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  1. That is a sweet art piece! I love it!
  2. She was such a sweet Lady! We shared a room at the 2011 Shore Leave in Maryland. She was a good one.
  3. Can a pony-being be ported into a Star Trek SIM? The equine appearance reminds me of Thirty-thirty from the 1980s "BraveStarr" cartoon. - KJ >^..^<
  4. It has been a fun ride and I'm thankful to be a (small) part of it! Happy Birthday, Star Trek Simulation Forums!
  5. STSF_Scooter -> Alighty then. TBS was in the range of 72-96 hours. We're still holding station, and the M-150 is still in front of us ComCreekChat2016-9-12.txt
  6. Star Trek, as well, has been a huge part of my life. Not only in of itself, Trek also enabled me to branch out into other interests. Happy 50th Star Trek!
  7. The adventure and mystery continues. The rat-like Skrag involved? Oh myyyyy! ComCreekChat16-8-29.txt ComCreekChat2016-8-22.txt
  8. STSF_Scooter -> Mission Brief: Our curtain rises on the shuttle Shelley aboard the boat deck of the HMSM M-150. Through the viewports of the shuttle, our intrepid adventurers can see what look like spaceworthy versions of mid-20th Century small craft, as assigned to men of war (Captain’s Gig, etc.). As the Shelley creaks, groans, and steams as it warms back up, the officers of the M-150 assemble. At the center of the troupe, is a gentleman wearing a uniform that would not look out of place in a production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore, although wearing a brassy gold epaulet on his left shoulder ComCreekChat16-8-15.txt
  9. Way to go Star Trek Simulation Forum! w0Ot wO0t!
  10. STSF_Scooter -> When we last left off, its been an hour since we were hit by a wave ot turbulence, causing the camera crews to shake. STSF_Scooter -> Now..let us decide where that turbulence came from. ComCreekCHat2016-7-11.txt
  11. STSF_Scooter -> TBS was 3 months, the shakedown's done, and our missing pilots have been returned to us. ComCreekChat16-6-27.txt
  12. STSF_Scooter -> We're still "guests" aboard The Pretty Bird, our ship is overrun by Mudd's Skinjobs. Any questions? STSF_Scooter -> TBS was 4 hours ComCreekChat16-6-6.txt
  13. STSF_Scooter -> TBS was 30 minutes. The command crew are "guests" aboard the Norwegian Blue, the crew of the Creek has been gassed. 5.16.16 ComCreekChat.txt
  14. STSF_Scooter -> TBS was 10 minutes. And we're off to see the Wiza...er, Harry Mudd. Everyone'll be in the transporter room. ComCreekChat2016-5-9.txt
  15. STSF_Scooter -> Mission Brief- TBS was nonexistant, we're picking right up where we left off with our dear..."friend" Harcourt Fenton Mudd trying to pirate our salvage ComCreekChat2016-4-25.txt