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  1. Need Any Doctors, I have a funny idea.
  2. The Borg would make for such an amazing horror movie premise, it's too bad they look like the Hellraiser demons! :(
  3. Make it so that in one of the next sims it's time for Pon-Far then wreak havoc on the ship haha
  4. I don't mind dressin' up like this Conde, but remember, I'm Han Solo!
  5. GW decided to dress up in honor of Regan's Star Wars project
  6. Start cycling annual training: On The Holo Deck -Hand to hand combat -Phaser Marksmanship -Battle Station Drills -Tactical Shuttle Flying (if your char is a pilot) -Crash Survival Etc
  7. No sound and it's kinda dodgy, but it's still kinda fun. www.sarien.net
  8. If anyone in the Boston area want to throw down on writing and acting in something like this, I'd definitely be down on all levels.
  9. Imagine the bedside manner!
  10. I have returned, I simmed briefly on QoB and then I got deployed for real and now I'm back.
  11. They should have it like WoW but it would be Star Fleet Universe. Then it pretty much rolls out like any other RPG but there's an actual character to look at. I'd play something like that definitely.
  12. The Spice is Life
  13. Warrant Officer sleeves: WO1 CW2 CW3 CW4 CW5 Unlike Commissioned Officers, the stripe itself is the insignia. The Stripe is 1/4 thinner than the LT/Marine Officer stripe.
  14. I have a lot of time on my hands now that I'm just going to school so with the hopes of joining The Comanche Creek I've devised TOS rank insignia sleeves for Marines. 2LT 1 LT CPT MAJ LTC COL I figured Marines would wear Green Uniform tops and have 1 stripe plus rank insignia for Officer and a thinner stripe resembling the Warrant bar.
  15. So my laptop crapped the bed one day a long time ago and i haven't been able to go online at all to sim or do anything. I must have missed 3 or 4 months it seems. Anyways I am back, I'll go to the Academy Sims and see whether or not I have to re graduate.