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  1. Compared to YOU, Supreme Evil One, everyone is nice. :-)
  2. Thanks everyone! And A9, bear in mind that's "nice by comparison", and recall that I've hosted with people like NDak...
  3. Hello, and welcome to STSF! Don't worry too much about the attachments section. Only the hosts use it very often, mostly to post chatlogs on the Academy and Advanced Sims boards. Yep, that would be the case! That's just some tools that you might want to use when posting; they aren't very commonly used, though. First thing to do is read the Help and FAQ sections, then "Tips from the Moose." If you'd like to see what all of that looks like, you can take a look at the chatlogs posted in the Academy Sims board.
  4. Heh, thanks all. :)
  5. Tuesday Late Nite, 02/07/06 In which we begin with a crop blight and end with 47, 619, 047 ladybugs. TuesLate0207.txt
  6. Would you feel less awkward if a GM played, too? When I graduated (back in the low tech ages when we simmed by Morse code, but after the development of electricity), I was fortunate enough to do so just as a new ship was launching, so I didn't have to come into a developed community. However, a little later on I tried another sim. It didn't work out for me. Charlie asks: I wish I had know that ship had a tendency towards long (we're talking close to a year), convoluted, heavily character-driven plots. It made it very hard for a newcomer to 'break in' -- I felt like I never caught up to what was going on.
  7. Wow

    Wow, welcome Neva! Nice to see you again! Laura
  8. Spoilsport. :lol:
  9. which raises point #2 -- the consoles on the bridge are always exploding. Has the 24th century forgotten about a little thing called surge protection?
  10. Well, the Tuesday late night academy still runs department sims. The thing is, as N'Dak pointed out, the larger the turnout, the harder it is to do a department sim. So we tend to only run them on slower nights.
  11. Heh. Look out Mavis Beacon, eh? ;)
  12. Hello and welcome! Glad you enjoyed your first sim with us! The speed is overwhelming to just about everyone at first, but you adjust a lot faster than you'd think. And it's good for you -- my typing speed doubled back when I first got into simming! :P It helps if you don't try to follow everything your first couple times through; just watch for the people you're in the same 'room' with -- bridge, sickbay, engineering, whatever. Then you can sorta 'zoom out' with practice. Hope to see you around! ;)
  13. Happy birthday, ya old man! :-)
  14. Fun, innit? B)
  15. Do we not, though? The standards by which scientific results/discoveries are judged are well-founded, and certainly far more stringent and less subjective than the standards to which we hold politicians and religious leaders.