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  1. One informed me I have a computer virus on Jan 15. Send in the A-10 Warthog and use that GAU-8 cannon on these Frakkers. -Precip
  2. Okay I think Avatar paid itself off now. -precip
  3. SNOW in Southern California! Finally! -Precip
  4. Something slammed into the side of the Chimera, this time disabling flight control and many other systems. Precip couldn't keep up with system failures announced by Chief Garnoopy. The Cockpit ahead of him showed numerous red indicators..basically the Chimera was telling him helm control was lost. Mitar tried to compensate as he saw the Oppan farmland ahead...what looked like an recently plowed field..Judging by Chimera's rate of decent..that was where they were going to end up. Garnoopy worked some magic and somehow got power to the ventral bow thrusters which decreased the angle of attack onto the field. All three officers onboard were simultaneously yelling brace for impact..as the Chimera's Nose angled for the plowed field. The Chimera plowed into the already plowed field. Her hull taking the impact better than Precip expected until he suddenly felt himself surge forward along with aloud CRACK from below him. Suddenly Mitar was propelled forward, but with his chair in motion as well....The Inertial Dampeners...They must of failed as well as his Helmstation chair of all things! His Right leg caught the brunt of the impact between his body and the pilot's chair. Forward inertia sent Precip's upper body forward but the chair pinned his leg to the forward helm station..created a sickening *snap* sound. What felt like fire engulfed Mitar's entire right leg and shot up his spine. Chimera slid for several dozen meters and the pivoted to the side...wrenching Mitar's already broken leg sideways in it's pinned position. When the Chimera finally halted her movement Precip fell back into the ajar chair..falling backwards and resting at an angle. Mitar heard Atragon asking if everyone was alright...but did not hear Garnoopy respond. The Bolian took one look down and saw his leg a mangled mess...and groaned a response...there was a lot of blue blood everywhere on the seat and front panels. Atragon hurried to get a dermal regenerator to help stop the bleeding..but Mitar's mind was fogging up quickly..till suddenly blackness engulfed him. He didn't notice his body dematrialize from the slightly damaged Chimera ...as he was beamed away from the crash site to sickbay...
  5. Side note... I'll be AFK for next three days.. If ya'll get bored ..pick a winner..that bullshot line is the early favorite for sure.heh -Precip
  6. hmm...may need to enlarge...sorry.. -Precip
  7. I saw it....utterly remarkable...then he is beaten in the final in an upset...remarkable as well. Our local Tennis Star Serena Williams got in a wee bit of trouble at the Open. However, I must confess hockey season is getting close and I can't wait! Go Ducks! -Precip
  8. ::sighs:: Being on the West Coast again..prevents me from an interesting sim. Good Luck USS Comanche Creek! May your journey be long..and prosperous. -Precip "not a Vulcan"
  9. Finally saw District 9. Excellent Sci-Fi. -Precip
  10. Back from a week in Vegas and I find out that I actually had a chance to pick a picture!! I blew it! And now for this week's entry: Crisis! Dog Donut Acne on the rise!! On aside... Oh boy I got to see some tasty donuts at the buffets! -Precip
  11. "Pull my finger...I dare you" -Precip
  12. I wonder how many ZPMs this ancient ship is going to run on? Wish Jewel Staite would of been on this show....::sigh:: -Precip
  13. In some cultures thieves lose their hands... -Precip
  14. After being hacked to pieces Thursday night, I am going with Firefox permanently. Though the typestyle to the boards here changed. -Precip
  15. Hmm...Does the Comanche Creek need shuttle drivers for all those shuttles them Kelvin's have onboard..or would those be crosstrained positions? -Precip