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    Starfleet Record: Crispin Xavier<br><br>Name: Crispin Xavier <br>Age: 32<br>Date of Birth: Unknown <br>Planet of Birth: Ariel IV<br>HT: 6’ 2” / 1.88 m.<br>WT: 187 lbs. / 9.35 hg.<br>Hair: Blond<br>Eyes: Green<br>Species: Human<br><br>Known Relatives:<br>None<br><br>Education:<br>Starfleet Academy – Masters Degree in Astrophysics <br>Starfleet Academy – Masters Degree in Warp Theory Technologies<br>Starfleet Academy – Bachelors Degree in Stellar Cartography <br>Starfleet Academy – Bachelors Degree in Applied Federation Law<br><br>Known Languages:<br><br>English, French, German, Spanish, Latin, Hebrew, Yiddish, Vulcan, Klingon and Breen.<br><br>How Mr. Xavier knows and can speak the Breen language is unknown.<br><br>Known Hobbies:<br><br>Kendo, Aikido, Chess, Skeet shooting, watching Bruce Willis films and Atmosphere diving.<br><br>Known Quotes:<br><br>“By Hell or high water I will never give up.”<br><br>“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.”<br><br><br>
  1. Okay, I was supposed to have sent this out a few weeks ago, but real life has been real hectic for me. 1940, 8th June Earth, Germany Juhdia brought his bi-wing in for landing, the landing was sluggish to say the least. This is why he came to see his friends, Walter and Reimar Horten. These two Luftwaffe officers and brothers were the best Germany had to offer. Juhdia, now known as General Reihard Heydrich, had been an avid flyer since his days with his friends, another set of brothers, who brought the world the airplane. As Juhdia walked from his plane to find either Walter or Reimar, he noticed an easel by the hanger. Juhdia looked it over, on the easel were diagrams for a new type of plane, something he had never seen before. It had large wings and no propellers. Yes the Reich was busy working on new fighter crafts, as were the Allied forces, but this was far beyond and thing he had seen from stolen plans. Juhdia mused at the designation of this plane, HO I. Soon, Reimar came to notice Juhdia. "Reihard, good to see you." Reimar walked to Juhdia and clasped his hand, "I see you noticed our latest work." Juhdia looked over the diagrams again, "Impressive, but I do not see the propellers. How does the propulsion system work?" Juhdia listened as Reimar talked. Juhdia rubbed his chin as Reimar spoke and when Reimar finished. "Tell me Reimar, how soon can you and Walter can start production?" "Not anytime soon, but we should have a finished model with in the next three years." Juhdia would never get to see the finished product first hand. But he would see the B1 Stealth bomber that was inspired by the HO IX. 7 months ago USS Morningstar, Gamma Quadrant Juhdia woke up in his quarters, as he looked at his bed there was something missing. Angus his pet Denubian Ferret was no longer with him. The poor creature was now locked away on Camelot in the stations zoo. Not so much as an animal kept as an exhibit much like zoos some 400 years ago on earth, but for safe keeping as the Morningstar was not meant to house pets. Juhdia got up, showered and dressed for duty. While he ate breakfast he worked on his little project, his little secret errand. It was a project Juhdia, now known as Lt Crispin Warren Xavier, had been mulling over for some time. The Morningstar carried a compliment of fighter crafts, but they lacked something in his opinion. As did the Morningstar itself. The Excalibur came equipped with a Cloaking Device, and it served the Excalibur well, till the stunt pulled by Commander Corizon. Causing the Excalibur to be damaged to what seemed like beyond repair. But the Excalibur was one of the few exceptions to the Treaty of Algeron. No, for what Juhdia had planned it would have to be different. Then he remembered the HO IX, and the Philadelphia Experiment from the 1940's. Stealth was not against the treaty. But how to update Stealth technology to current technological standards? "Multi-Phasic technology. That is it!" 5 months ago Camelot station, Gamma Quadrant Juhdia entered the Holodeck and entered a special program he had been diligently writing for the past few months. The silver walls changed to that of an old German airplane hanger. There before him was the skeleton of a HO IX. Then he said an access code and the plane before him changed to the shell of a Type 10 Shuttle craft with a narrower front. And the parts for the HO IX changed to parts of a fighter craft. Then with another access code, wings materialized next to the shuttle frame and the propulsion pods disappeared. This was his secret little errand. A new fighter craft, one that featured a Multi-Phasic Stealth field emitter. Present day Avalon Alpha Site, Gamma Quadrant After the final modular section of the Pit had been placed, Juhdia said a few words to the departing Lieutenant Cougar, who was leaving the Engineering department. Then he made his way to a shuttle to take him to Camelot. Once there he made his way to the Holodeck on deck thirty-six. As Juhdia entered he secured the Holodeck with his command code, then he went to the Computer access panel, removed the panel face and took out an isolinear rod and placed it in the coprocessor and closed the panel. "Computer activate program Nehsi H O, alpha nine. Authorization code, epsilon, gamma, one-three-six-zero-five-zero-zero-two, theta omega." "Access granted." The Holodeck changed to the German hanger again. Before Juhdia was a completed HO IX. Then he recited the second access code and the plane changed to the nearly completed fighter craft. The newly designed wings held a micro version of the Defiant Class Armored Pod Warp Nacelles as well as a micro version of the Defiant Class stationary rapid fire Phaser Pulse Cannons, four per wing with two facing forward and two facing aft. So far the wings have been the only true portion of the fighter craft to be completed. Juhdia had more planned, but taking this venture upon himself alone had made things was hard. Juhdia stepped back from the fighter craft. He referred to the fighter craft as 'Her', but he knew it needed a name. "What to name you? What to name you?"
  2. Current repairs to the Excalibur are on the way. We have repaired the hull breech and are seeing to ships systems. A full repair will take place at Camelot. I am commending Ensign Ramson for her performance during the attack. Once Lt Admiran is back, I will have him oversee the final repairs at Camelot.
  3. ((This log actually starts a few weeks ago)) I have long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble. - Helen Keller Juhdia watched as the final placement of the Geothermal power plant was lowered into the large hole, he had dubbed, the Pit. The actual escape tunnels would have to be drilled as each level was constructed. He watched as the geo-stabilizers were placed to help protect against earthquakes. Juhdia mused about if they had this technology back in the 1940's Earth, how they could have made the planned underground facilities that this one was based on. Word had spread that the Romulans were too constructing underground facilities, but that was their concern and not Juhdia's. The Pit was Juhdia's only concern now, or was it. In the back of his mind, there was something else. It had been days since Juhdia had off, working double shifts to make sure everything was going according to plan. They had come across their first problem when the power plant was lowered into the Pit. Sure it fit, but they drilled the housing of the plant to wide, so earth would have to be moved and placed, then set, this would add a day and a half to the scheduled timeframe. "Ah, the wonders of building." Juhdia had expected such delays, he even factored such things into the timeframe, not to make himself look like a miracle worker as was known of many Starfleet Engineers. But to have a real sense of how long this project would take. And now a month and a half was extended by two days. And he knew more days would have to be added, but that's what happens when you build something like this. The other structures were completed and serving their tasks well, but once completed, the Pit would surpass all the current structures built. Or at least Juhdia hoped so. Two weeks have passed and construction was going along, not as well as Juhdia had hoped, but he expected as much. There had been a few problems with the power plant, but that happens when you try to harness the raw forces of nature. "Excuse me, Commander Xavier." Juhdia turned to see Chief DeSoto standing by him, "Yes DeSoto?" "Commander, I have an idea to help reduce time of construction." "Well, let's have it man, you are wasting time just standing there." DeSoto showed Juhdia a PADD, with his idea. "Modular construction? This could reduce construction time by…" DeSoto looked up at Juhdia, "By a week sir. Off my estimates." Juhdia was pleased he had someone like DeSoto on his team, thinking outside the box. With DeSoto's plan of constructing portions of the Pit on the ground, then lowering the modules down by Shuttles and Runabouts, time could be saved and they were one step closer to finishing on time. Maybe even earlier then planned. Juhdia saw to it that DeSoto's plan was put into effect. But Something else weighed deeply on Juhdia's mind. So after 3 long weeks of working double shifts, seven days a week. Juhdia did the unthinkable. He took a break and headed back to Camelot. To work on his other project, his little secret errand. Two weeks later. The Pit has been laid in place and finalization was taking place, with DeSoto's modular plan, a full 10 days had been shaved off the project. Of course materials had added another two days, but no expense was spared and the mass Replicators were working over time. It would take an estimated three weeks before it was complete, but that would be adding the final touches of getting the computer core functioning, as well as the Replicator systems. But the turbolifts were working just fine. Now it was just a matter of time before the Pit was ready. But did they have the time?
  4. Construction of the temporary Alpha Site base had been completed. Headquarters, medical facilities, even defense arrays were in place, and drilling of a permanent base was complete. Now it was just down to actually building the bloody thing. There were enough materials on Camelot to build a few of the levels, but not all nine planned levels the base was to have. With the given time, Juhdia and the others were barely able to construct what was now there. Even if they worked nonstop on the real base it would take a month. Maybe an underground facility was not the best, but it would offer them greater security, as the ground could be laced with material to prevent beaming, and with escape tunnels that could be secured by armed Security, it was the best. For now. The construction was based on old US Military Nuclear Fallout shelter, that were based on underground safe havens that were planned by the Germans during WWII. Juhdia remembered touring one such planned facility back then, but it was never completed. Juhdia looked over the PADD that contained the plans. It was simple enough, not unlike a starship, but it was to be stationary underground and not in the stars. There was an above ground level that would control the planetary-based defenses, with a turbolift that would connect to the underground portion, but would not reach the last two sub levels. That would be reached by a second turbolift shaft that ran the entire sublevels. The first two sub levels would act as civilian housing, offering five hundred living quarters and four galleys. The next sub levels, level three and four would offer five hundred living quarters and four galleys for Starfleet personnel. Sub level 5 would be dedicated to labs and work areas for Science, Medical and Engineering Departments, as well as recreational Holodecks. The sixth sub level would hold the command staff, with housing, offices and a war room. The seventh sub level would be dedicated to supply storage and offer self-contained botanical farming gardens, for a supply of fruits, vegetables, animals and fish. To have the base be self-sufficient should re-supplying not be an option. The eighth and final sub level would house the geothermal power plant. This level will be recessed thirty meters beneath the seventh level, should the power plant be damaged by attack. Base Structure: Ground level One will be three meters high, at twenty meters by thirty meters. This level will also have the main controls for the Phaser arrays and the shuttle landing field. It will also have access to the sub levels one through six by a turbolift. This level will also house the main Security offices and brig. Sub level One will be recessed ten meters below the ground level and will have the ground above it laced with materials that will prevent beaming into the sub levels. This will prevent beaming out, but will contain a series of escape tunnels that will be guarded. The escape tunnels will also contain a series of shielding and automatic Phaser arrays to aid in defense. This sub level will serve as housing for civilians. It is set to house two thousand, with five hundred rooms, eight civilians to a room. In addition to the housing, Sub Level One will hold four galleys, for dinning. These galleys, will offer both a functional kitchen as well as replicators. This sub level will have access to the ground level by a turbolift and will have a second turbolift shaft which offers access to the full underground facility. As well as a series of Jeffries Tubes that connects the entire facility. This level will also house an adjunct Sick Bay. Sub Level Two will be constructed as Sub Level One, but will be recessed one meter below Sub Level One. Sub level Three will be recessed one meter below Sub Level Two and will have the ground around it laced with materials that will prevent beaming into the sub levels. This will prevent beaming out, but will contain a series of escape tunnels that will be guarded. The escape tunnels will also contain a series of shielding and automatic Phaser arrays to aid in defense. This sub level will serve as housing for Starfleet Personnel. It is set to house two thousand, with five hundred rooms, eight Starfleet Personnel to a room. In addition to the housing, Sub Level Three will hold four galleys, for dinning. These galleys, will offer both a functional kitchen as well as replicators. This sub level will have access to the ground level by a turbolift and will have a second turbolift shaft which offers access to the full underground facility. As well as a series of Jeffries Tubes that connects the entire facility. This level will also house an adjunct Sick Bay. Sub Level Four will be constructed as Sub Level Three, but will be recessed one meter below Sub Level Three Sub Level Five will be recessed one meter below Sub Level Four. This sub level will house the Medical Labs and Sick Bay. This Sick Bay will be a full compliment Sick Bay, as opposed to the adjunct Sick Bays on Sub Levels One through Four, and Sub Levels Six and Seven. The Science Labs will also be housed on this sub level. In addition to Medical and Science labs, this sub level will offer full Engineering Labs and workshops. Sub Level Six will be recessed one meter below Sub Level Five. This sub level will house the Command structure of the facility. With an active War Room, meeting and briefing rooms. This sub level will also house the command living quarters, one person to a room. Sub Level Seven will be recessed two meters below Sub Level Six. This sub level will house Supply Rooms and Horticulture/Farming Labs. This is the last level accessible by the first turbolift. Sub Level Eight will be recessed thirty meters below Sub Level Seven. This sub level will house the Geothermal Power Plant and Main Engineering. It is accessible by the secondary turbolift and Jeffries Tubes only. This sub level is to be heavily shielded and secured, to prevent sabotage and accidents. Unlike other sub levels, Sub Level Eight will not have escape tunnels, but a series of venting tunnels should the Geothermal Power Plant erupt. Ground Level 1: Defenses (3m 20m x 30m) Sub Level 1-2 : Civilian housing (2.5m 100m x 100m) Sub Level 3-4 : Starfleet housing (2.5m 100m x 100m) Sub Level 5: Science/Medical/Engineering labs/Holodecks (4m 150m x 150m) Sub Level 6: Command (2.5m 40m x 40m) Sub Level 7: Supply/farming (10m 150m x 150m) Sub Level 8: Geothermal power station (8m 50m x 50m)
  5. Use of the new Cloaking Device is proving unique as apposed to the last unit that was aboard the Excalibur. This unit does not require as much power as the last unit as well as it's cloaking capability is superior. However for the time being until it has proven itself in extended use, I will continue to advise that non-essential decks be powered down. I will see what the Science Department can suggest to improving sensors while the Cloaking Device is in use. I have not seen degradation in sensor read out, however the power drain used by the Cloaking Device may interfere with the sensors. As well as the Cloak itself will prove taxing to Federation Sensors, while it is in use.
  6. Re-supply of the Excalibur has begun to commence. I have placed Lt Admiran in charge of seeing to the Excalibur's re-supply. The Romulans have delivered the new Cloaking Device. While the original Cloaking Device is still in storage aboard Camelot, it is of the decision of the Command staff to have a new one placed in the refit of the Excalibur. The over all design of this new Cloaking Device is similar to the unit that was installed in the Excalibur when it arrived in the Gamma Quadrant. So installment was as easy. Thankfully the refit allowed for the installment of a Cloaking Device. Time of installation of the Cloaking Device would have been less should I have used others, but I doubt any other member of the Engineering crew has the familiarity with the Cloaking Device and the Excalibur as I do. I will make it an important factor in the continuing education of both Lt Admiran and Lt Cougar that they understand the Cloaking Device as well as its function aboard the Excalibur. It is nice to have the Excalibur back, even though it has been transformed to more of a warship than the exploration vessel it was meant to be. However desperate times call for desperate measures. After conversations with both Lt Admiran and Lt Cougar, I have come to the conclusion that while both men can make the needed life or death decisions that come with command; however they still need to experience Command. I will spend the next few months seeing to the training of these two men, should the need arrive that one of them to take command of Excalibur's Engineering Department.
  7. Reports have been made and logged. As of now Weapons, Shields, Sensors and Propulsion systems are operating at 100%. Lieutenant Admiran has been placed in charge of all communications to and from the Bridge. During the upcoming battle, he will act as eyes and ears for Main Engineering. Lieutenant Cougar and Lieutenant Kaufman have been placed in charge of Damage Control Teams. It is their duty to coordinate where repair teams are to be assigned. Ensign Escher has been placed in command of Weapons, Shields and Non-Essential systems, seeing to were power is to be diverted for use to Weapons and Shields. Lieutenant Commander Chen and Lieutenant Teykier, of the Science Department, are assisting in Engineering. I am having them work with Propulsion systems. I have reported to the Bridge, current battle ready status of Engineering. As with my standing melee weapons only policy while in Main Engineering, all personnel have been armed and are ready for any attacks to Main Engineering.
  8. Well, she was gone. It's not like this had never happened to Juhdia before. He had lost so many women over the past few thousands of years, he had even lost count. To many lives, to many names. Soon even her name would be a faded memory, not locked away, but forgotten. It was time for his shift to be over, so Juhdia logged out and went to his quarters, he was going to make a stop at Sick Bay, but then he remembered. She was no longer there. Juhdia could have felt remorse, sorrow, even anger. She had not told him she was leaving, no good-bye speech, no recorded message, not even a letter. But then he would have been a hypocrite. How many times had he left without notice, he had even lost count. When someone had lived as long as he has, time starts to flow together or pieces just seem to vanish with time. No he would not hold anything against her, that was not his way. And her choice to leave was hers. Juhdia sat alone in his quarters, a bottle of two hundred year old Scotch sat on the table in front of him. Next to the bottle was a glass. He mused as he looked at the bottle. It was the same bottle as their first dinner together. Albeit it was not a date, their first date was some time later. But it was their first time together. Funny thing about memories, they fade just like flowers. Juhdia mused about the white lilies he gave her that first time. Did she save them, did she dispose of them as they wilted? Of his few times in the Sick Bay of the USS Morningstar, he had noticed it was bereft of life. Cold, sterile. It was not like the USS Excalibur. Briana had kept the Sick Bay alive with plants. But this was a Warship and the Sick Bay was not a nursery. Juhdia looked arcoss his room and saw the project he was working on. Something to liven up Sick Bay. It was a holographic emitter programmed with over sixteen million species of flowers, he even worked in a scent emitter that would mimic the scent of the flower it was displaying. Now it would just sit there. Soon even it's purpose would be a faded memory, not locked away, but forgotten. Yes there were many things around to keep her memory fresh, but soon those memories would fade. Soon even Elaine Delgado would be a faded memory, not locked away, but forgotten.
  9. I have assigned Ensign Escher to assist Lt. Cougar and the Security Department with the Weapons and Shields. I have also assigned Lt. Kaufman to assist Lt. Admiran and the Science Department with the Sensors. Lt. Admiran is working on a series of Probes to boost Sensor range. And this endeavor is coming along nicely. Later Ensign Escher was assigned to assist in Sensor readings on the Bridge. I am working with Helm to keep Impulse and Thruster systems operating at optimal efficiency. With constant monitoring and regular reports from Helm, this endeavor should keep the USS Morningstar operating at optimal levels. Hopefully. In my off time I am working on an Electro-Magnetic Pulse array that can substitute for Sensors. I have three mock-up models that have so far proven useless. However with more Sensor scans I will have an EMP frequency that does not already exist with in this expanse.
  10. All system were set for launch. System repairs for the USS Morningstar have gone accordingly and we should not have any system failures. I will keep a team lead by myself, on the USS Morningstar's Warp Core. I have assigned Lt. Kaufman to work with the Science Department to deal with any disruptions that may be encountered for sensors while the Morningstar is in the Onnaris expanse. I have assigned Lt. Admiran to work with the Security Department to deal with any disruptions to Weapons and Shields that may be encountered while the USS Morningstar is in the Onnaris expanse. I have received the report from the Medical Department on the Microbes that caused illness to the crew of the USS Morningstar and Station Camelot. I will be working on upgrading the bio-filters on the USS Morningstar to filter out any such Microbes and Microbes of a similar nature, should they be encountered again. However this project will be listed as secondary to the Warp Core. When the USS Morningstar returns to Station Camelot, I will speak with the stations Engineering Department to see how they have progressed on this endeavor, as all data was sent to the Command Staff and should have been relayed to Station Camelot.
  11. Currently Engineering is working with Security to improve shields should we encounter the unknown vessel that attacked the USS Morningstar when we were returning from Surmac. Once I have a finished report from Lieutenants Admiran and Cougar. I will work with them on upgrading the shield systems. And as well once I have received a finished report from Medical and Science I will begin work on the ships bio-filtration systems. Once we have completed with the Morningstar I will pass on the data to Camelot and they can begin work on the stations bio-filtration systems.
  12. It is my belief that the Alien vessel that attacked us, was also the same that planted the Alien containment unit on the Morningstar. It is my belief that the attack was to disable our Shields so as to plant this containment unit with the Alien aboard the Morningstar. If the Alien was placed on the Morningstar as a threat or as a refugee seeking asylum, is yet to be seen. I support the use of Security Personnel to watch this Alien. But we should also keep an open mind to his/her reason for coming to us. This is also our main mission, exploration and diplomacy. I recommend that the Alien be placed in a closed off section of Camelot and try to be revived by Medical means. If we can replicate the microbes that were in the containment unit the Alien was in, then we could possibly recreate his own atmosphere. This will be needed to be performed by the Medical and Science Departments. Any assistance will be offered by the Engineering Department.
  13. Since the infection that spread throughout the Morningstar and Camelot. The Engineering Department will work with the Medical Department to see a way to make the bio-filters work against this infection. In addition to this I am planning an overhaul on the Morningstar taking into account the recent attacks. I will go over reports from the Security Department and work with them to upgrade Shields and Weapons to meet this new threat of the Alien vessel that attacked us. Also I will need a containment field to be set up on Camelot and in the Sick Bays of both Morningstar and Camelot. This is for the containment unit the Alien arrived in as well as in the Sick Bay the Alien is occupying.
  14. Well, he said it. Now what? Whatever Elaine's answer would be would affect the outcome of their relationship. However maybe now was not the most opportune time for asking her. Juhdia could see the others, thriving in pain. He too was slowing succumbing to his own pain, but there is one thing he had over the others. Several thousands of years of pain, this was old hat for him. He had encountered pain like this before. It started to feel like a bad hangover, so he decided to cure it the only way he knew how too. Drink some more. But that did not go over well. So he bite the bullet of his pride and went to see the Doctor. From seeing the others suffering as he was, Juhdia thought it best to close down the Morningstar incase this was some kind of infection, brought aboard by the mysterious Alien. Good thing Elaine and Brian agreed with him. However, should Cmdr Corizon have not interfered with Juhdia's lockdown order, then this 'infection' may have not have spread. Who had gotten off Morningstar before Elaine's order was sent. Now they could spread this 'infection'. The pain reminded Juhdia of the 'bends'. He had only experienced it twice, but this was not unlike it. But it was more. This was like an infection. He was experiencing an intense feeling of cold, not unlike when he traveled with Admiral Bird to the Artic. He shivered. No this was like something else he had felt before. "Bloody Hell, it's the Black Plague all over again." Juhdia remembered his time as a Doctor during the plague and when he too had succumbed to the plague. The pain, the fever, feeling cold. These were all signs of an illness. But it had effected so many different species the same way, so this was unlike any 'infection' he had encountered before. A Trill, an Andorian, a genetically engineered hybrid Human Cougar and him. So this was unlike anything he had seen before. Had it been brought aboard by their mysterious visitor. That would be left to be seen. But for now that was the only possible cause. Juhdia was sure this visitor had come aboard when the Morningstar was attacked. He was unlike the Al-Ucard, or Surmac. So that could be the only way he came aboard. But for now this was not his concern. Getting better was what mattered to him. But before he could get better he would see to it the pain and suffering of the others would be seen to first.
  15. Juhdia looked over Main Engineering. It was a disgrace, yes they had been attacked, yes there was the emergency landing and yes there was the explosion. And now it was his responsibility to clean it up. But the good thing, it was not his alone. Over the next twenty days it was the responsibility of the entire Engineering staff to get the Morningstar back it tip top shape. Yes they would soon be in the welcoming arms of Camelot allowing them needed repairs, but for how long, a day if at best. It would take days, maybe a week in spacedock to fully repair the Morningstar. But would they have that time? In one word, no. So it was now up to the Engineering staff to make the needed repairs with what they had. Even if they had to patch the hull with duct tape and bubble gum, they would. After a few days of repair, Juhdia made sure to get some sleep, no more passing out from sleep deprivation. And he made sure to clear some of his schedule to give time to thank Elaine for helping him out. Some extra special alone time for the two. And then he would have a chance to ask her a very special question.