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Jarem Seton

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  1. =========================== = =/\= BEGIN FILE =/\= =========== =========================== = =/\= Starfleet Personnel Record =/\= = =========================== Name: Seton, Jarem Gender: Male Species: Trill (joined) Height: 1.91 m (( 6'3" )) Weight: 102 kg (( 225 lbs. )) Hair: Black Eyes: Green Skin: Tan, exhibiting deep brown lateral spot patterns Distinguishing features: Trill spot pattern (distinctive pattern stored in computer memory for identification purposes) Date of Birth (Jarem Corin): February 27, 2357 Place of Birth (Jarem Corin): Trill Date of Birth (Seton symbiont): Classified by Trill Symbiosis Commission Place of Birth (Seton symbiont): Caves of Mak'ala, Trill Mother: Corin, Tela (50) Father: Corin, Vorno (53) Sibling(s): Corin, Lanara (sister, single, 23) Marital Status: Single Current Assignment: Engineering Officer, 2nd Class, U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-G Current Rank: Ensign Educational Background Trill Science Institute (2373 - 2377) Graduate, Premiere Distinctions Field(s) of Study: Computer engineering, with focuses on Artificial Intelligence and Bio-Neural system architecture Trill Symbiosis Commission (2377 - 2380) Symbiosis between Jarem Corin and the Seton symbiont was achieved on November 25, 2380, by Earth's calendar. The newly symbiotic being, Jarem Seton, spent much of the next several months in counseling and preparation for the Zhian'tara to help him find balance with the strength of personality of the previous host. Upon completion of the ceremony, Seton applied, and was accepted, to Starfleet Academy. Starfleet Academy (2380 - 2385) Graduate with Honors Field(s) of Study: Astrophysics (major); Computer Programming (major); Exoanthropology (minor) Additional Training: Certified pilot, Certified field medic Extracurricular Activities: Academy 3D Chess Club (Grand Champion, 2385); Academy Fencing Team Biographical Data While normally, information on the previous hosts of any Trill symbiont is held classified by the Trill Symbiosis Commission, information on the previous host, Torin Seton, is a matter of public record within the Federation. Torin Seton was a famous terraformer, noted for claiming as his crowning achievement, apart from the Toraan Mountains on New Rigon, as being the ideal formula to create a terraformer: "Take two parts scientific genius, one part unparallelled artist, and three parts raging egomaniac. Shake to combine and, for God's sake, stand back." While information regarding Jarem's life prior to being joined is likewise held classified by the Trill Symbiosis Commission, he has voluntarily disclosed his family name and educational background to Starfleet, along with the following briographical data. Like so many members of his race, jarem Corin wanted to be joined from a very early age. His childhood, apart from what he termed "the usual sort of thing boys do", consisted of scholastic achievement and the various competitions involved in weeding out unsuitable Trill hosts. He developed an intense interest in computers early on, and built his first isolinear system at age 12. Four years later, still excelling in the Host candidate competitions, he enrolled at the Trill Science Institute, studying computer engineering. Upon completion of his studies at the institute, Jarem entered the Host Candidate Program and eventually was selected for symbiosis. Torin Seton, then a dying old man, consented to have the Seton symbiont transferred to Jarem, though he said he didn't envy anyone having to follow in his footsteps. Sure enough, once the symbiosis of Jarem Seton was complete, Jarem was nearly overwhelmed by the strength of Torin Seton's personality. What followed for Jarem was several months of intensive counseling and, eventually, the ritual of Zhian'tara to bring the various personalities of previous hosts into the proper balance. The memories of several of his previous hosts included interstellar travel, and those memories prompted Seton to join Starfleet. His entrance exams were impressive, and he was accepted with his first application. At the Academy, he continued his studies of computer engineering, though his interests understandably broadened. Despite the usual definition, Seton's specialization in exoanthropology is ancient Earth cultures, which he rightfully insisted constituted exoanthropology from his perspective. Seton greatly looks forward to his first assignment, anticipating encountering the new experiences that all Trill symbionts crave with each new hosts, as well as the challenges "a galaxy filled with weirdness", as he puts it, can offer. ================== = =/\= END OF FILE =/\= = ==================
  2. Oh, yeah, no, I get that, for the academy. I just didn't want to intro myself with just "Hai! I roxxor teh Trek RP nau! Im n ur bridge killing ur cmd cru! roflcopter!" You know? Nothing wrong with having a plan. :blink:
  3. Well, since I already have a character in mind, he's not Romulan, I have no ambitions involving playing a Federation citizen serving aboard a Romulan ship, and nothing in my original post goes against Star Trek canon, I feel like I'm in pretty good shape at this point, thanks, Will.
  4. Ok, I was never that fond of these systems back when they were called BBS's (oops, did I just date myself?), but I guess it's time to take this one for a spin. Starfleet Academy's newest cadet is Jarem Seton (JAIR-əm sə-TAHN), a male joined trill. Jarem is the Seton symbiont's 9th host, and the symbiont's memory stretches back over (neither Jarem himself nor the Seton symbiont is willing to say how much over) several hundred years. Jarem graduated summa cum laude from the Trill Science Institute, where he studied computer engineering with focuses on artificial intelligence and bio-neural system architecture. It was after earning such distinction that he was selected to bond with the Seton symbiont, whose experiences, as is customary for Trill, are vastly varied. Seeking to put his expertise to good use, the newly-forged symbiosis of Jarem Seton applied, and was accepted, to Starfleet Academy. Yay for character background. I'll see everyone around the campus.