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  1. She'd taken the armrest of the right-hand XO seat solidly against the bone of her right hip as they'd crashed and the sting of that impact was still resonating up and down her leg as Sam turned to look at the bridge viewscreen. For a moment she thought it was blank. There were no stars; the whole screen had a brown, solid, muddy aspect. Then a long, slim finger of yellowish light stabbed down through the brown sheen and revealed it for what it was -- dust, a tremendous, swirling dust cloud dappled occasionally by the light of an indeterminate star somewhere above them. "Well, now…that's pretty…" she muttered before she could stop herself. And it was, in spite of the grim, disquieting, and somewhat inexplicable circumstances -- there was a golden, almost glowing aspect to the streaming particles which caught her gaze and held it, wonderingly, for a few moments' brief silence. "In an…it could kill us…kind of way…" she added grudgingly. Nebular matter? Not possible…thick enough to block the light of the nascent stars entirely? And what did we hit...? "Where are we?" she heard LoAmi ask behind her, followed by a quick response from Ellie. "Nowhere near where we were…we're against something." "Wait, what?" Sam asked, jolted out of her own thoughts and looking back over her shoulder at the science officer, then back to the screen. The dust swirled aside for a moment then, and she could see the clear, forbidding outline, unmistakeable even in the somewhat distorted image, of a rock face. A beautifully stratified syncline fold by the look of it, and extremely solid, and not angled properly for the Arcadia to be looking at it entirely right-side-up. They were on their side and grounded. They had crashed. She swallowed, feeling a sudden dread as the reality of the situation became clear. The wormhole had been weird enough -- it had claimed at least two crew that they knew of and for all they knew the distortion was still present in their local area of space-time. But that at least had been in space; they were tooled for space, the ship was built for it. It did not do so well on the ground. Sam liked the ground, admittedly, under normal circumstances. Away teams were a good chance to pull out the xenobiology and geology that so often languished under command paperwork and astrophysical mapping. But this was no away team -- they were dead in the water and potentially lost. Amojan y'tek…what the hell is going on?
  2. Sam was starting to feel like she was suffering from mild sensory overload. In the space of a second she had gone from the familiar to...well...the familiar, but the latter familiar was one which she had thought she'd never see again. When she, Marx, Daena, and Ellie had been beamed up from the planet below them in the midst of a firing of the gigantic dimensional cannon (fifteen years ago by her recollection), she had been the only one who'd survived -- or so she'd thought. It was looking more and more like she had in fact been the only one not to return where she'd come from; instead she had been deposited in another dimension, another timeline, another Arcadia just enough like this one that she had not noticed the difference. And a difference that makes no difference is no difference... she thought a little giddily, thinking back on it. She'd lived out fifteen years in that dimension, two transfers, two promotions, she was a commander now, she'd seen three quadrants of the galaxy...and eventually had returned where she'd come from, aboard the Newton this time, to look at those dimensional rifts which had grown from the original weapon...and fallen through one of them. And now she was back here. Everything was the same as she had left it...Kat Swan, Mal Pilot, Jordan Black all looked no older than they had when she had first joined Starfleet. And Will and Daena and Ellie were alive. She wasn't sure how to process all of this, the familiarity of it that made her for fleeting moments feel as if she'd grown younger along with it, but she hadn't. LoAmi asked if she could remember the way to her quarters, probably only half-joking. She did remember, of course, though she wondered just how disconcerting it would be to walk into them after such a long time. But she nodded and turned sharply, heading for the turbolift, pausing just for a moment to run her hand over the edge of the science console and let out a low whistle under her breath. "Prophets..." Ellie looked up, not really knowing what to say. She smiled a somewhat apologetic smile. What was she suppose to say? What was the proper thing to say? Sorry you lost the last 15 years? It had been merely hours for her since the transporter accident. The redhead smiled. "I'm glad you are..." She stopped for a moment. "Well..." Sam turned her head slightly to face the old friend she had thought was dead, and tried to laugh but the noise stuck in her throat slightly. Glad I'm what? Alive? I've *been* alive...just not here... "Yeah, me too...I guess. Ah...you too. I mean...it's good to see you." That was kind of putting it mildly. It was like seeing someone come back from the dead, seeing her friend here. That didn't make it any less of a pleasant surprise, though, which was something she hung onto, not knowing where she stood any other way. Ellie glanced around the bridge, noticing that everyone was starring more or less blatantly at Sam. She did not need to be a Betazoid to feel Kent's discomfort. "So, you make a pretty good looking old lady," she said with a smile, trying to lighten up the atmosphere. She looked up hesitantly, hoping that Sam hadn't lost her sense of humour since the incident. Sam's eyebrows went up and her eyes crinkled at the corners with amusement. "Yeah...and you still look like you're about twelve..." she answered with a shaky chuckle. "Hell, everyone does..." Ellie smiled at the comment, biting her tongue instead of sticking it out like she really wanted to. Sam looked around, then rubbed her temples gently, looking down towards the floor. "It's like someone hit the reset button on everything except me." Ellie put her hand on Sam's and said what was really on her mind. "I'm sorry." Sam looked up at the light touch, and then she smiled, a soberer smile than Ellie was used to from her, but still with the same good humor in it. "Hey, not your fault," she said lightly. "I signed up to experience things no one else has ever seen...I guess the universe is making good on the bargain..." She glanced towards the door and rubbed the back of her neck, trying to soothe the prickly feeling there meant to remind her that she was here to stay, again, for better or for worse. "I'm going to get some rest, I think. I'll figure this out in the morning."