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John Randall

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About Me

Name: John Randall


Rank: Ensign


Species: Human


Place Of Birth: Monterey, Tennessee, USA, Earth


Age: 31 Earth years


Height: 6' 0"


Weight: 235 lbs.


Desired Posting: USS Challenger


Desired Position: Engineering






             Ensign John Randall was born in the Earth year 2265 in the rural Earth town of Monterey, Tennessee. His father was a Starfleet shipdock worker, while his mother was a former professor at the University of Tennessee. When John was born, his mother, Denise, gave up her professorship to stay with her child. Because of complications with the birth, Denise and Marcus, John's father, were told that if they wanted any more children, they would have to adopt. This news devastated Denise, but it also made her love her son more.


             John grew up a normal Earth male, and, in high school, was Saluatorian of his class. He was exposed to other cultures from around the universe, as in his class alone were Vulcans, Tellarites, Rigellians, and even two Andorians. He then applied for Starfleet Academy, and was accepted on his second try. (The rumor was, no one made it on their first try.)


             Two weeks into his Academy training, John received word that his father had been killed in an accident in the shipdock at Starfleet. He immediately asked for a bereavement leave, which was granted, and went home to console and support his mother, who was overcome with shock and disbelief at the loss of her husband of 23 years. The funeral was held 5 days later, with John being a pallbearer.


            He stayed another week with his mother, and got Denise to promise him that she would let Uncle Stephen move in with her to take care of her. His mother agreed, and Stephen Randall came to live with the widow. John, seeing his mother in good hands, returned to the Academy to finish his training in engineering and security.


            All during his tenure at the Academy, John kept in touch with Starfleet as they investigated his father's accident. At the time of this posting, Starfleet Intelligence still had no clues as to what had actually happened. John urged Starfleet to keep investigating. He, himself, believed his father, who had always been very careful at the dock, had met with foul play. He was hoping Starfleet would come to that conclusion, so he could go after whoever had killed his father, or who had ordered it. He would not rest until the truth came out.





Father: Marcus Julian Randall

Mother: Denise Sharon Mulder Randall

Siblings: (adopted) Richard Allan Randall

James Vanvadar Randall

Victoria Agnes Randall




Grade School: Monterey Uffelman Elementary

High School: Monterey High

College: University of Tennessee (Knoxville)

Graduate School: University of New Athens, Centaurus

Starfleet Academy: Graduated 15 April 2291




The study of 20th-21st century Earth lifestyles and cultures

Engineering philosophies and theories

3D chess; null-G ball