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  1. "The Final Chapter” Sol System – a few days after last game. It was a long, slow and uneventful ride home after their mission responding to the distress call from the starbase. They’d taken quite a lot of damage in the attack and he was glad the Romulans came in when they did. Their response of them being “rogue operatives” didn’t particularly surprise him; a standard Romulan response J’Lale thought to himself. Though he still didn’t grasp how the operatives managed to overtake a whole shipyard and take six large warbirds and Birds of Prey like that. Definitely a much larger inside job than they let on. As the admiral mentioned though, it’s sometimes best not to ask questions. “We’re arriving at the Sol System, and are on approach to Utopia Planetia” responded the young beta shift ensign at helm. “Go ahead and dock us in” responded the Captain. “Captain Wilkinson and Commander Hodges are ready to meet you sir” the communications officer said. Ja’Lale sighed. “Well. Looks like that’s it then” He was still somewhat surprised his application to the Daystrom Institute was accepted. It’s been so long since he submitted it, he’d forgotten all about it and assumed he didn't get the role. But, he has glad he did -- it felt like a logical next move to his career path to allow him to continue his passion for science, and astronomy. Challenger had finally arrived at the shipyards at Utopia Planetia and was docked into its berth. Already, he could see a few workbees flying around the ship surveying the damage. As he manoeuvred around a fallen bulkhead on the bridge, he could definitely tell that the Challenger was going to be docked here for a while. He was impressed how well the Challenger took being attacked by so many warbirds and large D-7 birds of prey. But, he wouldn’t get the chance to oversee the repairs. It was now when it hit him that the fact that his command of the Challenger was now officially over. He bade a long farewell to the officers on the bridge and took the lift down to the airlock which connected the Challenger to the shipyard. A short ride later, he was met at the airlock by a tall brown haired man, around 6'2" or 6'3" sporting a thin moustache and another man with black hair and a short, stocky build which Ja'Lale estimated to be around 5'6" or 7" but built like a tank. “Ah, Captain it’s nice to meet you finally” responded the moustachioed man. “Yes, to you as well” Ja’Lale smiled. “Take good care of Challenger for me, will you? She’s a good ship and with an even better crew. I know it'll take a lot of work to get her back running into shape again, but I'm confident you're both up to the task” said Ja’Lale. "I know you have a work ahead of you with these repairs, but I'm certain you're both up to the “Thanks Farouk. We look forward to continuing on with your successes. And we also hope we have better luck in our encounters with the Rommies than you did” replied Captain David Wilkinson, the Challenger’s new Commanding officer -- the tall well-built man from Nebraska with the moustache. The short and stocky built Commander Neil Hodges smiled. “Aye, you got that right!" he said, seconding Wilkinson's comment. "It’ll be a good challenge, but we’re up for the task. I'm sure of it. We both look forward getting to know the ship and her crew” Hodges responded in his distinctive Yorkshire, England accent. “I certainly hope so. I wish you both the best of luck and every success” Ja’Lale said. Ja'Lale pressed a button on a terminal wall. “Computer, transfer command of the USS Challenger to Captain David Wilkinson, and Executive Officer Commander Neil Hodges effective immediately. Authorization code Ja’Lale Alpha-4-1-1-5-9er”. The computer beeped in response. “Command transfer accepted. Command of the USS Challenger has been transferred to Captain David Wilkinson and Commander Neil Hodges as of 2205 hours, star date 11810.26” replied the computer. And with that, Captain Ja’Lale’s command of the Challenger and time with Starfleet had come to an end. Ja'Lale pressed the button again, activating the ship wide comms so that every person on the Challenger could hear. "Attention crew of the USS Challenger. As many of you know, I am stepping down as the Commanding Officer of the Challenger to pursue a new opportunity outside of Starfleet. I want to say, that it was my absolute honour and pleasure to be your captain over this many years. We've been through so much together, but you acted in steadfast duty and loyalty to the ship and Starfleet with the utmost dedication to your posts. I truly appreciate everything you have done to make Challenger the ship that it is and to upkeep our extremely positive reputation in Starfleet. "I will miss each and every one of you and I hope that wherever you go, and whatever you do it will be met with good fortune. Your new Captain, Captain Wilkinson and your new XO, Commander Hodges I know are great men who share my values in fostering a deep positive working relations with you. I'm certain you'll continue to grow in their command. Fortune favours the bold. Goodbye Challenger, and god speed. May the winds forevermore always be at your backs. This is Captain Ja'Lale one last time, over and out". He cut the comm and walked back to the airlock. Ja’Lale shook Wilkinson and Hodges' hands and gave them a final salute. “She’s all yours now. Again, good luck”. Wilkinson and Hodges nodded and returned his salute. "Thank you Captain, we won't let you down" replied Wilkinson. "Best of luck at your new post at the Daystrom Institute". Ja’Lale smiled a beaky grin at them both and turned into the shipyard’s departure area for his air tram ride to his new posting as Chair of Research of the Astro-Science & astrometrics departments at the prestigious Daystrom Institute, located on Mars' surface. Daystrom Technological Institute, Mars – a few days later It’s been a few days, and he was settling in nicely. The Daystrom Institute was truly an impressive facility. After finalizing his formal resignation from Starfleet at their Mars office, Ja'Lale spent the past few days touring the Institute’s expansive campus and setting up and settling into his new large office complete with a big mahogany desk, fireplace and a large window overlooking Olympus Mons in the distance and a large well manicured garden in the heart of the campus. Ja'Lale's office had an affluent 19th century Victorian feel to it which suited him just fine, he always was a fan of this period in Earth's time. So far, he liked it here at the Institute. He’s gotten along well with his colleagues and gets to continue working with his primary passion of astro-science, stellar cartography and astro-physics. The technology is state-of-the-art and the research projects he oversees will undoubtedly have great benefits to the Federation and Starfleet. It was going to be a pleasure and a thrill to be a part of it all.But a part of him will miss Starfleet and commanding the Challenger. Even though he’s no longer commanding the Challenger, he still gets updates on Challenger’s repair progress from Captain Wilkinson at Ja'Lale's request -- sometimes it was very hard to let go of something you care so deeply about. Ja'Lale was glad Wilkinson understood this and capitulated to his request to keep him in the loop. Repairs have been progressing along nicely according to him and the crew are currently on leave on Earth or other places having a well earned extended period of rest and relaxation. Ja'Lale had also learned that Challenger also will be receiving some new upgrades and refits to make it more able to deal with the new imminent threat coming from the Romulan side. Though the operatives that attacked that colony and starbase were rogue operatives, it was no secret the Romulans, and for that matter, the Klingons were unhappy of Starfleet’s experiments with cloak technology and becoming increasingly vocal against their advances in this field. The grandfather clock in his office chimed nine times. He checked his schedule at the terminal at his desk; 0900. It was almost time for his first meeting with his team to look at new advances and star charts his team were working on -- truly interesting stuff Ja'Lale thought to himself. But as he got up from his desk, his thoughts returned to Romulan situation. He did fear this would boil over and escalate into something worse. It wasn’t something he wanted to think about, but it was something that filled his mind. But, regardless of what happens Challenger will still be there to keep the peace. Crew may come and go, but Challenger’s adventures are still far from over. Life aboard will move on and many adventures still remain to be unwritten. He hoped the new CO and XO and its crew will experience much more as they continue to explore the great unknown.
  2. Hey folks, Sorry I've been dropping the ball on Chat logs lately. Here are the chat logs for the last four weeks. Note: We did not hold a sim on 29 May 2011, Memorial Day long weekend. 052211.rtf 060511.rtf 061211.rtf 061911.rtf 062611.rtf
  3. 02 January 2011 (No Sim on 26 December 2010): Having finished a dinner held in their honour, the Challenger landing party continues their tour of Betazed visiting the idyllic Janaran Falls, a famous landmark waterfall in the jungles of the planet. We pick up next week having moved back to the city for a tour of the Betazoids' technical and medical facilities. TBS = 3 hours 2_Jan_2011.rtf
  4. 19 December, 2010: The Challenger has arrived to and is orbit around the planet Betazed. The Away Team consisting of Major Kimiko, Lt. Poldara, Lt. M'guire, Lt. Reed, Ens. Long, Dr. Harris and Lt. Savros beamed down to the planet surface, to be met by Outworld Minister Grax, and Councillor Dacia Sandero, a daughter of the 4th House of Betazed. After showing the landing party around a bit, they are taken to a large dining hall, where a large dinner party was held in their honour. The Landing Party learns more about Betazoid culture and meets with an old familiar friend from one of their previous missions. (*Gong!*) TBS: 4 hours 19_Dec_2010.rtf
  5. As a general reminder, we will be continuing our plot as usual on the USS Challenger on the 26th and the 2nd. If you can't make it, that's fine. I'd like to take this time and wish you all a Happy Holiday season and a happy and prosperous new year. :P
  6. “Unsettling” 11012.14 The Betazed vessels came about and flanked the much larger Challenger to escort the ship to Betazoid. He settled back into his seat as Challenger slowly followed her escorts. Over the course of his service in Starfleet, Ja’Lale was involved in several first contact missions, but none were as interesting and surprising as this one. Ja’Lale would admit that prior to this mission, he was not aware of the existence of the Betazeds. Thus, the fact that they can read minds took him by surprise. They seemed to know a lot about the Challenger, even mentioning some of the crew by name. But, at the same time, they weren’t aware that he was now in command. The Betazeds mentioned Captain Seiben, who was just reassigned as the new ambassador to Magna Roma. Minister Grax didn’t seem to know about Ja’Lale and seemed genuinely perplexed by his presence and seemed extremely uncomfortable speaking with him. This was rather curious, Ja’Lale thought wondering if Grax was able to read Ja’Lale’s mind when they talked. Anatomically, his Chelon skull was much thicker than that of humans and the layout of his brain was also vastly different. He wondered if these factors would hinder Grax or any other Betazoid from reading his mind. As the away team prepared for their away mission, he could understand that they were feeling apprehensive about this mission. He knew that humans liked to keep their thoughts to themselves and wondered how they would cope when their most intimate thoughts were open for the Betazoids to read. At the same time, Ja’Lale was well aware of how Grax seemed hesitant and flustered when speaking to him. If Grax felt this away about him, how would the rest of the Betazoid populace feel about him? He knew now that he made the wise move in staying aboard the Challenger for this mission. But, he knew that the Betazoids may want the Captain to beam down to the surface. He wasn’t sure how he would handle that. He also hoped this wouldn’t affect their mission. Would the Betazoids be willing to join the Federation if there were races of aliens with minds they could not read? For a second, he wished that Captain Seiben were still in command. Seiben could have easily joined the Away Team and made their mission that much easier. But, he quickly banished those thoughts from his mind. He was sure Kimiko and company would do a fine job. If the Betazoids were willing to meet with the Captain, he would have to handle that aspect when it arose. He only hoped if that happened, everyone would take it well.
  7. 12 December, 2010: The USS Challenger is enroute to the planet Betazed, a peaceful planet whose inhabitants strongly resemble humans in appearance. We learn that the Betazoids have specifically invited the Challenger crew, and that they possess telepathic capabilities, which unsettles much of the crew. After establishing audio contact with Grax, a Betazed Government Official, Challenger is escorted to Betazoid. Whilst enroute, Captain Ja'Lale forms an away team to descend to the surface. They are surprised to learn that Grax specifically invited Dr. Harris and Mr. M'guire as part of the Away Team. AT Members: Kimiko, Dr. Harris, Reed, MGuire, Poldara, Savros, Freeman and Long. Captain Ja'Lale and Commander Ba'alyo will stay aboard Challenger to monitor the situation and to avoid any uneasiness their appearance might cause if they beam down to the surface (as they are both non-humanoid) TBS: 3 hours. 12_Dec_2010.txt
  8. “Conversations” 11012.06 The Enterprise-B silently slowed to warp 7, alongside Challenger in a rare meeting of two of Starfleet’s most state-of-the-art ships. For anyone in the same area, the sight of two Excelsior-Refit Class ships was quite the formidable sight. Ja’Lale looked at his counterpart, Captain John Harriman, on the Enterprise-B, who was still giving him details of their next mission. “We don’t know too much about these Betazeds, but they do fill all of the criteria for admission into the Federation. They have had warp capable ships for the better part of almost a century, based on our scans of their historical files” Captain Harriman replied. “I see” replied the Rigellian. “I wonder why we haven’t contacted them sooner, then” he pondered out loud. “As I mentioned before, we only just discovered them two years ago. It was one of our missions after we were re-commissioned” answered Harriman, of course referring to their tragic maiden voyage, which resulted in the death of dozens of El-Aurian refugees as well as Captain Kirk. “We scanned their planet, some of their historical files as well as their technology and star ships. After we sent or results to Starfleet Command, they decided they would make a good addition to the Federation” continued Harriman. “Starfleet was initially going to give the first contact mission to us, but we have received urgent new orders, apparently some trouble near the Neutral Zone. Thus, they ordered us to give these new orders to you” Ja’Lale nodded knowingly. “Is there anything you can tell us about these people, based on the scans you’ve collected?” asked Ja’Lale. Harriman made a quick gesture to the science officer. “I’m forwarding all of the information we’ve collected to you now. They’re quite similar to humans in appearance and they seem to be quite peaceful. We haven’t found any signs of past wars or conflict, so that’s a good sign” Harriman said with a shrug. “Hmm, that is indeed a good sign,” conceded Ja’Lale. “Well… based on Challenger’s past experience in diplomacy, I’m sure you guys will do all right. So long as nobody decides not to marry one of the locals, this time around” Harriman said with a smile. “No, you guys will be okay. Don’t worry about it” It was times like these when Ja’Lale wished he had brows to rise. “I am certain my crew will fare well in this mission. I have high confidence in their abilities, and since we Chelons do not marry in the traditional sense, and only have one gender, that is one aspect, that Starfleet need not worry about” Ja’Lale responded with a smile of his own “Of course, Captain. You should all the files and information we’ve gathered on Betazoid and its people. I’d love to stick around and chat, but we need to be on our way. Seems the Romulans might be causing a bit of trouble along their side of the Neutral Zone” Harriman said. “Good luck, Challenger. God speed to you” “And good luck, and god speed to you too, Captain Harriman” replied Ja’Lale. With a final farewell, the screen finally went blank. Beside Challenger, the Enterprise-B slowed and turned port and jumped into warp, headed for the Neutral Zone. “Continue on course, Mr. M’Guire” Ja’Lale ordered as Challenger hurtled across the stars at warp 7, for Betazed.
  9. The USS Challenger has been given its orders from Starfleet Command. They are to explore an uninhabited M-Class planet in a nearby sector of space. On route, the crew of the Challenger discuss exploration and the future of Starfleet, before being intercepted by the Enterprise-B with a brand new set of orders, to make first contact with a prospective candidate for admission into the Federation -- the planet and people of Betazed. 05_Dec_2010.rtf
  10. Congratulations to Quintin M'guire on his promotion on Challenger today from Lieutenant Junior Grade to full Lieutenant. We hope to continue to benefit from his good work and services to the sim. Also, congratulations to our new Ensign Robert Long, who is now assigned as Chief Security and Tactical Officer as of today. We wish them both well.
  11. Reviving the lost art of posting the Challenger Chatlogs lol. Last sim saw the end of Captain Seiben's trial and subsequent change of command of the Challenger to Captain Ja'Lale. The newly exonnerated Seiben gets a new assignment. 28_Nov_2010_Chatlog.rtf
  12. I'd like mine changed to "Cowabunga!"
  13. UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS Crew Biographical Files File Photo: Ja’Lale in traditional Rigellian battle armour and robe PERSONAL INFORMATION: Name: Fahrouk Ja’Lale (FAH-rook JAH-Lahl-leh) Species: Chelon (Rigellian) Gender: Not Applicable* Place of Origin: Chelar (Rigel III) Age: 43 Earth Years Height: 1.9 metres Weight: 216 lbs Skin: Green, Scaly Eyes: Black Hair: None *Rigellians are only known to have one gender SERVICE INFORMATION: Service Number: A0DC078-5442 Current Rank: Captain Assignment: Commanding Officer, USS Challenger (NCC-2457) Service History: 2275: Graduated from Starfleet Academy, one of the first of his species to do so. 2275: Assigned to Miranda-Class USS North Carolina as Assistant Science Officer 2277: Named Chief Science Officer of USS North Carolina 2281: Transfer to Constellation-Class USS Churchill, as Chief Science Officer 2285: Named Executive Officer of USS Churchill 2290-2295: ** RESTRICTED INFORMATION ** 2295: Expedition lead near Orion space 2296: Assignment to Commanding Officer, Excelsior-Refit Class USS Challenger FAMILY/NEXT OF KIN: Parents: Unknown Siblings: 12 siblings. BACKGROUND: With a long and distinguished career in both his home planet and Starfleet, Ja’Lale has served on several ships in the Federation and various outposts in Chelar. Not long after he hatched from his egg, Ja’Lale displayed a higher degree of intelligence than his siblings or other hatchlings his age. Like most Chelons, Ja’Lale was brought up and raised by several attendants who fed, educated and otherwise cared for him and his 12 siblings. His parents are currently unknown to him. Upon Chelar’s admission into the United Federation of Planets in the 2270s, Ja’Lale was one of the first Chelons to enroll in Starfleet Academy, after serving 5 years in the Chelar Space Fleet and graduating in the top 10% of his class. Ja’Lale’s natural intelligence and strength made him a fine officer and allowed him to move up in rank with relative speed. In 2296, Ja’Lale was given command of the USS Challenger after leading a mission near Orion space, exploring damage caused by a mysterious power. This will be Ja’Lale’s first starship command. As a natural leader, Ja’Lale is thought to do well in this endeavour. RIGELLIAN PHYSIOLOGY: Rigellians – or Chelons as they refer to themselves, are members of the Federation. They are a sentient race, descended from an ancient race of saber-toothed turtles, which later evolved to walk upright millions of years ago. They are easily distinguished by their green scaly skin and are similar in appearance to terran turtles or tortoises. Over the years, Rigellians lost the hard shell that supported their bodies. Rigellians have been known to wear body armour, mainly in ceremonial functions. Rigellian off-spring are reproduced by laying eggs, in a similar matter to Terran reptiles. They are cared for by attendants who feed them and look after their daily needs until they are old enough to live on their own. Rigellians are known to only have one gender and range in height from about 1.75 to 2 metres or more, with a typical lifespan of over 150 years. Information regarding Rigellian physiology and anatomy is still relatively unknown. As descendants from a race of turtles, Rigellians are semi-aquatic and are keen swimmers able to hold their breath underwater for hours at a time. Like their terran counterparts, Rigellians do not lay eggs underwater and are cold-blooded. When stressed or provoked, Rigellians secrete a deadly toxin through their skin, which can be transmitted via a strike with their long, sharp claws. PLANET INFORMATION: Rigel III or Chelar in the Chelon language, is an M-Class planet located in the Rigel system. Rigel III is located in the same system as Rigel V, which is home to the Vulcanoid Rigelians. Due to similarities in spelling and pronunciation of the two races, Rigellians are commonly referred to as Chelons, Chellarians or Rigellian Chelons. Rigel III is a humid world large comprised of swamps and marshes and large bodies of water with heavily forested land. The Federation has set up an outpost on the planet to further study the species and offer cultural exchange between the two powers. Rigellian society comprises of two classes: The much taller Rigellian Lord and their attendants, who are much smaller, but physically the same. Despite their smaller size, it is thought that the attendants who feed and care for the Rigellian offspring, wield the real power on Rigel III. The larger Lords are the egg carriers in Rigellian society and are thought to have a purely ceremonial figurehead type role. Rigellians society evolved into a space exploration sometime in the 20th or 21st century. In the mid 2150s, a Rigellian freighter was an unsuspecting victim of a Romulan drone ship, in an attempt to start a war between the humans, Tellarites and Andorians by disguising itself as the Enterprise (NX-01) via a holo-skin. The Rigellian freighter was able to send a video record of the attacker before it was destroyed, averting the potential war. (ENT: Regeneration) Chelar was admitted into the United Federation of Planets in 2270 and was represented by a special delegation at Khitomer for the signing of the Khitomer Peace Accords in 2293. END OF FILE