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  1. "Shattered Thoughts" SD 50602.20 Overture In D Minor If a room of a man who was deceased be examined, one may learn alot of that man's prior existence. If the room of Zack Chen were to be examined, one may think strange thoughts and formula more question than it provides. True, Mr. Chen was a strange officer, has strange admirations for cacti, he was at least a tidy officer. His room was clean. More to the fact that his room had almost nothing but 5 picture frames, a potted cactus and a neat stack of padds, all on his desk. There was a bed by the side but it appeared to be unused. His lab, however, was more of a mess. Mr. Chen's lab contained the physical world of his thoughts, his strange ideas and theories. They were all on these padds littered on the floor, console and desk. Perhaps it wasn't his fault that Morningstar's science lab and office were alot smaller than Excalibur's. However, if you took a look over at Excalibur's you'd see the same thing. So no excuse there. Chen's mind was mostly chaotic with ideas, trying to applicate whichever neccessary at the right time. If you ask any psychologist, they'd think you're crazy. But to those psychologist's dismay, Mr. Chen succeeds in most of his endevours. On his desk, one item can be spotted with the greatest ease. It was not a padd, but a piece of paper and an envelop. The piece of paper was yet folded and placed in the envelop. The piece of paper was the last recorded thoughts of this science officer. More to the matter, the letter had absolutely no connection with a will or recollection of his life, but a simple family letter. Dear Akina, I know I haven't written to you since ... well, since I first stepped aboard the Excalibur. I have a little time adjusting the ship's sensors to a sample of an expanse, the computer is running still, I'd thought I write you a letter myself, with a pencil and paper. Wonders of a replicator. How is starfleet treating you? Have you passed all your courses and training? Will I see an Ensign Chen some where on the roster in a few years? I know you'd do well. You were always the brightest one in the family. Oh, how time flies when you serve aboard a starship, missions passing by you at warp speed. Dodging torpedoes, phaser beams, tachyon and tetryon emissions and your assistant's dreaded little pet. Oh, how can I forget the whack on the head that friendly Romulan gave me there. Oh yes, serving on a starship, what fun. You have to try it some times. Ah, the analysis is complete. I better get back to calibrating the quantum fractional array algorythm. Be a good kiddo, I'll see you later. Who knows, perhaps Lt. Tykier would spot the letter to send it to Earth. Perhaps it won't. But to a man that knows his time was up in that corridor section 9-A on deck 8, head to head, body to plasma, with two unstable plasma conduits ... The letter was all he cared about. The thought was shattered, chaotic, incoherent and entangled with a sense of helplessness. Chen was struck down hard against the bulkhead. His will was crushed. The will to live. The will to change his fate. Or was it logic? Disputable or not. The shattered thoughts of the letter faded and melted into the deck plates of Deck 8, never to be know again. Whatever significance associated the letter Chen had now lingers between the physical world and the metaphysical world. For whatever it was worth, the letter fought to be noticed. The words called out faintly in Chen's voice .... send me ... send me ... send me ...
  2. Now he's dead. Changes reflects current.
  3. Lt. Zack Chen Chief Science Officer Log Entry Click. Whirl. Slide. Click. Beep. Blink. Click. If someone had told Zack that being a science officer involved a lot of doubling of engineering duties before he joined Excalibur, he would have agreed. If someone had told Zack that being a science officer involved a lot of hard work before he was assigned, he probably would have agreed to that too. But if someone had told Zack that being a science officer meant a lot of pain to the head that didn’t originate from a mathematical equation, Zack would have told that person that they need to test that claim in the labs. It appeared that he had lost this debate. Nevertheless, the headaches have stoped and his vision returned to what it used to be. The life support matrix was now under his care and with every new component replaced, the crew will live through this ordeal. Click. Whirl. Beep. Blink. Click. Close. That was the last one. All the isolinear chips replaced, micro command circuit pathways reconnected, power lines set. The rest was up to the crew to find dilithium. Despite his enthusiasm for some industrial engineering physical chemistry behind the recystalization of dilithium, the solution was shortcoming. But he had thought that the solution he and Defarge came up with was a nice supplement. Dilithium, a mysteriously powerful that has been fuelling many super powers and many unknown alien races, their ships, their technology and their weaponry, was rare and delicate. Morningstar’s dilithium crystal has begun to destabilize. Zack has no clue why, but his solution may save the trouble of finding new dilithium, provided it works. The debated with the engineers haven’t remotely begun yet. Zack planed the next meeting with the Chief engineer and hoped he wasn’t going to run off to take a shower again.
  4. Lt. Zack Chen CSCI Archaeology Report SD 0510.08 Zack took a step back and did a double take. Oh yeah, it wasn't pretty, he tripped and fell on a bump on the ground. By the looks of his face it hurt. He recovered momentarily and crawled over to see what just had been carved out of the dilicate spire. It was no longer a spire, infact it doesn't even look even anymore. What was more strange was that, it had windows in it. A ship? A transporter? What was it really? How old was it? Zack had no clue, the looks on his face told amazement, bewilderment, puzzlement and sheer frustration. The Morning Star's transporter sweeped the area again, wiping away more areas of dirt, then more thn more, the bottom section now came into perfect view. It was no ordinary spire ... heck it wasn't even a spire any more. What was it? Why was it here? So now, it gets interesting. Zack noted, half an hour before they were just playing rocks and sand and dirt and discussing the cool tricks and trade of tricorders but now, oh yes. Alien-First contact/Officer Exchange program now really paid off. What lay here was a really fascinating piece of Surmac history. He looked towards his fellow officers and the doctor and remarked stupidly. "Soooo, any one got any ideas of what this is?" Accompanied by the remark was his really really childish grin.
  5. Lt. Zack Chen Chief Science Officer's Log SD 0509.24 "What do you know? The first step I take on an alien planet and I didn't get shot! The world must be coming to an end. But then again, my team and I are. Well, studying rocks. As much as Native Doctor believes that I am interested in Archaeology and Anthropology, I certain am not. I can't say the same for Mr. Defarge And Ms. Teykier, if they're truly bored, they're hiding it very well. The doctor has led us to a very interesting arch way near their post or lab or whatever they called it, the rocks there are significantly old, each block weighed approximately thousands of tons, lots of stuff in there. Below the archway appeared be an excavation team collecting samples, they must have dug along time, the ground appeared to be 4 meters down for them. To the Doctor's encouragement I took a small sample from the ground and analyzed it in great detail, from what I could tell it was a fossil, it was covered thickly by layers after layers of clay and melted silicon dioxide. This gave me an idea that this area of their homeworld may once had been a raging volcano then a raging body of water. There was also an unknown substance in the center of the sample, measuring to have a diameter of 0.5 centimeters. After the tour I plan to solve a little mystery of my own. Maybe studying rocks wasn't that bad. Now if only I can get the other two can get their hands dirty. Bad thought."
  6. Ens. Laarell Teykier and Lt. Zack Chen A Joint Log "The Romulans are coming!" Zack entered the science lab of the Morning Star. It wasn't as big as Excalibur's but it was sufficiently cramped with past experimental materials, equipment, padds and etc. to be a scientist's home. Cosy ... He thought and rubbed the back of his head, it didn't hurt any more but he could still see the image of the soggy ground on that planet after he was struck. Remembering the image causes him to shiver. He spotted Laarell working on a console near the end of the room and walked over. "I'm sorry ... but being smacked in the head by a disruptor rifle doesn't help with memory ... you are...?" Laarell turned to Chen and smiled warmly. Extending a hand, she replied, "Ensign Laarell Teykier. You must be Zack Chen. I've heard a lot about you." Really? I'm surprised that someone actually can tell you a lot about me." Zack said while still rubbing his head. The Orion smirked.” Perhaps 'a lot' is an overstatement, Lieutenant. I've been reading your personnel profile, spoken to a few of the scientists..." “Oh, ah. Oh, Laarell! I remember now. I’ve worked with you for what? A day?” Chen chuckles and looked around, obviously he wasn’t a professional conversationalist. “Um … Er … how do you like the MorningStar?” She looked slightly sheepish as she responded. "Well, my pressure-tent during lunar survival training was more cushy. But I don't make a habit of complaining. How do you find the lodgings here?" Chen shrugged. "I don't think I've seen my quarters yet ... oh well I prefer the science lab anyway." "Let's hope that the quarters of a Lieutenant are better than that of an Ensign." She sighed before changing the subject. "Been to the Mess Hall yet?" "Nah, I can't find my way around here, it seems the ship is all squished together, or packed with systems. I bumped into several warhead storage bays that I thought was the mess hall." Laarell smiled. "It's this ship's one redeeming quality. It has the capability of replicating a decent bowl of Terahulian soup. "Tera - huan - lean ... Ah, it has an interesting name ... Well it is redeeming to know that a ship so armed to the nacelles can make good soup." Laarell nodded. "It's the simple things that make a ship a good ship." She looked around thoughtfully and remained quiet for a moment. "But then again, I did like Excalibur. She was a good ship. Do you think that we'll ever get her back?" Chen sighed and sat on a chair. "I don't know ... when I came around in sickbay, they told me nothing ... said it was 'classified' so I have no idea of what actually happened..." Chen thought about his experience on the away team for a moment. "Come to think of it I don't remember who brought us to sickbay...” Laarell looked at him with some concern in her eyes. "Mr. Chen? Are you all right?" "Hm, I feel fine ..." She shrugged. "You must have been through some pretty tough stuff back there. And to tell you the honest truth, I didn't know that what happened here..err... on Excalibur that was classified." "Is that sooo ..." Chen wondered if the crew is playing a trick on the away team folks. "Oh well, I bet it was so boring the others say its classified." Laarell laughed loudly. "It was so desperate that I was given the Bridge. Hardly boring." "ahhh, that's good then ... hopefully adjustment will be very temporary" "I suppose that you are correct, Lieutenant. And a little change is good for the psyche." "I hope so ... my psyche needs some rest." Chen tapped on a console. "Ah ... code ... I suppose we can take a rest before going to duty again...” "I'll uhh ... see you in a few hours I guess." Chen picked a nice, mess-free spot on a table and put his head down. Laarell started staring. "Lieutenant, perhaps your quarters are the best place to nap..." With out lifting his head, he responded. "No, no, my quarters are creepy ... I'm scared that Romulans might come ... here is much more comfy" Alarm crept into her voice. "Lieutenant?!" Chen lifted his head abruptly. "Huh?! What? Where? Oh ... " Laarell looked like she was about to laugh and raise an eyebrow at the same time. "You were on your way to your quarters. I suggest that you continue." “But … I wanted to sleep here … with all the noise and light …” Chen whined. Laarell spoke quietly and firmly. "Just go to your quarters, Lieutenant. It's for the best." Chen forced a smile and started for the door. "Yes ma'am!" He made his quick exit straight back to his quarters, bumping into storage areas on his way.
  7. Chief Science officer Zack Chen Away team duty Log Entry SD: 0508.04 Science ... a powerful and frightening thing ... In the hands of a child, flowers could be better grown. In the hands of a gardener, great hectares of land could be better enriched. In the hands of a chemist, he can make some metals out of solution. In the hands of Zack Chen, he could make cactus grow branches. However... In the hands of Evil ... it's a whole new ball game. At a glimpse of the forces on the road, on a Romulan-occupied planet deep in the gamma quadrant possibly alone with the Excalibur out of contact with only limited provisions remaining, the forces on the road seem to be the icing on the cake. The final twist in a plot in a really good mystery novel. The humus on a piece of land. The best mushroom sauce on chicken slices. The point where the beginning and the end meet. There it was, in front of them like some bold letter sign that says "Gotch'a with yer pants down!". There it was ... faces, 3 of them exact duplicates of his assistant ... Lt. Baund. Why? Why Why? Had it escalated to this? The expression "You see one, you'll seem more" often applied to pests and etc but never to the man that was his responsibility, even if that responsibility was temporarily. Zack felt, geniune anguish now. This was what all people talk about off duty in the science labs. "Hey is it all right if I modified the plant to grow branches? Hey is it all right if I made the plant not what it was? Hey would it be okay if I cloned you?" No, they wouldn't be all right, like an up going parabola, this was the lowest point of science, used for unequal benefits. Zack's mind asked the people out there question after question. "So you've mass produced Lt. Baund, what are you going to do with them? Is the one we have the original or some copy, which you call Baund003 or something? How many are there? Do they come off an assembly line like Star Ships? What happened to the imperfect ones? You know, those with just a tiny amount of imbalance from the cloning procedure? Do you kill them? That counts as slaughter you know? Does it serve you right to do this?" Zack cleared his head. The meaning was thick in the air, the anger was thick in the air and he knew that every member of the away team at this instantaneous point of his or her life was feeling the air thicken with anguish. There can be wars but this is too wrong. As to his dismay of his poor combat training and flimsy physical abilities, he could not engage the enemy right in front of him, as much as he would like to do. He hated when science is put to the wrong use and this is simply enough. An event already occurred when Zack recovered from his mental thoughts, Cmdr. Graham fell swiftly to the ground, he didn't move. Zack, as though in slow motion look to the fallen Andorian’s right then up. The enemy stared at him in the face. "Does it feel good? Or are you too stupid to think and just follow orders?" Zack muttered to the Romulan assailants. With out much effort, a third Romulan smacked a blunt object behind his head, like Cmdr. Graham, down heavily he went. Thoughts blinked. Green soft chlorophyll in the shrubbery under him turned red.
  8. Lt. Zack Chen Chief Science officer Away Team Report Current Situation: The away team of 5 has landed on the Romulan Occupied planet, Our goal is to assertain the numbers and tactical positions of the Romulan encampment. For now, we elude their scanners by modulating our own tricorders to emit a small amplitude scattering field, taking turns on different tricorders so the signal is irregular and to conserve power cells. It has been obviously more than 40 minutes into the mission and we did not receive hail from excalibur, no explanation or speculation was made as to why this was so. For the duration of the mission there was only One close encounter with a romulan patrol, fortunately they did not discover us. It is evident that Romulans are holding Starfleet officers here, whether or not if they were forcibly captured or rescued is unknown. Plan of Action: Stay hidden ... gather more intelligence on what Romulan processes are going on in their encampment. Gather some wild plant life for study. Chen squatted beneath the trunk of an ancient tree covered safely by bushes scattered through out. His tricorder still emitting the scattering field while taking in passive scans he and the rest of the team waited while observed. Cmdr. Graham had the tactical position firmly pounded out, Lt. Delgado awaited them to be injured while he and Lt. Baund waited. Two scientists, hardly fighters by the conventional means, sure that this mission was purely passive but one security protection gave him something to be alert about. He was worried now, more than ever. The ship did not contact them, the hour dragged and the Romulans were stepping randomly around while those Prisoners hoped for rescue. "please be soon, please be soon, please be soon." Chen muttered to himself like a lucky charm chant. For something else for his mind to chew on, he picked up a branch that had fallen and studied it. Chen liked plants, and now he was surrounded by them, mesmorized by them. He relaxed ... but for how long ....?
  9. Lt. Zack Chen Log Entry "Wild Life" Zack stepped on the soft, cold, damp, edgy grass, then stepped on hard, cold, damp, shrapnel shaped rock, then on the grass then on the rock again then stopped on the grass. The Romulan camp, estimated using primitive estimation skillz, should be about 4 more Kilometres away, snuggled in a wide field surrounding by tall vegetation. Zack wasn't exactly prepared to do much but survey the camp, which was why they came down here in the first place, so survey was a pretty good idea. Okay so Zack's subconscious was not doing a good job at concealing fear. Zack finally admits it to his consciousness that he was scared out of his pants from the idea of possible Romulan entanglement if he made a mistake. His consciousness bold ignores it and firmly kicked the subconscious persona into a box and locked it. This affair went on constantly in Zack's mind. The mission wasn't as hard as it seemed but now it seemed impossible - get in quietly, look at the position, their numbers, get out quietly, return to ship and run away as fast as you can - All too simple it seemed, and this was why Zack's sub consciousness was demanding a transfer of minds. The whole sequence of events from the ship to the shuttle to the FINAL MOMENT to the FINAL MOMENT Version 2 to the planet took roughly seconds but to Zack it seemed to be an eternity. But now that they were on the forsaken planet, there was no more backing but sticking with the mission. Gladly from his experience in literature classes, which the Vulcan professor was quite logically boring, he learned the art of doodling from the confines of his visual center, Zack remembers the drawing of the whole area in terms of position of the team, the mountain, the cave to the Romulan Encampment. So, in theory nothing was wrong ... so why the agitation? Zack thought. The answer came quite hauntingly ... Nothing ever goes according to planned ... Zack looked up but saw nothing but clouds. "That one looks like a Sovereign class ship and that one looks like a Warbird." He said musingly to the others and walked on. Whatever the edgy feeling was ... it was the least of his worries now. He walked on.
  10. Updated
  11. LtJg Zack Chen Duty Log Entry SD 0505.07 Zack was on the bridge, at the science consoles, he was feeling proud of himself and of Crispin Xavier and Brian Graham. Together they've cracked the enigma that is a dominion transmission from a source, a dangerous one, that starfleet has code named the one hundred of course they called themselves that any way so it was all good. Zack had to admit that the hundred sure know how to send a heavily fragmented and encrypted message to another, the transmission itself was first inversed, fragmented, deformed at the end section and then looped back to the beginning and then finally for the finishing touches the translation protocols were used to encrypt it in a language that only dominion soldiers could read, or another shapeshifter or vorta. The whole transmission process and encoding process was quite simple to identify but when it actually came down to decoding it, it was hell. As Crispin said that Zack remembered from a moment or two ago. "Who translated this? It's full of grammatical and spelling errors - oh right I did, I guess that’s what I get for choosing a dead language." Ergo ... translation equalled to hell. Zack couldn't have more of a hellish description - a fleet of more than 200 Romulan warships. A fleet this size could have made Picard wet his pants aboard the Enterprise. Zack mused around this thought then focused on the task at hand. The message sent by the dominion are crucial and the technology at present aboard the small norway class vessel hangs in the balance of two major powers, one side will gain an advantage if they get a hold of the ship and one side will gain back the advantage. This was as worse as chess, Zack noted. He always have and will hate chess. He looked at the sensors displaying more than 200 Romulan vessels ... Ouch Zack thought, what did that Romulan Ambassador think about when she mobilized this big a fleet? War? The madness never ends. The enigma was never solved in the first place, it just grew twice as big while they were trying to solve it. Zack guessed that was what people get when they try to solve harder things than they could bite off ... hm... wrong analogy.
  12. LtJg Zack Y. Chen Assistant Science Officer Log Entry SD 0503.19 I remember everything till up to the point where we all beamed back to the Excalibur. I remember our time on that lonely little asteroid all the way in the gamma quadrant. Bitter tasted medicine it was I believe, it did taste awfully bitter. I thought it would have been just like every other away mission, I was totally wrong on that one. Day one was very uneventful; we just left Excalibur with our supplies, doctor, bodyguards, and materials to set up our little camp. It took us along time to place the camps and we got the privilege of seeing Excalibur run off to safety while we worked quietly. We got most of the preliminary work done but haven't got to the bigger stuff yet. Day two was fairly uninteresting except for the fact that there were issues being posed regarding food and air supplies, they were running low. I couldn't help but wonder where the ship went and if they were all right or not. Heck it was impossible to tell now. I spent most of the time looking up at that distant star that was blinking through all the junk nearby, while the diagnostic ran of course. We had a good start on the digging and eventually got it done the day before. We started to place the listening post together, molecule by molecule, as they say. Day three was harsher than usual; Ens. McKnight fell down a cliff while trying to obtain some terrestrial oxygen gas, which was emanating from a vent near by. This was the second time he did something extremely dangerous, but he's still alive. I guess stress was high on this day, every one was crowded in the medical tent, except me, I continued working on the calculations for the listening post's transmitters. I had no particular idea what happened in that tent but I know arguments arose, and I just don't want to imagine fellow officers fighting. The night this day was the time where our oxygen had nearly depleted, and this is where i started to forget things. The listening post had finished; we decided to transmit a small distress signal. It was received and there came Excalibur. I remember the familiar tingling sensation of the transporters then poof, there goes my memory. I woke up in sickbay after that ... I'm still clueless, as when it was or what was I doing, I believe this kind of thing happens when you've been choked in your EVA helmet for too long. Great....
  13. Ens. Zack Chen Assistant Science officer Log Entry Sd 0411.07 So, we're making a weapon, again. This time not to destroy nonliving things but to kill changelings? Honestly i never such thing was possible, I always thought they were immortal dispite what were taught at the academy. I guess i like to keep living things alive. But now we are not, the medical team and I are to kill ... Talk about against moral and ethics, never to kill another being, never do harm, heal the sick, the oath. The Oath?! Well the oath seems to have gone to the dogs because we're making this weapon. First step if any is to disable a changeling is disrupt its protein structure thereby killing it effectively or something that will utterly vaporize it with out harming the object inside - The Admiral. Working obessively with the medical team i believe we shall create such a weapon that it'll just stun the changeling ... unless told otherwise .... End log
  14. Ens. Chen Assistant Science officer Log Entry The force field zapped into place, it isolated Xavier and the rest of the world, but the device which had the potential charge of destroying the station was also within this forcefield. If it detonated now, no chance of saving the people or the station. Zack scanned the object, he was amazed, such evil exists in the world, one peaceful conference was being held and they just had to ruin it. But of course the world wasn't perfect and all worlds require a hint of evil or else ... life would have no meaning. But life did have meaning right now for three officers in main engineering, Captain Sorehl, Xavier and himself and they had a duty, to save the station. Zack ws still amazed - one day, it was peace aboard this ship and the other your life was ending, it was funny - Zack noted - how some life were never harmed and some were dead before they've been created. The potential charge built, breaths were took ... Crispin worked, Sorehl and Zack watched ... the station's future was in Crispin's hands ...
  15. "To Be Or Not To Be" Thanks :D