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  1. Can we revise this a little? I know I'm splitting semantical hairs here, but it implies that people who haven't graduated are 'bad' players. That isn't accurate. Our game is filled with many conventions and rules, and it takes time to become comfortable with them. How do you differentiate actions from speech? How do you get from one place to another? What is your character allowed to hear and how do you talk to someone in another part of the ship? How do you get something done? What details are you allowed to make up and what details do you have to learn from others? How do you contribute when the action isn't centered around your department? These skills come from practice, and that's the purpose of the Academy. You can't master these skills unless you play the game, and you won't have fun in an advanced sim until you have a good grasp on them. Once you get to an advanced sim, your attention changes to building your character, and you can't do that if you're worried about how to maneuver in a chat room or if you don't understand your character's job. Good, creative players could still take many academy sessions to graduate while they learn our online conventions. So how many Academy sessions does it take? I don't know. It takes as long as it takes. But you're going to have as much fun in the Academy as you are in the Advanced sims, and when you're ready for the next challenge, then you graduate and are put in the other game where there are other skills to learn. Don't rush to graduate. Graduation is not a measure of "good" or "bad", just of how quickly you can be assimilated. Relax, have fun, and enjoy the game. Moose
  2. Why not? I get sent time every week. Newsweek too.
  3. Oh geez, two birthdays on the same day? Ok then, here's two horoscopes. Feel free to exchange them if they don't fit or you want another color. For Blu: IF DEC. 12 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Musician Grover Washington Jr. (1943) shares your birthday. You're expressive with your body and face. You relate to the world in a physical way, and in particular, you often have a distinctive voice. You are confident, self-possessed and know how to entertain others: You can put on a show! In the year ahead, you will be faced with an important choice. Choose wisely. (Stolen from Georgia Nichols) For Andrew: IF DEC. 12 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You mine your potential this year, and destiny smiles on you! In February, be open to introductions. By March, an important issue concerning home or family will reach fruition. A spiritual catharsis is headed your way in April. Debts are cleared in June so you can justify that extravagant vacation! Love signs are Cancer and Libra. Your lucky numbers are 3, 15, 28, 50 and 39. (Stolen from Holiday Mathis) Happy Birthday both of you. Moose
  4. Are they letting you have another one of these? Good for you. I went to my astrologers website to get the birthday prediciton of the day, and in it's place, there was this pithy little quote: BIRTHDAY WORDS: "Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from." Man, did he see you coming. Happy Birthday Admiral. Moose
  5. Thank you all. I wish I could say I was "older but wiser" this year, but the truth is that I'm just "another day older and deeper in debt." : ) Thanks for the well wishes. Moosethusela
  6. I can't imagine that they'd still have punk. It's ... like ... so last century.
  7. Happy birthday Republic. By now, you've probably had more episodes than all the Trek series combined. : ) Here's to 14 more. Moose
  8. Usually when I try that I get slapped. Every year when I take my son out for trick-or-treats, I pull out this black baseball cap I have with moose antlers on it. It doesn't matter what else I wear, I walk around with the rack. This year, my excited cry of "Hey, guess what it's time for?" was met with rolled-eyes and a "not the moose antlers again" groan. But when we were done gorging ourselves on Milky Way bars, he admitted he thought they were pretty special. I'm a contented Moose.
  9. I never would have thought of myself as "well travelled", but it's amazing how much you can see in one or two car trips. Oops ... I forgot Iowa.
  10. Mission Brief, Stardate 10410.20 The mission to the prison planet Risa was unsuccessful in finding former Arcadians trapped in this parallel dimension. But it did give the Science and Engineering teams time to work with Dr. Virax in finding a method for returning home. Hopefully, they will have more success. Cptn Moose USS Arcadia, NCC-1742-E
  11. It does happen. But what almost never happens is the funeral scene where everyone cries over the overwhelming loss of the former character. Personally, I'll allow anyone to remake themselves, but I don't allow the funeral scenes.
  12. Mission Brief: October 17, 2154 The Challenger crew has been detected in the forests on Acamar III. Baruk, leader of Clan Tralesta, is being led to camp where he expects to collect his proper tribue from the odd-looking trespasser. He has no idea that the Acamarian woman is already there, nor that she had been injured at the hand of the Challenger crew. Commodore Fitzgerald M. "Bull" Moose Commanding Officer Challenger, NX-05
  13. First of all, I have to say that I like Enterprise. Is it the best we've seen in 20 years of Trek? That's hard to say. But what it does better than the other Trek shows is that it makes us wonder 'what's coming next', instead of 'what just happened'. From everything I can tell, the producers are committed to bringing us unique and interesting stories this season, as opposed to re-hashing old plots. What's been leaked sounds pretty fun. You young'uns who don't remember a time when there was no Trek on TV should open up your minds and enjoy the ride. : ) Moosethusela
  14. Thanks Darrik. I wouldn't have seen these without your post. I have a friend that I absolutely must buy the Picard/Riker shirt for. : ) Thanks for your help. Moose
  15. Mission Brief, October 10, 2154 On Challenger's first away mission to Acamar III, a local woman has been shot by a phaser. Her head wound is critical. The native must be restored to health before either she realizes what happened, or her clan-mates come looking for her. Commodore Moose Challenger, NX-05