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  1. Matt took a moment to think. How do you go about destroying a star, and not just destroy it, but destroy the larger menace along with it? He left Kansas in charge of tactical and made his way to main security, sat down at his desk and started to research. To his dismay, there didn't appear to be much information regarding the destruction of stars, understandable but still disappointing. He searched through science records, engineering reports, wiki's, anything that could give him a definitive answer into how to make a weapon of mass destruction but Starfleet’s database wasn't so forthcoming. That was until he started searching through mission logs. He perked up at the mention of a star being destroyed nearly two years prior by the hands of an El-Aurian. Digging a little deeper and using every clearance code he could remember, he found a mission log from the late USS Enterprise D buried under red tape and high command levels. ...When a solar probe was fired from the observatory by the station’s only survivor, Doctor Tolian Soran, into the Amagosa star. The impact caused the star to immediately cease all production of nuclear fusion resulting in a quantum implosion as the star's mass collapsed in on itself and produced a level-12 shockwave destroying everything in the system. He paused for a moment letting what he just read sink in, "Really? A solar probe huh?" He scrolled down a little further, "The repercussions of Amagosa's destruction include .05% increase in gamma emissions and altered gravitational forces... Well that’s not so bad... Let’s see, nexus… Oh, never mind, that has nothing to do with this." Matt leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes and sighed, "Ugh! This still doesn't tell me how they did it. I refuse to believe a mere solar probe collapsed an entire star." He went back over the document in an attempt to find out what was so special about the probe. He quickly scanned over it a second, third even a fourth time and then stopped. A quick note at the beginning of the log that he kept looking over suddenly caught his eye. On Stardate .... The USS Enterprise D answered a distress call to the observatory station in the Amagosa system that was being attacked by Romulans... Analysis of Romulan tricorders showed them looking for trilithium... Lieutenant Commanders Data and LaForge found evidence of trilithium in solar probes. He ran the substance through the database but much like the mission log itself, it was something Starfleet didn’t seem to want to readily give up. Matt kept reading over that word, “trilithium”, as if it would possibly change form or meaning. “What the hell is trilithium? How is that not a typo?” Suddenly Matt wished he had taken that extended science course Boothby suggested to him. He sat back in his chair and stared at the screen and at the word. Why would this document and this element be so hidden? It didn’t make sense. He crosschecked every possibly related word then finally found a report listed under “Federation Classified: Banned Weapons Productions”. Trilithium is a synthetic compound that is an explosive of tremendous power. More importantly, however, it acts as an inhibitor of nuclear reactions, such as the fusion processes within the interior of stars. Even a small amount of trilithium is sufficient to halt all nuclear fusion in a star, resulting in a quantum implosion. The star would collapse under its own mass, generating a shock wave powerful enough to destroy everything in its system. If the star was of sufficient size, the core collapse could lead to a supernova. The article gave detailed descriptions of how the substance had been used in terrorist activities including the destruction of the Amagosa star. He realized why it had been so difficult to find the information. The last thing Starfleet would want is for terrorists and well-meaning yet disturbed individuals to get ahold of their self-published how-to booklets for bomb making. Still, Matt thought, a convenient “last resort” button would have been appreciated. He continued down to the part explaining how trilithium is produced. …Trilithium resin. A highly toxic waste product of dilithium based warp reactors. The report also mentioned the ability to synthesize trilithium directly from dilithium crystals. Matt copied all the information onto a padd and he smiled, satisfied he had finally found a way to destroy the nanite swarm. He stood up and hurried for the door then stopped in his tracks just as quickly. He furrowed his brow as he stared into the empty space in front of him. He turned around facing his desk. “Computer, access the most recent sensor scans of the Amagosa sector.” The computer chirped in response. “Display maps on holo-display.” Immediately the lights in the room grew dim but not dark. A virtual projection of empty space filled the room around him. Suddenly it was as if Matt was standing in the vacuum of space itself. In the distance he could see the light of an innumerable amount of stars. Colorful nebulas were splotched in random areas. And lone asteroids dotted their placements in an otherwise empty sector. What was missing was a bright star shining on a handful of orbiting planets. Little more than a memory occupied this spot and he realized this is what would become of the Serengeti sector should his plan be carried out. He would be responsible for destroying an entire sector. He reasoned to himself, however, there was nothing here but uninhabitable rocks floating in a circle. This was why they lured the swarm here in the first place, to keep them away from anything living. Nothing would be missed and the only permanent change would be a small gravitational alteration. The time to destroy the swarm was now before they could grow bigger and more powerful. The greater question, what would happen once they depleted the red dwarf of energy? Matt didn’t think that was an acceptable risk. He looked around once again at the vast emptiness. It’s them or us, he thought, and time was growing short. He shut down the display and started for the bridge. With conviction on his side, he was now ready to propose his plan to the Admiral.
  2. How about this, a sim on Wednesday after Arcadia and it takes place on a Soverign Class ship. I like it, and i know you will too.
  3. Ensign McFly Personal Log Supplemental Let’s just get right down to it... I’m in the brig. And check this out, I don’t even know why, isn’t that ironic? Oh and for anyone that happens to be snooping through my stuff and is listening to my log right now, don’t ask how I’m recording this, that’s my little secret. Anyway, what’s up with this? First I’m standing there having a timely conversation with Mitty about life, and the next thing I know, we’re both transported to the brig. Ok so he gets out and I’m still stuck here. ...Hello! This is stupid! Braden comes in, releases Mitty, and tells me I’m under arrest for assault. What was I asleep when I did it?! Did Braden wake up one morning to find me holding a phaser at her head or something?! I mean not like I don’t have a good reason to right now. I know I’m a little annoying but this is ridiculous. Seriously now, if they think this is how they’re gonna get rid of me, they got another thing coming. I’ll fight this thing to the end and then I’ll make all their lives a living hell. > Making false charges just to get me off this ship. I could do ‘em on better and just leave. But then I get to go to prison. Damn nasty prison food! I swear I’d go if it weren’t for the food. Klingons don’t eat food that disgusting. Hey... maybe Max will work his charm. Yeah, that’s it. I’ll give ‘em a trial that’ll make them bleed. Just wait till they try and go up against one of the greatest officers in Starfleet. Ah hell, they probably would never let him on the ship, especially if it gives me an edge. Oh well. Seriously though, they couldn’t come up with anything better. And they had to make it up too, Aren’t they real smart. Maybe this will be good for me. Get a chance to know my fellow work mates. Maybe it’ll all do us some good. Get to know each other a little, communicate some. And where’s my coffee! I’ve been on this ship like a week or something and I still haven’t gotten my coffee! Computer, end log.
  4. Ensign Matt McFly Personal Log Supplemental Not a whole lot right now. We got the shuttle back ok but when it was time to go to the planet i got left behind, not a big surprise. Left on the ship with nothing to do. Oh well, not like i care so much. At least i didn't have to be on that shuttle with those two captains boys. Anyway, i decided to lay back in the mess hall for the time being. Later i got called back up to the shuttle bay. It seems they were going to attempt an old landing manuver made famous by Captain Sulu when he was on the Enterprise A, you know that barracade manuver. So it worked, just as well as it did when Sulu attempted it, except this time, everyone in the shuttle got killed. Ok so they weren't killed, but close enough. I mean how could those idiots do something as stupid as that. Come on now, even i'm not that stupid. And right now, garny is lying there unconscious just asking for death to say hi. And mit, i know we've had our squabbles but that doesn't mean i want him to die. And Margaux; ::fighting back tears:: i swear when those guys get out of sickbay, i'm gonna kill'em. And not only them but the other guys too that i havn't had time to meet, and from the looks might never get to. I suppose the only good thing that came out of it is i won't have to fly either of those stupid shuttles. ::still fighting back tears:: Computer, end fricken log.
  5. Ensign Matt McFly Personal Log Stardate 50301.15 ::grunts:: Ok so today was my first day on the Manticore, and they got me working a shuttle. I swear the captain had to have known i don't know how to pilot a freakin shuttle. If i recall i failed that course. Oh but first, they had me anylizing the systems looking for hacker, intruders... ah hell i forgot what they wanted me to do, but it was death either way. But this shuttle, why'd they want me to pilot a shuttle? I'm a security officer not a freakin tour guide! And these two over grown boyscouts they paired me up with. ::sighs:: It's not worth complaigning about. Hey if i'm lucky they'll get tired of me and i'll get to go back home. I really miss my friends down there. Remind me again why i sighned up for StarFleet... Look at me, i'm asking a computer. Oh well, it don't matter, i'm stuck here. I can't wait till we see some real life, you know, something to shoot at. That's why i'm here, i'm the best when it comes to kickin butt. But it's not entirly bad. There are these two, drop dead gorgous women in my department. Man i can't stop thinking about them. I think i'm in love. No really, it wouldn't surprise me. When you got two beautiful females like that, mm, mm. This Roget, I can't get her off my mind. Blond hair, green eyes, a match from heaven. And she's from New Orleans too. I mean i don't really like that southern accent too much, but on some women, it's just beautiful, like her. Ok so i guess i won't die next week, esspecially with women like Margaux running around. That makes the ship livable... is that a word? How would i know, i failed high school too. And one more thing. This dude Mit, he's an Andorian or Bolian, something like that. He's got blue skin, i was never able to tell the two apart. But anyway this dude seems a little uptight. I need to teach him how to mellow a little, maybe there's a good program on the holodeck. Perhaps after the shuttle ride we'll get some coffee or something. There's another guy too, i don't remember his name. He doesn't speak a whole lot. Maybe if i step on his foot a little he'll talk. ::chuckles:: Oh well, i hanvn't met everyone on the ship yet, but i really hope they're not like those two. Actually i hope they're more like Roget. He he, they'd be sweet. Computer, end log.
  6. Name: Matthew McFly Place of Birth: Anaheim, California, Earth Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 25 Marital Status: Single Offspring: N/A Father: George McFly Mother: Loraine McFly Siblings: Maximillum McFly Bio: Raised under strict rules and guidelines, Matt became rebellious at an early age. The drive to be the best was prevalent in his family. Thus, rebellion in primary school came in the form of low grades and sub-par achievement. Secondary school brought on rebellion with violence. Outburst became directed at both students and teachers. Suspension was given on multiple occasions and expulsion twice. One school councilor reported; “Student is violent and unwilling to conform to rules. Assume underlying trauma to blame but impossible to diagnose due to abysmal behavior during counseling sessions. Recommend extreme measures when dealing punishment. Incarceration may be necessary.” Matt’s behavior settled during the last year of school and through graduation. Motive unconfirmed but peers suggest attraction to a fellow student to be the cause. Upon completion of StarFleet entrance exam, Matt was granted attendance at StarFleet academy. Unlike grade school, behavior was a non-issue. Grade point average was low but passable, however Professors continually emphasize the amount of effort given. Matt proved exemplary in the field of weapons, both use and design. He also showed exceptional targeting skills as he placed first in his class. When graduated Matt was assigned security detail on a Federation operated dilithium freighter. Six months later a simple delivery mission turned disastrous when an unstable plasma conduit exploded causing a warp core breach destroying the ship and most of its crew. Only Matt and the ships first officer survived. No sensor data available. In the wake of the event Matt became “distant and suicidal” as one councilor put it. Another suggested “psychotic”. Another went so far as to suggest mental treatment but was never admitted. Consul General Jaffe suggested his post on the tugboat USS Manticore and assignment was granted one week later.
  7. Maybe it's because i have nothing else better to do with my life but i have come up with another idea for a sim. This one would be based on a Prometheus class vessel, U.S.S. Prometheus to be exact. The premise is, a crew is assigned to the first Prometheus class ship, and seeing as how it's a prototype it's not exactly up to par. They go out on the shake-down cruise and find an insane amount of problems with the ship. Not so much that it can't fight of course, just think of the Enterprise in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, how it looked like it was "put together by monkeys". Anyway, there of course would be missions where only the Prometheus would be in range, you know junk like that. Probably some more stuff too i just can't think of it right now. Anyway just another mind numbing thought from MysteryGoat.
  8. I was thinking that a cool sim to play would be Section 31. You know, for those people that want to play the not so good guy. You'd get to do all those missions that StarFleet doesn't want the rest of the federation to know about. Anyway, just a thought.