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  1. DS9 did have engines to move ^_^
  2. SPOILERS!!! It was exactly how it was in the original movie and the novel. When the aliens invaded Earth, we were helpless to stop them. Our greatest technology was useless, and I think the remake really conveyed that message just as the classic did. It showed a realistic interpretation of an alien invasion (Wil Smith doesn't steal an alien ship and plant a nuke on the mothership in this one!)...and the only reason humans were saved is because of the natural order of our ecosystem. The ending was short because there really was nothing much to tell...all the aliens start dying of disease (though I thought the shields going down and them firing rockets at them was unecessary, I'd prefer they just collapsed with no intervention). I think it was handled nicely enough, and the alien crawling out of the ship was priceless for a fan of the original (although I would have preferred they not show the alien's face). The story was really about the humans in all of this, and keeping the camera on Tom Cruise the entire time gave a 'real' feeling to the events, IMO. You would think the aliens though, with all their intelligence, would know a thing or two about diseases...instead of dropping out of their spaceships and lapping up dirty water out of some housepipes, hehe...they should have stopped by a grocery store and picked up some Ozarka. All in all, I was very satisfied with the remake. ;)
  3. If anyone's interested, I finally finished this game. Took me over a year! After much frustration, dozens of beta testers, incalculable hours of labor, and much whining from the wife, I declare it done...might be of interest to those who like empire-building games. http://www.vexxiang.com Just go to the Broken Mirror board to find the game.
  4. Im reading a Time to be Born.
  5. Oh quite so! Being able to type 100+WPM has advantages in the workplace. I can credit simming for that. Who knows I'm a trekkie? Well...anyone who asks, or who I happen to get into a Trek-related conversation with...sometimes if my hobbies come up. My love for Trek is nothing shameful, its just a TV show, no more strange than a love for sports or the Simpsons. Its entertainment, just as simming (games) are entertainment. Would you think twice about telling someone you love "Friends"?...probably not! Don't give poor old star trek a hard time ;)
  6. I love Dilbert!
  7. I loved it. The twist at the end was just spectacular! I never saw it coming.
  8. I have to remember to watch ENT tonight.
  9. ? <_<
  10. Yep I completely agree <_< I wouldnt mind reading a good Romulan book...are there any more out there pre-Nemesis?
  11. Unfortunately the movie ruined the race for many fans...but its still canon whether you like it or not <_<. But thats another discussion :D
  12. I think its silly..I heard some people are already camped out at theaters waiting for the movie to open. Funny thing is I'll go to the first showing 30 minutes ahead of time and I'll be sitting next to someone who's been sleeping on the sidewalk for a month. I hope they have a way to shower <_< Its like the "Harry Potter" event sale they have at bookstores, reserving your own personal copy...for 10% off! Of course they charge 30 bucks for the book. I'll go to Walmart the day it comes out and they'll have hundreds of hardback copies for 15 bucks.
  13. The Romulan Prize was a good book.
  14. I cant stand it. Ever since Saving Private Ryan came out every movie director thinks that shaking the camera around and zooming and panning in quick, sudden jerky movements makes it all seem more 'real'. I like the show but the camerawork gives me a headache.