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  1. chatlog2010_7_29__1_.txt
  2. chatlog2010_7_22__1_.txt
  3. chatlog2010_7_15__1_.txt
  4. chatlog2010_7_1__1_.txt
  5. =/\=ATTENTION TO THE SCREEN=/\= =/\= STOP ALL PMs NOW =/\= =/\= ROSTER =/\= =/\=< Jun 3, 2010 >=/\= Command: Commanding Officer (CO) ----- STSF Kent Executive Officer (XO) ----- STSF Nova Bridge: Operations (OPS) -- T'Rasei Helm (HELM) ------ STSF_Scooter Engineering: Chief Engineer Officer (CENG) - Baron Assistant Engineer (AENG1) --- cadet chulainn Assistant Engineer (AENG2) --- Banshee Farrell Security Chief Security Officer (CSEC) -- Caden Finlay Assistant Security (ASEC1) ---- Pher Medical: Assistant Security (ASEC2) ---- Joker Morgan Chief Medical Officer (CMO) --- AlexRamirez Assistant Medical (AMO1) ---- TKAR Assistant Medical (AMO2) ---- V'Roy =/\= END ROSTER =/\= = = MISSION BRIEFING = = The USS Caliban is arriving for shore leave and repair at Deep Space Station 5. However, only a few minutes out, they received a distress call from the station stating that the USS Denali crashed into one of their dorsal pylons while attempting docking procedures. The station is requesting the Caliban's assistance with emergency rescue and repair. ETA is now five minutes. =/\= END BRIEF =/\= chatlog2010_6_3__1_.txt
  6. =/\= ROSTER =/\= =/\=< Apr 1, 2010 >=/\= Command: Commanding Officer (CO) ----- STSF Kent Executive Officer (XO) ----- STSF Nova Science: Chief Science Officer (CSCI) -- Vilanne Assistant Science (ASCI1) ---- Shane Assistant Science (ASCI2) ---- Chirakis = = MISSION INFO = = The USS Caliban (Miranda-class) is approaching a violent spatial distortion along their patrol route. = = MISSION BRIEFING = = chatlog2010_4_1__1_.txt
  7. =/\= ROSTER =/\= =/\=< Mar 4, 2010 >=/\= Command: Commanding Officer (CO) ----- STSF Kent Executive Officer (XO) ----- STSF Nova Bridge: Operations (OPS) -- Lisanna Engineering: Chief Engineer Officer (CENG) - Jack Mapio Security Chief Security Officer (CSEC) -- Dash_Andrews Medical: Chief Medical Officer (CMO) --- will_marx Assistant Medical (AMO1) ---- T'Preea =/\= END ROSTER =/\= = MISSION INFO = = = MISSION BRIEFING = = The year is 2374. The USS Caliban (Miranda-class) has suffered heavy damage during a skirmish with the Dominion and its crew has been forced to abandon ship via escape pod. One such pod, containing the CO, XO, and much of the senior staff, crashlanded in the heavily jungled equatorial region of the third planet of the Dragos system. Three days have passed. The supplies in the wreckage of the pod are beginning to run low, as is the power on the pod's emergency beacon. =/\= END BRIEF =/\=
  8. =/\= ROSTER =/\= =/\=< Jan 8, 2010 >=/\= Command: Commanding Officer (CO) ----- STSF Atragon-9 Executive Officer (XO) ----- STSF Nova Bridge Crew: Helm (HELM) ----------- trichon Engineering: Chief Engineer Officer (CENG) - jeffery parris Medical: Chief Medical Officer (CMO) --- TKAR BRIEFING: The command staff of the USS Pegasus <Nebula Class> is just returning from a 2-day management seminar that was followed by a 3-day shoreleave. Academy_chatlog2010_1_8__1_.txt
  9. =/\= ROSTER =/\= =/\=< Dec 18, 2009 >=/\= Command: Commanding Officer (CO) ----- STSF Spyder Executive Officer (XO) ----- STSF Nova Bridge Crew: Ops Manager (OPS) ----- Sage Tactical Officer (TAC) -------- Revon Helm (HELM) ----------- Chirakis Security: Chief Security Officer (CSEC) - Jarem Seton Engineering: Chief Engineer Officer (CENG) - T'ashaya Medical: Chief Medical Officer (CMO) --- TKAR =/\= END ROSTER =/\= Mission Brief: A shuttle craft from the USS Canton had been dispatched to to help the civilian freighter Yukon to help repair malfunctioning systemss. All those currently on our roster are now aboard the Yukon, enjoying hospitality of the Yukon crew after some of those repairs have been made. chatlog2009_12_18_.txt
  10. =/\= ROSTER =/\= =/\=< Oct 30, 2009 >=/\= Command: Commanding Officer (CO) ----- STSF Spyder Executive Officer (XO) ----- STSF Nova Bridge Crew: Tactical Officer (TAC) -------- Robert Long Helm (HELM) ----------- STSF Kent Security: Chief Security Officer (CSEC) - TKAR Engineering: Chief Engineer Officer (CENG) - Markus Liu Asst Engineer Officer (AENG) --- T'ashaya =/\= END ROSTER =/\= Mission Brief: The crew of the USS Canton is engaged in a salavage operation of the freighter Yukon. An away team will be dispatched to prepare the empty vessel for towing back to Starbase 5. chatlog2009_10_30_1_.txt
  11. STSF Nova -> =/\= ROSTER =/\= STSF Nova -> =/\=< Sep 25, 2009 >=/\= STSF Nova -> Command: STSF Nova -> Commanding Officer (CO) ----- STSF Spyder STSF Nova -> Bridge Crew: STSF Nova -> Executive Officer (XO) ----- STSF Nova STSF Nova -> Ops Manager (OPS) ----- C.T. Caine STSF Nova -> Helm (HELM) ----------- jay STSF Nova -> Security: STSF Nova -> Medical: STSF Nova -> Chief Medical Officer (CMO) --- Obsidian STSF Nova -> =/\= END ROSTER =/\= Mission Brief: The USS Canton, has been dispatched by Command to attend an interstellar athletic event, hosted by several nonaligned worlds in the Aleta Sector. chatlog2009_09_25_2_.txt