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  1. Life really blows today. I wish there were someway to speed this day along.
  2. Oh gosh how I love Christmas music. It's not even December yet and I have managed to watch White Christmas 4 times already. My family thinks I may have gone into Rosemary Clooney overdrive to early in the season. But I don't care I love that darn movie!
  3. Happy Birthday Moose. We shall eat turkey tonight on the Arc and think of you. ::hands him a turkey leg::
  4. The New Spock. I think he looks pretty good. Spock
  5. I am taking my nephews out tonight to trick or treat. They are going to be a King, Knight and a dragon. I am going to be a 1960's flight attendant (I know it doesn't fit with the theme). I just wanted to know if anyone else is dressing up or if you have had some fun costumes in the past. Hey what can I say I am a theatre person, any excuse to dress up.
  6. So I am starting to freak out. San Diego is on fire and I have a bad feeling I might have to evacuate in the next couple of hours. Keep So Cal in your prayers everyone.
  7. As a kid my mom would come home at 5, we would eat and then all do our own thing till bed time. I would watch tv in a back bedroom by myself. One night when I couldn't find anything to watch I decided to watch Star Trek out of boredom. I saw the episode when Deanna Troi takes all the emotions from the ambassador and goes crazy (i.e. Skank Troi). I thought it was pretty good and then when I was flipping thru the channels I found a rerun of TNG and I landed up watching that one as well. From then on I think I was hooked. It's funny how most people found a love of Star Trek thru family members. No one in my family likes the show and even now they say it is just a phase I will grow out of. I just laugh, 17 years later and I still love the show, much to the dissapointment of my sisters.
  8. She was not sure what was going on. LoAmi had asked her to monitor Sam, but had said he was not coming to sickbay. So she set aside the DNA testing for a moment and gone to the bridge where Sam was. When she had gotten there she was slightly shocked. Sam was sitting at the helm steering them through the debris. Immediately her Starfleet medical training kicked in. “What the Hell was he doing steering the ship? He was supposed to be grounded for a while longer anyway.” Miranda pulled out her tricorder and started to monitor him. She let out a bit of a sigh, still wondering what was going on. Did the Commander force Sam to fly them through the debris? Did Sam volunteer himself? There were so many questions as to why this was happening. One in the forefront of her mind was why hadn’t anyone asked the advise of the medical staff. The only question they had ever asked was “monitor Sam”. Not is he fit or mentally stable? She looked down at her tricorder once again. She new Sam was fit and more than able to fly them, he was one of the best pilots she had ever seen. But what perturbed her most was the fact that no one had talked to her department first. She sighed again and continued to monitor. But then again most of the time Medical wasn’t asked they were told to monitor and fix after the decision was made. She gave a mental shrug and thought “that is the way of the job I guess. Act impulsively and ask medical to fix the problem after the fact” She looked from Sam to her tricorder and with a silent prayer put all her faith in him, hoping that it was not without reason.
  9. I always seem to have random run in with people at conventions. Almost got hit by Marina Shirtis's Limo, accidently yelled at Brent Spinner, pushed by Amanda Tapping (she said sorry tho). I always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and I never realize who the actors are until after the fact. Oh boy do I love convention stories, can't wait to hear about the one's from Vegas.
  10. I am gonna say the Miranda class...but maybe thats just because I like the name.
  11. Just got back from my second day at Comic-con. It was great! I am so tired, but it was worth it.
  12. I just found out that one of the girls I work with, her father is in the Navy. From what I understand he is pretty high in rank. Anyway he was the Captain of a few different ships during his time and one of those ships was the Enterprise. How fun is that. I know someone who was actually the Captain of the USS Enterprise. Just thought that was kinda fun.
  13. What? Then how the heck did we land up with that part kitty thing Daena?? J/K ::gives Kairi a big hug::
  14. It's funny that you say that. Before the first movie came out my cousin and I both re-read the books. We would talk about what we thought things would look like and how we imagined everything. Like I thought the Dorm rooms would look similar to what they were in the movie and she thought they were a little more bare. I thought it was rather interesting to see what I had imagined vs. what the movie put out. Yes I have been swayed by the movie and have lost some of my mental images, but at the same time it has helped. I think the teacher are a great example, McGonagall was never fully fleshed out in my mind. But when I saw Maggie Smith I suddenly understood the teacher and as I was reading the couple books she made more sense to me. Also I hated Umbrage in the books, but in the movie I wanted to punch her in the face. Between her clothes, cats and stupid little laugh. Now that is an actress taking a character and expanding on it ::throws in her 2 cents::
  15. So when do we get to post spoilers? None of my friends have finished yet and I am dying to talk to someone.