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Tobias Jaren

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  1. I'd like: "Don't worry, I've done this before" Thanks!
  2. General Information Name: Tobias Jaren Gender: Male Species: Trill, Joined Ages (host/symbiont): 25/Unknown Height: 5'10 Weight: 165 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Skin Tone: Caucasian P.O.B.: Starbase 375 D.O.B.: January 5th, 2361 (Terran Calendar) Family Information Father: Jobel Azri, Professor, Trill Science Ministry Mother: Lela Azri, Doctor, Private Practice Sister: Liara Azri, Student, Trill Science Ministry Medical History Last Physical: Performed during final Academy Exams: Passed No outstanding illnesses or medical events worth noting. Service Information Rank: Ensign Assignment: USS Reaent NCC 3345-G Posting: Science Department, Spatial Anomalies/Quantum Mechanics Division Service History 2381 (Stardate 0502.28): Accepted to Starfleet Academy as a member of the Trill Officer Exchange 2381 (Stardate 0508.11): Enters Starfleet Academy, Betazed Campus. Concentration: Sciences. Rank: Cadet/Provisional Ensign 2385 (Stardate 0904.20): Graduates Starfleet Academy, Promoted to Ensign 2385 (Stardate 0905.28): Transfers to USS Reaent-G Personal History [biographies of both host and symbiont prior to joining are held classified by the Symbiosis Commission] {The previous host to the Jaren Symbiont was also a Starfleet Officer, however personnel files from that host have been locked by request of the Symbiosis Commission} "Born" in 2380 (Stardate 0404.01 Federation Calendar), Tobias Jaren is a joined Trill. Formerly the Host Tobias Azri and the Symbiont Jaren, upon the joining, the personalities of Host and Symbiont and it's previous lives merge, forming a new individual. Tobias shocked the Symbiosis Commission after the joining by applying for Starfleet. The Commission typically frowns upon Joined Trill pursuing a career from a prior life, especially career of the last host. However, after much debate Tobias was granted admission. Where as Tobias Azri had applied himself to Spatial Studies at the Trill Science Ministry, Tobias Jaren excelled at such classes in the Academy. Graduating within the top ten percent of his class, Jaren was presented with a wide array of postings available to him. After much debate the Trill applied to, and was accepted for a transfer to the USS Reaent-G (NCC-3345). Tobias chose the ship for the same reason he pursued Starfleet rather then the Science Ministry, the opportunity for physical application of spatial theory. The Reaent, and her predecessors have a tendency for running into the unknown.