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  1. Fricking OS wars, pet peeve I hate the OS Wars, use what fricking works for you and stop ragging on people who don't use what you use. Christ. its not like its a fundametnal philosophy of humanity its an operating system get over it.
  2. managed to get my hands on a CD..no waiting for the 25th to download the pro update :)
  3. Windows delayed the release of the XP Pro service pack 2 because it can cause compatability issues, including disabling some programs, commonly used on coroporate machines. The service pack itself is safe to download and use for users of XP home or people using XP Pro at home. In the off chance that you don't like it, there is an uninstall feature that will let you roll back to your previous configuration. I've installed, used and explored SP2 on my XP Pro machine and have had no problems with it. Overall its a great update that includes many sorely needed security improvments.
  4. oh, I don't know, my two years at mcdonalds being treated like an inferior lifeform by people who do not have the potential to be more than hourly managers for the rest of their lives gives me a great appreciation for the great job I have now with nice coworkers and managers. :D
  5. if the thread were really degenerating someone would be drunk alredy and typing innapropriate things about england and mother canada.
  6. started..uh huh...dude I'm pretty sure many of the people here came in evil, that includes some of the founders.
  7. There would definitely have to be female cadets walking along the beach in thongs with commbadge decals on their string bikinis (::Ducks from retalliation by marris::lol:..probably with the entire theme song played by a snyth...
  8. That article pretty much shows the real reason Paramount decided to even produce Enterprise, not because they belive the franchise has any particular life left in it, but because they need to keep the freaks and geeks who buy overpriced star trek crap "happy" I know businesses including paramount and its parent Viacom are in business to MAKE MONEY but I really think this is a low blow to an entire community of fans by implying that we would either stop purchasing merchandise or purchase MORE merchandise if they throw cow dung at us and slap "Star Trek' on it.
  9. The point is not to go anywhere, except into space..technically into space anyway :lol: suborbital. The point is to experience leaving earths atmosphere and being a civillian astronaut :lol: And yes, suborbital would be a substantially faster method of getting anywhere on the planet that usually requires a lengthly plane or boat or even train trip. You go up, you come back down. And even though I could say more about the commercial potential of even just routine suborbital flights I'll stop here. :lol:
  10. If it were "Affordable" (ie the cost of a normal summer vacation or anywhere from 1000 to 2500 dollars) would you book a flight on SpaceShipOne?
  11. I hate cell phones almost as much as I hate most cats.
  12. There is still a contingent from SFOL going to Shoreleave this year, you can find more details on their messageboards, if you would like a link you can PM me.
  13. ::eats the monopoly money::
  14. I've invented a new diet called the low everything diet. You take a major food group and..YOU STOP CONSUMING IT..yes..thats right..now you too can have the low or no protien diet..also known as veganism, the low carb diet known as insanity and the low everything diet known as anorexia...
  15. There is no such thing as Shoreleave-East..there is Shoreleave in Baltimore hosted by the STAT club...