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  1. William sat himself down at his workstation with the Sheliak technology that he was supposed to figure out. As he turned over a piece of it around in his hands he turned to the computer console and said, "Computer, what's the local time at Starfleet Academy?" "Local Time is 1300 hours." the digital voice said back in reply. "Oh good, she shouldn't be teaching right now." William said as he grabbed a different piece to look at. "Computer, call Lieutenant Koria Imonim, Starfleet Academy." "Attempting to contact." it replied. As he waited for Koria to answer his call he kept examining the different pieces. While he could tell what some pieces were because he could follow the logical path of 'this is the memory, these are the power cables, this is the power supply', some of the details escaped him because of how different the Sheliak way of thinking was. He took a couple notes down before he heard the telltale chirp of the call being answered. "Well hello there stranger." the spotted humanoid said as he turned toward his computer screen, "I was wondering when you were going to call next." "Sorry about that." William said, rubbing his hair and looking away for a second before continuing, "I've been really busy here on board. I'd actually meant to call earlier, but-" "It's alright Will," Koria said, smiling "Do you need anything? Because it looks like you're still on duty." "That's not the only reason I called." William said, "But I do need some help, or a pointer in the right direction. I'm looking for either an expert, or someone that at least knows more than I do, on Sheliak technology." Koria raised an eyebrow at him, "Sheliak technology? What's going on out wherever you are?" "I'm just doing a research project." "While on duty?" she asked, her tone and face incredulous. "It's an official research project?" William replied, trying his best to not sound like he was up to something. "Or it's something you're not allowed to tell me about." "Well..." "It's ok, this probably won't be the last time either." she said, sighing softly. "But as luck would have it, my co-teacher for 'Astrophysics for Engineers' probably knows the most about Shelak technology here. Let me see if he's available and I'll patch you through to him." "Thank you, so much. And I promise to call more often." William said, smiling at her before she left the screen. "I'll hold you to it." she said before she disappeared. A short time later she reappeared in a side-by-side with a male Bajoran Lieutenant Commander wearing Engineering Gold. "Lieutenant Chocox, this is Lieutenant Commander Latara Taban, Commander, this is Lieutenant William Chocox." "Thank you Koria." William said before she signed off. "How can I help you?" Latara said. "Well, here's the thing," William said, as he and the commander starting talking about Sheliak Technology.
  2. William felt the containment field come down around him and Reynolds to protect the rest of the ship from any stupidity the two of them found themselves in. They had about an hour to take the device apart before Captain Swain and Commander Stanton made their way down to Engineering. "I am loving the enthusiasm though, the plasma cutter wasn't necessarily a bad idea, just not the idea that we need right away." he said to the young ensign that was entrusted to his care. "Thanks." Reynolds said as they set themselves up at the end. "You're welcome," William said, "I'll grab a hold of the main body, and you can try turning that end of it with the spanner." "On it sir." Reynolds said. William grabbed a large pair of pliers and gripped the main body while Reynolds took the spanner and attached it to the end where they though the most likely point of entry was. "On three sir?" he heard Reynolds say. "Your count." he said back, bracing himself to make sure that the device didn't rotate on them. "One, two, three." Reynolds said before cranking hard on device. *shnk* The darn thing wasn't budging. William could hear Reynolds groaning as he kept applying pressure, but the device wasn't opening. After a few seconds of effort they both relaxed from their positions. "Alright, let's try again, but this time I'm going to try to turn it with the pliers while you apply pressure with the spanner." William said to Reynolds. "Sounds like a plan." Reynolds replied, a little out of breath. "One, two, three." William said, grunting as he and Reynolds tried again. It quickly became apparent that they weren't going to be able to brute force this thing open. "Alright, looks like your first idea was the correct idea Ensign." William said putting his pliers down, "We're going to need the plasma cutter." "Yes!" Reynolds said with a fist pump. "Go get the goggles and we'll get started." William said, shaking his head a little bit at the enthusiasm Reynolds was showing. "Hopefully we'll get through this before the Captain gets down here."
  3. If William had to read another report about a young ensign being pranked with a replicated turkey sandwich he was going to a PADD against the wall. Apparently being Chief Engineer was more about managing personalities than getting to build amazing projects in Engineering. It also didn't help that his previous XO had informed his current XO that he had a tendency for unsanctioned projects that could possibly, maybe, go boom. Not that he'd ever had something blow up on him that he had built or anything. Which was why William found himself exploring the Engineering section. He'd already looked over it as part of his initial "getting to know the ship" phase when he first came aboard, but now he was looking for a particular kind of place. He needed someplace that was off the beaten path and away from any security sensors that would inform the XO as to what exactly it was he was doing. The guy apparently had a background in Security before becoming an XO and all that meant was that he was consistently in William's business in regards to any secret projects. "Hm...this might be a good spot." William thought as he looked around a little nook away from the main pathways around Engineering. Unfortunately as he looked around he noticed a visual sensor immediately above him looking straight at the nook. "Damnit." William said as he continued his search.
  4. "Oh boy." William said as he walked into his new Engineering Department. His department. He'd been working in Starfleet for a while and had resigned himself to always being the second or third fiddle down in an Engineering Department. He expected the history of explosions, not entirely his fault, that followed him in his career to keep Starfleet from trusting him with an entire department. "I think I'm going to be sick." he said as he leaned against the main console. "Sir?" the Tellarite Ensign that was working on one of the panels behind William turned to look at him, "Do I need to call the doctor?" "No, no, it's just nerves." Williams said as he took a couple deep breaths, "I've never had 350 lives directly in my hands like this before." "Weren't you serving on the previous version of the Excalibur? I'm sure you had that many lives in your hands back then." "But there was a Chief Engineer above me that time. Someone that could keep me from doing anything too crazy...depending on the Chief of course, but even if we wanted to get too crazy the XO on the Excalibur was a former Chief Engineer so she knew how to keep us in line. Right now, I don't know anything about the officer right above me." "Well, I doubt the Captain would have you here as Chief Engineer or that Starfleet would allow you to be here as Chief Engineer if they didn't think that you could do it." William watched the Tellarite walk back to where she had been working on the panel. "What's your name Ensign?" "Torthem bim Zhuffand, sir." "Thank you Ensign." "Couldn't let you think you didn't deserve to be here sir. I'm sure you're going to be fine." "Either way, thank you." William said before he started to walk around his Engineering Department. His department. One with what seemed like excellent crewmembers to help him keep the ship in space.
  5. San Francisco, California, United States, Earth *Bounce, Bounce, Bounce* William was sitting in an office in the Theoretical Engineering Department at Starfleet Headquarters. He'd finished up his assignments for the day and found himself bouncing a tennis ball against the wall of his suitably impressive office. He found himself doing that a lot these days, ever since he'd been reassigned to Starfleet Headquarters from the Excalibur. He figured it was probably his punishment for blowing up half the ship shortly after he was posted there as well as the rest of his shenanigans with Admiran. He chuckled as he remembered that crazy ol' Trill. "Chocox!" he heard before the tennis ball flew past him and hit the back wall. "Where are those simulations I wanted you to run?" William turned and looked to where Lieutenant Commander Grax, his Betazoid superior officer was standing in his doorway. William didn't even bother speaking to him and just imagined the presence of the report and simulations in his boss' inbox. "Ah, yes, thank you. As you were." LC Grax said before he walked away. William gave him a small smile before he went and picked up his tennis ball and resumed his bouncing. *Bounce, Bounce, Bounce* He was interrupted a little bit later by the sound of an incoming video call. He looked over and saw that it was from Koria Imonim, the unjoined Trill lieutenant who was serving at the Academy as an instructor. He accepted her call and turned to look at the screen as it came on. Which was right about the time that the tennis ball came in and smacked into his face. He tried to keep the look of embarrassment from his face but from the way Koria was laughing he could tell he was unsuccessful. "How's it going sweetie?" he said to the screen. "A lot better than it is for you I imagine." she replied, "Less likelihood of tennis balls as well." "Yeah, comes with the territory here I'm afraid." Koria laughed again, "Listen, I wanted to call because I had a good time last night and wanted to know if you wanted to meet up again." William smiled, "I'd love to meet up again, when are you available?" "I should be available in a couple days. What about you?" "That works for me. What do you want to do?" "That would be telling. I'll pick you up around 2000 hours?" "I look forward to it."
  6. Name: William N. Chocox Rank: Lieutenant (S.G.) Ships Served on: U.S.S. Excalibur-C Area of service: Engineering Birth date: March 21, 2367 Age: 22 Height: 5’ 8” Weight: 170 lbs. Hair: Red hair with red goatee William Chocox entered Starfleet Academy at the age of 18. He quickly chose Engineering as his area of expertise and was among the top of his class. He graduated from the academy and was assigned to the U.S.S Excalibur-C on the Gamma shift. He has recently been assigned to the Alpha shift. His favorite drink is Earl Grey tea and he keeps a stash of real tea leaves in his quarters, though he will suffer replicator tea from time to time.
  7. “Wait, you KNOW Captain Corizon?” William chuckled softly at Val’s tone when the realization hit her. “Know is a fairly strong word, it’d be better to say that I have occupied the same area as him and have been in a meeting with him.” he said as he stripped the injector down. “And he was intimidating. Especially for a crewman such as yourself.” After they got the injector stripped down they got to work setting up the jury rigged set up to get the Ardent back to civilization. Luckily the parts William had brought over from the Excalibur were enough to get an ugly, but effective, patch done. “Well, that should hold you until you can get back to a proper spacedock.” William said as they put the panels back in place over the injector. “So, what’s next on our list of things that need be taken care of?” “Replicators and communications.” Val responded. “Communications should be the first one. I’m sure K’hal is tired of having to fax orders between the two ships.” Val nodded as they walked towards the communications hub. Between the two of them they were able to make somewhat quick work of the damage, chatting along the way. “So, what was that about blowing up the EPS system?” Val asked. William laughed to himself before launching into the story, eventually finishing everything up and heading back to Excalibur.
  8. William walked into the machine shop on the Andus station. Walking up to the shopkeeper he handed over a list, “I’m going to have a big order to fill. I’m need some parts for a Bird-of-Prey warp drive, some refills for plasma coolant, some tools for fixing EPS, machine lubricant, and duct tape. Also whatever my big ugly friend here needs.” "I allow him to say that," Byblos looked at the Andorian Shopkeeper with a menacing face. "You say nothing of the like." The shopkeeper looked over the list. “Is this the same Bird-of-Prey that is getting the Targeting comp?” William replied, “Yep, that’s the same one.” "Excuse me," Byblos growled at the Andorian. " I just need to clarify my requirements with my friend here. I want to make sure we are on the," Byblos paused staring at the Andorian "same page. And if I can afford my part of the order.” Byblos didn't like the idea of anyone knowing about their presence. Perhaps the Andorians exchanged information like Bynars. But he did know they were not a species to toy around with. So he politely gestured William to a position a meter or so outside the shop. "Uh William," Byblos scratched the top of his head briefly while proceeding with the question. "This shopkeeper has a pretty good selection here. But, this guy knows about our ship? Is Andus like a human spaceport?" Byblos then changed his tone of voice to a robotic 'mimic.' "Your attention please... now arriving in dock 12 is the Bird of Prey named Qob...all shopkeepers to your stores Yes that is right folks a Klingon Bird of Prey! These guys have some fixin' to do make a note of what they purchase." "So you do not find anything in your Guardian mind that might find it a bit odd he knows about our ship, or was my joke really what they do here?" Byblos asked politely. “Actually Byblos, Shane already made the order for the computer at this shop. Also if the shopkeeper likes to keep tabs on any ships might be around that will need repairs or supplies he would know about the ship. I mean how many Birds-of-Prey are here in the station? Also it’s not like an order for a targeting computer can go unnoticed. I think we’re fine and there is nothing to worry about. Of course those could be famous last words knowing what shenanigans this crew gets involved in.” Byblos paused briefly for a thought. "HAH! Shane is on top of things already! Should of known. And good point about last words. We still should be a bit discrete. Okay, Let's get back in there and take care of things." The Nausicaan allowed William to take the lead, while in the meantime Byblos habitually surveyed the shop for signs of surveillance. Nothing outrageous, mostly defenses against shoplifters from what he saw. Finally Byblos allowed William to continue. "Ok, it is going to take a little bit for this to come through." Turning to the Nausicaan he said, "What do you need?" "I need about a 2 meter by half meter by," Byblos paused. "Do you have sketch PADD for orders? It would be easier." The Andorian wasn't fazed at all by the request and produced a large PADD from underneath the counter. "Would this suffice?" The Shopkeeper smiled. "Certainly." In a few moments Byblos handed the PADD back to the Andorian who looked at the request with an eye for detail. "Durelium? Are you aware of the mass of what you are requesting? That is an extremely dense alloy not easily handled by average humanoids?" Byblos leaned on the counter to the merchant's eye level flexing his upper body the best he could. "Do I look average?" "I see your point sir," The Andorian turned his attention back to William as the Nausicaan backed off. "Anything else sir?" William checked his list. “I’m also going to need about 300 feet of wiring. How much is that going to cost? I’m also going to need the machine lubricant, duct tape, durelium, and the tools on a separate tab if you can.” The Andorian started ringing up the items “I can certainly do that for you. The drive parts, and plasma coolant refills are going to be a yes, here is your total on this PADD here. The durelium, tools, lubricant, and duct tape are going to be not too bad.” The Andorian perked up his antennas looking to William smiling. "And you qualify for free shipping to your vessel!" William reached for his credits. “Very well. I just need an proof of payment and you can deliver it to dock 11b when it’s ready.” He walked away and went up to Byblos. “You owe me for the durelium.” "Yeah, I thought he was not going to be cheap on the durelium the little blue chuSwl'. (rat)," Byblos replied quietly. "Let us settle accounts in a more secure location like the lounge. The Boss basically made that our base here. Not wise to discuss numbers the middle of a mall. Thieves gather intel on how rich their targets are..wait you should know that you were a Guardian! HAH! Let's get back to base." The Nausicaan chortled then took a rear guard position behind William who had the Budget PADD in hand." “Yeah that makes the most sense.” William typed out a message on his ODRI to Shane. “Just purchased some supplies. Someone needs at the ship to receive the shipment from the store.” Speaking to the Nausicaan he said, “I just sent a message to Shane about the need for someone needing to be at the ship. Knowing my luck it will wind up being me.”
  9. The audio clicks on as the sounds of someone working in engineering start up. “Hey Captain, it’s William. You wanted a Zoalus post-mortem so hear you go.” The voice cuts out and the sound of a tool smacking some part of the ship mixed with a “Damnit!” comes through the audio. “Sorry about that, Qob is deciding to be less than cooperative at the moment. Well, back to the mission. I am of the opinion that this trip has been mostly a failure. We came to learn about the culture that had disappeared from the planet, and from what I could tell we learned very little about the culture. Granted that could be chalked up to the fact that we were dealing with other problems like the flustercluck that was the Capricorn. The scientists were unable to actually get down to the surface what with us trying to figure out how to actually not get accosted by the drones and other security systems.” Another loud clang is heard followed by another expletive. “Another issue I had with the mission. Who was in charge when we were on Capricorn? I was following Shane’s orders at first ‘cause he’s my immediate superior and when he went off the reservation I started following Pher’s orders because she seemed like she was in control. Little did I know that Troy was off doing his own thing potentially getting us destroyed by those we were fighting. Also I have to question Shane and Troy’s decision to try and take control of the Capricorn through the computer systems. It only caused trouble once Ford was informed about what was happening. “And then when the Capricorn was taken by the raiders I was stuck there and had to rely on my wits to keep from being spaced, even though I did wind up in the brig. I do admit that I made some mistakes on this mission. The biggest one and presumably the elephant in the room is the near destruction of the EPS grid on the Capricorn. “Now in my defense I was trying to get Grotte out of Engineering so I could contact Captain Raj on Capricorn, but my good intentions were spoiled when nearly the entire EPS grid blew up instead of the one I wanted to explode. “The experience I had on the surface of Zoalus was harrowing to say the least when I went down with the team to get that assistant guy that had been with us. Of course hopefully getting shot at is not something that is going to happen every day. Ah who am I kidding? We’re mercenaries! Getting shot at is our job description.” The audio cuts out just as another clang and expletive are recorded.
  10. Slight edit to account for the fact that William is technically no longer with the Guardians.
  11. Old man winters car was ready for the season.
  12. I saw it when it was in my hometown and I loved it. It was fun to see the props and different stories about the productions. I would highly recommend going.
  13. Guardian Personnel File Name: William N. Chocox Job: Assistant Engineer Area assigned to: Port Area of service: Engineering Birth date: March 21, 2379 Age: 41 Height: 5’ 8” Weight: 170 lbs. Hair: Red hair with red goatee William Chocox joined the Guardians shortly after the Federation Civil War. He came with skills suited to working on Guardian ships and has worked well for the Guardians since and is well respected by his comrades. He has certain traits suited to being a Guardian, such as loyalty, courage, and the ability to follow orders. We expect many more years of service from Mr. Chocox Addendum: During the Tranquiltiy Riots Guardian Chocox disappeared and his current whereabouts are unknown though some witnesses say they saw him accompany a certain ne'er do well mercenary captain with a broken down wreck of a ship.
  14. Starfleet personnel file Name: William N. Chocox Rank: Chief Petty Officer (Retired) Dates active: March 21, 2399 - June 11, 2410 Ships Served on: U.S.S. Kater (January 2400 – June 2410) Area of service: Engineering Birth date: March 21, 2379 Age: 41 Height: 5’ 8” Weight: 170 lbs. Hair: Red hair with red goatee William Chocox enlisted in Starfleet at the age of 20. He quickly chose Engineering as his area of expertise. He graduated from the academy and was assigned to the U.S.S Kater. A year after he was assigned the Federation Civil War broke out. His ship was under the command of Commodore DiAngelo. He distinguished himself during the war and rose quickly through the enlisted ranks. After the war Chocox became disillusioned with the direction Starfleet and the Federation were headed. His last known location was on a ship headed towards the Hyades cluster. End Starfleet File
  15. And now for something completely different... A man with nine legs.