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  1. Thank you all. My wife kidnapped me early Friday and whisked me to Las Vegas. We got back late last night, so sorry I haven't acknowledged the notes before today. It was odd being there with her and without you all or the Trek exhibit ... but I managed to persevere ;-) Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone. Moooose
  2. My targ ate my post.
  3. Of course he will ... he's a Scorpio.
  4. I'm a Scorpio. Too many of you know me personally for me to deny any of Snoopy's allegations towards my people.
  5. I'm sorry, but for me, Star Wars jumped the shark when they revealed that Leah was Luke's sister. As a funny side note, my brother missed that fact when he saw "Return of the Jedi" twenty years ago, and almost swallowed his tounge when he heard it for the first time at the end of 'Sith'. He's probably the only person on the planet for whom that was a surprise ending.
  6. Things from the "Extreame Makeover" blooper real that you'll never see.
  7. Isn't that a wierd feeling. Many years ago, I started my first advanced sim on the same night as another player. It turns out we both lived in the Chicago area. Finally, after several months of wondering if we'd passed each other on the street, she invited me to a concert in which she was singing. When she sent me the flyer, I discovered that she was performing with someone else I had known for years. So we actually had a mutual reference before we met in person. A few months later, one of the guys on the ship was coming through town on business. She had arranged to meet him, and at the last minute came to her senses and invited me along. This way, she didn't have to meet him alone. A few months after that, one more crew member came to town. We went to meet her and discovered that the brought her mother-in-law with her. MIL was a good sport, listening to us spout Trek-babble all night, but it was a smart thing to do. Neither one of them had any idea what type of wierdo's we were going to turn out to be. No matter how friendly and honest we all seem online, please be cautious if this thread starts getting you into "let's meet" conversations. Use the same precautions that you'd use meeting any kind of stranger. Tell people where you're going, meet in a public place, and bring a friend or two along. Believe it or not, not everyone is as they represent themselves around here. Moose (the beautiful, young blond girl with nice shoulders)
  8. My favorite was Wrath of Kahn. My least favorite was Final Frontier. I didn't think First Contact was a good as everyone said it was, although I liked it alot. And I enjoyed Nemesis more than everyone told me I would. : )
  9. I'm from Chicago. The closest person that I've met is 1 1/2 hours away (name omitted to protect the innocent), but I know there are others in the area. In the old days, about 1/3 of the Arcadia crew either lived out here, or had a reason to cruise through town often. Other than Shore Leave, I don't see as many people face to face as I used to. As fun as this topic is, please be carefull about how much personal information you reveal about other members. : ) I would let folks reply on their own rather than "outing" their home locations.
  10. Happy Birthday, old man. And thanks for making me feel young for another year. ;-) Moosethusela
  11. Thank you for the kind wishes everyone. You all started a day early, and I couldn't quite figure it out until I realized that Fred is on the other side of the International Dateline. It was my birthday there before it was here. So in true Sci Fi fashion, I got birthday greetings from the future. Thanks everyone. Moose
  12. I certainly hope so. We've got plenty of room for everyone. Bring 'em on. : )
  13. Are we talking about the same Vegas? This is the city that's designed for tourists. Sure, they'd like you to gamble, but there is nowhere on the planet that's easier to have a cheap vacation. a) Hotel and airfare for three nights / four days is often under $500, always under $600. b ) You don't need to rent a car. Other than to and from the airport, you can get almost everywhere for $1.50 monorail ticket. c) Almost every hotel has something spectacular to do for free: lions at the MGM, white tigers and an exploding volcano at the Mirage, the Chihulley glass exhibit at the Bellagio, the choreographed fountains at the Bellagio, the statues that come to life at Ceasar's Palace, the circus acts at Circus, Circus, the laser light show over Freemont Street, etc. etc. etc. Just to walk around and see how some of these places are decorated is astounding. And if you want to spend a little money, there are at least a 1/2 dozen roller coasters, countless 3-D motion simulator rides, trips to the top of the eiffel tour, gondola rides, etc. etc. etc. I haven't even gotten to the stage shows (ranging anywhere from $30 to $130 a seat), the shopping, and the nice restaraunts if you're so inclined. d) Some of the cheapest restaraunts in the world. Where else do you find an all-you-can-eat prime rib buffet for $5.95? There is plenty of inexpensive things to do if you get tired of spending time with the people and need to move. However, you are correct that Shore Leave is all about spending time with the people. This is usually why we either don't leave the pool, or once we sit down in Quark's Bar we end up sitting there all day munching on "Holy Onion Rings of Betazed" The biggest complaint anyone ever has is that we didn't do enough.
  14. If they had done that, then I probably wouldn't be able to tease you about your spelling and grammer mistakes. ;-) But seriously, robots and telescopes are fine, but a manned mission to the moon is the first step towards going anywhere else. And it's a step we haven't taken in 30 years. If they start now, we won't make it to the moon until Kroells is thirty. If we wait until Iraq and Katrina and possibly Rita are behind us, then we may loose another decade or two on top of that. Who's to say that this isn't the start of something better. Wouldn't a mission to Mars be better off starting from a moon colony with full fuel tanks and food larders? What would a super-telescope mounted on the dark side of the moon be able to reveal? I'm not saying that Nasa is planning these kind of things now, but they'll never be possible if we don't lay the infrastructure, and that means making routine trips to the moon. If NASA starts the project now, they'll be ready to go when someone comes up with a really good idea as to why we should be there. Moose
  15. All right boys, put the guns back in your pockets where they belong and give it a rest. No offense to anyone, but I have yet to meet a member of this forum who is so naturally entertaining, that they've earned the right to rain (not my first word choice) on someone else's parade just for sport. If this thread annoys you, simply don't read it and go find something else to do. And please take the "who's going to beat up who" discussion somewhere private. Thanks, Moose