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  1. Happy New Year to all!
  2. Back against the wall , the veteran security officer was resting his eyes. Not entirely asleep, he was fully aware of the quiet commotion around him. Mattingly and Decatur muttering to each other across the room obviously not thrilled to have been elected for the away team. Spencer interrupting them from time to time , saying that if he were in their place he wouldn't be complaining. "The only reason *I* wasn't chosen was because I failed the projectile weapons proficiency test. And you all know I only failed it because that Marine bloke has something against me!" Across the room, Jeff Yates' eyes fluttered for a second, trying hard to avoid a loud chuckle. A faint smile on his face, the Bajoran officer nodded in a non committal way in response to Spencer's assessment. Yates opened his eyes, scanning Main Security. From what he could see, Caine was at her desk , concentrated on a PADD, probably committing to memory what little information was available concerning their available target. The chief was a thorough woman. Mattingly and Decatur were now sitting in a corner, wolfing down a freshly replicated sandwich, getting their energy levels up before a very possibly dangerous mission was probably a good thing to do, Yates thought, but then again so was resting. Decatur periodically glanced Jeff's way, trying to figure out how he could possibly be able to sleep at a time such at this. The worried look on the young security officers face told Yates that Decatur most certainly thought that the sandwich he was eating would be his last meal. Yates raised an eyebrow as he faced the possibly that his younger colleague could, indeed, be right. The middle aged security lieutenant shifted his weight , still furtively scanning the rest of the room. Bulldog was also eating in silence across from Decatur, only stopping in between bites to nod at one or another of Spencer's comments, who was sitting on his left, starring at the rifles with envy while rambling out loud. Mattingly appeared much calmer than David. That did not really surprise Yates; he had worked side by side with plenty of Bajorans in the latest years of his 24 years and counting career. They tend to be good reliable people in possibly explosive situations. Yates knew if things went south, Mattingly would have his back. Yates closed his eyes again. The Marines that formed the rest of the away team would be coming down to main sec soon and , being a gambling man, Jeff was willing to bet the place would get a little too crowded and noisy to take a nap.
  3. Taelya's antennae drooped for a moment , only outside indication of her being lost for a second. She and Farragut where expected to help in the triage of the wounded Romulan crew , which was better off than Yates having reported that he had been "drafted" as a field medic. She could help , she was after all familiar with Rihan anatomy , the Guard had taught her the anatomical details of many species and Starfleet had given her a crash course in emergency medicine . Looking at the Alliance's crew running around , or lying down , the only thing she could think was that she knew perfectly which part of their bodies were the weakest, which would inflict a maximum amount of pain if injured and which part to target should she wish to get rid of one of them quickly . Using that knowledge to help a Romulan was a novelty application of the training she had received . Her antennae stood right up again , as she approached the wounded , trying to make some sense in directing them . If treating patients was definitely not up her alley , making order out of chaos was . With Farragut's help she started dividing the wounded in 2 rows depending of the apparent severity of their wounds working in concert a Rihan security officer . The explosion had caused quite a mess , the smell of charred flesh was hard to ignore . She stepped slightly aside , now that the patients that could stand were forming somewhat of a straight line. Disgust painted itself on her features for a moment as she realized that she had stepped into a small puddle of green blood . She quickly took a side step and went back to supervising the line with a neutral expression , but could not help to notice that the dheno on her left hadn't missed her repulsed face. She returned his cold stare . The Empire was an ally for now , but in the Andorian mind it did not mean that they should be trusted and judging from the way her Alliance's counterpart was looking at her she could tell he was thinking something along the same lines. As much as she dislike the pointy eared race , she never made the mistake of underestimating them . They were formidable warriors and had great tactical skills . She knew that most officers aboard were just as suspicious and cunning as she was , which was a source of worry. If she was a commanding officer on board she would be very suspicious of the incident that caused the explosion . She had no doubt that if the investigation turned up any sign of foul play , the finger would probably turn in the Agincourt's direction. Treaty or not , they were aboard the ship touring and even approaching the engines hours prior to the explosion , it wouldn't be a far fetched conclusion to hold them responsible . She waved another wounded in Doctor Trenral's direction , hoping that she was wrong and that the Alliance's command crew were less paranoid than she was .
  4. The ad for his show is annoying enough on the Food Network .. I could have lived my entire life without knowing there was a song about it!
  5. Happy Birthday!
  6. Because I drank it all ...
  7. Nom Nom Sushi!
  8. Why are we letting this topic die ?
  9. “ New ship, same routine “ Was the first thought to cross the Andorian’s mind as she entered her newly assigned quarters. Unpacking her few belongings quickly, Taelya laid out a fresh uniform on her bed and began stripping out of the old one. Changing uniforms before each new shift, when possible, was part of her routine since she enrolled in the Academy. Repetition of what had now become a sort of ritual for Taelya helped keep her grounded. It was a technique she learned from one of her fathers, Akival, she thought, but it might have been Shorn. She couldn't be sure after all these years. She was taught from a young age that channeling her aggressive feelings, focusing her more primal self would make her a better soldier for the Imperium, and it did… for a time. A bitter smile appeared on her lips for a moment as she thought of her years with the Guard.” This is the next best thing,” she said out loud, thinking of her new SEC assignment. She had told herself the same on her first day aboard the Yukon. She still didn't quite believe it. “Be grateful… It could be much worse” she scowled herself. Her antennae drooped slightly as she began the familiar motions, the gestures repeated hundreds if not thousands of times every time she needed focus or whenever she found the time. She had called it “meditation” for the benefit of the Fleet’s shrink that had evaluated her. Technically, it had started as such; breathing and visualization exercises , what it had become was somewhere between punishment and a way of making sure she'd never forget how she became who she is. Taelya’s antennae now stood straight up, always fearing what was coming next. The basics were still the same , breathing … visualizing, the much more masochistic version she had been practicing for the last years hadn’t change much from the technique she was taught as a child. She stood in front of the mirror , still in her undergarments, staring at her own reflection, holding her own gaze. Her breathing slowed as the fingers of her right hand began to unlace the leather sleeve she wore practically at all times, including in her sleep . Taelya inhaled sharply as the sleeve hit the carpet without a sound , her entire body rigid dreading what was sure to come next . She forced herself to look away her own reflection and down to her left forearm and the long , poorly healed scar that ran from the inside of her wrist to a couple centimeters below her elbow in a dark blue serpentine shape. She didn't even need to close her eyes anymore to remember , having replayed the scene thousands of times in her mind . Each scene, each word was permanently etched in her mind .The smile always came first , and that even though she was thousands of light years away from Andoria and years had passed since the day of her memory , she could still feel the same pinch in her chest as she did that day as he turned to face her . She still felt everything . She knew then that she was doing the right thing , and that had not changed but the pain was still overwhelming even after all this time . After the smile came the doubt, his eyes and antennae betrayed an entire range of emotions as he realized what was about to happen. She could still hear him " You won't do it " "Won't" quickly changed to "Can't" as his always arrogant tone of voice became more beggar than assertive . She did not mutter a single word during the entire ordeal. She knew that if she stopped and thought about it, talked about it she couldn't carry out her orders. Taelya dropped to her knees , her eyes still opened fixated on the scar. She recalled with precision what the cold metal of her chaka felt like against her hand .Anything after that became blurry in her mind. a sequence of snapshots moment played in staccato in her mind . Gleaming metal . Screams, almost animal screams , her own and his . A sharp pain in her forearm . The last part of her recollection was always the same ; what seemed like rivers of cobalt streaming down the ice that covered the ground . Dark blue blood covering her hands , the stained chaka resting where it had fallen . The realization that she had accomplished exactly what was expected of her. Exactly what she had been trained for, what she had been born for , and that because of it she no longer had place amongst her family, amongst her people . Closing her eyes as she wiped a single tear of her cheek, Taelya was already refocusing herself .She grabbed the sleeve from the ground and expertly re laced it over the scar. With a deep breath, she rose back to her feet . The moment had passed . She took the uniform that lay on the bed and proceeded to put it on . "This is why you're here. Now go on and be the best you can be . " she told herself while clipping her hair . Before exiting her quarters for her first duty shift she looked at herself in the mirror once more , repeating her own motto " Honor and Pride "
  10. =============STARFLEET COMMAND PERSONEL FILE ============== Name: Taelya Shra’ha (goes by Taelya ) Specie: Andorian Place of Birth: Andoria Age: 28 Physical appearance : Height: 1.68 meters Weight: 42.6 kg Body type: toned Skin: light blue Antennae : 6.7 cm , protruding above the hairline Hair: medium length , white Eyes: gold Distinctiveness: badly healed scar starting at the base of the left wrist up to the elbow, dark blue in appearance. (Covered at all time by a custom made leather half sleeve worn under uniform ) Familial status : Parents: Shorn, Akival, Talys, Sakash Siblings: Eklival, Shalyk Marital Status: Single, not part of a Keth Background : ( education and previous assignments classified by the Andorian Imperium ) 2387-2390- Member of the Imperial Guard (Rank, Assignment classified) 2390-2392 Starfleet Academy, basic training 2392-2394 Weapon technology specializations 2394-2397 USS Yukon, Assistant Security Officer 2397 – USS Agincourt, Assistant Security Officer (assignment requested) ________________________________________________________________________ ==============ADDITIONNAL ATTACHEMENTS ============== Pre- transfer Physical assessment (Dr. Salik, M.D.) Pre-transfer Physiological assessment (Dr. Pr’Axh, Psychiatrist) Pre-transfer competence assessment (Lt. Commander Nielson) Physical Assessment: “Ens. Taelya is in excellent physical shape, probably due to an intense training regimen. All scans and blood work came back normal. No trace of congenital defect and/or illness at this time. Stress tests results came back above average for an Andorian female (slightly less endurance than a human female in the same physical shape due to the specie’s higher metabolism) Patient is cleared for duty aboard a starship. No medical reasons to deny transfer request.” Dr. Salik “PS: Patient presented herself with a long scar on her left forearm, that could easily be treated with a dermal regenerator. Patient refused regenerative treatment.” Psychological Assessment: “ Ensign Taelya presented herself as a calm, in control young woman during our first sessions. It was cleared in my professional opinion that the patient was putting up a façade, clearly designed to “get it over with” she was betrayed in that matter by her constant use of non verbal language , mostly her antennae movement I was able to get to the patient true nature after our 4th session. As I had suspected, because it is often the case with Andorian subjects, the patient can be highly emotional and even prone to violent outbursts. (Which only happened, after being questioned about her service for the Imperium and about her lack of involvement with a keth, which is quite unusual for her age and specie.) The patient admitted having to work daily on alternative emotional relieving techniques to control her temper. (Meditation used in combination with intense work out) It is my professional opinion that the patient is in control of her behavior as much as most officers on duty through out the fleet, and should continue to be as long as she practices said techniques. Patient is cleared for duty. No physiological reasons to deny transfer.” Dr. Xam’Hin Pr’Axh , Psychiatrist PS: Patient still refuses to talk about her past… I suggest a yearly re- evaluation Competence Assessment : Starfleet Security “ Ens Taelya has evidently received extensive training in hand to hand combat she is highly competent in a array of martial arts with an evident focus on Kharakom , which is an Andorian form of kick boxing. Ens Taelya scored from “Excellent” to “Beyond Average “ in all the exams involving weaponry ( Terran , Federation and even non-federation in origin ) Ensign Taelya shows a very disciplined mind when it comes to combat, shown a constant ability to follow orders but not blindly in intense situations of stress, in every holo-simulation she was put through. Officer cleared for duty as Security Personnel. No reason to deny transfer” Lt. Commander M. Nielson