and smiled nervously. “You too, Dacia. It’s been far too long. So this is Chester, eh? Aww, he looks so much cuter than the holo-pics you sent me” Leilani poked a finger through the crate at Chester’s nose. Chester licked at Leilani’s fingers. The two walked in silence as Dacia pushed the hover cart with her bags and Chester in tow in his crate. Dacia could tell something bothered Leilani, but she didn’t really want to pry. They arrived at her new quarters a few minutes later. Standard size for an ensign’s quarters, Dacia, helped by Leilani unpacked her things. Once they finished unpacking, Dacia opened Chester’s crate and replicated him some food and water. The dog eagerly lapped up both. While he did, Dacia and Leilani sat down on Dacia’s small chesterfield. Leilani signed. “Yeah, I’m sure you can tell something’s up, Dacia. Well, I have some news for you, which you might not like” “Uh oh. At least I’m sitting down. So, what happened?” Dacia asked. “Nothing bad” Leilani reassured, “it’s just that I’ve been reassigned. I was offered the role of Chief Science Officer of the Toronto. I accepted the position, and am due to report for duty there tomorrow” Dacia was taken aback. She was very much looking forward to serving together, and now she found out that wasn’t going to happen. “Oh... well… Congratulations, Leilani!” Dacia offered. “But I am bummed we won’t be able to be on the same station together. She said, with a frown. “You always have to go away, be it from high school to the Academy, or whatnot. I am happy for you, really. But, I just wish we could’ve had more time to spend together” Dacia said with a frown. Leilani leant on Dacia’s shoulder. “Thanks, and I know. I wish that were the case too. We’ve always been moving around, and our age difference made it difficult to be the same school together. But, it won’t be so bad” Leilani said. “I’ll never be too far away. The Toronto is part of the patrol fleet for this area, so I’ll still be relatively close by most of the time. I’ll also visit whenever we ‘re docked here too” “Yeah, I know,” replied Dacia. “It’s not the same” Leilani smiled. “Yeah, but we can always keep in touch via subspace. I know it’s not the same as face to face. But I’ll still be here and help you along. Don’t worry. Aegis was my first assignment too, and I can tell you, everybody’s nice here, even the Romulans. You’ll get used to it pretty quickly and everybody will help you along as well. You’ll quickly adjust. I know it” “You’re probably right. I just have to get used to it, I suppose” Dacia responded. “I’ll miss having you around, but it’ll be fine” Both women got up. “If you need any assistance, then feel free to contact the quartermaster for help, or the operations officer in the control tower” Leilani suggested. “Welcome aboard, Dacia. And you too, Chester” she said as the dog milled about Leilani’s feet. “I gotta head to the science lab, and take some of my things over to theToronto. There’s a few experiments that I’d like to continue over there. In the meantime, how’s about dinner tonight before I transfer over?” Leilani asked. “Sounds good to me, sure” Dacia answered. Leilani headed towards the door. “Great. See you then. Wish I can tell you more about Dr. Pavillion, but I’m afraid I don’t really know her too well outside of a professional environment. But she is pretty nice and easygoing. You and her should have no trouble getting along. The same could be said with the rest of the medical staff in my limited interactions with them as well” “Thanks, Leilani. Good luck on the Toronto. I’ll see you later for dinner” replied Dacia and she bade Leilani goodbye. Once she left, Dacia re-entered her quarters, thankful Chester didn’t dash out and made a note to set up a forcefield to prevent such an occurrence in the future, or to have the operations chap do it. “So how do you like it, Chester?” she said to the dog and she rearranged some of her items. The dog so far seemed to be happy with his new surroundings. For a pug, the new quarters were pretty large, with plenty of space to sniff and move around. Chester wagged his tail in contentment and jumped onto the chesterfield next to Dacia. Dacia stroked his head. “Shame not being able to serve with Leilani, but never mind. Hopefully, I’ll manage on my own eh?”