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  1. Greetings once again my friends, I'm so so sorry that I dropped off the site for a few months. I was just sooo caught up with school, and home life, and everything else in my life that I couldn't find time for this. Now hopefully, I will be able to come back with at least some regularity now that school is almost over.
  2. Speaking of which, when did you get those emails? I've had email for like 3 years now and I've never gotten a Russian Bride offer.
  3. *Complete Edit* yeah my idea would be pretty much Freelancer but with Star Trek, on foot controls, and customization up the wazoo.
  4. So I was sitting in my room incredibly bored when an interesting idea came to my head, what if someone did an Oblivion style RPG in the star Trek universe? Think about it a first person view from a super customizable character, going around the Star Trek galaxy doing long intricate side quests one foot, in their customizable and fully explorable ship, anywhere. To top it off they could be able to do nearly everything. Sick of the Federation and their rules? Join the Romulans or the Klingons. Don't like them either? Go rouge and become a pirate. But unlike Oblivion, if you join a certain faction, say the Klingon Empire, it actually affects interations with Key NPCs. Blow up a few Romulan Warbirds or join a faction they hate, and they might put a bounty on your head and Romulans on space stations or planets will either ignore you completely or maybe even attack you, and the possibility for a really awesome quest will go right out the air lock. But unlike Oblivion where you can simply do a fetch quest or some speechcraft and get out of it, this will very hard to change, lie if you want to defect to the romulans you need to like level an Earth city or something. But that's not something you can do over and over again if you try to do it more then once both factions will be unhappy with you. And the best part, your actions might effect everything, so if you say, destroy a major space station (Something that would require help from NPC allies), it will effect the economy or defencive capabilities of one of the planets or even the entire system and next time you come the place could be an all out war zone or be the home of a completely different species that might try and wage war on your faction. All of this driven by a randomized AI director like in L4D so that one planet in one playthrough might not be there in another, with the only real constant being certain VERY important people places and ships (I mean who wouldn't want to meet up with the TNG era Enterprise and fight romulans?). Does this sound good to anyone?
  5. Because they wanted to make a running joke that would last for centuries? But in all seriousness, pretty much what the guy above me said.
  6. I got one to, I've only gotten two spam messages so far but dear lord they are annoying. Thank you for nuking the annoying little {Can't use that word on these forums} guys.
  7. Yeah that movie looked AMAZING, I thought I had seen some good graphics in my day but DAMN. I have to say I liked Zoe Saldana better in Avatar, its mostly cause she was stepping into such a humongous set of boots with Star Trek and the writers didn't really do Uhura justice if you ask me. And the fact that she was a blue alien cat person in Avatar sort of helped a little.
  8. Get Mass Effect first, then get Dragon Age, they're both really really good.
  9. hello everyone have you missed me? Sorry I sort of dissappeared like that I got really caught up in a bunch of pre-christmas stuff and then Christmas stuff, and then I got into some family stuff it's complicated. So has anything big happened since I've been gone?
  10. HELLO!!! I'm back, sorry for being gone so long, I was sort of grounded for a bit, and then I had a whole bunch of Holiday stuff I had to do. So how is everyone doing?
  11. I just saw it, now THAT'S a trip, usually you need a few illegal substances to see what Bones saw. *EDIT* Scratch that I found what you were actually talking about (You were talking about the song white rabbit, right) and that's some crazy stuff.
  12. Alice Cooper is good but I'm not so much a fan of Rob Zombie. Ohh yeah you know what I just found out? Canada is officially awesome, for it is the birth place of William Shatner (You guys probably already know that, but I think it's cool).
  13. I've never been one for grunge rock, it's pretty good (There are very few music styles that truelly dislike), but my favorite is classic rock like the Beatles, The Who or Queen (Queen kicks all kinds of ***).
  14. Leila have I mentioned that you are awesome? Cause this has cemented it a bit more for me.
  15. I've always wnted to go to Canada, but I don't have the time, money, transportation, or legal papers to go to another country.