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  1. Kaspian -> .::Finishes off his Pineapple juice:: STSF_KBear -> .CO) STSF_KBear...... XO) Chirakis........ HOPS) Jylliene....... ASCI) Kaspian ....... AENG Jackson ...... ASEC Saliq ....... AMO Nijil tr'Korjata STSF_KBear -> .Stand by for Mission Briefing Kaspian -> .((SO nervous!)) STSF_KBear -> .Mission Briefing) ::::: The USS Cloverbuds sent a shuttle of its younger officers down to an M class planet to work on raw survival skills. There are enough provisions on the shuttle for 10 hours of rations.. Ya folks 2 meals. The junior officers have to figure out how to survive the next 3 days, The climate is desert, HOT days COld nights. STSF_KBear -> .any questions? STSF_KBear -> .Seeing none STSF_KBear -> .BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> .BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> .BEGIN SIM Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) So how is everyone feeling now? Fletcher Jackson -> .AENG: Uh.. not so good. It's hot. Kaspian -> .(ASCI): The weather matches the forecast accurately so at least we're prepared. STSF_KBear -> .((ACTION SHUTTLE HAS JUST LANDED ON THE PLANT WITH A SIMULATED CRASH LANDING CO AND XO BOTH DEAD ON EMPACT)) Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) (AEng) You think it is hot now, wait until the sun is high in the sky. Chirakis -> .XO> ::marked "dead" with an X on her forehead:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) :: Over by the XO and CO :: We have lost both of them. Kaspian -> .(ASCI) ::He rushes over to the downed officers, using his Tricorder to look for signs of life:: They...they're both dead. Chirakis -> .XO> ::not allowed to participate, hoping they do not bury her:: Jylliene -> .(HOPS) ::digs around inside the shuttle to see what they have:: STSF_KBear -> .CO) ::marked as DOA on the floor near the veiwscreen:: Kaspian -> .(ASCI) We have basic rations and gear, without our senior officers, it's up to us to find a way back. Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) Jackson, is there any hope for the shuttle's systems? Fletcher Jackson -> .AENG: Whoa... dead? Both? Kaspian -> .(ASCI) Did I stutter? Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) Keep it together people. Chirakis -> .(Be sure to play your own position, and not someone else's) Kaspian -> .(ASCI) There's no time to mourn, we're stranded here. Let's head out. Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) (All) And yes, to confirm, both died on impact. Jylliene -> .(HOPS) ::gathers anything of use:: Out to where? ::to Kaspian:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) :: Searches the CO and XO for anything on their persons that would help :: STSF_KBear -> .(( ACTION THE SUN IS ALREADY HIGH IN THE SKY AND THE SHUTTLE IS BEGINNING TO HEAT UP WITH NO POWER GOING)) Kaspian -> .(ASCI) ::He headed out of the shuttle wreckage, scanning the area with his equipment:: Well, the atmosphere is safe...hot but safe, the air is breathable and we should be okay to look for shelter. Saliq -> .ASEC> ::AMO:: Tend to them. I will set a perimeter. Jackson, see if you can get power back up. Fletcher Jackson -> .AENG> ASEC> On it, Chief. Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) Aye Sal. Saliq -> .ASEC> ::steps out to assess the area for threats, then begins to set an electronic perimeter, solar powered:: Kaspian -> .(ASCI) ::Walks with the ASEC as he scans the area for signs of life:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) :: Staying under the shadow of the shuttle for the time being :: Saliq, look for any direction we should head in... oh, and we need to indicate what direction we head in. Saliq -> .ASEC> (ASCI) Good. Scan for anything we can use for survival. Jylliene -> .(HOPS) ::follows, items gathered from within the shuttle ready to be carried if they decide to leave the immediate area.:: Saliq -> .ASEC> ::turns:: (AMO) Checking now. Kaspian -> .(ASCI) Yes Sir. ::He scans around to look for anything useful in the area, life signs, shelter, water sources:: STSF_KBear -> .(( OUTSIDE THE TEAM FINDS CATUS AND TUMBLEWEEDS AND A SCURRING LIZZARD OR 2)) Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) :: Preps their carcuses the best way he can :: Saliq -> .ASEC> AENG> Collaborate with Jylliene to set up a camp. And see if you can get emergency power working. Kaspian -> .::He scratches his head a little:: Well there's not much out here but we can cut open the cactus slowly and use it as a source of water. Fletcher Jackson -> .AENG: ::looks up:: Will do. Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) :: Moves the bodies in such a way as to be able to attempt a powerup :: STSF_KBear -> .(( A STRAY JACKRABBIT COMES HOPPING BY THEN HEARS SOMEONE TALK AND BOUNDS OFF))) Fletcher Jackson -> .AENG: (HOPS) Any of the system damage repairable? Jylliene -> .(Hops)::back inside the shuttle:: Assessing. Kaspian -> .(ASCI) Guys, there's animal life present, there must be food and water nearby. STSF_KBear -> .(( Warp core is shot but emergency batteries still holding a charge for now))) Kaspian -> .(ASCI) We should try and locate it as soon as possible. Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) (All) Water could be deep under the ground. Jylliene -> .(HOPS) ::to AENG:: So far, emergency batteries are still holding. Kaspian -> .(ASCI) True, but it's a possibility to be explored nonetheless. Jylliene -> .(HOPS) ::to AENG:: Warp is gone. Fletcher Jackson -> .(AENG) (HOPS) That's good. WArp we don't need. Jylliene -> .(HOPS) ::to AENG:: Shall I go throuugh the supplies and try to rig some shade? Saliq -> .ASEC> (ASCI) True. If there are animals, there is water. And animals are a source of liquid. Let's explore that as well. Fletcher Jackson -> .(AENG) (HOPS) Good idea. Jylliene -> .(HOPS) ::to AENG:: On it. Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) (AEng) Jackson, I have a question. Fletcher Jackson -> .AENG> ::AMO:: Yeah? Kaspian -> .(ASCI) Saliq, perhaps you and I should go follow the animal to see if we can find anything while the others set up a shelter? Jylliene -> .(HOPS) ::looks through the supplies for blankets, tarps, etc. STSF_KBear -> .(( ACTION A LARGE BIRD IS SCENE SWOPPING DOWN AND PICKING UP THE JACKRABBIT AS IT SCREAMS FOR ITS LIFE)) EEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Saliq -> .ASEC> ::Asci:: It's dangerous to ... DUCK and COVER! Saliq -> .ASEC> ::takes aim, just in case:: Kaspian -> .(ASCI) Okay...looks like we're NOT following the animal....unless we want to fly. Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) (AEng) I don't know shuttle systems. Can we get a subspace signal out? Jylliene -> .(HOPS) Sadly, I seem to lack wings. ::still digging:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) :: Ducks :: STSF_KBear -> .(( BIRD IS SEEN FLYING OFF AND LANDING ON A TALL CACTUS AND STARTS WORKING ON ITS LUNCH))) Fletcher Jackson -> .(AENG) ::whew:: (AMO) Yeah, if I can find the... hey. The transponder should have activated. Kaspian -> .(ASCI) ::Uses his Tricorder to scan the animal and the bird for any unusual traits or biological conditions:: Fletcher Jackson -> .(AENG) ::shouts:: (ASEC) Hey, Chief! You picking up the emergency transponder on your tric? STSF_KBear -> .(( KASPIANS SCANS SHOW ONLY DIFFERENCE IS SIZE THEY ARE 1/3 LARGER THAN EARTH CREATURES)) Saliq -> .ASEC> ::checks:: to AENG:: It is active. Jylliene -> .(HOPS) ::rigs a tarp from the open door of the shuttle to stake it to the ground for some rudimentary shade.:: Fletcher Jackson -> .(AENG) ::helping Jylliene:: Chirakis -> .XO> ::sitting, observing, taking notes::: STSF_KBear -> .(CO) ::nods to her XO::: Kaspian -> .(ASCI) Hmm, my scans show that the animals here are larger than their Earth Counterparts. ::Takes out his phaser and sets it to kill, shooting the bird, careful not to hit the cactus, they may need its moisture:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) :: Moves onto checking medical supplies :: Jylliene -> .(HOPS) ::exhales:: Jylliene -> .(HOPS STSF_KBear -> .(( ACTION BIRD DROPS TO THE GROUND WITH ITS CATCH STILL IN ITS CLUTCHES))) Kaspian -> .(ASCI) ::Walks over and grabs the dead bird, making sure to put gloves on first:: Well, we got some dinner here! Saliq -> .ASEC> (All) And the only things we need worry about, according to the scans, are the predators. Jylliene -> .(HOPS) ::to AENG:: We'll need heat for the night - and perhaps to do some cooking. Can you get some of the weeds gathered for a fire? STSF_KBear -> .CO) ::points to Kaspain:: Nice shot Fletcher Jackson -> .(AENG) ::ASEC, HOPS:: Good to know. ::adjusting the canopy of the shelter::: Kaspian -> .(ASCI) to ASEC Indeed so, this one however is ready to be prepped. :Kaspian finds a shady polace to sit, plucking the feathers from the bird:: Kaspian -> .(ASCI) Seems like this bird will feed us all. Saliq -> .ASEC> ::nods:: (ASCI) Work with Nijil to be sure it's edible. STSF_KBear -> .(( Bird is the size of a small Thurkey)) Chirakis -> .XO> (Is that like tofurky?) STSF_KBear -> .**Turkey Jylliene -> .(HOPS) Someone grab the rabbit it had too? Kaspian -> .(ASCI)) ::nods to Saliq and once plucked, carried the bird to the MO.:: Nijil, I've scanned the bird but I'd like you to check if its safe to eat while I prepare the Jack rabbit. Fletcher Jackson -> .(AENG) (HOPS) Hope so. I like rabbit. Tastes like chicken. Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) :: Only finds a minimal of medical supplies :: Jylliene -> .(HOPS) ::gathers tumbleweeds:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) (ASci) Let me see.. Kaspian -> .(ASCI) ::He grabbed the Jackrabbit as he waited for the verdict from the Medical Officer, pulling out his combat knife and using it to, albeit roughly, skin the creature.:: STSF_KBear -> .(( Both Bird and rabbit safe to eat unless your allergic))) Kaspian -> .((yay!)) Nijil tr'Korjata -> .(AMO) (ASci) It's safe to..eat. STSF_KBear -> .((PREPARE TO PAUSE)) Jylliene -> .(HOPS) ::brings tumbleweeds back, hacks them into pieces for tinder:: Fletcher Jackson -> .(AENG) (HOPS) Ever think we could use solar power to cook? Kaspian -> .(ASCI) ::Nods to Nijil and cuts into the animals to remove their guts and bad things before taking the meat and rubbing it to get any loose feathers off.:: Fletcher Jackson -> .(AENG) Little reflection and you got it made. No real need for a fire. Jylliene -> .(HOPS) Chases predators and heats the night as well. Fletcher Jackson -> .(AENG) Well, there's that. STSF_KBear -> .PAUSE SIM STSF_KBear -> .PAUSE SIM STSF_KBear -> .PAUSE SIM Fletcher Jackson -> .::Pause:: Saliq -> .ASEC> pause Kaspian -> .::pause:: Chirakis -> .::checks her slate::: STSF_KBear -> .::nods:: NIcely done Chirakis -> .::looks to KBear:: Indeed. STSF_KBear -> .Admiral Care to go first?? STSF_KBear -> .:: hands the mike to Chirakis :: Chirakis -> .Oh. I've been promoted? Chirakis -> .I do appreciate it. STSF_KBear -> .LOL your higher ranking than I Jylliene -> .Congratulations, Captain. Jylliene -> .Admiral, that is. :) Chirakis -> .::takes the mic:: Thank you, KBear, and thank you, Lieutenant Kital. STSF_KBear -> .I thought you were a Rear ADmiral Chirakis -> .I am not. A mere captain. Chirakis -> .However... to the business at hand... Chirakis -> .First, well done for the first time, Kaspian. Chirakis -> .My first thought is chain of command... Chirakis -> .When the CO and XO are gone, normally Operations is next in line... Chirakis -> .However... Chirakis -> .When on the ground in a disaster situation, the chief of security comes next in line, for the safety of the crew. Chirakis -> .So, Saliq took the lead. Chirakis -> .Then, each plays his or her own part as equals, no one trumping the other... Chirakis -> .And I did see good teamwork. Chirakis -> .KBear, anything to add? STSF_KBear -> .::nods:: Very good teamwork Chirakis -> .I would like to thank the advanced players for coming out, especially those in the later timezones. STSF_KBear -> .and Kaspian I have to commend you. You are the first person I have had that went for the free meal when offered. Fletcher Jackson -> .Any time, Captain. Saliq -> .::nods:: Kaspian -> .Haha, thanks KBear :D STSF_KBear -> .Aye Thank you folks Kaspian -> .Hope to see you guys around soon! :) I'll be at the Academy on Tuesday STSF_KBear -> .Kaspian you did a wonderful job keeping up. Hope I didnt run to fast for you. Kaspian -> .No, it was fine, thanks. I had a great time. Chirakis -> .Kaspian, one more thing before you go... STSF_KBear -> .welcome to STSF Kaspian Kaspian -> .Thanks KBear! :D Kaspian -> .Yes, Chirakis? Chirakis -> .You can also look for an advanced game, sign on as a cadet there, and graduate into their game if you wish. STSF_KBear -> .Kaspian you have a big thumbs up from me Nicely done Chirakis -> .Just contact the GM when you enter the room and declare your intention. They will take it from there and instruct you. Kaspian -> .I saw that yes, but for now I like the idea of the Academy sessions. Not sure what position I want yet so am trying out a few. Chirakis -> .Excellent choice. Kaspian -> .Thanks :) Chirakis -> .Yes, very well done. Kaspian -> .I'm all blushing here lol Kaspian -> .No I in team :D STSF_KBear -> .Anything else Chirakis Chirakis -> .Nothing else from me. STSF_KBear -> .YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN Kaspian Kaspian -> .STSF_KBear No I in team :D Kaspian -> .*giggles at bad joke* STSF_KBear -> .LOL any other questions or comments?? Kaspian -> .Can I ask, is there anything I should work on specifically to improve? STSF_KBear -> .Just learn what the post you are playing is supposed to do other than that your game play was great Kaspian -> .Thanks a lot. I appreciate it :) STSF_KBear -> .The rest of you are dismissed thanks again foor coming Kaspian -> .Bye bye all :D Fletcher Jackson -> .Night all. Jylliene -> .Good night, y'all Saliq -> .Night. Jylliene -> .JT Nijil. STSF_KBear -> .Anything else Kaspian STSF_KBear -> .guesss not STSF_KBear -> .Thanks Nijil and Chirakis for the help STSF_KBear -> .night all Nijil tr'Korjata -> .No problem Nijil tr'Korjata -> .Read the log. :) STSF_KBear -> .will do Chirakis -> .I will. Chirakis -> .Thank you, email on the way. Chirakis -> .Night. STSF_KBear -> .ok thanks STSF_KBear -> . night
  2. STSF_KBear -> .Wow a new person Welcome to the academy Ensign_Mo -> .Thank you KBear Byblos -> .my alter ego has been deleted from the host list. I should of expected that. rosetto -> .we all have our crosses... STSF_KBear -> .Well looks like we have 2 wanting to play Byblos?? sticking around?? Byblos -> .I can...I still have my beverage. rosetto -> .(Don't Slurp it!) LOL STSF_KBear -> .OK wow Long time since Ive had to do a roster STSF_KBear -> .LOL rosetto -> .brb.. gotta jot down some notes... STSF_KBear -> .CO > STSF_KBear STSF_KBear -> .CSEC> Byblos STSF_KBear -> .CENG > Ensign Mo STSF_KBear -> .CMO > Rosetto rosetto -> .(back) STSF_KBear -> . Stand by for mission briefing Ensign_Mo -> .Oh fun. I get to play with the tools ; ) Byblos -> .weapons..hmm tools of the trade. I like..hah! rosetto -> .::sharpens his scalpels:: STSF_KBear -> .<< Mission Brief The USS Tango Department heads have been told they are to take a survival training coarse. We all have a survival pack with us consisting of a Phaser, and a single day of rations. Then its up to us to find shelter... We have been transported to a planet were the temp is 90* and climbing. >> STSF_KBear -> .Any questions? Ensign_Mo -> .What kind of climate? STSF_KBear -> .Dessert STSF_KBear -> .*Desert rosetto -> .lol STSF_KBear -> .whichever LOL STSF_KBear -> .HOT!! STSF_KBear -> .DRY STSF_KBear -> .ready?? STSF_KBear -> .What the heck happened Byblos -> .That was plain evil. STSF_KBear -> .Welcome back folks TKAR -> .hi STSF_KBear -> .Looks like we have one more Welcome Tkar Ensign_Mo -> .Thanks : ) rosetto -> .thanks... that was a FUN planet! STSF_KBear -> .OK what was the last thing you all saw?? Ensign_Mo -> .You asking if we were ready rosetto -> .DESSERT! What's for Dessert? :) Byblos -> .your plot..followed by ready..and then a gremlin struck. STSF_KBear -> .OK cool STSF_KBear -> .OK TRY again STSF_KBear -> .just sent a note to A9 Ensign_Mo -> .Ready rosetto -> .Ready when you are sir... ::standing on transporter pad:: STSF_KBear -> .BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> .BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> .BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> .( Action the team is on the surface looking around)) Byblos -> .::on the sufrace a baking desert enviornment.....hot...hot....hot:: rosetto -> .Wow! Talk about your wide open spaces... STSF_KBear -> .WOW Its hot.... STSF_KBear -> .(( Action there are a few boulders seen in the distance:: rosetto -> .I don't see a tree in sight...::sigh:: Byblos -> .I fear no heat...I shall not die of heat..but...we do need shelter. The temperature I could swear is rising. STSF_KBear -> .nope but there are a few boulders Any ideas for those? Ensign_Mo -> .I think I see some rocks in the distance, about 500 meters that way Ensign_Mo -> .There might be a natural cave in the rocks rosetto -> .::taps on shoulder::Those to your left... They might be closer.... or just bigger... It's hard to tell... Byblos -> .Shade...::holsters phaser and retrieves tricorder:: And maybe more. Captain...let's get moving...we cannot stay out here much longer. Ensign_Mo -> .It's hard to see after looking towards the sun STSF_KBear -> .I agree rosetto -> .We should stick together, which ever direction we go... STSF_KBear -> . :: starts moving towards the boulders, finding walking in the sand is NOT an easy task:: rosetto -> .(Hi TK!) Ensign_Mo -> .Do we have tricorders? TKAR -> .Sorry my server went down Byblos -> .Follow the Captain everyone..I shall take rear of our collumn. In case of ...any hostilities. STSF_KBear -> .((Tkar we are on a planet on a survival mission You can play CSCI )) TKAR -> .(OK) Ensign_Mo -> .:: falls in behind KBear :: STSF_KBear -> .Look in your survival bag see if theres one there rosetto -> .::tooth brush... towel... ah, tricorder!:: Byblos -> .::Scans:: I will scan our ....backs....Captain best concentrate perhaps our eyes ..I mean tricorders to the rocks ahead. Byblos -> .(Whoops I have not been at an academy for a while) TKAR -> .::grabs a survival bag in one had using tricorder in the other:: STSF_KBear -> .:: heading towards the boulder and trips falling face first into the sand:: Ensign_Mo -> .Let's see ... phaser ... canteen ... field rations - ugh ... Byblos -> .CSEC>::follows along rear...fealing sweat drop of his temple:: rosetto -> .Careful, Captain::helps her up:: STSF_KBear -> .((LOL use tags folks please... Thanks Byblos I almost forgot also)) Byblos -> .(nP CO) TKAR -> .(CSCI)::runs to help kbear and CO:: STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CMO) Thanks Rosetto :: goes to stand and goes right back down with a snap being hear by those around her:: OUCH!!!! DANG!! rosetto -> .(CMO)::looks ahead and sighs: Ensign_Mo -> .CENG> Captain, are you all right? rosetto -> .(CMO) You okay, captain? STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CSEC) Get them to those boulders rosetto -> .(CMO)What about you, sir? STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CMO) No I think I have borken something I cant stand. Byblos -> .CSEC><CO>Captain we cannot leave you. Surely a I could carry you over my shoulder. Byblos -> .CSEC><CO>I am a big...man. rosetto -> .(CMO)::pulls out his med tric and starts scanning:: rosetto -> .(CMO)hmmm... uh,huh... Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CO)(CMO)imobilize the captain's leg...fireman carry I shall the CO. STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(::action her ankle is broken in 3 places:: nothing but basic medical supplies in med bag... Bandages tape sling...)) rosetto -> .(CMO) looks like a twisted ankle, sir.. rosetto -> .((or maybe broken... dang tricorder)) Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CMO)Doctor do you have a hypo for the captain's pain? rosetto -> .(CMO)(CSEC) Okay, that sounds like a plan... STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CSEC) have the rest go figure out how we can make shelter out of those boulders Ensign_Mo -> .CENG> (CMO) My pack has a wire frame. I can rip it out and bend the metal if you think the Captain needs a brace STSF_KBear -> .(CO) ::gritting her teeth but winging it:: rosetto -> .(CMO)::pulls out some bandages and then braks off a support arm from his pack for a make-shift splint:: STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CENG)Good idea Mo Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CO)By your command. ::begins walking towards the rocks without noticing the group fixing the CO:: rosetto -> .(CMO)This will take me a little while... You guys should go find shelter... Ensign_Mo -> .CENG> Looks like Rosetto found something that would work as well Ensign_Mo -> .CENG> Ok, I'll start heading towards the rocks rosetto -> .(CMO)::begins to carefully wrap her ankle trying not to twist it further:: Ensign_Mo -> .CENG> :: walks briskly to catch up with Byblos :: STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CENG,CSCI)Guy all goo see what kind of shelter can be made of those boulders. Byblos -> .(CSEC)(Group) Here...are some rocks....and here is saftey...I shall scan with my tricorder now. ::said as if talking to himself:: rosetto -> .(CMO)::wipes sweat off his brow:: Gosh, this is crazy... STSF_KBear -> .(CO) ::cringes and bites on her lip: Ensign_Mo -> .CENG> (CSEC) Slow down, chief. My legs aren't as long as yours rosetto -> .(CMO)::inserts splint and continues wrapping:: STSF_KBear -> .(( Action the boulders are about 2 stories tall and form a large suare area)) STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CMO) OUCH!!!!! Byblos -> .(CSEC)::Scans Rocks for life forms....and Water:: STSF_KBear -> .(( Scan shows water but it is not visible))) rosetto -> .(CMO) Now you won't be able to run the 100 meter dash, but with help you should be able to walk... I'm gonna give you a hypo for pain as well, okay? Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG)(CSEC) Anything? TKAR -> .(CSCI)(ALL)i just scaned the area ahead there is a cave we can stay in untill you heal capt. STSF_KBear -> .(CO) (CMO) Ill need some help walkin also but the pain killers would be nice. STSF_KBear -> .(( No Cave in the area Just these 4 boulders)))\ Byblos -> .(CSEC)(Group) My scans detect water! I shall save the day and find the water...::hastily crawls into rocky area:: rosetto -> .(CMO)::presses hyp to Captain's neck:: There... how's that? Byblos -> .(CSEC)::Climbs Rocks:: TKAR -> .(((opps delete LAST remark out of practice) Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CENG) Odd there is water here...but where? rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO)::finishes wrap and begins to her captain to her feet:: Okay, you ready? Byblos -> .(CSEC)::amazed he climbed to the top:: STSF_KBear -> .(( Byblos can see a small puddle of water on the back side of one of the boulders. the size of a cereral Bowl ()) rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) Here, Lean on me... Don't put any weight on your right foot... STSF_KBear -> .(CO) ::sighs:: (CMO) As I ever will be rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) We've been in tougher situation, aye? Byblos -> .(CSEC)(Group) Hey team I see a small...bowl like depression on one of the boulders..towards the West.. STSF_KBear -> .(CO) :: leans onto Rosetto and hops not setting her foot on the ground:: rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) That's it... Don't hurry... STSF_KBear -> .CO)(CMO) Great way to start huh. Byblos -> .(CSEC)::Scans area where small amount of water is present...but his skills with a tricorder are not good as an engineer in this matter:: Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) :: goes to the water bowl :: Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CENG)Got a better look chief? rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) Well, it looks like the team has got us taken care of... STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CMO) I hope so. Its really hot out here, We are going to have to watch for dehydration rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) They know their job... You just take your time... Don't make this worse... Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) It's not condensation, and it's not coming from above. And it's above the water line. STSF_KBear -> .(( Action temp is rising now its up to 98*)) Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) If I didn't know better, I'd say it was being pumped from underground. rosetto -> .((heck, that's a nice summer day in AZ LOL)) TKAR -> .(CSCI)::Checks out some catus plants::(CO)capt we are lucky some of these catus plants have water i can get some from them. STSF_KBear -> .(( As the water is taken from the bowl more seaps up into it )) Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) Here, let me have that tricorder. :: starts to scan the ground around the rock :: rosetto -> .(CMO)::slips on a rock and almost drops the captain:: oops... you okay? Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CENG)I believe the Doctor will have to evaluate it is not...well poisonous. My tricorder is not a medical one. STSF_KBear -> .(( Scan shows an underground pool unable to tell how much but water is clear to drink)) TKAR -> .(CSCI)(CMO) Doctor,do you need help rosetto -> .(CMO)(CSCI) TKar, please come get this tricorder and check out that water source, okay? STSF_KBear -> .(CO) (CMO) ::cringes:: Ya I think so Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) I'm showing a concentration of water down underground. Byblos -> .(CSEC)::clearly realizes he needs to study tricorder operations better:: STSF_KBear -> . (( ACTION A creature goes running out from behind one of the other boulders and heads off towards a few tumbleweeds)) Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) What if these rocks aren't natural? If this arrangement is man-made, there might be some kind of emergency shelter underneath TKAR -> .(CSCI)(CMO)your welcome,doctor,do you need more help with the capt? Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CENG)Okoay I am on my way down......Wait...what was that!....::attempts to replace his tricorder with his phaser quickly and drops his tricorder....down ...down...down:: rosetto -> .(CMO)(CSCI) Nah, I got her... STSF_KBear -> .(CO) ::slowing making her way with the CMO towards th boulders:: rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) Did you see that? Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) EEk! :: is startled by the sudden appearance of the creature :: STSF_KBear -> .(CO) ::looks up:: no what?? TKAR -> .(csci)(cmo)ok,::Using tricorder scanning:: Byblos -> .(CSEC)::notes creature and his disappearance:: +CO+ Captain...I have seen a life form..small...in the tumbleweeds NW of the Rock Formation...I also lost my Tricorder. Hmmm...sorry. rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) Something scurried off to those weeds on the left... STSF_KBear -> .(( Rabbit type creature but the size of a 20 pound dog)) rosetto -> .((King Authur was defeated by a Rabbit Monte Python)) STSF_KBear -> .(CO):: gets to the boulders finally:: (CSEC) report.. do we have shelter? rosetto -> .(CMO)::slowly sets down the captain on the rocks:: Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) That thing was huge. Where did it come from? :: looks around to see where the bunny came from :: Byblos -> .(CSEC)+(CO)+ The shelter is not ideal but will provide shade from the heat and water...the creature..I don not have a scan on ...I lost my tricorder sir. But it was small. STSF_KBear -> .(( rabbit came from a hole behind the third boulder ))) rosetto -> .(CMO)::checks his bag of tricks... no extra tricorder:: rosetto -> .(CMO) Just look around... It had to come from somewhere... Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) There's a hole over here. It's pretty large Byblos -> .(CSEC)::Climbs down:: (CO) Captain shall I investigate the life form? rosetto -> .(CMO) Well, let's just hope that THAT was the momma and not the baby! Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CO)Surely My Phaser will eliminate any threat. Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) :: gets on the ground and peers into the hole :: STSF_KBear -> .(CO) (CSEC) how much shelter do we have. :: sweating pretty bad and is red as a beet from the extended period on the sun getting to the boulders:: TKAR -> .(csci)(cmo)Doctor,here is the scan that you wanted::Hands tricorder back to the doctor:: Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CO) Only directional shade from the sun Captain however it will cut some of the heat down....plus...water...::sips some but wants to get the bunny:: Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) :: holds her tricorder into the hole :: STSF_KBear -> .( ACTION Mo can hear tiny squeaks in the hole)) rosetto -> .(CMO)::pulls out his 'towel' and hands it to captain:: Here... I knew they put this in here for some reason... STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CSEC) How much water is there? Endles supply?? Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) :: comes back to the Captain :: It looks like we found a nest STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CENG) A nest? Byblos -> .(CSEC)(CO)There aer some tumbleweeds ahead...but those will not help us construct a shelter. I think these rocks and this water are a defenseable position against the Creature threat. One moment on endless supply quesiton. rosetto -> .(CMO) What kind of nest? Byblos -> .(Csec)(Ceng)How much water aside from the critters? Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) faint lifesigns, and a squeeking sound. But the cavern behind the hole is much bigger than the hole itself. STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CSCI) TKar did you see where it went? Byblos -> .(CSEC) (CO)I can blast a hole into the rock with my phaser captain..perhaps flushing the creatures out...and creating more shelter. Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) If we could widen the hole, we could all slide inside. Provided that the creatures are herbivores STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CENG) keep a watch and see how big they are TKAR -> .(csci)(co)yes ,up the ridge to the left. rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) Will you be alright? I'm gonna go check out this 'nest' STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CMO) Ill live. Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG)(CMO) Come on, I'll show you the way. rosetto -> .(CMO)::follows CENG:: Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG) It's over here. And these are the readings I took :: hands rosetto her tricorder :: Byblos -> .(CO)(CSEC)Let them come...I shall kill them all ! But this heat...is atrocious..the creatures must exist on the water. In a way we have their most valuable asset!' rosetto -> .(CMO)::pulls out his tricorder (the one that TKar gave back to him:: Byblos -> .(reverse my tags sorry) rosetto -> .(CMO) :: pores over the readings::: hmmm... STSF_KBear -> .(CO)(CSEC) Maybe they have the right idea, What about diggin under the boulders? Byblos -> .(CO)(CSEC) Might I suggest blasting with phasers. The job will be done quicker! Ensign_Mo -> .(CENG)(CMO) What do you think? I know that we could all fit inside and take over the nest. But would the mother animal treat us as a threat? rosetto -> .(CMO)(CO) Sir, these are definitely the infants here... They cannot be over 20 centimeters... TKAR -> .(CSCI)(CO)captain,i have some extra food supplies do you want some? STSF_KBear -> .CO)(CSEC) As long as it wont cause them to roll back on us STSF_KBear -> .PAUSE SIM rosetto -> .(CMO)(Ceng) Nah, I think that would not be wise... STSF_KBear -> .PAUSE SIM STSF_KBear -> .PAUSE SIM STSF_KBear -> .PAUSE SIM TKAR -> .PAUSE rosetto -> .::paws:: Byblos -> .(paused) STSF_KBear -> .nicely done folks Im shocked no one killed the creature... TKAR -> .THANKS STSF_KBear -> .Great job STSF_KBear -> .Mo have you simmed before?? Byblos -> .I was so tempted...hehe TKAR -> .sorry i made mistakes out of practice STSF_KBear -> .Rosetto I know this is number 2 for you at least with me Byblos -> .I must depart...goodnight all glad you came for Kbear's show. Ensign_Mo -> .I did a long time ago. It's been a while Byblos -> .goodnight rosetto -> .night bb STSF_KBear -> .Night Byblos thanks for sticking around STSF_KBear -> .When was it Mo? here is STSF?? Or someplace else? rosetto -> .and yeah, number 2... still weigh my options... Ensign_Mo -> .I was about ten years ago in an AOL chatroom rosetto -> .gotta go myself... thanks KBear! Nice working with you, Mo... Night TKar! STSF_KBear -> .Were you a part od SFOL?? Ensign_Mo -> .Nice working with your too rosetto. STSF_KBear -> .Night Rosetto hope to see you next week TKAR -> .goodnight all STSF_KBear -> .night Tkar Ensign_Mo -> .I don't think so. It was a small game. I don't remember it being part of a bigger club STSF_KBear -> .ok well nicely done I would love to see you back next week. same time>?? Ensign_Mo -> .Thanks. : ) I'll try to be here next Saturday. It was fun STSF_KBear -> .COOL Ill see you then. Unforunately I need to run I have to be up in 5 hours Ensign_Mo -> .Goodnight. Thanks for letting me play : ) STSF_KBear -> .There is another acad Tuesday night if your interested in playing there also STSF_KBear -> .::waves:: sorry I need to run Id love to sit and chat. Night folks Ensign_Mo -> .night
  3. The academy will be cancelled for this evening, but we will be on back on track for next. Week.
  4. Welcome to STSF. If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask a GM (STSF_....) We will do our best to answer. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  5. Congratulations to Gretchen Hanson, who graduated the Monday Night Academy on 2/27/12 after playing CMO on the USS Pioneer.
  6. Congrats to Sage. S/He graduated the Saturday night Midnight Academy on 2/26/12 With STSF_KBear and STSF_Borgette. Job well done
  7. STSF_KBear -> OK All If My memory serves me correct.. the Away team had just beamed to the planetSTSF Jami -> Okay.. ready to roll..STSF_KBear -> Roster Please Jami?STSF Jami -> Comin atchaSTSF Jami -> =/\==/\= STSF ACADEMY =/\==/\=STSF Jami -> =/\==/\= 1/14/2012=/\==/\=STSF Jami -> .STSF Jami -> Game Master (GM) - STSF KBearSTSF Jami -> Game Master (GM) - STSF JamiSTSF Jami -> Game Master (GM) - STSF Borgette (MIA)STSF Jami -> .STSF Jami -> Mission Commanding Officer (MCO) - STSF NicklesSTSF Jami -> Helm/ Operations Officer (HOPS) - ArizhelSTSF Jami -> .STSF Jami -> Chief Security Officer/Tactical Officer (CSEC) - Ethan NeufeldSTSF Jami -> .STSF Jami -> Assistant Security Officer (ASEC) - Lerak tr'PexilSTSF Jami -> Chief Science Officer (CSCI) - MeddycakesSTSF Jami -> .STSF Jami -> .STSF Jami -> Chief Engineering Officer (CENG) - Kerris KeaSTSF Jami -> Chief Medical Officer (CMO) - STSF JamiSTSF Jami -> .STSF Jami -> .STSF Jami -> If you are not on the roster and wish to have a post, please send me one PM now.STSF Jami -> =/\==/\=END ROSTER=/\==/\=STSF Jami -> =/\==/\=END ROSTER=/\==/\=STSF Jami -> All yours, KBear.STSF_KBear -> LOL Might want to take Nickles off. He leftSTSF Jami -> Dang..STSF Jami -> I did that again..STSF Jami -> shootSTSF Jami -> Me fix.Arizhel -> I'm backSTSF Jami -> Okay, KBear..STSF Jami -> You can be CO :PSTSF Jami -> This time.STSF_KBear -> LOL ThanksOK Mission briefing was as followsSTSF_KBear -> The USS Tango has been sent to invesagate the cause of an uprising on Mantis 5, Several fractions have started looting and pilfering from the governmental supplies and the Tango has been called to help find out whySTSF_KBear -> As I said before I believe the away team just beamed down to talk to the Prime minister. Since we are missing the XO And the CO didnt go, CSEC will be in charge of the away teamEthan Neufeld -> Rog'STSF Jami -> (And you can discipline your ASEC when he wakes up :P )STSF_KBear -> any questions??Ethan Neufeld -> (Heh.)Arizhel -> Am I down on the away team as TAC or up on the ship as HOPS?STSF_KBear -> I think you were sent down alsoKerris Kea -> ((Both))STSF Jami -> CSEC is TAC.STSF Jami -> ARizhel is HOPS, but on the planet?STSF_KBear -> yesSTSF Jami -> kkArizhel -> Apparently I have long-range sensors in my head which I can operate without a ship.STSF Jami -> coolKerris Kea -> ::nods::STSF_KBear -> OK everyone ready?Meddycakes -> Yep :)STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIMSTSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIMSTSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIMSTSF_KBear -> Prime Minister)(CSEC) Its about time you got here. Look what they are doing to our stores?STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::deshimmered and ready to go on the planet, hanging back so CSEC can talk to the PM:::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) Yes, sir. Any idea what started the riots?Arizhel -> (HOPS)::Is listening to what the PM has to say to CSEC::Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::chilling near the back::STSF_KBear -> ((ACTION The team sees several folks rumaging through the stores willing sacks::Meddycakes -> (CSCI) ::fiddles with his tricorder, and listens in to the CSEC and PM::Lerak trPexil -> (ASec) :: Checking his helmet ::STSF Jami -> (CMO) :Flips out her tricorder:::STSF_KBear -> Prime Minister) I do not know. They just startedEthan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::sees the people loiting and is reminded of a few cities on Earth in the twentieth century::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::thinks it could be just about anything that sent them into the frenzy::Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::looking at the looters, raising eyebrows::Ethan Neufeld -> (loiting, right. looting^)STSF_KBear -> (Passer By)) Maybe of you treated them better!!! :: darts off into a store himself::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::lots of medical and psychological conditions run through her brain as she takes scans of the passing pilferers:::STSF_KBear -> (looting))STSF Jami -> (You from Joisey, Ethan? )Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) ::over hears passer by, files for later:: Are there any injuries on your staff?Meddycakes -> (CSCI)::watches, thinking.:: STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::hurms a bit, looking at the readouts::STSF_KBear -> Prime Minister) (CSEC) There were a few guards that were hit by bottlesKerris Kea -> CENG> ::mouths:: bottles?Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::nods at PM:: (CMO) Jami, if you could take a look?STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::blows out a breath, holstering the tric for the time being:::STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CSEC) Aye, sir.STSF_KBear -> Prime Minister) All we want to do is get calmed down. We wanted to become a Federation planet..STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::in passing, quietly:: (CSEC) The population isn't exactly fit and trim.Meddycakes -> (CSCI)(PM) Have the looters..listed any grievances? Against the government? Do they have an issue with joining the Federation?Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) ::nods again, waits to see how PM answers Meddy::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::moving toward the guards, putting her medical kit to the fore:::STSF_KBear -> Prime Minister) (CSCI) They are from other fractions Im afraid to get near themEthan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) Prime Minister, I don't mean to sound patronizing, but if you could direct us to someone who has a better idea of what started this, it'd help us figure out how to stop it.STSF_KBear -> (Guard)(CMO) Maam its not safe over thereArizhel -> (HOPS) ::agrees with CSEC but isn't going to say so out loud to the PM::STSF Jami -> (CMO) (Guard) From the looks of your arm, I'd say you're correct.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CENG) ::overhearing guard warning CMO:: Kerris, can you back up Jami?STSF_KBear -> Prime Minister) ::points to the rumaging crowd:: One of them?STSF Jami -> (CMO) (Guard) it'll only take a moment. ::flips out her tricorder, putting on her best doctor face:::Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::jumps at being addressed, and nods to Ethan, following Jami::Meddycakes -> (CSCI) ::watches them, worried::STSF Jami -> (CMO) :::after the scan:: (Guard) Minor scrape, no glass in the wound. ::fishing for her dermal regenerator and an antibiotic hypo:::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) ::presses lips and nods:: Thank you for your help, Minister. If you can think of anything else, let us know.STSF_KBear -> ( Guard) :: watches Jami then hears something and pushes Jami away quickly keeping her from getting hit by a rock::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::is ;pushed:::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CSCI) ::aside out of PM's hearing:: Meddy, call the Tango. See if you can get a list for leaders of these factions, someone we can talk to.STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::splats out on the ground:::Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::moves out of the way, checking on Jami to make sure she's alright, glancing around::STSF_KBear -> Prime Minister) (CSEC) Im getting to saftey and I suggest you do the sameSTSF Jami -> (CMO) ::helped up by Kerris:: (CENG) Thanks. ::brushing herself off:::Meddycakes -> (CSCI)(CSEC) Will do.STSF_KBear -> (Guard)(CMO) Sorry MaamKerris Kea -> CENG> CMO> Just a rock, doc. You alright?STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CSEC) Injuries are minor and it's next to impossible to treat them here, Sir.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) Your concern's appreciate, Minister, but, like you said, we have a riot to calm down. Please don't go very far, we might need you to address the masses at some point.Ethan Neufeld -> appreciated^STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::hand up:: (Guard) No problem. Wash the wound, take an aspirin and call me in the morning.STSF_KBear -> (Guard) If Im hereSTSF Jami -> (CMO) ::has a few choice words for the masses:::STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CSEC) Chief... a moment in private?Meddycakes -> (CSCI)+Tango+ This is Science officer Meddy, speaking; we need a list of the leaders of the factions.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CMO) ::nods, joins CMO::Meddycakes -> ((I..just realized I typed 'Tango' there, it seems like I'm speaking at the ship itself))Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::frowns a little at the Guard:: Things that bad?STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::checking the area for listeners:: (CSEC) The population is in bad shape physically. STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CSEC) Can't figure what it's from. Could be malnutrition, something in the water.. any number of things.Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::eyes looters::STSF_KBear -> (Fraction1 boss) GET THOSE GET THEM BACK TO THE BASE!!Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CMO) You're detecting more than collateral injuries?STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CSEC) Aye, Sir.Arizhel -> (HOPS)::checks that her phaser is working and set to stun::Lerak trPexil -> (ASec) :: Speaking to other security in the field ::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CMO) ::nods:: If you can get that narrowed down, we can use that.STSF_KBear -> (Fraction2 boss) We saw it first... HE OWES US That much.. ::to fraction 1 Boss::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::eyes fighting fraction bosses::STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CSEC) ::nod:: Roger that, Sir. I'll do my best... with the ones who are semi-still.Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::scoots back over to Jami and Ethan::Arizhel -> (HOPS) (AT) If these are the rebels, why aren't we doing anything?Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (HOPS) Five against a few million is lousy odds.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (ASEC) Lerak, with me.STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CENG) Can you get me close enough to the mobs so I can get a proper scan?STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CENG) I mean... safely?Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (HOPS) Arizhel, join Jami and Kerris. Keep the doctor safe?Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::pulls out phasers and gives Jami a wild grin:: Yup.Arizhel -> (HOPS) (CSEC) You got it, chiefSTSF Jami -> (CMO) ::eyes Lerak, who is checking out a few folks:::STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CENG) STSF Jami -> Looks like we're up.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::tenatively begins approaching fraction bosses::Arizhel -> (HOPS)::goes to join Jami and Kerris::STSF_KBear -> (Fraction1 boss) :: fires something at the Other Fraction Boss knocking him to the ground as they continue and the Second Bosses team runs leaving him behind::Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::nods to Ari::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::glances back to make sure ASEC has his back::Arizhel -> (HOPS)::nods back::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::close to CENG::: (CENG) Break a path and I'll follow.Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::makes a shotgun sound:: Awesome, let's go. ::starts moving forward::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (F1 Boss) ::approaching coolly:: Don't mean to intrude, but you mind if I ask what's in that container?STSF_KBear -> ( Guard1 gets in the way of the fast moving getaway and is taken out by them::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::sandwiched between them, she follows:::Arizhel -> (HOPS)::follows CENG, looking to make sure no one is following them::STSF_KBear -> (Fraction1 boss) :: turns pointing the weapon to Ethan::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::tricorder out, scanning as she goes, every time they get close to someone:::Meddycakes -> (CSCI) ::decides, at the last minute, to catch up to the AT::STSF_KBear -> (Fraction1 boss) Nonething for you Now LEAVE!!Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::loves her phaser pistols::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::spies a child huddled in an alleyway:::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (F1 Boss) ::weapon at low ready, but one hand up:: Whoa, whoa. Okay, we're backing off. ::backs up:: Is it something important?Arizhel -> (HOPS)::loves her bat'leth, which she wishes she had brought along::STSF_KBear -> (Fraction1 boss) kicks the other downed boss as he moves of to another store::STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CENG/HOPS) ::points:: Get me to that alleyway if you can.Lerak trPexil -> (ASec) :: Following his Chief ::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::exhales as F1 Boss walks off::STSF_KBear -> Prime Minister)Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (ASEC) You get a read on what's in these containers, Lerak?Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::glances in that direction:: Sure thing, Doc. ::makes shotgun noise again::Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::starts heading to Alley::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) +CSCI+ Meddy, any luck on that list?Arizhel -> (HOPS) (CMO) I'll do my best, doctor ::has phaser pointing out and is visually scanning the territory::STSF_KBear -> Prime Minister) :: yells to Ethan:: SEEE!!! TOLD YOU!! THEY ARE UNREASONABLE!!STSF Jami -> (KBear, PM)Meddycakes -> (CSCI)(CSEC) Nope, I didn't get a response back when I hailed the ship..Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CSCI) Roger that.STSF_KBear -> ((Sorry Meddy missed it))Lerak trPexil -> (ASec) "No sir. Nothing with my scans."STSF Jami -> (CMO) :jostled and shaken as they approach the alleyway::: (CENG) Over there.. that child.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) ::turns to PM:: Thank you, Minister. I suggest you retreat to safety.Meddycakes -> ((I had an inkling that happened. (whoops!)))Arizhel -> (Starving Child) ::is sitting, shivering::Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::stands guard for CMO::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (ASEC/CSCI) Lerak, use caution, but see if you can't interview some of the masses.STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::moves quickly, kneeling by the child, as non-threatening as possible:: (Child) Hi, there.STSF_KBear -> Tango+(CSCI)+ We have your information the Priminister is who we had contact to join the federation.. We have heard from 2 other fractions that do not wish this.STSF Jami -> (CMO) (Child) My name's Jami. What's yours?Ethan Neufeld -> (( That was just ASEC, sorry.))STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::scanning with the tric out of the line of sight:::STSF_KBear -> Tango+ Nelson and CrealingsArizhel -> (Child)::is distrustful, holding knife at her side:: (CMO) What's it to you?Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::frowns realizing his team is spread thin on this one::Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::whispers:: CMO> weapon.STSF Jami -> (CMO) (Child) Well... I was looking for someone who could help me finish off this chocolate bar. ::fishing it out of her med kit, she holds it up:: Know anyone around here who could help me?STSF_KBear -> Crealings) :: steps out from behind a dumpster and the child:: Dont just sit there and show it... USE it!!STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::engaging the child's eyes:::Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::guns on new person::Meddycakes -> (CSCI)(CSEC) We've got news on the leaders. Nelson, and Crealings. It seems they don't want to join the Federation, but the Prime Minister did..Kerris Kea -> CENG> Jami.STSF_KBear -> Crealings) ::to the child:: DO IT!!Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CSCI) ::nods:: Guess we'll need to talk to the Minister again.Arizhel -> (Child) ::Brandishes knife:: I know it's a trap, come any closer and I'll use it.Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::stuns Crealings::STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CENG) ::holds up her hand to Kerris::: (Child) Suit yourself. ::peels the wrapper from the chocolate and takes a bite:::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CSCI/ASEC) ::gestures toward PM and starts that way::STSF Jami -> (CMO) Um.... boy. Best stuff I've had in ages.STSF_KBear -> Crealings):; falls over as he approaches the child and JamiArizhel -> (Child)::Eyes the chocolate bar longingly::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::sits cross-legged on the ground::Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::goes over to inspect Crealings, glancing around, watching her back:: HOPS> ::whispers:: Keep an eye on Jami.STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::slight frown:: (nip) Darn.. it's broken half way down. ::breaks off a covered piece and tosses it in the direction of the child:::STSF_KBear -> Nelson) :: sneaks up behind Kerris and puts a type of weapon in her back:: Nicely doneArizhel -> (Child)::notices the fact that these strange people haven't tried to hurt her yet, despite stunning Crealings::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) +CENG/CMO/HOPS+ Kerris, Ethan. Sitrep?STSF Jami -> (CMO) (nip) nothing worse than a broken chocolate bar.Arizhel -> (HOPS)::nods::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::continues to nibble away at the chocolate:::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::the still-wrapped piece she threw is within the reach of the child:::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) Prime Minister, we need to talk.Meddycakes -> (CSCI)(PM) I've heard the other factions didn't want to join the Federation. What made them react in this way?Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::switches guns to kill, turns quickly and shoots Nelson's foot::Arizhel -> (Child)::picks the piece of chocolate off of the ground in front of her and inspects it, and decides to eat it::Kerris Kea -> ((Wow that feels wrong. That's my last name))STSF_KBear -> Prime Minister)(CSEC) ::from behind a building:: You come over here. Im NOT coming back out htereSTSF Jami -> (CMO) ::nibblenibble:: (Child) Pretty good, isn't it?Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) +CENG/CMO/HOPS+ Jami, Ethan. Sitrep.STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::shrug:: (Child) I've had better, though. Haven't you?STSF_KBear -> ((I Bet))Arizhel -> (Child) (CMO) I haven't eaten chocolate in weeks.STSF Jami -> (CMO)+CSEC+ Having a chocolate bar with the natives. Meddycakes -> (CSCI)(PM) How about you get out here?STSF_KBear -> Nelson) ::screams::Kerris Kea -> CENG> CSEC> Busy. One stunned, one down for ount.STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::feigned surprise:: (Child) Really? Not even for dessert? ::ignores Nelson:::Kerris Kea -> ((count))Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) ::approaches PM::Arizhel -> (Child)(CMO) Dessert?Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) +CMO+ Any progress on the med report?Arizhel -> (Child)(CMO) i haven't had a solid meal in 6 days.Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::switches guns back to stun, looks down at Nelson, kicking weapon away::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::nods, taking another nibble of the huge bar:: (Child) Dessert. AFter you eat your dinner you have dessert. Cake or candy or something like that.STSF_KBear -> Nelson) ::hits the ground:: I KNEW IT>> THIS PROVES IT!!! FEDERATION HAS NO PURPOSE HERE BUT TO KILL!!!!!Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) Prime Minister, you're aware that the Federation doesn't accept applications from planets that aren't unified?STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::the bar breaks again:: Darn thing just won't stay together. ::tosses another wrapped broken portion towards the child ::Kerris Kea -> CENG> Nelson> ::calmly:: You're not dead.Arizhel -> (Child)::knows what dessert is, sort of like knowing what horses are, though she's seen neither::Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::holds backs saying "yet"::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) +CENG+ Roger.STSF_KBear -> Nelson) ::holding his foot rolling on the floor::;Arizhel -> (Child)::picks up the next piece of chocolate::STSF Jami -> (CMO) (Child) So what did you have for breakfast?Kerris Kea -> CENG> Nelson> ::guns trained on him:: Who are you?Arizhel -> (Child)(CMO) This *is* my breakfast.STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::shunting the tricorder scans to CSEC as she gets them:::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::blink:: (Child) But.. it's nearly dinner time. STSF_KBear -> Prime Minister) We were until they decided they didnt want to.. and your teams shooting them isnt going to help ::points to both Crealings on the ground and Neslon Screaming::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) Seems to me there's one solid solution to this problem, Minister. Tell your people that you're not joining the Federation.STSF Jami -> (CMO) (Child) So.. what did you have for lunch?STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::nibblenibble:::Arizhel -> (Child)(CMO) There is no lunch. I just told you this is my breakfast. It's the first thing I've eaten today.STSF Jami -> (CMO) Ohhh...almonds. I love almonds...Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CSCI) Meddy, see if you can help Jami figure out whatever it was she was looking into?Arizhel -> (Child)(CMO) Breakfast, lunch, they all blend together.Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::puts foot on Nelson's chest to keep him from rolling:: Who are you?STSF_KBear -> Nelson) Charles Nelson... Crestations leader!!STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::stops short, looking at the child:: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) Minister, my people have orders not to fire unless attacked first.Kerris Kea -> CENG> Nelson> ::what do you have against us, hmm?Arizhel -> (Child)(CMO)I've been on my own since the fighting killed my parentsKerris Kea -> CENG> Nelson> We were trying to help this child.STSF_KBear -> Prime Minister) ::nods:: look at that one ::points to Kerris and Nelson::STSF Jami -> (CMO) (Child) ::after a long pause, she stands slowly:: Tell you what. You keep the rest of this. I need to get back before my boss finds out I'm taking a break.STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::hands the rest of the bar to the child:: (CENG) I've seen enough. ::headtick toward Ethan:::Lerak trPexil -> (( Sorry I've not been much help ))Arizhel -> (Child)(CMO) ::takes the rest of the candy bar::...thanks.STSF Jami -> (CMO) (Child) You're welcome.STSF_KBear -> Nelson) We dont want you here... GO back to where you came fromKerris Kea -> CENG> =CSEC= What should I do with there two?STSF_KBear -> Nelson) ::: ceinging::STSF_KBear -> *cringing::Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::doesn't care if he's cringing::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) ::looks:: Minister, as a representative of the Federation, I'm going to advise you that your planet's application for membership has been suspended until further notice.STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::makes her way toward CSEC:::Kerris Kea -> ((**these))STSF_KBear -> Prime Minister) NOO We worked so hard,Meddycakes -> (CSCI)(PM) This..needs to be sorted out. Before anything else. ::gestures to the chaos::Lerak trPexil -> (ASec) :: Following his chief still, but slightly confused ::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::eyes to the PM, who is in really good shape... for a portly man:::STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CSEC) Chief...Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) ::nods in agreement with Meddy:: Now, if you want this to stop, I suggest you get on your PA system and tell your people that you're not joining the Federation, and the USS Tango is leaving.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CMO) Jami?Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::frowns::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::dagger eyes to the PM, then turns to Ethan:: (CSEC) The people are starving.STSF_KBear -> Prime Minister) Thats not going to help I assure youSTSF_KBear -> Prime Minister)We need the trade from the federationSTSF Jami -> (CMO) ::Points:: (CSEC) That child is emaciated. And THIS man... ::points to the PM:: Needs a diet. STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CENG) What does that tell you, Sir?Kerris Kea -> CENG> +CSEC+ Ethan. What should I do with these two? One of these is Nelson.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CMO) ::nods:: Call the Tango; arrange for food supply drops. We'll over see them before we leave.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) Not our problem, Minister.STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::nod:: (CSEC) Aye, Sir. STSF Jami -> (CMO) +TANGO+ FArrington to Tango. STSF_KBear -> Prime Minister) NOOOOOO!! They will get into the wrong hand!!STSF_KBear -> +Tango here++STSF Jami -> (CMO) +TANGO+ ::to PM:: Shut up.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) +CENG+ Let them go, Kerris. Tell them to prepare for some red cross supplies.Meddycakes -> (CSCI)(PM) ::glares::Arizhel -> (HOPS) (PM) No, offense sir, but I think they'll be going into the right hands.Kerris Kea -> CENG> CSEC> ::static:; Really.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) +CENG+ Coordinate with them and Jami to figure out where they want their food stuffs sent.Arizhel -> (HOPS)::actually kind of did mean to offend him::STSF Jami -> (CMO) +TANGO+ Requisitioning high protein ration packages to the clear area just north of our position. We will monitor.STSF_KBear -> (Nelson) They are holding our supplies .... medical and food....Kerris Kea -> CENG> Nelson> Holding them? What do you mean?STSF_KBear -> +Tango+ Whats going on down there JamiSTSF Jami -> (CMO) ::hearing Nelson:: +Tango+ A case of hoarding, Captain. By the government. People are starving.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CMO) I'll take that, Jami.STSF_KBear -> (Nelson) We help them grow eveything and they hord it all. Say they need it to trade ::stll holding his foot::STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::gives CSEC whatever it is she has:::STSF_KBear -> Crealings) ::comes around and stands seeing Kerris holding NElson:: KILL HIM HES NOT WORTH IT ANYWAY!!!Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::takes foot off of his chest:: We'll see what we can do, hmm? ::picks up his weapon::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) +TANGO+ Tango, Ethan Actual. It looks like there's a disagreement about joining the Federation, and, as Jami said, there's evidence the government is hording food and supplies.Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::calmly to Crealing:: What, is all you do is yell? Chill, dude.STSF_KBear -> Crealings) That piece of dirt doesnt need to live ill him thats more for usEthan Neufeld -> (CSEC) +TANGO+ I've informed the Prime Minister that their application for membership has been suspended, and we'd like to provide the starving population some food before we leave.STSF_KBear -> +Tango+ get what ever you needKerris Kea -> CENG> Crealing> all the same people having the same problems. Why not--Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) +TANGO+ Roger that. Ethan, out.Kerris Kea -> CENG> Work together?STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::barely containing her anger at the poor medical condition of the population::STSF_KBear -> Crealings)We will NOT work with the trashEthan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CMO) Let's see if we can't give them some medical supplies as well.STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CSEC) Aye, Chief.Kerris Kea -> CENG> Crealing> He's trash?? You were using a CHILD as bait!Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (HOPS) Airzhel, can you get back up to the ship and prepare a shuttle? I'd like to make sure these supplies can't be redirected in transit.STSF Jami -> (CMO) +Tango+ Dr. Farrington. Requisitioning medical supplies, crate MX 339, cargo bay two.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CSCI) Meddy, how're your doctor skills?STSF_KBear -> Nelson) (CENG THAT FEDERTION FOR YOU SHOOT SOMEONE AND LEAVE THEM!!Meddycakes -> (CSCI)(CSEC) They're..a bit rusty, but I can manage certain things.Arizhel -> (HOPS)(CSEC) Sure thing. +Tango+ Arizhel to tango, requesting beam-up for one. I need to prepare a shuttle with the supplies we're sending down.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CSCI) ::nods:: Please give Jami a hand, if you can.STSF Jami -> (CMO) ::has some nice dieffenbachia tea for that shout:::STSF_KBear -> **2 minutes**Kerris Kea -> CENG> Nelson> You're alive aren't you? You could walk, and if you hadn't threatened me with a gun, I wouldn't have shot you at all.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CMO) Jami, just FYI, we're gonna have Arizhel fly those supplies down.STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CSEC) Roger that, Sir.STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CSEC) Sounds like the best idea yet.Meddycakes -> (CSCI)(CSEC) ::nods, and heads on over there:: (CMO) I'm over here to help, hopefully.Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CMO) ::nods with a subtle smile::STSF_KBear -> +Tango + ::beams Arizhel up::STSF Jami -> (CMO) (CSCI) All comers welcome. ::manages a grin:::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) I'd like to say it's been a pleasure, Minister. Have a good day and good luck. ::walks off::Arizhel -> (HOPS)::Is beamed up to ship::STSF_KBear -> Prime Minister)You cant deny our App!!Meddycakes -> (CSCI)(CMO) ::w:: This place is dismal..I can't believe it got this bad.Kerris Kea -> CENG> ::resists the urge to give them both the finger, walks back over to Ethan::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (PM) ::without looking back:: We just did.STSF Jami -> (Apps cost extra data money, and you just ran out :P )Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (ASEC) Lerak, need you to beam up to the Tango and prepare a SEC team to secure that LZ.Kerris Kea -> ((lol))Lerak trPexil -> (Federation pulled the App from the store)STSF_KBear -> Crealings moves over to Nelson and kicks him in the ribs as he passes by: STSF Jami -> (There ya go)Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CENG) ::nods:: Kerris. How're your friends?STSF Jami -> (KBear, PM)STSF_KBear -> ::PAUSE SIM::STSF_KBear -> ::PAUSE SIM::STSF_KBear -> ::PAUSE SIM::Kerris Kea -> CENG> CSEC> Alive, but very... ::clears throat::Meddycakes -> ::paused::STSF Jami -> :)Arizhel -> ::paused::Kerris Kea -> ::pawsed::Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::notices Crealings kick Nelson...:: ::paused::Ethan Neufeld -> Heh, was just about to pull 'change of plans'.STSF_KBear -> Nicely done folksSTSF Jami -> Now I'm hungry for chocolate.STSF_KBear -> Raise your hand if your still looking for that promotion to get on your first Advanced game?Lerak trPexil -> And sorry on my end, bad day at work distracted.STSF_KBear -> LOL JamiSTSF Jami -> ::raises hand:: Me. Me. Oh.. pick me.STSF_KBear -> ::hands her a DARK Chocolate Kiss::Ethan Neufeld -> ::Lerak:: Don't sweat it. Know how you feel.STSF Jami -> Ohhhh... thank you...STSF Jami -> ::nom::Ethan Neufeld -> So what if we're just looking for a promotion?STSF_KBear -> LOL Talk to your Advacned sim GMSTSF Jami -> She's gonna promote me. To Admiral, right?Ethan Neufeld -> Thought I already did that, Jami.STSF_KBear -> LOL IF I had the abilitySTSF Jami -> One more star than A9, right?Ethan Neufeld -> Heh. I was just looking for more cookies, honestly.Lerak trPexil -> I'd enjoy being chief engineer aboard a Romulan vesselKerris Kea -> I always have cookies, Ethan.Ethan Neufeld -> Hey, uh, while I'm thinking of it. Word of experience.STSF_KBear -> OK all that was a fun game. Im not sure how Borgette wanted it to go.. I never recevied her foot notes. But It was funEthan Neufeld -> If you see a weapon, don't be afraid to yell it to your partner.Kerris Kea -> It was a kid.STSF Jami -> Like... GUN!STSF Jami -> KNIFE!Ethan Neufeld -> Yeah, like that.STSF Jami -> Gotcha.Kerris Kea -> If it was RL, I would have caught their eyes and told her.STSF Jami -> ::noms chocolate:::Kerris Kea -> Harder to do in sim.STSF_KBear -> OK All I need to head to bed. I was on the road for 10 hours driving and IM BEAT!!
  8. Welcome back It HAS been a long time ..
  9. STSF_KBear -> Welcome to the Academy TKAR -> welcome captive STSF_KBear -> if you want a post please send me ONE PM At this time Mitar Precip -> gnight folks.. Ethan Neufeld -> Have a good one, Precip. Vilanne -> Night precip Ethan Neufeld -> Y'know, if the feeling would come back in my arm, I'd be able to type things right the first time... TKAR -> just take your time STSF_KBear -> OK Looks like we have 3 players Ethan Neufeld -> ::smirks:: That's easier said than done in sim. TKAR -> it takes time for it STSF_KBear -> Watch the screen for your name STSF_KBear -> (CO) STSF_KBear Vilanne -> I am so upset, they have taken every star Trek thing off of cable. *whines* Ok, I'll quit now. Heather Jamieson -> :: Wonders why the "I'm typing.." icon works here but not in Rep or Talon rooms :: Ethan Neufeld -> ::gives Vil some expensive cheese:: Ethan Neufeld -> ((Rep and Talon are custom rooms.)) STSF_KBear -> HOPS) TKAR TKAR -> true,i had a bad time when i couldn,t us my hand for 6 months STSF_KBear -> (CSEC) Ethan Neufeld STSF_KBear -> (TAC) Vilanne STSF_KBear -> Stand by for the breifing STSF_KBear -> (CMO) STSF_KBear -> (CMO) Heather Jamisom STSF_KBear -> son STSF_KBear -> Mission Breifing STSF_KBear -> The uss Tango has just spent time at DS9 after getting halled back by the Cloverbud after becoming heavily damaged in a fire fight that they were heavily out matched, STSF_KBear -> Shake down Cruise. STSF_KBear -> any questions? Vilanne -> (TAC) ? Vilanne -> What's a shake down cruise, where we get boarded or something? STSF_KBear -> Youll see ::grins: Vilanne -> (TAC) Rut roh STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> (CO)::in her readyroom:: STSF_KBear -> ((Vilanne has the bridge)) Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ((No pressure, Vil.)) TKAR -> (HOPS)::checking out the new hops console,setting course:: Vilanne -> (TAC) ::on the bridge, and the CO is away so this mice will play... slowly moves towards the CO's chair, eyes it for a moment, then goes ahead and plants herself into the chair with a grin:: Vilanne -> (TAC) HOPS> Bring up forward vision onscreen. I like to watch as we disembark and get underway. Vilanne -> ((We have left DS9 after repairs, yes?)) Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::arrives on bridge with reports in hand; stops realizing CO isn't in CO's chair:: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::"who's that sittin' in the CO's chair?":: STSF_KBear -> ((yes)) Vilanne -> (TAC) ::playing with the controls on the armchair:: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::wonders if someone else is eating the CO's porridge, too:: Heather Jamieson -> (CMO) :: Lift doors open to the bridge and the Chief Medical Officer steps out and onto the bridge :: Vilanne -> (TAC) ::glances up, then sees CSEC:: Oh hi! TKAR -> (HOPS)(TAC)::Smiles::someday you will be in that chair.(CO)+captain we are ready to go,sir. Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::smirks:: Hi. Know where the XO's at? Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC)^ Heather Jamieson -> (CMO) :: Stands off to the side and in no one's way :: STSF_KBear -> (CO)+HOPS)+ Very well Vilanne has the coordinates Tell her to get us going please. Vilanne -> (TAC) Um... in quarters? Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (TAC) Roger. Thanks. ::heads back out the way he came:: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CMO) ::nods as he reenters TL:: Heather Jamieson -> (CMO) (CSec) "Hello.. and goodbye." Ethan Neufeld -> ((You just got that song stuck in my head.)) TKAR -> (HOPS)+(CO)yes,captain.program is uploading now(CMO)+hello doctor. Heather Jamieson -> (CMO) "Hope the Captain does not mind watching the action up here. Medical is secure as it can be." Vilanne -> (TAC) ::overhears THe CO/HOPS conversation:: Oh yeah, HOPS, Please move us to the coordinates and system I am sending now to your console. ::uses the armchair to send TKar coordinates:: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::rides TL with The Beatles' "Hello Goodbye" stuck in his head:: Vilanne -> (TAC) And let's use Warp 6. I'm sure that is stable by now after all those repairs. Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ((Don't jinx us now...)) Vilanne -> ((Whaaa? You'll help fix it Ethan, I believe in you guys)) Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::exits TL near senior officer's quarters:: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ((::chuckles mysteriously::)) Vilanne -> (TAC) Hit it HOPS. Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::has begun whistling "Hello Goodbye":: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::rings at XO's door:: Heather Jamieson -> (CMO) :: The doctor rarely visits the bridge all told, so she spent some time watching everyone :: STSF_KBear -> (( THE SHIP STARTS BUCKING A LITTLE )) Heather Jamieson -> (CMO) :: Grabs a railing :: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::braces against bulkhead:: Vilanne -> (TAC) :;looks around the bridge, feeling a little shimmey shake:: Someone's got the music on loud? TKAR -> (HOPS)(TAC)moving to course 246.8 Conformed.(CMO)doctor,hold on. Vilanne -> (TAC) Hi Chief ::to CMO:: Didn't see you standing up there. Have a seat in the Counselor's set. Vilanne -> (seat) STSF_KBear -> (( Engines Fail)) Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::"feels" ship drop out of warp:: Heather Jamieson -> (CMO) "Sounds like a good idea." :: The good doctor takes the couselor's seat :: Vilanne -> (TAC) HOPS) Why are we stopping? STSF_KBear -> (CO)+TAC+ OK Vilanne, Whats the trouble? Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::turns reports over to XO:: Vilanne -> (TAC) ::grits teeth, still not getting an aswer from HOPS:: +CO+ Trying to find out, Captain... will have an answer in... ::glares around the bridge:: 10 seconds. STSF_KBear -> (( XO ON VACATION))) TKAR -> (HOPS)::adjusting course::(tac)I don,t know,i,m checking the dampers. Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::doesn't hand reports over to XO; wonders why they left dock without an XO:: Vilanne -> (TAC) HOPS) I'll have the engineer check those... what does your console say? Vilanne -> (TAC) ::looks around bridge again:: Anyone else have clues on their consoles, now? Ethan Neufeld -> ((Don't tell me ENG is on vacation...)) Vilanne -> (TAC) +CENG+ Engineering to Bridge. STSF_KBear -> (Heather moving to CENG)) Vilanne -> (TAC) ::looks over at Heather:: Please tell me you have this under control? Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::does something with those reports:: Vilanne -> (TAC) Bridge) Anyone? Someone? Tell me something about this ship! Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) :: moves to the engineering console :: "Let me take a look." Vilanne -> (TAC) CENG) Thank you. TKAR -> (HOPS)(TAC)thanks,the program seems to be ::Checks readout::Fuctioning perfect. STSF_KBear -> (CO)+(TAC) Vilanne, 10 seconds ae up Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) :: sits down and brings up a status display :: "What did space dock do.." Vilanne -> (TAC) ::stands up from the chair and goes to her TAC station to start checking things out herself when the CO calls, gulps:: Vilanne -> (TAC) +CO+ Captain, we are checking every system, and have no idea.. but so far, we know we droped out of warp, then the engines went offline... the CENG is checking to see what space dock did or didn't do. Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) :: looks puzzled :: "Our warp field has collapsed." Vilanne -> (TAC) ::at TAC station now, checking everything she can from her area:: CENG) It did? Oh... that's bad. Did they forget to close a vent or something? Vilanne -> (TAC) CO+ Csaptain, our warp field collapsed. We are trying to identify why. Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) "A cascade of the... how the... the magnetic constrictors caused the coils to lock up." STSF_KBear -> (CO+(TAC)+ Aye Keep me adviced. Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::returns to work:: TKAR -> (HOPS)(TAC)helm,is responding normal in fact better then before. Vilanne -> (TAC) CO+ Aye, Captain. ::steps over to CENG's console:: What did those idiots do to our ship? Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) "It does this to prevent warp plasma from getting out of control." TKAR -> (HOPS)::checks course program:: Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) "I will attempt to release them from here." Vilanne -> (TAC) ::looks around the bridge:: Chief of Security... take the bridge, I'm going to go down to engineering with Heather and see what we can do. Vilanne -> (TAC) Oh? Vilanne -> (TAC) Hold that thought Chief ::to SEC:: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::magic edits to bridge:: Aye, ma'am. Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC)^ Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) :: Release has no effect and shakes her head :: "The problem is something else." Vilanne -> ((Oh duh! Wow... missed that one terribly. Thanks ethan)) Ethan Neufeld -> ((NP)) Vilanne -> (TAC) CENG) Can I follow you down to engineering and see if we can get this thing fixed? Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) (TAC) "Let's go.." :: heads to the lift :: Vilanne -> (TAC) Sec, you have the bridge. Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (TAC) Aye, ma'am. TKAR -> (HOPS)(TAC)checking circults 4b2c. Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::glances at CO's chair; shudders at the thought of porridge and decides not to sit:: Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) (TAC) "At times like these I should have became a doctor." Vilanne -> (TAC) ::goes down to engineering:: You do know that all of the assistant engineers and engineering techs are still on DS9, this was only supposed to be a tester walk in the stars. Ethan Neufeld -> ((::chuckles::)) Vilanne -> (TAC) ((LOL Heather)) Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) :: nods :: "A three hour tour.." Vilanne -> (TAC) CENG) I am thinking that we need more hands... ok? Ethan Neufeld -> ((..... Well, at least "Hello Goodbye" is gone.)) Vilanne -> (TAC) ::almost down to engineering with CENG, exits TL into ME:: Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) (TAC) "What are they going EVA's and pushing? Let's hope it does not come to that." Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::starts humming Gilligan's Island for no reason he can explain:: Vilanne -> (TAC) CENG) I hope not... lemme see if Ethan can come help. +CSEC+ Ethan, we really need a hand... give the bridge to TKar and come help us. Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) :: sits at the main engineering console :: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) +TAC+ Roger. Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (HOPS) ::looks around empty bridge:: Conn is yours, Tkar. Vilanne -> (TAC) ::in Engineering now, at the side engineering console, brings up some stuff and starts looking through the systems, reading all of the failures:: What the? Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::exits bridge:: Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) (TAC) "Ah, well, the magnetic contrictors are locked down. Normally this is to prevent a core breach. Nobody wants that." Vilanne -> (TAC) CENG) No, nobody wants that... ::shudders:: Vilanne -> (TAC) CENG) Why would we be heading for a core breach? STSF_KBear -> (( Engines start up now throwing everyone backwards Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) (TAC) "The commands to release them are not responding. The computer may be having trouble with sensor readings of the core and coils." Vilanne -> (TAC) ::tossed across engineering:: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::is thrown aft against TL bulkhead:: STSF_KBear -> (CO+(TAC)+ Whatever you did nice job but next time dont jump straight to warp??? Vilanne -> (TAC) :;gets herself up, a little bruised:: Ouch... Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) :: flies through the air with the greatest of ease.. into a transparent aluminum glass plate Vilanne -> (TAC) +CO+ Captain, I'm down in engineering... with lots of help... um... TKar has the bridge, Ma'am. TKAR -> (HOPS)::Still checking circults::(CSEC)i guess so and i won,t break anything too.+(TAC)+(CO)navator,and helm controls seem to bw working above starfleet specs. Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::arrives in ME...better late than never?:: Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) :: Gets up, clearly shaken and stirred :: TKAR -> (Be) Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (TAC/CENG) You okay? Vilanne -> (TAC) ::rubbing head and arm:: I think yeah,, no blood,k you guys? Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) :: Sees she has cut her hand :: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::sees CENG's cut:: I'll get a kit. Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) (TAC) "I have the blood this time.. you owe me 20 credits." Vilanne -> (TAC) +HOPS+Acting Captain TKar, were you able to bet the ship to boost like that? Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::grabs a med kit:: Vilanne -> (TAC) CENG) Oh man, that old bet? I'm going to go broke, you are always bleeding. Vilanne -> (get, not bet) Vilanne -> (We.., bet to CENG, but get to TKar) Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) (CSec+TAC) Heather Jamieson -> (( that was helpful )) Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CENG) ::brings med kit to CENG:: Let's see that cut. Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) (CSEC TAC) "I'd rather us have stopped than the sudden release." Vilanne -> (TAC) ::gets back to the console on the end of the tables in engineering, and tries to read everything that just happened:: What a mess! I don't quite know what all this means. Hope it's not a magnetic unlock or something. Ethan Neufeld -> ((And I thought I was the one having problems typing.)) Vilanne -> ((LOL)) Heather Jamieson -> (( I'm parathetically challenged )) Ethan Neufeld -> ((Mm, and I've got a hand that's like a dead fish right now. This might be the start of something.)) Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) (TAC) "The contrictors are operating normally." Vilanne -> (TAC) ::hops onto the floor and pops off one of the panels, starts reading the iso chips with a hydrospanner:: STSF_KBear -> (( ACTION ALL OF THE LIGHTS GO OUT Emerency lights ome on))) Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CENG) ::pulls out a dermal regenerator:: If you let me see that cut... ::lights go out:: Vilanne -> (TAC) Hey hye.;.;. that wasn't me! ::glad when emergency lights go back on:: Vilanne -> (TAC) HOPS) Do you know what's going on with the power up there? Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CENG) The cut can wait... Vilanne -> ((Oops, that was with some ++'s around it! Wow, I stink tonight too)) STSF_KBear -> (CO)+(TAC)+ OK turn the lights back on please? Im trying to get some work done Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) "Now what?" :: lets the (CSEC) heal her once delicate hand :: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CENG) ::heals CENG's once delicate hand that is no more delicate...apparently:: Vilanne -> (TAC) +CO+ Captain, honestly... I don't know what's going on. The boneheads over on DS9 didn't finish things, clearly, but we can't find everything that needs fixing. Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) :: Runs auxilary power to the lights :: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::sets med kit aside:: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (TAC/CENG) Are we still at warp? TKAR -> (HOPS)::Checks course::(TAC)+I Just found something,it seems enginning section 234/5 seems to be working then it stopped and it just blew a circult. Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) (TAC) "I think there was a Ferengi fire sale.." Vilanne -> (TAC) CSEC) We lost warp. ::pauses:: We lost engines. ::dramatic pause:: We lost power. STSF_KBear -> (CO)+(TAC)+ Turn the ship aroiund and get us back to DS9 This is redictulous. Vilanne -> (TAC) HOPS) Thanks, we'll check it now. Vilanne -> (TAC) We have one circuit, culprit, for the power, 234/5... I'll go get this. be right back. Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::tries not to smirk at dramatic pauses:: Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) (TAC) "Are you sure? Be careful." Vilanne -> (TAC) CO+ Captain, finding the circuit now that blew, but not sure on the other systems. Trust me, the skeleton crew here is working through their sweat on this one. Vilanne -> (TAC) ::grabs the engineering tech tool bag and heads out the hallways to panel 234, bulkhead 5:: TKAR -> (hops)+(co)Captain,maybe ds9 used a faulty part or maybe its not complatable with the new system. Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) :: Sures up the inertial dampeners :: STSF_KBear -> (CO)+(TAC)+ Aye lets hurry up. Vilanne -> (TAC) ::moves a little faster, making that a safe jog:: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ((Oh yeah, sweating it. ::yawns, sitting in lounge chair with an island drink::)) Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CENG) Anything I can do? STSF_KBear -> (CO)+HOPS)+ Radio DS9 tell them we are on our way back. Vilanne -> (TAC) ::bulkhed 4... 5:: O, here goes. ::pulls off panel, uses hydrospanner to read through the circuits, finds the blown one and starts working on a repair:: TKAR -> (HOPS)+(co)Yes ,sir>(DS9)going back to base,warp problems.s. Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) (CSEC) "Hold me so I don't fly across the deck again." TKAR -> (HOPS)+(CO)course laid in sir... Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CENG) ::brow rises:: Uh... Vilanne -> (TAC) ::hand just can't reach behind one area to get the tool into the right area,, sticks whole torso into the circuit area:: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CENG) ::considers and then stiffly grabs the back of CENG's tunic:: TKAR -> (HOPS)::Working on console keeping ship turned back and no coiurse to ds9:: Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) TKAR -> (on) Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) "I jest, I jest. Don't think you want us both crushed." Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CENG) ::lets go:: Uh, right... Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (CENG) I'm, uh, gonna check on Vil. Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::exits ME:: Vilanne -> (TAC) ::finally get the circuit fixed, but gets uniform stuck on other things in the panel, trying to wiggleworm out:: Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) :: Holds back a laugh.. then can't :: TKAR -> (hops)::Sending new information to ceng and tac :: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (TAC) ::comes up on open panel:: Uh, Vil...? Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) :: Sees on sensors that (TAC) has been stuck in the same place for a bit :: +TAC+ "Are you alright? You appear stuck in place." Vilanne -> (TAC) +CENG+ Got the circuit 234/5 fixed, don't bring it on... ::hears CSEC:: Um... hi out there. Who's there? Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (TAC) Ethan. Is this a, uh, bad time? Vilanne -> (TAC) Don't bring this circuit online yet... I'm stuck in here. TKAR -> (HOPS)::Working on hold the ship on course:: Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) +TAC+ "Which end of you is outside, if I may ask?" Vilanne -> (TAC) CENG)+My... um.. lower side. Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) ::overhears CENG's question and starts to smirk:: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (TAC) You need help, Vil? Vilanne -> (TAC) CSEC) I hear that...cmon, just unhook my uniform, it's caught on something Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) +TAC+ :: laughter can be heard then the channel is cut shortly "" Vilanne -> (TAC) and I don't want to take out another power circuit Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (TAC) Okay. ::trying not to chuckle; kneels down:: Vilanne -> (TAC) ::grumbles, knowing she'll never hear the end of that one:: Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (TAC) ::reachs around Vil and tries to feel for where her uniform is caught:: Vilanne -> ((Get us back to DS9 TKar, and we'll close the sim, if she doesn't return)) Ethan Neufeld -> reaches^ Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) +Tac+ "I am sorry. Do you want beamed out? Vilanne -> (TAC) Watch it... Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (TAC) ::smirks:: Sorry. ::finds and pulls caught uniform free:: There. ::backs out:: Vilanne -> (TAC) ::comes free:: Thank you. CENG+ no, I'm out. Start circuit 234/5 Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (TAC) ::grinning a bit:: Anytime. Vilanne -> (TAC) Ok.. help me close this panel. ::grabs one side:: TKAR -> (hops)+(TAC)+ceng)Did you get the new update on goingback to ds9?the capt order us back to ds9. Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (TAC) ::nods and helps to close the panel:: Heather Jamieson -> (CEng) :: Makes a mental note to have starfleet design larger access crawlways at the next design seminar :: Vilanne -> (TAC) +HOPS+ Ok, Acting captain, take us back, let us know when we arrive so we can let the bozo's who broke her on the station hear about it. Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (TAC) ::deadpan:: You don't do that often, do you? Vilanne -> (TAC) ::seals panel, grabs tool kit:: No.. :;punches CSEC in arm:: Let's go back... and hush. Ethan Neufeld -> (CSEC) (TAC) ::quietly chuckles and follows:: Ethan Neufeld -> (WB KBear) STSF_KBear -> Sorry folks Internet issuses TKAR -> (HOPS_)(tac)+(CENG)((ok no problem)) Vilanne -> (TAC) ::back into ME, getting picked on by everyone:: Oh quit STSF_KBear -> PAUSE SIM
  10. STSF_KBear -> OK Im just going to place the posts here give me a secTKAR -> okSTSF_KBear -> (CO) STSF_KBear STSF_KBear -> (XO)Vilanne STSF_KBear -> (CMO) troikatelin STSF_KBear -> (AMO)TKAR STSF_KBear -> OK Now for the mission briefingSTSF_KBear -> The USS Tango has sent a small medical crew to assist with an outbreak of some sort on the medical vessle USS Cloverbud. Medical staff there has had their hands full and need a few extra to work on the sick while their medics work on a cure,STSF_KBear -> Any questions?STSF_KBear -> Everyone Ready?Vilanne -> (XO) Yeptroikatelin -> ((starfleet is playing ball))TKAR -> yestroikatelin -> Aye sirSTSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIMSTSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIMSTSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIMVilanne -> (XO) ((Are we on clover or tango still going there?)STSF_KBear -> (CO) ::in the shuttle landing on the cliverbud.:: (AT) OK all Lets see what we can do to help out hereSTSF_KBear -> *CloverbudSTSF_KBear -> ((landing))Vilanne -> (XO) You got it boss. ::loads up arms full of medical supplies::troikatelin -> ::checks on medkits for the crew::STSF_KBear -> Troi TKar you folks head on to medical see what you can do there. Im going to the bridge to talk to the COtroikatelin -> organized is the Best wayVilanne -> ((::drinking peach fuze::))troikatelin -> Aye sirSTSF_KBear -> ((LOL You and that Peach stuff))Vilanne -> (XO) and me Captain?troikatelin -> ::goes to the tl::SickbayVilanne -> ((got em on sale today, 69 cents))STSF_KBear -> (CO)(XO) you go see if their sicentist need any help TKAR -> (Amo)::nods to both::STSF_KBear -> (CO) STSF_KBear -> (CO) ::opens the hatch:: OK Folks lets gotroikatelin -> ::holds door for TKar::Vilanne -> (XO) ::exits the shuttle, and hands armful's of supplies to their cargo crew for delivery to sickbay, then gets a heads up on quickest route to Science::troikatelin -> ::looks tobTKar::We are going to have our hands fullVilanne -> (XO) ::heading through the cooridors, TL and eventually into main science, asking for the CSCI::TKAR -> (amo)::Nods::(cmo)Thank you doctor,i have extra medical kits to on me.troikatelin -> (CMO)We're going to need themVilanne -> (XO) ::usered into the CSCI's office, door *swishes* behind her and is given a seat::STSF_KBear -> (( Troi and Tkar find rows and row of beds with sick folks. Most seem comatose but a few are moaning in pain))STSF_KBear -> (CO)::makes her way to the bridge::Vilanne -> (XO) CSCI) So Chief, pleased tl meet you... but understand the circumstances aren't too cool. Tell me about what you know so far.Vilanne -> Sick Dude in medical) ::moanin, barely alert::troikatelin -> (CMO)::enters sickbay and sees what is going on::to Tkar::You take that side and start running scanstroikatelin -> (CMO)::goes over to sick dude and runs a scan::STSF_KBear -> Pateint 3) :: crying sotfly::Vilanne -> CSCI) to XO) Well, we have a lot of tests, but no conclusive results yet. We were hoping your doctors would ahve the expertiece to help us diagnose and cure this. here's what we have so far.Vilanne -> Sick Dude) ::moans, leaning away from the scanner thing::STSF_KBear -> (CO) Captain when did this thing break out and how many are effected.TKAR -> (AMO)(CMO)yes doctor,::Starts scanning::sir,shouldwe check the cmo medical recorders too?Vilanne -> CSCI) Even our medical staff are starting to come down with it, so I don't know how much staff we can spare to assist you.STSF_KBear -> (CAPT) About 4 doys ago. It seems to spread through the system fast once it is contracted but the proble m is we can tell how its contracted or spreadtroikatelin -> (CMO)::whispers::I am here to help you::looks to TKar::Yes, anything that they have will helpVilanne -> Sick Dude) ::throws up over side of biobed::troikatelin -> (CMO)::sees and makes sure that it lands in a pan::Vilanne -> (XO) CSCI) That's not a good thing. One moment. +CO+ Captain, their medical staff have contracted, for the most part as well. I recommend EVA's.STSF_KBear -> ©+(CMO)+ KBear to Troi be aware this has ben going on for 4 days.. They are still unsure as to how its tranmitted.troikatelin -> (CMO)How upset is your tummy?Vilanne -> (XO) ::wishes she had known the extent of the outbreak before they came onto the ship::TKAR -> (AMO)::Still scanning,while checking cmo medical recorders::Vilanne -> Sick Dude) better now... ::eyes glassy, sweating, mumbling::STSF_KBear -> (CO)+(XO)+ It may be to late for that. Just being here we could already be effected;troikatelin -> (CMO)TKar, draw blood, as will I, we will need a pair to compare strainsVilanne -> (XO) +CO+ Ahh.. great. ::doesn't make the *obvious* sarcastic comments:: XO out.troikatelin -> (CMO)I am going to draw blood, so that I can run some testsSTSF_KBear -> Pateint 3) :: yells out then passes out::Vilanne -> (XO) CSCI) Did it occur to the command staff that the ship should be quaranteened?Vilanne -> CSCI) to XO) Well, we considered it... but that was after your staff boarded. I will speak with our captain and see if they want to lock down now.TKAR -> (AMO);;Ffinishes with scanning starts taking blood::troikatelin -> (CMO)::runs over to check on patient 3. Thinks this is not goodtroikatelin -> ::STSF_KBear -> Pateint 3):: barely breathing strting to change to a bluish color::Vilanne -> Sick Dude) ::trying to turn over on the biobed, which makes him nearly fall off, moaning something about pain on back::TKAR -> (AMO)::still taking blood::(CMO)doctor do you need help?STSF_KBear -> (CAPT) It started shortly after we came back from Shoreleave on Planet Telis 3troikatelin -> (CMO)::looks at patient 3::Please draw blood from the other patient, I am going to run another scan on this patientVilanne -> (XO) to CSCI) Well, give me all of the data you have researched on this outbreak so far, and is there a secure office we can start doing tests in?troikatelin -> (CMO)::runs scan and sees that there are some odd readings, but wants to check the blood tests before making any decision::STSF_KBear -> (CO) You should have stayed close if you knew it started there they may have been able to help. We need to close this vessle down, Have all unnessecasry folks go to their quarter until this is nailed down'Vilanne -> CSCI to XO) Sure Commander, you can have ::gasps for air for a moment, skin turns several shades of blue:: the whole Science lab, since everyone came down with it.Vilanne -> CSCI to XO) i'll probably be in my quarters.troikatelin -> (CMO)::notices the patient turning funny colors::TKAR -> ((AMO)::nods to take blood::(CMO)doctor,here are the samplies of blood that we collected,i., scanning them now.STSF_KBear -> CAPT)::ALL SHIP EVERYONE NOT WORKING IN SCIENCE OR WORKING IN THE MEDBAY ALL ARE REQUIRED TO GO TO THEIR QUARTERS AND REMIAN THERE UNTIL THIS EMERENCY IS TAKEN CARE OFVilanne -> Sick Dude) ::starts choking, skin turning several colors of blue, still trying to turn off of his back::troikatelin -> (CMO)Take them to the lab, we need something to fix this nowVilanne -> (XO) ::looks up at the overhead COM:: Little too late. oh well. :;watches CSCI leaving Science::Vilanne -> (XO) +CO+ All of Science has either come down with it, or still in their quarters undiagnosed. But we have access to the full Sci Lab.STSF_KBear -> CO)+(XO)+ Do whatever you need to.troikatelin -> (CMO)::checks patient history and tries something for a allergie reaction::Vilanne -> Sick Dude) ::skin on his back has adhered to his smock, since no one notices he was trying to stay off his back, he's now turned to lay on his back once again, in an unconscious state::troikatelin -> (CMO)::adminators oxigen::STSF_KBear -> ((Blood results show the victums are being attacked from a virus that seems to be eating the red blod cells causing the turning blu, lack of oxygen. STSF_KBear -> Pateint 3)::with the oxygen mask, starts to come around:: ohhhhVilanne -> (XO) :;leaves Main Sci, to head down to sickbay, via the TL, hallway, then into sickbay, looking for Cloverbud doctors::troikatelin -> (CMO)::checks sick dudes body::What the ...?Vilanne -> Sick Dude:: Unconscious now, because of the pain, skin is all blue::troikatelin -> +Tkar+Anything ??Vilanne -> (XO) Doctors, ::walks up to the CMO:: Chief, what do we know so far?troikatelin -> (CMO)::turns oxigen up::STSF_KBear -> Pateint 3) ::opens eyes:: Who are youSTSF_KBear -> Pateint 3) Wheres Doctor NellieSTSF_KBear -> Pateint 3) ::breathing irratically::troikatelin -> (CMO)Not much, ...She's very busy, I am here to help you and try to figure out what is really going onVilanne -> (XO) ::PADD in hand, ready to share info from the CSCI:: Well, Science ran some tests before we got here, and everyone of them got infected.troikatelin -> (CMO)::check oxigen level and raises it a little more::Vilanne -> (XO) CMO) Their doctor was working on a triox compound, but didn't get the results, because they got sick before they could test it out.troikatelin -> (CMO)::to the XO::That means that it is problemly airbornSTSF_KBear -> (CO) :: making her way down to medical finding it harder to breath...:: I must be out of shapeVilanne -> (XO) CMO) We can't confirm yet, because they were not taking any precautions, no one was in EVA's, no isolation, no containment fields.TKAR -> (AMO)+(CMO)+::In LAB::doctor,i have the results of some of the lab tests,they are interesting results ,i,m sending the results to you now::sending data to the cmo tricorder::troikatelin -> (CMO)We need to refilter the air, before anyone else gets infectedSTSF_KBear -> Pateint 3) Doctor Nellie said something about tests before she leftVilanne -> (XO) CMO) ::coughs:: One last thing, we have full use of their sci lab. Only problem is, there are no techs to run it for us... they are all out sick now too.Vilanne -> (XO) CMO) Good idea, I'll ask the CO to get their crew on it.STSF_KBear -> ((Blood results show the victums are being attacked from a virus that seems to be eating the red blod cells causing the turning blu, lack of oxygen. ))Vilanne -> (XO) CO+ Captain, the CMO wants the air filtered, ASAP before they don't have any crew left to do that for us.troikatelin -> (CMO)::listens to the patient and the XO. Check the results of the tests::Better to go on the side of cautionSTSF_KBear -> (CO)+(XO)+ ::Panting out of breath:: Im on my way to Sickbay now.... Call thier engineering.... department and have..... them start on it..troikatelin -> (CMO)::eatting red blood cells, well it isn;t cancer and it is lack of oxigen::Vilanne -> Sick Dude) ::totally unconscious now, not able to discuss symptoms::TKAR -> (AMO)::come back from lab::(CMO)doctor,here are the results of the tests from the lab>STSF_KBear -> Pateint 3) ::looking a lttle better as long as has oxygen mask on::Vilanne -> (XO) to CMO) The CO did not sound good, did you hear her panting? You better examine her as soon as she gets down here.troikatelin -> (CMO)We need to do a transfusion for now STSF_KBear -> (CO) ::gets to sickbay breathing hard and has a blue cast to face::Vilanne -> (XO) +Engineering+ Complete air filter required immediately with all medical precautions.troikatelin -> (CMO)::sees the CO::Biobed now, oxigen, and transfusionSTSF_KBear -> ENG++(XO)+ Im the only one here but Im on it. Gotcha extra contaminates filtration.Vilanne -> (XO) ENG+ Thank you!STSF_KBear -> (CO) ::Stumbles over and barly makes it to the bed::Vilanne -> (XO) ::cough, cough, semi-out of breath, and hasnt' even been doing the stair-stepper::STSF_KBear -> Pateint 3) Thats what I looked like before I got sicktroikatelin -> (CMO)::runs a scan, and sees the same thing. Looks at the XO::You biobed now!TKAR -> (aMO)::Gives to the cmo the reports::(amo)::Goes to get the blood from packages taken to the ship;;(cmo)Doctor cross checking blood noe all is ready.STSF_KBear -> Pateint 3) ::takes mask off to try to help::troikatelin -> (CMO) Do it as fast as you can, there is got to be something we are missing\Vilanne -> (XO) ::wandering over to the CO's biobed, hardly making it, falls over her legs::STSF_KBear -> (CO) Air Borne. ...... Capt seems only...... one not effectedTKAR -> (AMO)::Gets blood ready starts transfulation::troikatelin -> (CMO)::sees what is going on::No helpingVilanne -> (XO) CO) Huh? Sorry... ::tries to push self up off of the CO::troikatelin -> (CMO)I am not effected, but I am from two worldsSTSF_KBear -> Pateint 3) I am a feild medic ::starting to get the blu cast but not feeling it yet::troikatelin -> (CMO)Mister stay put, you are in no condition to helptroikatelin -> (CMO)There will be no deaths on my watchSTSF_KBear -> Pateint 3) ::does as told placing the mask back on amd lays back::Vilanne -> (XO) ::makes it to the stool by the CO's bed:: Oh wow.. I think you look sick Captain.TKAR -> (AMO)::smiles to co::(CMO)doctor,i think its working?troikatelin -> (CMO)I want it to, and it willSTSF_KBear -> (CO)(XO) I know your.... not much bettertroikatelin -> (CMO)::to the XO::I said bed, that is a orderVilanne -> (XO) ::trying to push herself off the hover-stool, only falls flatt on her face to the floor::troikatelin -> (CMO)::goes to look at sick dude and patient 3 and draws her own blood::STSF_KBear -> CAPT) ::comes walking into medical brething fine no trouble no blue cast:::Vilanne -> (XO) ::out cold on floor::troikatelin -> (CMO)::sees the Captain::TKAR -> (amo)::Nods to CMO::(cmo)Doctor,maybe we can make a culture out of the anitiboties?STSF_KBear -> (CO) ::With O Mask on:: TROI!!STSF_KBear -> (CO) ::coughs:Vilanne -> Eng) ::down in engineering, working away, though the rest of his crew has went sick, he's filtering air with a pure medical filter, as requested, notes that the recycled air has finished the first lap::troikatelin -> (CMO)Sir can you help me get Vilanne on a biobedTKAR -> (amo)::goes to help the CMO with the CO::Vilanne -> Eng) XO+ Just to let you know, the first filtered lap has passed, we are going to do a tri-filter.STSF_KBear -> (CAPT) ::walks over picking up Vilanne and places her on the next biobed. ::Any luck yet??Vilanne -> (XO) ::being helped by CMO to get into a biobed, along with the Capt::troikatelin -> (CMO)::to Tkar::At this is our only hope, ::hands over her blood::troikatelin -> *pointVilanne -> Eng) ::doesn't get a response from the XO, so repeats message to an overhead in medical, so they all know::troikatelin -> (CMO)Sir I am the only one not infected, but I am of two worodsSTSF_KBear -> (CAPT)+ENG+ Make it twice troikatelin -> *worldsVilanne -> Eng) +Capt+ You got it Capt! ::adjusts settings, following orders::TKAR -> (AMO)::checks blood supply,strange doctor we didn,t get it yes,maybe we are emune to the virus?STSF_KBear -> (CAPT) I am also uneffected as well as that one ::points to Tkar::troikatelin -> (CMO) I have antibodies that humans do not haveSTSF_KBear -> (CAPT) I am not human either,troikatelin -> (CMO)I am Bajorian and BetazoidSTSF_KBear -> (CAPT) Could it be it onlt effects humans or human mixes?STSF_KBear -> ::PAUSE SIM
  11. I will be covering Red Star if anyone wishes to join in and also running an unofficial academy at 12:00 EST If folks show up we will continues the plot from a few weeks ago.
  12. STSF_KBear -> Thanks STSF_KBear -> dang he doesnt waste any time TKAR -> Hi-well the forums are changed to -got a strange messege STSF_KBear -> OK all Welcome to the academy. If you wish a post please send me a PM at this time Kerris Kea -> Night guys... been a long day ::waves tiredly:: STSF_KBear -> night Kerris Ethan Neufeld -> Night, Kerris. Have a good one. Kerris Kea -> ::nods:: You guys too. STSF_KBear -> OK Stand by for roster STSF_KBear -> (MCO) STSF_KBear STSF_KBear -> (MXO) Ethan Neufeld STSF_KBear -> (HOPS) Jay STSF_KBear -> (TAC) Joker Morgan STSF_KBear -> (CSEC) Karl Schultz STSF_KBear -> CMO) Tkar STSF_KBear -> (Amb) Vilanne STSF_KBear -> (CENG) Lerak tr Pexil STSF_KBear -> OK stand by for mission briefing. STSF_KBear -> The USS Tango (Galaxy Star Ship) has been contracted to transport the Ambassador Vilanne to a meeting of the minds at Federation Head quarters. Several threats have been made on her life and its up to Us to keep her save. Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::keepin an eye on the radar:: STSF_KBear -> Any questions?? Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) ( I guess it's my duty to protect Villane since i'm CSEC ) STSF_KBear -> Yep Jay -> (HOPS) Time to arrival? STSF_KBear -> The USS Tango is 10 hours away from HQ Vilanne -> (Amb) ::in guest quarter doing various communications between staff on board, and staff at SFHQ in prep for this meeting:: Jay -> ok STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIM Vilanne -> (Amb) ::in guest quarter doing various communications between staff on board, and staff at SFHQ in prep for this meeting:: Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) at chief security office going over security details... Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::on bridge; reviewing division/dept reports:: Lerak trPexil -> (CEng) :: Engineering the sections of engineering that need engineered, chiefly the engines :: Jay -> ((jumped the gun on that one Vil?)) Vilanne -> ((I covered myself LOL )) Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::monitoring sensors, keeping a channel clear to STHQ:: Jay -> (HOPS) ::monitoring course and speed:: Vilanne -> (Amb) ::mentioned to her assistant to stay in the room and review any incoming communications, while she takes a stroll:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(MXO) ::walks out of the rady room:: Ethan heard anything from our guest? Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (MCO) No, sir. Was just about to check in. Vilanne -> (Amb) ::leaves guest quarters, and begins to roam around the various decks of the ship:: Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) :: looking at various threat on the ambassador and making assessments Jay -> (HOPS) +ALL+ All department heads, please submit a status report. Joker Morgan -> (TAC) +HOPS+ We're ready to rock n' roll Vilanne -> Amb Asst) ::hurries out of the guest quarters with another threat printed out:: Ambassador Vilanne, there has been another threat! Please take alook. Jay -> (HOPS) (TAC) Acknowleged. Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) + ( HOPS) : I'm going over security threats on the ambassador and planning security requirements to protect her Vilanne -> (Amb) ::stops in the cooridor near a turbolift, reading, then sends the Asst back to quarters to continue:: Good job, thank you. Keep monitoring. I'll go talk to the chief of this boat. Lerak trPexil -> (CSec)(HOPS) "Engineering, standing by..." TKAR -> (CMO)+(HOPS)+sick bay,all quiet,standing by. Jay -> (HOPS) +CSEC+ Acknowleged. Vilanne -> (Amb) ::enters the turbo lift:: Bridge. Jay -> (HOPS) +CMO+ Acknowleged. Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) +CSEC+ Schultlz, Neufeld. Have you posted a protective services team on the ambassador yet? Jay -> ::oops:: Ethan Neufeld -> Schultz^ Vilanne -> (::pulls the rope really hard to try and get Kbear back qucikly:: Cmon pull everyone!)) Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::blinks:: Jay -> ::joins Vil on the rope:: Ethan Neufeld -> ((::gets off revolving door button: :)) Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC ) + ( XO): I'm just planning that right now.... Joker Morgan -> (TAC) Where'd the captain just go? Vilanne -> (Amb) ::exits onto the bridge, looking at all the people, trying to determine who has the highest ranks:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) +CSEC+ Roger. Let's get that set ASAP, please. Vilanne -> (Amb) ((WB Kbear!)) Jay -> ((security alert! The captian has been kidnapped!)) Ethan Neufeld -> ((WB)) STSF_KBear -> ((sorry all power flickered)) Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::notices AMB arrive on bridge:: (AMB) Ambassador. Jay -> ((thought we lost our captian for a minute)) Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (AMB) Can I help you? Vilanne -> (Amb) ::nods to MXO:: Vilanne -> (Amb) ::holds up some papers:: I need to discuss with someone in command about this. Lerak trPexil -> (( Power flicker is my area )) STSF_KBear -> ((LOL OK Looks like Kbear as been kidknapped.. Keep going)) Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::continues monitoring ship's sensors for un-friendlies:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (AMB) What is it? Vilanne -> ((Maybe you two need to stand close to each other, then you'll have full power)) Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) : planning the security team escort ..... Ethan Neufeld -> ((::smirks at Vil: :)) Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (AMB) If I may ask. Vilanne -> (Amb) ::walks down and sits in the CO's chair next to MXO, and gently starts to explain:: Well, your grace, I am so fearful for these threats. Jay -> (HOPS) ::turns for a second at the Amb's entrance, then returns to his station:: Vilanne -> (Amb) They are coming in from various factions of my homeworld and now the Klingon's have joined in. Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) : thinks I need to talk with the ambassador about security requiprements Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (AMB) ::brow rises:: The Klingons? These are all of the threats you've received? Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) : asks the computer for current location of the ambassador and it says on the bridge Vilanne -> (Amb) ::places hand on MXO's arm:: Please help me... and us, we are a quiet people. There is no need for them to be violent with us. So far, this is all. My assistant is still in my quest quarters monitoring more communications. Jay -> (HOPS) (MXO) Sir, eta to SFHQ, 8 hours. Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (HOPS) Roger. TKAR -> (CMO)::Working in sickbay:: Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) : leaves the chief security office for the bridge... Jay -> (HOPS) ::monitoring ships systems:: Vilanne -> (Amb) ::gazing into the MXO's eyes, with a powerful draw on him, making him want to help her in any way:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (AMB) ::nods:: We'll do everything we can, Ambassador. Ethan Neufeld -> ((Are you psychic? ::chuckles: :)) Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) +CSEC+ Schultz, Neufeld. Please come to the bridge on the double. Vilanne -> (Amb) MXO) I am so grateful to you and your great crew. I am afraid in my quarters, I am afraid to be in the hallways.. ::points to one of the reports:: There are rumors that.. ::notes he keeps disrupting her, but continues:: rumors that... can we talk in private? Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) + ( MXO) : I'm already on my way. I need to talk with the ambassador Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (AMB) ::brow furrows; doesn't register CSEC's reply:: Uh, sure. STSF_KBear -> (MCO):: walks out of her Ready room and onto the bridge:: TKAR -> (CMO)::checking with staff on medical reports:: Vilanne -> (Amb) ::slowly stands, holding onto the Mxo's arm, drawing him into the room ajacent to the bridge:: Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) : enters the bridge and looks for the ambassador ... Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::drawn into room by AMB before he can clear it with the MCO:: Vilanne -> (Amb) ::splits attention between MXO and CO:: Captain, perhaps you could listen to the problems also. STSF_KBear -> (MCO) ::looks to Ethan: (MXO) Where are you.... stops seeing them close the door:: Ethan Neufeld -> ((::magic edits: :)) Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) ( MCO) : where's the ambassador, captain? STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(HOPS) Whats going on ::points to the now closed door:: Ethan Neufeld -> ((::unmagic edits: :)) Vilanne -> (Amb) ::hopes the CO follows, enters with MXO to the conference room, and the door closes:: ::pulls the MXO close and stares into his eyes:: Jay -> (HOPS) ::turns at Karl's entrance:: (MCO) I'm not sure, they just left and walked into that room. Vilanne -> (Amb) ::has a direct psychological effect, sort of like gentle mind control:: I need your help, dearly, deeply, and completly. STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(CSEC) Im about to find out. Vilanne -> (Amb) MXO) I will send for you in my hour of need. Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (AMB) ::can't seem to break her stare:: I, uh... Ambassador... Jay -> (HOPS) (MCO) It didn't look like the MXO was himself... Vilanne -> (Amb) ::goes back to a normal type of talk about the reports of death threats:: Yes Captain? ::intensionally giving wrong rank:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(HOPS) (CSEC) Lets just see. Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) ( MCO) : I want to talk with the ambassador about specific security requirements... Ethan Neufeld -> ((That to me, Vil?)) Vilanne -> (Amb) ((Yes, Ethan, she's intensionally calling you Capt)) STSF_KBear -> (MCO) ::doesnt ring the chimes but enteres the office they just entereed:: What is the meaning of.... Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (AMB) ::about to say something; then mouth goes dry:: Captain? STSF_KBear -> (MCO) ::seeing the two talk:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (AMB) ::looks confused; closes eyes and rubs them:: TKAR -> (CMO)::checking medical records from starfleet about your guests(AMB)and finds something strange in the file:: Vilanne -> (Amb) Co) Of course the Captain must help... ::turns:: yes Captain, please help with these problems. I have had numerous death threats and needed to talk in private, as the last report said there is a... :;whispers:: spy aboard to kill me. Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::looks busy:: Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) : waits in the bridge Jay -> (HOPS) ::gets a strange sense of forbodding:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (MXO) ::finally realizes MCO has entered and stiffens:: Captain. Ethan Neufeld -> (MCO)^ Lerak trPexil -> (( I am even a spy here, geez :) )) STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(AMB) Why didnt you come to me and went to my Executive instead. Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::tap tap taperoo:: Lerak trPexil -> (CEng) :: Consulting with other fellow engineers during a planning session :: Vilanne -> (Amb) I was not sure who to talk to, and your fine assistant was on the bridge... I am so shaked ::goes weak in the knees:: Jay -> (HOPS) ::tries to concentrare on his work:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(AMB) My Chief of Sec is outside Ill call him in Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (MCO) ::not sure why he's apologizing:: Sorry, ma'am. It was my fault. STSF_KBear -> (MCO):: grabs her tokeep her from falling:: are you okay? TKAR -> (CMO)Goes to check the medical files again:: Vilanne -> (Amb Asst) ::finishes reading through communications and sends out various local transmissiont to try and avoid an incident, leaves quarters to go search for any trouble:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::surprised as MCO grabs AMB:: Vilanne -> (Amb) CO) I have not been able to sleep... these threats are draining. And now with the new one... ::dismisses MXO with her eyes sos he can be alone with the CO:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::cringes; feels a sudden headache coming on:: Jay -> (HOPS) ::detects transmissions by Amb Asst:: +MCO+ Sir, could you come to the bridge? Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (MCO/AMB) Should I call the doctor? Vilanne -> (Amb) CO) With the threat even aboard this fine ship, I fear I won't sleep or eat until they have been caught. ::starts to look into the CO's eyes, with the same effect as the MXO:: I need your help Captain,,, dearly... deeply. Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) ( TAC) : anything on the long range sensor for any ships Vilanne -> (Amb Asst) ::finds a few loose panels, climbs in behind them and cowers down, hiding, for fear of things:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO) :: looking into the Amb eyes, helping him up not loosing contact with his gaze:: Jay -> (HOPS) ::intercepts and logs the comm from the Amb Asst:: Vilanne -> (Amb) CO) I need your help Captain... ::more psychological mind deployment:: Can I cound on you? Joker Morgan -> (TAC) (CSEC) My scans come up negative Vilanne -> ((I'm a him? *pouts)) Vilanne -> (Amb) (count, even) Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (MCO) ::realizes CO isn't answering HOPS:: (I thought you were a she.)) Joker Morgan -> (TAC) (CSEC) However, it's tough to scan for cloaked wessels STSF_KBear -> (( LOL earlier I saw a HE and not a SHE so I figured you changed on me LOL)) Vilanne -> (I am a she, please LOL) Jay -> (HOPS) +CO+ Sir? Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) +HOPS+ Jay, Neufeld. What's the problem? Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) ( TAC) : I got some intelligent report that some ships might be involved ... Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::backs away from AMB:: TKAR -> (CMO)+(MXO/MCO)+this is the CMO, I Found something interesting about our guests,do you need any medical help with them? STSF_KBear -> (MCO) ::fixed on her eyes:: (AMB) I am here to serve. Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::furrows brow at MCO:: Joker Morgan -> (TAC) (CSEC) What kind of ships? Vilanne -> (Amb) CO) I will feel confident that I can call upon you, thank you Captain. Jay -> (HOPS) +MXO+ I detected an unauthorized transmission originating from the Amb quarters. Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (MCO/AMB) ::hears HOPS:: Excuse me. I'm needed on the bridge. Vilanne -> (Amb Asst) ::sending local communications from her secret location, "deploy in 10":: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::exits room; back on bridge:: Lerak trPexil -> (CEng) :: One engineer bets a good bottle of scotch he can get the efficency up to 92% :: Vilanne -> (Amb) ::moves back to a standing position, finished with the CO, gently releasing her:: Thank you... Could I hide in here? STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(AMB) :: blinks:: Oh oh Sorry Amb I must have blacked out for a moment. ::turns to Ethan:: (MXO) Yes yes go TKAR -> (CMO)::Grabs a medical kit,tells AMO To take over sick bay:: Vilanne -> (Amb) ::gentle nod to them:: Ethan Neufeld -> ((::magic edits back into room with MCO: :)) Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (MCO) (w) Come with me, sir? Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (MCO) (w) Need a word. STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(AMB) Yes yes I do not see why not. I will have my Chief of Sec bring you something to eat. You have to keep your strength TKAR -> (CMO)::heads to the bridge:: TL Bridge>:: Joker Morgan -> (TAC) (CSEC) Well just forward me the intelligence report and I'll plug in the data myself Vilanne -> (Amb) ::thoughts to MXO/MCO 'new destination, Langton Sector, warp 4':: Jay -> (HOPS) (MXO) Sir, I've intercepted the transmission. I don't think it got out. I can play it back for you. STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(MXO) ::Moves out with Ethan:: (CSEC) Karl Can you take the Amb something to eat please ? or show her how to use the replicator? TKAR -> (CMO)::Still in TL:: Vilanne -> (Amb) ::temporarily alone, sends a signal to the Amb Asst to move things up, if the ship changes route:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (CSEC) And, Karl, lock down that room. No one gets in or out. STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(HOPS) We are changing course. Set course toLangton Sector. Speed Warp 4 Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (MCO) ::looks at CO:: Sir, I was just thinking the same thing. Jay -> (HOPS) ::turns, surprised:: Sir? Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (HOPS) What are these transmissions? STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(HOPS) YOu heard me Vilanne -> (Amb) ::feels someone having negative information about her drawing close (tkar), sends some mixed signals to that persons brain, telling them to return back to their department, theyare not needed:: Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) ( MXO) yes, sir.... right away sir... ( AMB) this way, I'll show her to her room, and I'll put gaurds on her quarter STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(HOPS)(TAC)Im sure that its the Mad Assistant keeping in contact with her people Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (CSEC) No, leave her in that room. Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO (CSEC) Just lock it down. Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::punches data into sensors:: Vilanne -> (Amb) ::looks up at the CSEC as he enters:: Are you here... to make sure Im' safe? ::soft, soothing voice:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) +CMO+ Tkar, Neufeld, did you say something earlier? Vilanne -> (Amb Asst) ::slips through the back panel and now into the JTubes, to get to another area of the ship:: Jay -> (HOPS) (MXO) ::Plays back transmissions for MXO:: They appear to be subspace transmissions. They were not transmitted using the standard subspace antenna. STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(CSEC) NO NO no no she stays in the Bridge office Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) ( MXO) yes, sir : goes into the room and immediately puts security clearance of 9 on the room Vilanne -> (Amb) ::fearing something in the ships computer about to be played, closes eyes and tries to fry the audio feed from working:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (HOPS) ::appears to be fighting through a headache now:: Who sent them? Jay -> (HOPS) (MCO) Sir, our orders are to deliver the ambassitor to HQ. TKAR -> (CMO)::walks into the bridge::(MCO)+(MXO)yes, i seem to tell you about something about our,guests but i don,t remember. Lerak trPexil -> (CEng) :: leaves main engineering, the planning session is over :: Jay -> (HOPS) (MXO) The ambassitor's assistant STSF_KBear -> ((NOTHING BUT STATIC IS HEARD FROM THE FEED)) Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) : shows the ambassador how to work the replicator .... Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::runs new scan for ships with the ne data:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (CMO) ::looks up:: Well, since you're here, do you have anything for a headache on you? Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (HOPS) Where's the assistant now? Vilanne -> (Amb) ::rubs temples, feeling the CSEC near:: ::hardly opening eyes:: Could you.. mjake something for me? STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(HOPS) The meeting has been changed, The Amb is being threatened we are moving to a secret location. Vilanne -> (Amb) ::cannot feel their tracking of the asst, is not plugged in that way, but asst has his own orders to carry out:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::nods in agreement with MCO's mention of secret location:: Jay -> (HOPS) (CSEC) Karl, can you locate the amb ast? Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) ( I'm in a room not on the Bridge ) Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::agrees with the secret location, but seems to be in conflict with himself at the same time:: Vilanne -> (Amb) ::releases temples, eyes slightly squinted:: I could use an earl grey tea, with honey... and cream if you have it? That would help this tension headache. Jay -> ((I just realized that)) Jay -> (HOPS) +CSEC+ Karl, can you locate the amb ast? TKAR -> (CMO)::checks with medical scanner::(MXO)+(MCO)yes, i do a hypo TT.::Has a hypo ready:: Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) ( Amb) : replicates some earl grey tea with cream for ambassador\ Jay -> ((better? :D )) STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(TAC) Tac close down all of the sencors. there are no need for them were we are going Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) + ( HOPS) : why I do need to find the amb asst? Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (CMO) Please. Vilanne -> (Amb) ::turns to the CSEC, reaching to his arm as she takes the tea with the other hand:: You are so kind. please set it here... ::looks into CSEC's eyes as he's talking to HOPS on Com:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (m) Sensors, yes... no. Wait... what am I thinking? Jay -> (HOPS) +CSEC+ The assistant has been transmitting covert messages. Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (m) Can't think... Joker Morgan -> (TAC) (CO) Aye sir closing down sensors TKAR -> (CMO)(MCO/MXO)are you sure?::Gives a shot to MXO::(MXO)does that feel better. Vilanne -> (Amb) ::Psychologically tells CSEC that the threat may be the CMO, really trying to embed that thought solidly:: I really need your help, I am deeply afraid. Will you help me? STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(HOPS) Jay No need in worring it is taken care of Joker Morgan -> (TAC) (CO) Sensors are offline Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (CMO) ::considers; then exhales:: Not really... Can't explain it. It came on suddenly. Jay -> (HOPS) (MCO) ::reluctently:: Aie sir. Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) ( amb) : excuse me, ambassador. I need to talk with HOPS : exits the room and approaches HOPS Lerak trPexil -> (CEng) :: Enters the nearest Jefferies tube to check a bypass :: Vilanne -> (Amb) ::senses to much tension on the bridge, closes eyes again, rubs temples:: It's all so hard... ::to CSEC, while trying to make them change course, and rid of this trouble making CMO:: Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) ( HOPS) : what's this about covert message? Vilanne -> (Amb Asst) ::just makes it to the port nacelle and out of the JT before the Eng gets near:: Vilanne -> (Klingon Ship) ::cloaked, but nearby:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)+(CENG)+ trPexil shut down all sensors on the ship. They are not needed Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::tries to object to MCO's orders, but can't seem to get the words out:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::tries harder:: Lerak trPexil -> (CEng)+(MCO)+ "Sorry... turn off sensors?" Vilanne -> (Amb) ::in room alone, sends message to Kiligon Ship to decloak and get her out of here now, because the mind control is starting to fail:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::effort causes him to lose his balance:: Jay -> (HOPS) (CSEC) I detected messages being transmitted from the Amb quarters that were not using any subspace antenna, and when I tried playing them back, they were eraced. STSF_KBear -> (MCO)+(CENG)+ Aye we are in no need of internal sensors. Sht them down Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::falls in to HOPS chair:: Vilanne -> Klingon Ship) ::receives transmission, Uncloaks dead ahead, weapons charging:: TKAR -> (CMO)::Nods to MXO::(MXO)yes, i felt that to someone was trying to tell me to go back to sick bay,and proof i had to tell you and the MCO something but i don,t remember What. Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::raises shields:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) Shie... :can't get the word out:: Jay -> (HOPS) ::Stunned, catches MXO:: Vilanne -> Klingons) ::Intensionally Fires on starboard nacelle:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(TAC) JOKER LOWER THOSE SHIELDS!!! Lerak trPexil -> (CEng)+(MCO)+ "I beg to differ about internal sensors being shut down. I can't do it from here anyhow. I am not in main engineering." Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::can't seem to regain his footing; just sits there:: Joker Morgan -> (TAC) No today is not a good day to die TKAR -> (CMO):;What the::Tries to catch the MCO:: Joker Morgan -> (TAC) :: locks phasers:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) (TAC) ::too late:: Red Alert! Vilanne -> Klingons) ::finds shields have been raised, cannot board, cannot get the Amb out, takes another pot shot at the engines:: TKAR -> ((Opps MXO)) Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::loses consciousness:: STSF_KBear -> (( STARBOARD NACEL IS TAKEN major damager shields falter on that side of the ship))) Lerak trPexil -> (CEng) :: Shakes all around at the barage of impacts :: Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) ( HOPS) : this is rather serious.... I need to find the amb ass now... he must a spy Jay -> (HOPS) (MXO) Commander! Vilanne -> Amb) ::losing control, cannot send any more messages, except "transfer now" to the Klingons:: Ethan Neufeld -> ((You're too much for me, Vil. ::smirks: :)) Vilanne -> Amb Asst) ::::disablesmost of the nacelle, so that it can be used later:::: Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) + ( security team) RED alert! Vilanne -> ((Awww, sorry Ethan, must be my perfume) Ethan Neufeld -> ((Mm. ::grins: :)) Jay -> (HOPS) ::Tries to stand and lay the MXO on the floor:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)::moves to the office:: (AMB) Freinds have arrived. ::solely in her control:: Lerak trPexil -> (CEng) "Races out of the Jefferies tube and toward main engineering." TKAR -> (CMO)::starts scanning the MXO,Grabs a hypo to give to the MXO,ready to give a shot. Vilanne -> Klingons) ::sending boarding parties over, but not for tea, armed to the teeth, coming through the disabled nacelle:: Joker Morgan -> (TAC) I hate Klingons! Vilanne -> Amb) Come... join me. ::holds out a limp arm to the CO:: Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::fires phasers:: STSF_KBear -> (( KLINGONS MAKE IT TO THE BRIDGE)) Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::torpedoes klingon ship bloop bloop bloop:: Vilanne -> Klingon Ship) ::transports Amb and CO out of the conference room:: Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::remains unconscious:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)::with the door still open so the bridge crew can seee, walks towards the AMB with her hand extended to her:: Jay -> (HOPS) ::Sees Klingons enter the bridge, grabs a phaser and dives behind the console:: Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) : raises phaser and fires on the kligons ... Jay -> (HOPS) (BRIDGE) Look out! Vilanne -> Klingon Boarding Party:: ::taking over bridge, shooting anyone that defys them,, couple of them push bodies out of OPS/Helm/Tac and start trying to take over:: Lerak trPexil -> (CEng) :: enters main engineering :: "What the tribble is going on here?!" STSF_KBear -> PAUSE SIM STSF_KBear -> PAUSE SIM Ethan Neufeld -> (MXO) ::suddenly wakes:: No! Don't fire! STSF_KBear -> PAUSE SIM Karl A. Schultz -> ( CSEC) + ( security ) : security to the bridge now! STSF_KBear -> PAUSE SIM
  13. STSF_KBear -> (CO) STSF_KBear STSF_KBear -> (XO) Pexil STSF_KBear -> (TAC) Morgan STSF_KBear -> (HELM)Jay STSF_KBear -> (CSEC) RobertLong STSF_KBear -> (TKar) CMO STSF_KBear -> (ASEC) Karl STSF_KBear -> (CENG) Vilanna TKAR -> testing STSF_KBear -> Stand by for Mission Briefing STSF_KBear -> The USS Tango is in route to DS5 after taking on a shipment of supplies for the station. Medical Supplies have been known to be hijacked in this region in the past few months. We were chosen for a clean record. At the same time we picked up the shipment we also picked up a replacement XO and Chief of Engineering. STSF_KBear -> Any questions? Jay -> ::raises hand:: Jay -> Is there no ops position for this mission? Robert Long -> ::rh:: STSF_KBear -> Helm will do OPS also Correction HOPS will be your tag. Robert Long -> Time to destination? Robert Long -> will we be getting there in sim, or will it all be enroute Jay -> ::puts on new tag:: Joker Morgan -> Do I have the Comms at the TAC station? STSF_KBear -> In route Robert Long -> Thank you Lerak trPexil -> Did I get shipped in a box too? STSF_KBear -> OPs has Comm Joker Morgan -> Roger Jay -> (HOPS) Roger STSF_KBear -> LOL No Pexil Jay -> lol STSF_KBear -> OK ready all>? TKAR -> (YES Jay -> (HOPS) ready Joker Morgan -> (TAC) Trackin STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIM Jay -> (HOPS) ::tracking course to DS5:: STSF_KBear -> (CO) ::in the center seat:: Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::running ships sensors:: Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: going over some security details in the chief security officer's office STSF_KBear -> (CO)(XO)Mr Pexil I want to formally welcome you aboard the Tango Jay -> (HOPS) ::checking ships' systems status:: Lerak trPexil -> (XO) "Thanks for the warm greeting. Good thing the Tango is heading this latest shipment." Lerak trPexil -> (XO) "Starfleet has lost too many shipments in this region of space." Robert Long -> (CSEC)::sitting behind his desk, begins explaining the extra security precautions being takin for the shipment to Karl:: Vilanne -> (CENG) :;down in engineering already, checking out the staff and equipment:: STSF_KBear -> (CO)(XO) I have to admit I was surprised to see a Romulan as my first officer. TKAR -> (CMO)::checking to see if the medical supplies are safe::(CSEC)this is theCMO i checked on the medical supples they are ok for now,should we have more security on them.?= Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CO) "How do you say it, "The times, they are a changin'?" Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: listens to CSEC going over the security precautions over medical thefts in the region Vilanne -> (CENG) +CSEC+ Chief Security, this is the new Chief of Engineering. I'd like to discuss security of the equipment. Do you have time for a meeting? Jay -> (HOPS)+CMO+CSEC+CENG+TAC+ All stations, please provide a status report. STSF_KBear -> (CO):: nods and turns her attention back to the veiwscreen:: Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CO) "I have many years behind me in the Galae. So, what does our mission look like?" Vilanne -> (CENG) ::makes notes of the warp capabillities, and is impressed with how well they had it working before she got on board:: Robert Long -> (CSEC)::hands ASEC the padd with the rest of the details::(ASEC)I want you to finish looking these over and then report to your patrol. Vilanne -> (CENG) +HOPS+ ::uploads current status of engines:: Report has been sent to you. Robert Long -> (CSEC)+CENG+Where would you like to meet? STSF_KBear -> (CO)(XO) So far we are on coarse and should be at DS5 within 4 hours Lerak trPexil -> (XO) :: brushes his comm badge :: Robert Long -> (CSEC)+HOPS+Security is ready bridge. Vilanne -> (CENG) +CSEC+ I suppose down here in engineering, so we can look at protocols and stuff. Jay -> (HOPS) +CENG+ ::Recieves report:: Acnowledged. Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: gets the PADD from CSEC and looks at security details in the PADD. Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::checks sensors and phaser levs:: Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CO) "From the reports I've read we should be getting close to many of the heists." Jay -> (HOPS) +CSEC+ Acnowledged. Lerak trPexil -> (XO) :: takes a seat to the left of the Captain :: STSF_KBear -> (CO)(XO) Aye, They have been happening in the next sector Vilanne -> (CENG) ::enters her personal security codes that were issued by SF before boarding, and for security purposes, changes them and issues lockout commands for security reasons:: Robert Long -> (CSEC)+CENG+I'm on my way down.::grabs a cricket phaser and slips it into a nearly invisible holster and leaves his office for the tl:: STSF_KBear -> (CO)(TAC) Joker scan the sector ahead for any disturbances anything out of the ordinary. TKAR -> (cmo+)(CO)+(XO)+(HOPS)+This is the doctor it seems the XO and CENG are in perfect health. Joker Morgan -> (TAC) (CO) Aye sir checking sensors... Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CO) "That reminds me, I need to make sure our new Cheif Engineer is taking proper precautions as outlined in their reports." Robert Long -> (CSEC)::walks into the tl and heads for MainEng:: Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::checks sensors:: (CO) Sir nothing is coming up Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: digests data about the medical theft problems in the region and what increased security procedure to take Jay -> (HOPS) +TAC+CMO+ Mr. Morgan, TKAR, please provide a status report. STSF_KBear -> (CO)(HOPs) Jay send a message to DS5 that we are 4 hours out. STSF_KBear -> (CO)+(CMO)+ Thank you Doctor Jay -> (HOPS) (CO) Aie sir. ::Relays message to DS5:: Joker Morgan -> (TAC) (HOPS) I have phaser banks charged and torpedoes in the tubes. Jay -> (HOPS) +TAC+ Acnowleged. Vilanne -> (CENG) ::in main engineering, in the center console:: Robert Long -> (CSEC)::steps out of the tl and walks down the corridor, entering engineering:: Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CEng) +taps+ "This is Commander Pexil. Have you read the briefing before we boarded. Starfleet gave us specific instructions." STSF_KBear -> (CO)(TAC) Thank you Joker Robert Long -> (CSEC)::sees the new chief and changes direction to the center console:: Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::nods:: Vilanne -> (CENG) +XO+ I have reviewed it, commander, and am initiation the orders as we speak. I am about to meet with the CSEC to firm up protocol. Any other orders? Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: thinks I should patrol the corridors near the sick bay and the cargo bay .... grabs a phaser and leaves the security office for cargo bay TKAR -> (CMO)+(HOPS)+medical sick bay is on standby and medical supplies are stored and safe.(+CO)your welcome captain. Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::continues to monitor sensors:: Jay -> (HOPS) +CMO+ Acnowleged. Robert Long -> (CSEC)(CENG)::holds out his hand::Robert Long, security cheif. Jay -> (HOPS) (XO) Sir, all stations have reported in and ready. Vilanne -> (CENG) ::also extends hand to the CSEC:: Vilanne Chalice, new chief engineer. Lerak trPexil -> (XO)+CEng+ "Do you remember the poker game where I won with two pairs? Next time I indend to win with two aces." STSF_KBear -> (CO)XO) ::looks over to her XO:: Specific Instructions? Something other than get this shipment to DS5? TKAR -> (+CMO)+(hops)+your welcome. Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(HOPS) "Very good, inform me of any changes." Jay -> (HOPS) (XO) Aie sir. Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: goes to check out each cargo bay on the ship... Vilanne -> (CENG) +XO+ Not if I get back to the station first! ::chuckle:: Jay -> (HOPS) ::Resumes checking ships systems and maintaining course and speed to DS5:: Robert Long -> (CSEC)(CENG)::shakes her hand::Welcome aboard, now lets get to work. Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CO) "Starfleet is trying to mix things up to confuse those getting to our shipments. Mostly sensor realignments." STSF_KBear -> (CO)(XO) I see please keep me upprized STSF_KBear -> ((WB Jay)) Jay -> ((java crashed)) Lerak trPexil -> (( I just saw your chair fall apart )) Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEc) :: visits each cargo bay for anything. uses tricorder and phaser to look out for any intruders Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::uses the optics:: Vilanne -> (CENG) Sorry about that. I was on the station with the XO, so I got to meet him first. Anyway, I wanted to make sure that we were on the same page with engineering security and other ship functions, because if they are attacking from the inside, I want to be the first to stop them. TKAR -> (CMO)::goes to check on the medical supplies again,nerveous about getting the supplies to the planet:: STSF_KBear -> (CO)(HOPS) Lets keep on coarse. We seem to be drifting off a bit. Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::runs long range sensor:: Jay -> (HOPS) ::makes adjustments:: (CO) sorry sir. Robert Long -> (CSEC)(CENG)Of course...::begins detailing the measures he had instated to reinforce the measures Star Fleet set:: Lerak trPexil -> (XO) "Permission to get something from the replicator, a home recipe?" Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::runs sensors at different frequencies for varying results:: STSF_KBear -> (CO)(XO) Go ahead, Jay -> (HOPS) ::keeping a closer eye on the nav sensors...:: STSF_KBear -> ((ACTION THE SHIP IS NOT RESPONDING FOR JAY, WE ARE STILL DRIFTING SLIGHTLY OFF COARSE)) STSF_KBear -> ((EVER SO SLIGHTLY)) Vilanne -> (CENG) ::nodding to Long's dissertation and information:: So, if they come near security, you have... ::brings up digital schematic:: These spots, here here and here secure by live video feed, and what about containment fields? Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::runs the negative polarity scans for cloaks:: Jay -> (HOPS) (XCO) Sirs, the helm is not responding! We are still drifting off course! Vilanne -> (CENG) CSEC) What about the cargo bays? I have engineers down there monitoring, repairing and other things. Lerak trPexil -> (XO) :: walks to the replicator and gets a Romulan coffee-like drink, places his badge on it for a moment...click.. ah his coffee is ready.. takes his badge and walks to his chair :: Jay -> (HOPS) (XCO) Switching to manual... STSF_KBear -> (CO)(HOPS) How bad? Robert Long -> (CSEC)(CENG)I have rigged portable fields in all of the access ports of all cargobays as well as the shuttle bay. Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::braces for 'manual':: Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: still patrolling the cargo bays.... so far nothing usual.... Lerak trPexil -> (XO) "What is going on Captain?" Robert Long -> (CSEC)(CENG)I have my teams constantly patroling the cargo bays. Vilanne -> (CENG) CSEC) Portable? Is it through some contraption you carry? Do you have one that I can use here, just in case? TKAR -> (CMO)::calls amo about the suypplies after taking care of an emergency surgury:: Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(HOPS) "What is our course presuming we keep this trajectory?" Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::runs warp sig scan:: STSF_KBear -> (CO)(XO) Our Helm isnt responding correctly Vilanne -> (CENG) ::taps a few more things on her console, keeping up with general functions and resonding to varoius codes:: Jay -> (HOPS) (CO) not too bad yet, only 10 degrees port TKAR -> ((opps supplies..surgery00 Robert Long -> ((portable field generators, not portable fields themselves, sorry)) TKAR -> )) Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CO) "These new Chief Engineers I tell you..." Vilanne -> (CENG) (CSEC) Can I get a portable field generator down here, just in case someone gets through the security? Jay -> (HOPS) (CO) I can attempt to make manual course adjustments? STSF_KBear -> (CO)(HOPS) Do so Vilanne -> (CENG) ::another few taps on the console, not having anything to do with the security meeting, but doing a fine job of multitasking:: Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: after the tour of the cargo bay, then heads to the sick bay..... Lerak trPexil -> (XO) "Hmm, this is a good brew.. you should try this captain." Jay -> (HOPS) (CO) If we continue on this course, we will be heading away from DS5 STSF_KBear -> (CO)(XO) Mr Pexil contact the CENG and tell her whats going on please? Robert Long -> (CSEC)::nods::(CENG)I will have one sent down as soon as we finish working out the rest of the details. Jay -> (HOPS) (CO) Switching to manual control ((again :) )) Lerak trPexil -> (XO) :: nods with his drink :: +CEng+ "Cheif, what is going on down there. We are having navigation problems. We need this corrected." Vilanne -> (CENG) CSEC) ::looks rather sad with his response:: Are you sure you can't get it down here quicker>? I mean, I'd really feel much safer. Jay -> (HOPS) ::attempts to make manual course corrections:: TKAR -> (CMO)+(CO/XO/HOPS)+I,M out of surgery,should we be at the planet yet/ TKAR -> ? Vilanne -> (CENG) CSEC) One moment. ::still looking at him wiht her puppy dog eyes:: Jay -> (HOPS) (CO) Manual isn't working either sir. Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::continues to check sensors:: Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CO) "Ever had Romulan coffee Captain?" Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: patrols the corridor near the sick bay.... looking out for any intruders Vilanne -> (CENG) +XO+ Yes, Commander? I think we are having problems with one of the nacelles. I tried to adjust, but cannot do it from the console. I may have to send someone out there. Robert Long -> (CSEC)+CrewmanMurphy+Bring two portable containment field generators down to Engineering, set them up as the new engineering chief needs them. Jay -> (HOPS) ::furiously tapping away at the console trying to correct the course:: STSF_KBear -> (CO)(XO) Pexil? no to Coffee but right now Im more interested in getting my ship back under control TKAR -> (CMO)::goes to give an update from her padd to CO/XO AND HOPS:: Lerak trPexil -> (XO)+CEng+ "Really? So close to our destination?" Joker Morgan -> (TAC) (HOPS) Is it not responding to your commands or are you locked out? Vilanne -> (CENG) CSEC) Oh, the work never ceases does it. ::eyes perk up and gives him a wide smile:: You are a doll! Thank you. I had better get going thoguh, holler if something happens, so I can help lock out or secure things with you . Lerak trPexil -> (XO) :: Looks around at the bridge personel :: Vilanne -> (CENG) +XO+ I;m sorry Commander, but we may be slowed up until I get it fixed. I am short staffed by 2 engineers, and I don't trust the tecks. Jay -> (HOPS) (TAC) I can enter commands, but nothing's happening. Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: after patrolling near the sick bay,... goes to tour the cargo bays again..... Lerak trPexil -> (XO) :: Checks his control padd :: "I am having trouble as well." Daniel Davidson -> ((couldn't get home in time GRR)) STSF_KBear -> (CO):: Stands and walks ver to HOPS:: (HOPS) Jay its not respondoing to anything? Robert Long -> (CSEC)(CENG)I will, I'm going to get onto patrol.::walks out and goes to the tl:: Jay -> (HOPS) (CO) No sir! STSF_KBear -> (CO)::sighs:: (HOPS) See if it will answer all stop Robert Long -> Murphy)::walks out of the tl at the other end of the corridor and lugs to generators into Engineering:: Joker Morgan -> (TAC) (CO) Sir I'll run an internal sensor scan to check for abnormalities Vilanne -> (CENG) csec) Thank you again! ::goes to the center console again, begins more changes to fix what's going wrong:: Vilanne -> (CENG) Murphy) Oh you guys are on the ball! Thank you so much. You can leave them right here at the center console. Are they all set up to work? Lerak trPexil -> (XO)+CEng+ "Make sure communication channels are getting to their proper destination." TKAR -> (CMO)::decides to check on the bridge((HI daniel))Hasn,t heard from the breidge about the medical supplies:: STSF_KBear -> (CO)(TAC) Good thinking also run a continuous scan while we are still still I dont like this one bit. Jay -> (HOPS)(CO) I've been scanning the ships systems since we left, no signs of a malfunction... Robert Long -> (CSEC)::walks out of the turbolift and approaches the cargo bay with the most precious medical supplies, to check that one first:: Joker Morgan -> (TAC) Aye sir. ::begins and sets for continous internal scans:: STSF_KBear -> (CO)(HOPS) No malfunction but helm is not answering Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(HOPS) "If we have lost helm control, what is our destination?" Jay -> (HOPS)(XO) Checking TKAR -> (CMO)::bumps into csec::(CSEC)chief hoew is the medical supplies/ Lerak trPexil -> (XO) :: sips more of his drink :: TKAR -> ? Vilanne -> (CENG) ::after a few more changes to the system trying to fix things, runs some diagnostics that slow varous functions down, feeling it's necessary:: Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: still patrolling the cargo bay... still finds normal usual... thinks good Vilanne -> (CENG) +XO+ Sorry Commander, but I felt it necessary to run major diagnostics, because of the problems, since I cannot locate them. We are going to lose Warp for about 4 minutes. Vilanne -> (CENG) +XO+ We will have full impulse though. Robert Long -> (CSEC)(CMO)They are fine, as i know of now. I have just began my own patrol, i had other duties to take care of first. STSF_KBear -> (CO) :: walks back to her chair:: Something isnt right Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) + ( CSEC) :: I'm patrolling the cargo bays... so far nothing unusual... Jay -> (HOPS)(XO) It looks like our course will take us to the Deveron system. Vilanne -> (CENG) ::starts setting up the portable containment fields to security security, then leaves security with a tool bag to go to the nacelle and see what's holding everything up:: STSF_KBear -> (CO)+(CENG)+ We are at all stop. Get those engines fixed please Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CO) "What is that Chief Engineer doing? Permission to get down to engineering and see what's the matter? I am an engineer first you know." TKAR -> (CMO)(CSEC)thank you,cheif,i will be on the bridge checking our xo out if you need me call. Joker Morgan -> (TAC) (CO) Sir I suggest we raise shields and go to yellow. Robert Long -> (CSEC)::walks into the cargo bay and sees...absolutly no security people like there should have been. walks around with his hand on his phaser:: STSF_KBear -> (CO)(HOPS) Deveron,, damn.. TKAR -> (CMO)::Bridge:: Vilanne -> (CENG) ::security is locked out now, so that it's totally safe:: +XO+ I've secured engineering, so no one messes with everything, and personally heading to the nacelle to see what in the world is going on. ::sounds freaked out about all of the problems on her first mission aboard this ship:: Lerak trPexil -> (XO) :: places his cup under his chair next to the support bar :: Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CO) "Captain?" Vilanne -> (CENG) ::exits security, sets up all the codes and checks the containment field with her hydrospanner to make sure it sparks, then turns and goes to teh TL:: Jay -> (HOPS)(XO) Sir, permission to start a level 1 siagnostic on the navigational systems? Jay -> *diagnostic Vilanne -> (hyper spanner, not hydro LOL) STSF_KBear -> (CO)(HOPS) Do it. I want to know what the trouble is Vilanne -> (CENG) ::gets out of the TL and heads to the JTubes to crawl up into the nacelle:: Jay -> (HOPS) ::begins diagnostic:: STSF_KBear -> (CO)(XO) ::looks over to the XO:: Something doesnt feel right about this. Vilanne -> (CENG) ::working on her PADD until her hands are required in the JTube:: Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: visits each cargo bay..... Joker Morgan -> (TAC) (CO/XO) Sirs I believe it to be wise to raise shields and go to yellow now that we've dropped outta warp Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CO) "How much do we know about this engineer?" Robert Long -> (CSEC)::orders the computer to alert him if anyone messes with any security codes/commands for any member of the crew, as well as orders his own to be saved as a redundancy on his personal database in his quarters to be accessed in an emergency:: STSF_KBear -> (CO)(TAC) DO so TKAR -> (CMO)::walks on the the bridge::(CO)+(XO)+Hello captain ::Nods to the captain::welcome exec. STSF_KBear -> (CO)(XO) Shes a new recruit as you are. Joker Morgan -> (TAC) Aye Sir... ::raises shields and goes to yellow alert:: Vilanne -> (CENG) (CENG) ::finishes the jtube crawl and gets into the nacelle, takes it completely offline so she can do major diagnostic safely:: Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CO) "I do have 23 years of engineering experience. Shall I get to the bottom of this?" Joker Morgan -> (TAC) (HOPS) When you can, give the ship wide yellow alert Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: heards "yellow alert" message.... then becomes more alert... Jay -> (HOPS)(TAC) Right. Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::continues to monitor internal and external sensors:: STSF_KBear -> (CO)(XO) You?? that long in Star Fleet? Jay -> +ALL+ ALL HANDS, YELLOW ALERT! Robert Long -> (CSEC)::after throughly checking the cargobay, moves along on his patrol:: Robert Long -> ((THE BRIGHTNESS IT BURNS)) STSF_KBear -> ((Whao Jay please change your color I can not see it)) Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CO) "No, no, new to Starfleet, not to the Galae." :: pops a candy in his mouth :: Vilanne -> (CENG) ::leaves the secondary portable field generator at the entrance of the nacelle, secures it with the private code:: TKAR -> (CMO)::watches what is gong on:: Jay -> ((JUST CHANGED IT FOR THE EFFECT)) Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: quickens pace .... sets the tricorder on maximum scan for any intruders... STSF_KBear -> (CO)(XO) Sure go ahead Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CO) "Jolan tru. I shall find out." Vilanne -> (CENG) +HOPS+ Can I get a site-to-site to the port nacelle, please? I;m in a hurry. Lerak trPexil -> (XO) :: enters the lift and the doors close.. meanwhile something funny is happening to his disgarded coffee.. must have been too much chicory :: Robert Long -> (CSEC)::moves back to his office and taps in his security code to open the door:: STSF_KBear -> ((ACTION PExil Coffee begins to release a colorless , orderless sleeping gas)) Lerak trPexil -> (( Just think of the indigestion I'll have )) STSF_KBear -> (CO) ::starts Yawning:: Jay -> (HOPS)+CENG+ Stand by. ::Locks on to coordinates:: Energizing. Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(LIFT) "The Chief Engineers postion, as fast as you can." Vilanne -> (CENG) +HOPS+ Thanks! TKAR -> (CMO)::Watches ::(CO)captain are you ok? STSF_KBear -> (CO):: rubs eyes :: Vilanne -> (CENG) ::shimmers, then unshimmers at the entrance to the port nacelle:: Robert Long -> (CSEC)::enters his office and accesses his monitor bringing up security cameras of the cargo bays and sickbay:: Lerak trPexil -> (XO) :: The lift speeds away :: STSF_KBear -> ((Everyone begins to get tired and falling asleep:: Joker Morgan -> (TAC) ::begins feeling the effects of the gas:: Vilanne -> (CENG) ((Robert, I can barely read that color, could you darken up?)) Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: gets tired from walking around.... pauses for a moment... Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CENG) "Where are you? Can you beam me to your location?" STSF_KBear -> ((PLease keep dark colors in chats, light ones are hard to read thank you) Vilanne -> (CENG) ::paniced as she responsds to so many complaints around the ship, and really sounds stressed with her responses to them:: Joker Morgan -> (TAC) Got.. to ... hold .. on! ::collapses from exaustion in that over the top B-film way:: Robert Long -> ((didnt think it was that bright, sorry)) STSF_KBear -> ((thats OK thanks)) Vilanne -> (CENG) +XO+ Port Nacelle... stand still, doing it from my PADD. ::enters commands to her PADD to transport the XO to my location:: Jay -> ((Ok Captian Kirk...)) STSF_KBear -> (CO):: falls asleep in her chair:: Lerak trPexil -> (XO) :: Finds out where she is and is beamed to her location :: Robert Long -> (CSEC)::brings up a monitor of the bridge and sees a bunch of passed out people:: STSF_KBear -> ((ACTION All of the folks on the bridge are alseep)) Robert Long -> (CSEC)::does a double take:: Vilanne -> (CENG) ::enters the nacelle just as the XO appears:: Jay -> (HOPS) *snore* Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: after a momentary pause, then resume his duties ... Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CENG) "There you are.. Do you like candy?" TKAR -> (cmo)::Picks up medical tricorder Scans the co::(CO)captain i think you just,Ready to give hypo,but... Vilanne -> (CENG) XO) Of course, I can lock systems down now,r eady? Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CENG) "Best energy pill this side of the Antaran Nebula." Robert Long -> (CSEC)Computer, security override authorization Alpha*****@. Red Alert, General Quarters. Vilanne -> (CENG) XO) It'll be like taking candy from a baby. STSF_KBear -> (( Roberts commands go without any change, nothing happenes)) TKAR -> (CMO)::is asleep near the captain:: Vilanne -> (CENG) ::locks out every COMM, Transport, System, Console, and security code, enters override for the XO to take full control:: And bingo.. we have Chocolate Drops now. Vilanne -> (CENG) ((Sorry Robert Tee hee hee)) Robert Long -> (CSEC)::taps at his computer, trying to bring up an atmosphere analysis of the bridge:: Jay -> (( lol Vil )) Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: sudden notices "red alert flashes " and quickens the pace .... Lerak trPexil -> (XO)(CENG) "I have complete control of the ship's navigation thanks to you. Rerouting us now. Any calls to the bridge will be here too." Vilanne -> (CENG) ::hands a specially equipped PADD to the XO:: your Bridge, Sir. Vilanne -> (CENG) XO) Everything will run through that PADD, complete bridge console functions. Vilanne -> (CENG) XO) Shall I take the TL offline? Some of these folks need to go on a diet anyway. STSF_KBear -> (( the XO And CENG Release a simular gas through the life support system putting the entire crew asleep ... their "CANDY" Is the antidote" )) Daniel Davidson -> (lol@vilanne) Lerak trPexil -> (XO) :: smiles :: Would be easier if they would offer us the medical supplies as welll, but we have needs too and the Federation is not egalitarian in their distrubution." Robert Long -> (CSEC)+ALL HANDS+::uses widespread commbadge, not intership::All Hands, this is security chief Long, the bridge crew has been incapacitated, red alert, all hands general quarters. Vilanne -> (CENG) ::having had her candy already, is totally alert, works on her own engineering padd console:: Vilanne -> (CENG) ((nighty night Robert)) Robert Long -> ::is getting sleepy:: Karl A. Schultz -> ( ASEC) :: drops on the floor, and becomes unconscious../. STSF_KBear -> (( the XO And CENG Release a simular gas through the life support system putting the entire crew asleep ... their "CANDY" Is the antidote" )) STSF_KBear -> PAUSE SIM STSF_KBear -> PAUSE SIM STSF_KBear -> PAUSE SIM
  14. STSF_KBear -> OK Folks ATTENTION PLEASE! Jay -> ::AA:: STSF_KBear -> MCO) STSF_KBear STSF_KBear -> MXO) Vilanne STSF_KBear -> Helm /Ops. HOPS) Jay STSF_KBear -> Tac) Ethan Neufeld STSF_KBear -> CSEC) Zaphod STSF_KBear -> CENG) John Randall STSF_KBear -> AENG) lee9372 STSF_KBear -> CMO) Valenshay STSF_KBear -> AMO) TKar STSF_KBear -> Stand by for briefing TKAR -> (droid-yes,learning to use it -the manual doesn,t help) Ethan Neufeld -> ((It must not have been the droid you were looking for.)) STSF_KBear -> The USS Tango has been called on to investigate a deserted Federation vessle near the Nuetral zone. It is not sending its normal codes and it seems the markings have been distorted to be unreconizable. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ((snorts)) STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIM Ethan Neufeld -> ((::hops that you weren't drinking Purr at that moment::)) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (SCEC) ::in security doing a weapons count:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> *(CSEC) TKAR -> (AMO)::Working in sick bay FINISHING REPORT FOR THE CMO:: Vilanne -> (MXO) ::on bridge, next to the Captain:: lee9372 -> AENG lee937>:: in main engineering doing warp core diagnoistic Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) ::at bridge tac station running sensors:: John Randall -> ::walking around ME; checking on his crew:: Jay -> <HOPS> ::at helm:: Ethan Neufeld -> (::smirks::)) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ((grins)) STSF_KBear -> MCO)(MXO) OK Vil when we get close enought to the bird if we cant figure out who she is Im sending you and a team over there. TKAR -> (AMO)::Still working:: Valenshay -> (CMO) ::getting supplies ready for the beam over:: TKAR, you'll be heading over if needed, I'd prefer to wait here for the serious cases Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::puts the compressionn rifles on chargers:: Ethan Neufeld -> ((hopes^ sucking it up with the typos tonight)) lee9372 -> :: ASEC lee937 > computer, perform warp core diagnostic Vilanne -> (MXO) ::is getting a complex because the CO always sends her away:: Of coures, Captain. Jay -> (HOPS) ::maintaning course to vessel:: John Randall -> (CENG) ::pauses next to Lee:: (AENG) How's it going, Mr. Lee? lee9372 -> ASEC>CSEC> I doing warp core diagnostic TKAR -> (AMO)(CMO)sir,ithought the captain wanted you for theaway team John Randall -> (CENG) (AENG) And how does it look so far? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::takes a compression rifle and heads to the range:: STSF_KBear -> ((ACTION THE TANGO IS CLSING IN ON THE VESSLE COMING INTO VISUAL RANGE) Jay -> (HOPS) ::checking ships systems:: Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) (CO) Entering visual range, Captain. lee9372 -> ASEC>CSEC ) I told the computer to the warp core diagnostic, and computer iis performing warp core diagnostic right now Vilanne -> (MXO) ::mentally configuring her away team staff, has not told anyone who she'd prefer to take yet:: Jay -> (HOPS)(XO) Sir, we are coming into visual range of the vessel. John Randall -> ((Lee, remember we're ENG, okay?)) STSF_KBear -> MCO)(TAC) on screen Ethan Neufeld -> ((Sorry, if I stole your spotlight, Jay.)) Jay -> ((np :) )) Valenshay -> (CMO)(AMO) I'd still say you go, and do quick diagnoes's on the victims Vilanne -> (MXO) ::turns towards the viewer:: lee9372 -> ASEC lee937> :: wants the warp core to perform at top efficiency Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) (MCO) On screen, aye. ::activates view screen:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::fires multiple bursts at the targets:: One Rommie, two rommies, three rommies. TKAR -> (AMO)::checks medical away pouches/tricorder::(CMO)doctor,i have that medical report done for you.::hands report to CMO:: John Randall -> (CENG) (AENG) And has the computer told you anything? Valenshay -> (CMO):Takes the report and reads over it quickly:: (AMO) Thank you STSF_KBear -> MCO)(MXO) Vil look at her. Shes been nailed big time I dont reconize her at all Do we have any MIA vessles reported?? Jay -> (HOPS)(XO) we are 2000km from the vessel now sir. Shall I enter all stop? Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) ::running tactical scans on derelict vessel:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::watches the targets vaporize:: +computer+ Target exersise mumber two. Vilanne -> (MXO) ::taps on her armchair console:: I think that's the USS Cloverbud... but, records show she's been missing for 15 years. STSF_KBear -> MCO)(HOPS) Aye All stop. STSF_KBear -> MCO)(TAC) Scn that vessle see if you can pick up any life sins or anything Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) (MCO) Aye, scanning for lifesigns. Vilanne -> (MXO) ::prays they find no sins over there among any life signs. LOL:: Jay -> (HOPS)(MCO) Aie sir, entering all stop. ((enters command into the console)) TKAR -> (AMO)::goes and gets ready for the mission::(CMO)Your welcome doctor,and i refilled your coffee. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (SCEC) ::holodeck shimmers the bridge of a Romulan vessel, Zaphod fires:: One dead Rommie, two dead Rommies. ::grins:: STSF_KBear -> MCO)(MXO) Cloverbud? Why would she be out here??? Valenshay -> (CMO) ::taps comm badge:: >(MXO) "Medical teams are ready if needed" lee9372 -> ( AENG > CENG ) gets the response from the computer. computer says the warp core is performing at top efficiency Vilanne -> (MXO) +CMO+ i'll let you know who and when I need someone, Doctor. Thanks. Jay -> (HOPS)(XO) Holding at 2000km of port sir. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> *CSEC Jay -> *off John Randall -> (CENG) (AENG) Thank you, Mr. Lee. Carry on. Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) (MCO/MXO) No lifesigns detected, Captain. STSF_KBear -> MCO)(TAC) Any engines going?anything at all?? Vilanne -> (MXO) ::smirks and looks towards the CO:: That's very odd. TAC) Do they still have their life pods? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::vaporized the last Romulan bridge officer:: +COMP+ Computer end program. Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) (MCO/MXO) ::finishes secondary scans:: Also not detecting IFF transponders, Captain. John Randall -> (CENG) ::walks to the main console, and accesses the M/A convertor reports:: Jay -> (HOPS) ::holding position and checking helm status:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::heads back to his office, sits down and sets up the duty roster:: Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) (MXO) Yes, ma'am. Lifepods have not been deployed. lee9372 -> ASEC ::moves to another engineering console and gets status of power distribution system STSF_KBear -> MCO)(MXO) OK Vil Head on over there and have all in Eva suites we dont know if theres any atmesphere left or not TKAR -> (AMO)::Comes back to CMO ::(CMO)doctor i have both our medical away pouches and tricorder filled in case the captain calls us for duty. Jay -> (HOPS) (MXO) Confirmed sir. Lifepods are intact. Vilanne -> (MXO) CO) I'd like to take a limited compliment Captain, if that's ok. Vilanne -> (MXO) HOPS) Thanks... and Tac too. Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) (MCO) Not detecting any power sources, Captain. She's dark. ((delayed reply)) John Randall -> (CENG) ::notices Lee at another console, and moves to join him:: (AENG) Status report, Mr. Lee Valenshay -> (CMO>AMO) Thank you, I still haven't heard from the XO yet, so relax lee9372 -> AENG> according to console, there is minor power flucation on deck 12 STSF_KBear -> MCO)(MXO) How many are you thinking? Vilanne -> (MXO) ::shows the CO a list of who she's thinking will work best:: These? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::sips his coffee, finishes the roster:: John Randall -> (CENG) (AENG) Hm. Do you know what kind? STSF_KBear -> MCO)(MXO) Fine team. Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) ::stands quietly at station, monitoring sensors:: Vilanne -> (MXO) CO) Thanks. HOPS) Open a shipwide, please. lee9372 -> AENG>AENG > yes, it's minor power fluctation at plasma manifold on deck 12. Valenshay -> (CMO)::walks over to the weapon's locker he had installed and pulls two phasers, handing one to TKAR:: (AMO) Take this, I don't like the idea of being helpless Jay -> (HOPS)+SHIPWIDE+ Attention all hands, stand by for Vilanne. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::sits up to listen to the XO:: John Randall -> (CENG) (AENG) I see. Why don't you take your toolkit, and hop up there to fix it? Vilanne -> (MXO) +SHIPWIDE+ The following personnel need to report to TR1 with complete EVA and AT gear. CMO Valenshay, CENG Randall, CSEC Zaphod and TAC Neufeld. Vilanne -> k(MXO) +SHIPWIDE+ ALl precautions. Meet in 5 minutes. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC)+MXO+ On my way exec. TKAR -> (AMO)::smiles to THE CMO::(CMO)i am relaxing in fact i filled up your coffee cansiter too,doctor AMO Wee is standing by too::Takes the weapon from the doctor::(CMO)sir what about the hippicratic orth? Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) ::brow rises at his name; suddenly has 'Here I Go Again' playing in his head:: Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) ::turns tac station over to stand-in CPO:: John Randall -> (CENG) (AENG) Well, sounds like I've been drafted. Send someone to deal with that power fluctation, and you are in charge until I get back, all right? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::puts on his EV, grabs a fresh compression rifle and heads to TR1:: Vilanne -> (MXO) CO) Speak with you shortly. lee9372 -> AENG>CSEN :: OK, chief. I'll take good care of the engine room Vilanne -> (MXO) ::exits the bridge, and takes TL down to TR1, opens locker and gets into EVA:: STSF_KBear -> MCO)(MXO) Keep me informed of whats goin on Valenshay -> (CMO>AMO) The oath doesn't mean I have to get shot. ::Starts walking toward the supplies:: TKAR, hold down Sickbay and I'll let you know what I have as I go. TKAR -> (AMO)(CMO)sir,should i watch sick bay while you are on the mission? Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) ::exits the bridge with MXO...:: Vilanne -> (MXO) ::Answers the CO, before she did all of the bridge exiting:: Of couse, Captain. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::walks into TR1, grabs a tricorder from the locker, and steps on a pad pulling up the helmet of his EV:: STSF_KBear -> MCO)+<CSEC)+ KBear to Zaphod. Have your assistant come to the bridge to handle the main Sec post STSF_KBear -> MCO)+(CSEC)+ KBear to Zaphod. Have your assistant come to the bridge to handle the main Sec post Jay -> (HOPS) ::routes TAC station to his console in Zaps absence:: Vilanne -> (MXO) (AT in TR1) There were no reports of biosigns, but take weapons anyway... in case something goes bump in the night. Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) ::dons EVA suit; reseting internal air mix and pressure:: Vilanne -> (MXO) ::finishes EVA suit, complete with weapon and tricorder:: John Randall -> (CENG) (AENG) All right. Talk to you later. ::heads for his locker, grabs his EVA suit, struggles into it, grabs his engineer's belt, and heads for lift:: (COMP) Transporter Room 1 TKAR -> (AMO)(CMO)sir,good luck and do you want my medical kit in case you need another one? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC)+MCO+ Yes Captain. +ASEC+ Cadet Ricky, man the bridge security. STSF_KBear -> MCO)+(CENG)+ KBear to Mr Randall. Have your assistant come to the bridge to handle the main Engeering post lee9372 -> AENG > :: talks with an engineering ensign Martinez and sends the ensign to make inspection of the plasma manifold responsible for power fluctation Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) ::grabs phaser rifle, etc:: Valenshay -> CMO>AMO) if I need it, I'll call for it, ok, less bulk is better. ::Puts on his EV suit and heads to TR1:: Vilanne -> (MXO) ::steps onto the TR Padd, waiting for the others:: Check internal com's +AT+ Testing. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC)+MCO+ Captain, I have a man on the way up. STSF_KBear -> MCO)(HOPS) Jay transfer Tac to your console John Randall -> (CENG) ::hearing the MCO on his communicator:: +MCO+ Aye, Captain. +AENG+ Randall to Lee, report to the bridge. Mr. Davis, you are in charge. Randall out Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) +MXO+ Tac, read you. Ethan Neufeld -> Ethan, read you.^ Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC)+MXO+ I hear ya. ::grins:: Jay -> (HOPS)(MCO) Already done sir. Ethan Neufeld -> ((That tag's turning into a bad habit.)) lee9372 -> AENG > CENG > yes, sir. right away TKAR -> (AMO)(CMO)::Hands medical kit to the doctor::(CMO) and i will get sick bay ready with the decon unit incase you need to use it<GOOD LUCK SIR. Valenshay -> (CMO) ::Enters TR1.:: +MXO+ Loud and clear Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::activates his compression rifle, sets to stun:: lee9372 -> :: exits the main engineering and heads for nearest TL John Randall -> (CENG) ::arrives at TR1, and makes his way to the platform, nodding at the others:: STSF_KBear -> MCO)(HOPS) anything from that vessle at all? Vilanne -> (MXO) +CO+ Ready for Transport, Captain. Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) ::glances at Zap through his helmet::checks his own power setting:: Vilanne -> (MXO) +AT+ Each of you has a department, I want them all checked out then report back to me on their bridge. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC)(TAC) ::grins:: No telling what we'll find over there. Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) ::looks at TR tech:: +MXO+ Roger. TKAR -> (AMO)::Gets th decon unit ready,calls AMO king,sulu for duty:: John Randall -> (CENG) +MXO+ Aye, sir Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC)+MXO+ Aye. Vilanne -> (MXO) +AT+ This ship has been out of touch with Starfleet for nearly 15 years. STSF_KBear -> MCO)(HOPS) Transport STSF_KBear -> MCO)+(MXO) Be careful Vil Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ((@ for the away team? )) Ethan Neufeld -> (TAC) (CSEC) ::beat and then smirks:: If anything, I hope it's a colony of tree-hugging bears. STSF_KBear -> ((Yes)) lee9372 -> :: arrives at nearest TL and waits for TL briefly. :: computer, bridge. :: rides the TL to the bridge Jay -> (HOPS)(MCO) Transporting sir. ::activates transporter pads:: Vilanne -> (MXO) +CO+ As always, Captain. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::unshimmers on the bridge of the other ship:: Vilanne -> @(MXO) ::unshimmers on the bridge:: Jay -> (HOPS)(MCO) Nothing from the other ship except for the life forms of the away team sir. Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) ::shimmers with the team, arriving on bridge:: John Randall -> @(CENG) ::shimmers in what appears to be the engineering section:: Vilanne -> @(MXO) ::quick scan around the bridge:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::takes out his light and heads to the security console:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) ::visually scans bridge before lowering weapon and moving to tac console:: Valenshay -> (CMO) ::Quickly scans with his eyes before pulling his tricorder, scanning for lifesigns:: STSF_KBear -> ((Action no lighting on the ship)) Vilanne -> @(MXO) ::turns on systems on the bridge:: STSF_KBear -> ((no power)) Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) ::with a flashlight...:: STSF_KBear -> MCO)(HOPS) Keep a lock them Vilanne -> @(MXO) ::lights on automaticlaly lit on eva suit with detection of the darkness, still trying to get the ship's power turned on:: Jay -> (HOPS)(MCO) Aie sir. Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) (MXO) ::checks tac console::suit comm:: No power. Vilanne -> @(MXO) Backup power must have ran out. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::slaps the security console:: (MXO) I'll take the ladder down to security. John Randall -> @(CENG) ::activates his torch, shining around the room, then taps his badge:: +MXO+ Randall to Vilanne Vilanne -> @(MXO) +AT+ Luckily, I'll stay on the bridge... have fun in the JTubes. Valenshay -> (CMO) ::Lights his flashlight and starts looking around the sickbay.:: +AT+ Any survivors or bodies? Vilanne -> @(MXO) +Randall+ Vilanne here. Jay -> (HOPS)(CO) Sir if I could make a suggestion...? lee9372 -> AENG > when TL arrives on main bridge, exits the main bridge and goes to the engineering console on bridge STSF_KBear -> MCO)(HOPS) What id it Jay STSF_KBear -> MCO) ::nods to Lee:: Vilanne -> @(MXO) +CMO+ No power, no bodies, no... nothing. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::heads down the tube to security shining the light on his rifle down to guide him. TKAR -> (AMO)::ensign sisico,please get medical labs 2,4 and 6 ready::(amo/qunch)Is the quarentine bio unit ready for the away team if we need it?:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> :: John Randall -> @(CENG) +MXO+ I seem to have been beamed into engineering; anyway, looks like standard Starfleet equipment here. Priority to power systems? Vilanne -> @(MXO) +CSEC+ Any signs of criminal activity, immediately alert all of us. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC)+MXO+ No, ship is empty. A lot of dust, and broken conduits. No people. Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) (MXO) Shall I head to fire control, ma'am? Jay -> (HOPS)(CO) If we set up a power transfer beam to the other ship to establish power, we could access the main computer and download the logs to find out what happened. Vilanne -> @(MXO) +CENG+ See if you can get us some atmosphere and backup lighting at minimum for now... unless you see criminal or other activity we should note. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::walks down the coridor, looking for anyone:: John Randall -> @(CENG) +MXO+ Acknowleged. Randall out STSF_KBear -> MCO)(HOPS) Good idea Jay Do it Valenshay -> (CMO)+AT+ if anyone has a tricorder that can read bio-matter, check the dust and such, seems odd that no one's home Vilanne -> @(MXO) +CO+ Captain, can a shuttle come over and at least give us minimal power for light and atmosphere? STSF_KBear -> MCO)(HOPS) inform the XO so we dont scar the heck out of her Vilanne -> @(MXO) +CMO/AT+ Why we have dust on a starship at all boggles me. Is there actually biosignatues, DNA or any other prints in the dust? John Randall -> @(CENG) ::heads for main console, studies it a moment, then takes a pack out of his toolkit, and inserts it into a port:: lee9372 -> ASEC > :: works busy at engineering console and monitor the ship status Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) ::reluctant to leave the MXO without a buddy, but moves out:: STSF_KBear -> MCO)+(MXO)+ HOps is setting up a power transfer beam you should have miniiumal power shortly Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::finds security with the door open, walks in and checks the brig cells:: Jay -> (HOPS)(CO) Aie sir. Vilanne -> @(MXO) +CO+ Ahh, excellent... much needed and appreciated, Captain. thanks. TKAR -> (AMO)(+ENSIGN roedjf)Please have the medical teams be on standby incase the captain and and the CMO calls for help. STSF_KBear -> MCO)(AENG) Lee get ready to adjust power drains for transfer to the cloverbud. Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) ::frowns at having to climb through confined tubes down to fire control:: Valenshay -> (CMO) ::scans any piles of dust he found around the biobeds:: Jay -> (HOPS) ::begins preparing power transfer:: Vilanne -> @(MXO) +AT+ We should have a power transfer beam momentarily, CENG Randall, use it for minimal lighting only for now. STSF_KBear -> MCO)(HOPS) send a message to HQ tell them we think we found the Cloverbud John Randall -> @(CENG) ::is gratified when the console lights up; works furiously for a few moments, then says to himself, "Well, this should do it':: lee9372 -> AENG> MCO > yes, sir STSF_KBear -> ((ACTION Vil finds the name plaque on the bridge Identifing the ship as the Missing Cloverbud Jay -> (HOPS)(CO) Aie sir. ((sends message)) Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) ::sticks to visually scanning his surroundings to keep from tying up his hands with a tricorder:: John Randall -> @(CENG) +MXO+ Aye, sir; ready to try turning on some air for you Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::finds nothing in the cells but dust:: Jay -> (HOPS)(MO) Power transfer beam ready sir. Valenshay -> ((Is any of the dust showing any bio signatures?)) Vilanne -> @(MXO) ::walking around bridge, searching for confirmation of anything:: +CO/AT+ Wow, I have complete confirmation... USS Cloverbud, Commissioned (date) under Captain (insert name). Jay -> ((*CO)) Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) ::glad he doesn't have to use his 'shoot here' flashlight anymore:: lee9372 -> AEMG:: monitors the power status of the ships TKAR -> (AMO)(AMO suirnfn)the CMO birthday party will lhave to wait. John Randall -> @(CENG) ::enters a sequence of commands into the console:: Jay -> (HOPS) ::monitoring power transfer:: STSF_KBear -> MCO)(HOPS) Begin transfer Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC)+MXO+ Nothing in security. I could use some power to the console to check out the CSECs logs. Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) ::frowns a bit at confirmation of ship:: John Randall -> @(CENG) +HOPS+ Tango, ready to receive power transfer Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) ::enters fire control:: Vilanne -> @(MXO) +CENG+ Older technology, Chief? Cloverbud was commissioned 25 years ago. Jay -> (HOPS)(MCO) Aie sir. ::Initiates power beam: STSF_KBear -> (( aCTION DUST PILES HAVE BIOSIGNATURES, NONE HUMAN ALL ALIEN))) John Randall -> @(CENG) +MXO+ Yes, it's older, but no reason why it shouldn't work. I wonder what drained the power in the first place Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::tricorder beeps, registering alien biosigns:: Hmm, what do we have here? Jay -> (HOPS)(MCO)+CENG+ Power transfer started. Valenshay -> (CMO)+MXO+ Commander, I have four different alien signatures in the dust in sickbay, but I can't tell you exactly what races they are until I get it back to our ship. Request permission to have my AMO transport over and help me collect samples Vilanne -> @(MXO) ::taken back as the power nails the ship and becomes brighter just by the view ports:: lee9372 -> AENG > notices some power drain due to power transfer Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC)+MXO+ I'm reading alien biosigns in the dust here in security. Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) ::finds more of the same dust piles as others; notices that they all seem to be in isolated places - where people sat or might have stood:: STSF_KBear -> MCO)(AENG) Hows the tranfer going Lee. any trouble with our ship because of it? John Randall -> @(CENG) +HOPS+ Acknowledged Jay -> (HOPS) ::monitoring power transfer:: John Randall -> @(CENG) ::enters another sequence of commands:: STSF_KBear -> MCO)(HOPS) Jay anything from HQ on this? Vilanne -> @(MXO) +CMO+ Let's not expose anymore people than necessary. Send as much information back to her for identification. lee9372 -> AENG> MCO > power transfer is going well. Its minor power diversion from our ship, captain. We are tranfering power from our reserves. Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) +MXO+ Vil, this is Ethan. In fire control. No signs of life, but finding the same dust piles everyone else is. Jay -> (HOPS)(MCO) Not yet sir. Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) ::reaches a station; seems to be active; tries to pull up defensive and weapon systems information:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::scans for weapons signatures:: Vilanne -> @(MXO) +TAC+ Thanks mr Neufeld. STSF_KBear -> ((ACTION With the power transfer the Lifesuport kicks in)) Valenshay -> (CMO)+MXO+ Recieved. +AMO+ KTAR, prepare to transport me over some sealed containers, we have biosignatures in them, and I need you to tell me races Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::grimaces at the light, and hears the vents blowing:: Vilanne -> @(MXO) +CO+ Captain we have many reports now of the space dust around the station being that of alien beings, not crew or humanoids... Ahhh... the Lifesupport kicked in! Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) ::looks up as sound of air movement is translated through suit comm; decides not to take off his helmet just yet:: John Randall -> @(CENG) ::notices atmosphere lights come on, and emergency lights kick in:: +MXO+ Atmosphere returning, sir, and emergency lighting is restored Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::turns of the light on his rifle:: Jay -> (HOPS) ::continuing to monitor power transfer:: Vilanne -> @(MXO) ::confirms with CSCI (which we don't have this mission) that the air is breathable:: +AT+ EVA Hoods may be removed, Lifesupport has been restored for the time being and confirmed safe. STSF_KBear -> MCO)(MXO) + Good on the power and life support. If John can get her engines going Ill have you take command of her and fly her back to Star base 56. then retake you and the rest back to our ship Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::scans the air, finds it safe and removes his helmet:: Stuffy, but breathable. Vilanne -> @(MXO) +CO+Aye sir. TKAR -> (AMO)::getting sick bay ready for any emergencies ::(+cmo)+yes,doctor i will prepare them now,do you need vulcan,klingon ,human or any other containers. John Randall -> @(CENG) ::enters another sequence of commands into the console:: Vilanne -> @(MXO) +CENG+ Good job on the power connection. See if you can get engines working and we'll take this skeleton ship back to Starbase 56. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::sits at the CSECs console and tries to bring up the logs:: lee9372 -> AENG > still monitors the power status of the ship. STSF_KBear -> MCO)(HOPS) Jay contac HQ tell them we will be transporting the USS Cloverbud to Star Base 56 under the comrtol of Acting captain Vilanne Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) ::frowns but finally removes helmet:: Vilanne -> @(MXO) +AT+ If Mr Randall can get the engines going, this crew will take USS CLoverbud back to SB56 for further diasection. Prepare your departments. Valenshay -> (CMO) ::removes his helmet:: +AMO+ I'm not sure KTAR, they seem to be mixed pretty well, normal containers should do Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) ::hopes breathable means the same thing as 'clean of contaminates':: John Randall -> @(CENG) +MXO+ Acknowledged. I've also got the program running to scrub the air, so to speak. It should become more breathable by the minute. Heading to warp core. Randall out Ethan Neufeld -> @ (TAC) +MXO+ Roger. Jay -> (HOPS)(MCO) Aie sir. ::Transmits message over subspace to StarFleet:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::brings up logs and frowns:: What happened here? TKAR -> (AMO)::sending sealed containers from sick bay bio unit 4::(+cmo)sir sending containers over now and good luck sir. Vilanne -> @(MXO) +CO+ All department heads are working to prepare for moving the ship to SB56, if the engines are still in their antique working order. STSF_KBear -> (( PAUSE SIM)))
  15. STSF_KBear -> Stand by for postings STSF_KBear -> (MCO)STSF_KBear STSF_KBear -> (MXO)Vilanne STSF_KBear -> (HOPS)Ethan Neufeld TKAR -> red jello-did it bounce STSF_KBear -> (CSEC)Zaphod STSF_KBear -> (ASCI) lee9372 STSF_KBear -> (CMO) TKAR Vilanne -> (MXO) It wasn't even cold yet, just made it, it was still very liquidy STSF_KBear -> Stand by for mission briefing Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ((Lil Vulcan will be in in a minute, she's trying to log in)) STSF_KBear -> (( The USS Tango has been sent to check out the reports of a warning boey being dropped near the planet Zellis 2. The planets inhabitants have no idea who dropped it and why. We are asked to check it out and remove it. STSF_KBear -> ((great to hear)) Ethan Neufeld -> ((Litremy not playing tonight?)) Ethan Neufeld -> ((Hey, Lil)) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ((Hey Lil, pm Kbear for a post)) Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> just did Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> hey zap and Eth STSF_KBear -> (CSCI) Vulcan_Treky (Lil) TKAR -> hi Ethan Neufeld -> Eth? ::smirks:: STSF_KBear -> repeating the briefing for Lil STSF_KBear -> (( The USS Tango has been sent to check out the reports of a warning boey being dropped near the planet Zellis 2. The planets inhabitants have no idea who dropped it and why. We are asked to check it out and remove it. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (Ethan lol sorry rough day typing shorthand) STSF_KBear -> (( The Tango is coming up on the sector where Zellis 2 is located)) Everyone ready? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> Yep lee9372 -> Am I on the bridge? Ethan Neufeld -> ((In that case, Eth it is. ::grins::)) Vilanne -> ((Lee, since you are an assistant to a dept, kyou can usually assume you start in that department)) Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (cool) STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIM STSF_KBear -> BEGIN SIM Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ((SEC on TAC?)) Vilanne -> (MXO) :;in #2 chair on bridge:: Again with another little assignment.... ::looks at KBear:: When are they going to give us the big ones? STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(MXO) I dont know Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)(MCO) Capt, approaching Zellius 2 TKAR -> (CMO)::In sick bay going though medical reports of the crew:: Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::manning helm; stops himself from announcing their approach:: Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) :: bridge in the sci cozy chair:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (SEC) ::at Tactical scanning for the warning buey:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> *(CSEC) Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI):: shoots HOPS the "my bad" look:: Vilanne -> (MXO) HOPS) See if you can get a department status report. STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(HOPS) Slow to impulse and locate that warning beacon Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::grins back at CSCI:: lee9372 -> ::works console on bridge science station at rear:: Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) (MCO) Impulse, aye. ::drops Tango from warp and begins scanning:: Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) :: ack smirk and turns back around, scanning the planet:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(CSCI) work with your team and see if you can find anything out about this bouy. Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) +All DEPTS+ Status Reports, please. TKAR -> (CMO)+(HOPS)+(MXO)+(MCO)::Sends updated medical dept status:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC)(HOPS) Security and Tactical ready. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)(MCO) Aye sir. (CSCI)(ASCI) Start doing molecular scans of the area. Look out for any signals from the bouy. STSF_KBear -> ((ACTION THE BOUY ACTIVATES AND BEGAINS SENDING OUT A WARNING)) Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) (MXO) All depts report ready, ma'am. Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) (MXO) Receiving a transmission from the buoy, ma'am. Vilanne -> (MXO) HOPS) Thanks Mr Neufeld. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)(MXO) Confirmed. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::sees the blinking red light on his board:: (MXO) Tactical confirms Ma'am. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) (ASCI) you alright? you seem behind today Vilanne -> (MXO) HOPS/CSCI) Thank you. Let's hear it. ::looks to the CO:: THis should be about as interesting as the 2nd cup of coffee this morning, eh? STSF_KBear -> BOUY) This is a warning. The planet has been placed under quarentine do to uncurable illness. DO NOT Attemp to contact the planet it is highly contagious.)) TKAR -> (CMO)::Calls medical staff for a meeting:: Vilanne -> (MXO) ::frowns:: CSCI) Do we have reports that this planet has such a contagion? Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)(MCO/MXO) aye. :: hits the channel audio button:: Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::brows rise:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(MCO) Lets hope more so ::Listens:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::hears the message, starts a tactical sweep of the planet:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO) ::looks to Vil:: The brifing didnt say anything like this? Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)(MCO) uncertain. Scanning.....::looks to ASCI Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> :: Vilanne -> (MXO) CO) Nope, no bulletins from Starfleet... nothing posted in this sector. Something doesn't seem right, captain. STSF_KBear -> (( scans show it is a legitiment warning bouy)) Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)(MXO/MCO) sir, i'm picking up that it is a lagit bouy signal. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC)(MXO) It's a standard issue warning bouy. It has a Federationn ident. STSF_KBear -> (MCO)MXO) I agree. I want answers Vil get a team ready to go down. We are not going to head this warning Vilanne -> (MXO) CO) Down... to a contagious planet under quaranteen? *bites lip momentarily* Extreme EVA suit precautions? Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::maintains Tango's position near warning buoy:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)MXO) Something tells me that its a fake. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSI)(MCO) Ack. (CSCI)(TAC/ASCI) I expect you are with me on this. STSF_KBear -> (MCO)< Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)(MCO) Team ready sir. lee9372 -> (ASCI) yes sir Vilanne -> (MXO) CO) I can't lie and say I don't have the willies... how many do you want me to take down, capt? ::hates to expose unnecessarily:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(HOPS) Beam the bouy to the cargo bay (CSCI) go check it out. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC)(CSCI) Starfleet transpoder codes confirmed cadet. STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(MXO) One each department. Take the Assistant Sci, Leave Lil up here to go over the bouy Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) (MCO) Permission for Tac to accompany since he's knowledgeable also sir? Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) (MCO) Yes, ma'am. ::sends coordinates and orders for transport to tech; waits for confirmation:: Buoy successfully transported to cargobay, Captain. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) :: gives ASCI the sorry maybe next time look:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(HOPS) Thank you Vilanne -> (MXO) CO) Are you going to pull it into a bay and go over it? STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(MXO) Done did. (CSCI) Lil its in the cargo bay waiting on you Vilanne -> (MXO) ASCI / CMO / CSEC) Please prepare with extremes and full EVA to ... ::pauses:: CO) Shuttle down? TKAR -> (CMO)::(AMO) do you have medical reports on ensign rotene?(AMO2)is there any status on the new tricorder./away pouches?are they working right.:: Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) ::nods and proceeds to cargo bay:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC)(MXO) Aye commander. ::gives Lil that your on your own look:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(MXO) I believe transporters are adequate Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::gets Cadet Noname to man Tactical and heads to the TL:: Vilanne -> (MXO) CO) At lease the TR's will clean us up when we return through the buffers. (AT) Report to Transport Room 1, 2 minutes. Vilanne -> (MXO) ::follows Zap to the TL:: TKAR -> (CMO)+(MXO)i,m coming(AMO)please take over sick bay. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) ::enters cargo bay, finds the warning beacon and begins investigating:: Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::sets Tango in GSO:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::rides TL down to Security and grabs his EV suit, phaser and tricorder. Then heads to TR:: Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::readies communications for AT:: Vilanne -> (MXO) ::prepares in the TR also with full EVA gear, checks air and other status, looks around at AT:: Check coms +Test 1,2, 3 + STSF_KBear -> (MCO) ::sitting in her chair:: (HOPS) Ethan let me know when they are ready. STSF_KBear -> ((WB Lee)) Vilanne -> (MXO) ::assists ASCI with EVA suit while they finish preparing in Transporter Room 1:: TKAR -> (CMO)::GRABS a medical kit/ev suit tricorder goes to tr::(putsev suite on in the tl:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (SCEC) ::steps on pad and tests his comm:: +MXO+ I hear you commander. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> *(CSEC) Vilanne -> (MXO) +Test, everyone else? We need these working+ Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) ::scans, behaving oddly....eery feeling:: Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) +MXO+ Tango reads you 5 by 5, Commander. (MCO) Aye, Captain. lee9372 -> ::scans the EVA with tricoders. Vilanne -> ((please use an @ before your name once we transport down)) TKAR -> (CMO)::walks into transporter pad and walks on to the pad:: Vilanne -> (MXO) ::plugs in ASCI's COMM:: +Can you hear me Mr Lee?+ Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)+(MXO) Comm confirmed sir. I've reached the bouy and am receiving some pretty odd scans from it too like there's something inside. Gonna try to open it. Vilanne -> (MXO) AT) Absolute Precautions on this one, No torn suits, no running into things to jeopardize yourself or the team. Vilanne -> (MXO) +CO+ Captain, the AT is ready for transport. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::slaps on his @:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)+(MXO) We are transporting you down be careful Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC)(MXO) Understood. STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(HOPS) Transport! Vilanne -> @ (MXO) ::mutters to self:: Careful... careful is to stay off that forsaken planet. TKAR -> (CMO)+(ALL)ready! Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) (MCO) Transport, aye. ::sends order to TR; waits for confirmation:: Vilanne -> @ (MXO) ::shimmers down with the team:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::shimmers and unshimmers on the planet, starts scanning:: STSF_KBear -> (( As the team materializes on the planet they are all seem in the EVA suites and folks start running away screaming ))) Vilanne -> @ (MXO) Immediate scans, people, we need to identify threats first off. Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) (MCO) Transport successful, Captain. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)+(MXO)+(MCO) Away team this is lil come in STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(HOPS) Thank you Ethan, Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) :: opens bouy:: Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::monitoring radio traffic:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)+(CSCI)+ what is it Lil Vilanne -> @ (MXO) +CO+ Seems we are a halloween drop to these folks captain, they did not expect EV suits, they are not taking any precautions from what I can see so far. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(SCEC) ::sees the folks running:: Hey, we're here to help:: STSF_KBear -> ((ACTION As LIL Opens the bouy a powedery poof emerges covering her)) Ethan Neufeld -> ((... I was afraid of that... )) Vilanne -> @ (MXO) CMO) Doctor, I need your reports verbal and quickly... do we have medical emergencies, quaranteen scenerios, or other threats? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::scanning for contaminates:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)+(MXO)+ Have you found any signs of anything being wrong down there? illness of any sorts?? Vilanne -> @ (MXO) CSEC) And from your viewpoint, is there really anything we need to worry about? Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) +(MCO) I've reached the bouy....picking up odd scans :: starts coughing up a storm:: there's some kind of substance in it..must've been masked as Starfleet....bu....but it's...foreign. :: still coughing.:: TKAR -> @(CMO)+(ALL)they are scared. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) :: lets out a big sneeze from the powder:: Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::overhears conversation with CSCI; frowns that he thought to suggest HAZMAT precausions on buoy, but didn't:: Vilanne -> @ (MXO) CMO) But scared would not create the bouy annoncement and all of this problems. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC)+MXO+ They don't look sick Ma'am. And, I'm not reading any contaminates in the air. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) :: cleared up now:: Vilanne -> @ (MXO) ::takes in ASCI's report, which is just about the same as the others:: Vilanne -> @ (MXO) CO) Captain, we find nothing out of the ordinary. I think we have a false reporting bouy. Permission to remove our EV suits. TKAR -> @(CMO)::Scanning (ALL)it looks like baby powder STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(MXO)+ Vil check things out down there, Aye I didnt think you would need them anyway. Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) (MCO) Captain, if the buoy has a foreign substance, shouldn't we be taking environmental precautions on the Tango? Vilanne -> @ (MXO) ((Who said anything that would remotely sound like babypowder on the planet? That's only in the bouy, please don't add that which the host (Kbear) didn't add... thanks)) Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) :: writes a report onto a pad:: (CSCI)+ (AT) Away team did you get my comm about the substance in the bouy? Vilanne -> @ (MXO) AT) Ok folks, remove your hoods... I believe we are confident we are safe, leave the rest on, so we aren't carrying them around. STSF_KBear -> ((TKar that action was for Lil Vulcan Only not those on the planet))) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(SCEC) ::cautiously removes the hood of his EV:: Ah, cool air. STSF_KBear -> (MCO)+(CSCI)+ Lil What do you have so far? Ethan Neufeld -> ((::tosses up fix for earlier:: precautions^)) Vilanne -> @ (MXO) +CSCI+ Aye, received. Make sure you take that to the CO, we don't have bouy's down here, so she'll need that info up here. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> *(CSEC) Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)+(MCO) A non federation bouy that was masked as SF. Powder inside...been feeling strange since Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::decides to keep his trap shut and monitor radio traffic:: Vilanne -> @ (MXO) CMO) Doctor, I want you to report to their Health Department. See if anything remotely alarming has been reported in the last 10 years. Maybe the bouy is reporting something older. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC)(MXO) I think we've been had. No sign of contaminates, and the natives seem healty. What gives? STSF_KBear -> (MCO)::sees The SCience chief covered in white powder:: Anything on your scans as to what it is? and I suggest you get it washed off as soon as possible Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::frowns more:: Vilanne -> @ (MXO) CSEC) Chief, I want you to visit the government with me to see if they are aware of this bouy reporting them in this way. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)(CMO) ::turns around:: Jeez don't scare me like that doc. STSF_KBear -> (( ACTION ALL HEALTH ISSUES ARE FINE ON THE PLANET NO TROUBLES IN SEVERAL YEARS)) Vilanne -> @ (MXO) CMO) Don't be long, and please don't alarm them to anything... just 'routine' reporting. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (MCO sorry) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC)(MXO) Aye. ::follows the commander:: Ethan Neufeld -> ((Wow, when she'd get down there?)) Vilanne -> ((She's not LOL)) Ethan Neufeld -> ((That's what I thought, but... heh.)) Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)(MCO) The beacon isn't federation. As you can see there's white powder on the interior. Vilanne -> @ (MXO) ::heading with CSEC to the governmental seat to find out what they are or are not aware of, with EV suit's helmet attached to suit, but not on head:: TKAR -> (CMO)+@(MXO)((OK))still scanning,Health dept are you sure?I think i should take off the eva suite. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)(MCO) Here's the report. ::hands over pad:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO) ::on the bridge on the com to CSCI:: Go get that cleaned off of you then bring me your report. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::finds the governemt building and walks in with MXO:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(HOPS) Set up a decontamination unit around that cargobay Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)+(MCO) riiiiiight. ::spacing but goes to quarters to wash off.:: Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) (MCO) ::promptly:: Yes, ma'am. ::sends out orders for HAZMAT/decon:: Vilanne -> @ (MXO) CSEC) Ahh... here we go ::points to the Mayor's office:: ::knocks on door:: Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) :: fresh threads stops off on the bridge at the MCO.:: (CSCI)(MCO) Non federation beacon. White powder inside when I opened it. Here's the report. ::hands over pad:: STSF_KBear -> (( ACTION AS THE SONIC SHOWER HITS Lil HER SKIN STARTS TINGLING THEN A FEW MINUTES LATER STARTS STINGING AND THEN GRADUATES TO A BURNING, AND TURNING RED)) Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) (MCO) ::receiving confirmations and reports:: Ma'am, cargo bay is secure. However, medical reports Lil hasn't reported for...decon. Vilanne -> ((Ouch, and ouch Lil! Sorry we can;t help you)) Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) ::looks like a lobster to the MCO:: Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (It's ok one time she killed me off it's all good) Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::blinks at CSCI on bridge:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC)(MXO) I'll access the public files. STSF_KBear -> (MCO) ::takes the padd:: then looks at Lil:: OH MY LORD! Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)(MCO) what?...sir. TKAR -> (CMO)@::goes to check on with the medical staff on the planet:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(CSCI) look at your skin. Vilanne -> @ (MXO) ::enters Mayor's Office, being hailed in:: greetings Mayor. We are representatives of the Federation ship USS Tango. We were passing through and noticed a beacon bouy giving out strange information. Were you aware of this? STSF_KBear -> (MCO)(HOPS) Ethan get her to medical!! Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::start scanning the public files:: Vilanne -> @ (MXO) CSEC) ::glances towards CSEC, hoping he can read the mayor for any possible lies or not:: Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) :: examines herself:: (CSCI)(MCO) spacey, coughing now lobster...::cringes:: ouuuuuuuuuuch burning STSF_KBear -> (Mayor) NO we called for you all to invesigate it . Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) (MCO) Yes, ma'am. ::stands and escorts CSCI from bridge:: Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI):: goes with HOPS to medical:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO)+(MXO) Tango to Vil Vilanne -> @ (MXO) Well Mr Mayor, this is my Chief of Security. He will update you as to our findings so far. Excuse me for a moment. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC)(MXO) ::walks over and whispers:: No files showing trouble for years, and no mention of Star Fleet placing a bouy. He's telling the truth. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)+(MCO/MXO) :: screaming ouch:: lil here Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::enters sickbay with CSCI:: (AMO) Doc, she came in contact with a foreign substance. She needs proper decon and medical attention. Vilanne -> @ (MXO) ::steps away from the mayor and answers com:: +Tango+ Captain, this is MXO. STSF_KBear -> (MCO)+(MXO) + Medical emergency on the tango Its not the planet that is sabotaged it was the bouy. Get your team back up here now Lil need medical attention immediatley Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(SCEC)(MAYOR) Thank you sir. We'll investigate this further. ::walks back to MXO:: Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::cringing a bit at Lil's screams:: TKAR -> (@CMO)::talks to the people ,gets new info about the planet::(@MXO/MCO)+this is the doctor ,i got some interesting data for you. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)+(MXO)(MCO) :: in sickbay here's comm:: They're right, get up here now sir that beacon is not starfleet. ::cuts comm:: Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::thinks their decon attempts are botched; they'll be lucky if the CSCI hasn't spread whatever was on that buoy:: Vilanne -> @ (MXO) CMO) You'll have to give me the report on our way back to the ship. CSEC) Ready Chief? Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) (CSCI) The away team's coming back? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC)(MXO) Ready. ::follows her out:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO):: starts sneezing and coughing,, then itching :: Vilanne -> @ (MXO) +Tango+ Transport Team Ready for beam up. ::asci is with team, beaming back to Tango:: TKAR -> (cmo)@::ready to beam up.:: 9( Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) +MCO+ ::hurried:: Captain, I advise against the away team beaming back! Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)(HOPS) I may be outta my league here but isolate that beacon don't touch it. I don't know. ::screams from burning:: STSF_KBear -> ((action team have beamed back aboard: STSF_KBear -> )) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> @(CSEC) ::getting into position for beam out:: Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)(HOPS) Find the capt Vilanne -> @ (MXO) CMO) Doctor, unless you have an urgent report about the planet, RUN to the CSCI in Sickbay... medical emergency. Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) (CSCI) ::nods, leaves CSCI in hands of AMO:: Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) :: in sickbay still:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO):: stating to sow the same symptoms as CSCI Since she touched the padd that had the powder on it Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::hurrys back to tactical and monitors the situation:: Vilanne -> @ (MXO) CSEC) Did you think the mayor was lying about anything, Chief? Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::grim look on his face as he arrives back on the bridge:: (MCO) Captain? ::doesn't get too close:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO) ::now turning red and screams in pain:: Vilanne -> (MXO) ::into TL and heading back to bridge with CSEC:: Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)+(AT) Lil here, MCO has my report, she might be contammed too. don't touch that beacon it's the powder. Cough, burning red skin Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) ::sitting in agony waiting for the AT:: Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::mutters:: +MXO+ Commander, you're needed on the bridge ASAP. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC)(MXO) I don't think so ma'am. The records were pretty clear. No dealings with Star Fleet for months. And, no warning beacon placed. Might be an alien trap for passing ships. Vilanne -> @ (MXO) ::exits to the Bridge to hear the screams:: What in the world? ::glances at Sec to make sure everything is secure:: Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)+(AT) Get HOPS and yourselves here..checked out Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::frowning that they let the AT return:: (MXO) The Captain needs medical attention. She's got whatever Lil has. TKAR -> (CMO)@::BEAMS backon bridge ,calls sick bay to get quatentinme ready calls the bridge:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO) ::screams in pain redder than a boiled lobster:: Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI)+(CMO) Don't touch that dag gum thing...the beacon it's the powder Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) ::makes a conclusion:: (MXO) I think whatever that substance was, might be on the PADD Lil gave the Captain. ::points out PADD without touching it:: Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) ::hears the MCO:: I'll be lucky I'm not demoted for this. STSF_KBear -> (( LIl passes out due to the burning now going deeper into her skin layers:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC) ::looks at the captain and calls security to set up a quarenteen around sickbay and the cargo hold:: Vilanne -> (MXO) ::hurries to the CO, but doesn't touch her:: CSEC) Set up a quaranteen on this ship immediately, no one passes floors or moves out of any department. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) :: Trys her comm, screams then passes out:: Ethan Neufeld -> ((decon/quarantine was already set on cargo bay; it's secure)) Vilanne -> (MXO) HOPS) Contact Sickbay, find out what the contagion is. Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> (CSCI) :: in sickbay, unconscious Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> :: Ethan Neufeld -> (HOPS) (MXO) ::nods:: Yes, ma'am. ::returns to station:: +CMO+ Bridge, Sickbay. Any idea what the contagion is? Vilanne -> (MXO) CO) What contaminated you? You look... like a lobster! Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC)(MXO) HOPS set up a quarenteen in the cargo hold. I'll initiate a quarenteen by decks. Bridge should be quarenteened too. STSF_KBear -> (MCO) ::reaches for Vil:: HELP ME!!! ::skin turning even more red skin continuing to burn:: STSF_KBear -> (MCO) ::passes out:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (CSEC)(MXO) I'd suggest a massive decon on the powder, anyone who came in contact of it should be quarenteened to sickbay. Vilanne -> (MXO) CO) ::pulls back, having been reached:: CSEC) Yes, definately the bridge... Vulcan_Treky (Lil) -> ::AMO answers comm:: Have no idea. Lil's unconscious said something about a white powder on the pad and in the middle of the Bouy. You better get here. ::passes out:: STSF_KBear -> (( PAUSE SIM)))