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    STAR TREK-all of it, kayaking, simming on the Excalibur, and I'm getting into Star Wars again, sans profile picture. Favorite characters? The nameless Stormtroopers, Clone Troopers, and TIE Fighter Pilots, whose only lines are acknowledging the order they are about to efficiently carry out.
  1. I remember that, it was in an episode of Extras. Actually the only one I have ever seen, but it was really funny. Not just that part but really all of it.
  2. Chief of Security’s Duty Log Lt. Cmdr. Brian Graham Recording USS Excalibur Stardate 0604.01 After returning to Camelot Station after his brief stint as a pre-architect, Brian delivered the final report on the three most practical sites for concentration of colonization of the Avalon star system. TO: Captain Sorehl, Chief of Operations, Federation Starbase Camelot FROM: Lt. Cmdr. Brian Graham, chief of Security, Federation Starship Excalibur RE: Possible Colonization Sites for Pending Colonization Efforts in the Avalon System Site Alpha: Location: Northern Continent [N: 42 30’ ; E 108 57’ ] Geography: Mountain ranges, limited flat ground, stream systems Weather: Cooler climate (approximately 16C), medium humidity, moderate precipitation, above average wind activity Biology: Moderate native biological life population Ecology: Heavily forested areas Land Defense Capabilities: High—rugged terrain will limit quick movement of enemy ground troops Air Defense Capabilities: Moderate—rugged and varied terrain would make low altitude air sorties difficult, and rock formations can be used for defensive bunkers Remarks: The lack of flat land will limit extensive development, however this area provides above adequate opportunities for defense. Also provides excellent opportunities for back-up power options including solar, wind, and water generation if needed. Rock and forest areas make arable land less than ideal. Site Bravo: Location: Land Mass Echo 2 [ N: 15 5’ ; W: 31 14’ ] Geography: Mostly flat shoreline, beaches bordering a salt water sea. Open flat areas past coastline Weather: Temperate (approximately 26C), above average humidity, above average precipitation, moderate wind activity Biology: Consists mostly of marine life with populations of insect and avian life Ecology: Extensive plant life consistent with the naturally well-irrigated landscape Land Defense Capabilities: Low—lack of natural barriers requires development to repel ground assaults Air Defense Capabilities: Low—area susceptible to both low altitude and high altitude air attack Remarks: Construction in this area would be easier than Site Alpha. Lack of natural land formations would not limit construction, and arable land in this area is extensive. Defensively, extensive preparation would be required to defend this site from any attack. On a psychological side, this may the best choice for a shore-leave location. Site Charlie: Location: Northern Continent [N: 59 29’ ; W: 135 44’ ] Geography: Moderately flat landscape with several geological formations, siold highly rocky Weather: Below average temperature (approximately 1C), low humidity levels, below average liquid precipitation, mostly snow, low wind activity Biology: Extremely limited animal, avian, and insect life Ecology: Extremely limited ecological life Land Defense Capabilities: Above average—limited natural defense formations, however adverse climate requires extensive logistical support to mount any extensive campaign Air Defense Capabilities: Low—lack of natural defense formations leaves area susceptible to low and high altitude threats Remarks: Definitely a hardier environment. Any colonization efforts in this area would require biodome facilities for any extensive agrarian program. Otherwise, suitable for species used to colder climates. --Conclusion of Report--
  3. Is that supposed to be some kind of joke!?
  4. Joint Duty Log Lt. Cmdr. Brian Graham and Ens. Segami recording USS Excalibur Stardate 200603.22 Atticus swung round a corner and into the open doorway, he aimed his phaser-rifle left and right, slowly pacing forwards. After a few moments of looking around the room he nodded and lowered the weapon but kept his grip on it tight. "I think this one's all clear sir!" The Trill security officer shouted. There was no response. "Sir?" he called out again and just like the first time there was no reply. His heartbeat sped up a notch. Suddenly there was a flash of movement in the darkness. Something had quickly entered the room from the alternate entrance. Atticus raised the rifle to shoulder height and placed his sights dead on target, ready to fire. He didn't know his target was Liuetenant Commander Graham. Brian scanned the room from his perspective. Dim, but clear. He focused his attention on the other entrance, where Ensign Segami had entered. He looked past him, seeing no intruder attempting to sneak up on Segami from behind. He did however, notice the business end of a phaser rifle being pointed at him. He dropped his weapon from the attack stance and stood to his normal height and walked across the room toward Segami. "Apologies, Ensign. I noticed at the last minute that there was another entrance. The last thing we need is for any intruders to get loose into a larger area." The Trill, heaved a deep sigh of relief, changing to a relaxed stance. "Sorry sir, but you scared the daylights out of me, I thought I'd found one of those Scorpion creatures. Why'd you jump out like that Commander, knowing I was searching in here? I might have killed you." "Simple, I trust you to have the skills to defend yourself, and to check your targets before you fire at them. There was also the possability that an intuder was in here, in which case a lone crewmember may have caused them to slip. In which case, I was covering you. That goes back to the trust thing. You're right though, clear. Let's move on." Atticus followed the Commander out and into the hallway. They'd cleared almost every space onboard Excalibur, leading Atticus to the conclusion that the Scorpions had probably disappeared with their vessel, taking Mr. Kennin with them. This loss dragged his mind back to their own departmental losses that day. "Those two people of ours that died..." Segami said, the words forcing themselves out, "...Idana Iot and Motaris Ron...did you know them well sir?" Brian sighed internally. Due to the career choices he had made, his response would probably sound cold and devoid of feeling which wasn't so in reality. "Probably not as well as I could have." There, it was out, a short reply, telling the truth of the situation. He knew who they were, remembered their faces, reports, statistics. Iot, born on Luna, specialized in low gravity combat, obviously had experience from where she grew up, and it showed, she had been excellent in the training exercises. Ron, Benzite, smart, quick. Could calculate the needed phaser setting to take down a ship's shields, but not damage the hull in his head, -his head-. Was good at stradigama too, though Brian had never played him at it, though he had heard remarks around the department of how he creamed others at it. He felt the loss, but at the same time, he couldn't dwell on it, not now, with so much at stake. Things like this were a cold fact out here, anywhere. People die in Starfleet, and especially in this department, and even more especially given the combat situation they were in. Everyone is told that the first day at the Academy, or at enlistment and were reminded practically on a weekly basis. Everyone relies on someone else on a starship, and Security is relied on to be at the front of any attack. You have the honorable duty of protecting others,but that also almost always puts you on the firing line, and so far, Brian had been able to use that line of reasoning to move on when something like this happens, but he cursed himself for it, and he figured everyone else cursed him for it too in some way. Atticus was troubled by his own feelings too, he actually felt slightly indifferent to these deaths, as if they lacked importance. It wasn't malicious, he just couldn't get the thought of "her" out of his head and it overpowered all his emotions. Two people in his own department had sacrificed themselves, another crewmember had gone MIA and the only death he could mourn was Kathleen's. It was the same a couple of days earlier at the battle of Camelot. He wanted to feel bad for the right reasons so much but it was impossible. Every time Atticus thought he was over the events back on the Shanghai he was reminded at how badly they had hurt him. That was why he'd almost begged the Commander to give him a reprimand today, not really for his actions during the battle, which were standard procedure to the letter but for the thoughts inside his mind. But like Brian Graham, Atticus Segami knew that there is a time and a place for all things and this was not the time nor place to be getting in touch with oneself. He focused on the mission at hand: To find and neutralise any remaining threat onboard Excalibur. Brian stood off to the left of the closed doorway and brought his rifle up. Steeling himself, he nodded to Segami, who hit the door control. He went in moving, turning left immediately and focusing on that corner of the room, trusting Segami had him covered.
  5. Updated
  6. Bonus points to anyone who finds the obscure Seinfeld quote! PM me with your submissions...
  7. I never show up a few hours early, but if it is pretty early I'll open a new window and look around the Internet at stuff, AIM, and sometimes talk with others who happen to be in the room as well. Though usually, I get engrossed in the Internet stuff and forget I'm in the chat room, and sometimes people talk to me and I don't realize. So, apologies in advance folks! Now you know the real reasons for my periods of silence.
  8. Chief of Security’s Duty Log Lt. Cmdr. Brian Graham Recording USS Excalibur Stardate 200603.14 The burned out surface of the planet seemed to take up the entire window of the cockpit and was becoming more defined every second. Proximity alarms started going off and the computer reminded him that the fighter would collide with the unyielding ground in six seconds. What it didn’t tell him, it didn’t need to, he knew this part already, that there were two enemy fighters behind him, and one of them probably lining up for a positive shot right this second. That meant the computer was underestimating his and Helios’ death by five seconds. Oh well, sometimes it was better for the computer to remain ignorant. Enough thought about that, Brian brought all power available power to the inertial dampeners so they could stay conscious as pulled the fighter out of the dive. A few seconds too late, as the dampeners didn’t compensate completely, and his stomach embedded itself in one of his toes. No matter, two explosions erupted from the surface in front and on each side of the fighter, sending up shrapnel of scorched earth which dissipated once they hit the fighter’s shields as it skimmed the ground. Speaking of shields, Brian remembered, taking the power he had borrowed a few seconds earlier for the inertial dampeners and shunting it back to the shields. He wasn’t sure how much more protection they would really provide, as the fighter had taken a few glancing hits already, and those buggers were still behind them. Brian weaved through the wreckage of what had been a city, the population of which had been unknown, but now definitely had settled down to zero. Hulks of buildings, some more intact than others, became obstacles to weave through. Sometimes an energy bolt shot past the fighter and impacted one, sending the last of the structure exploding into microparticles. Brian was glad they were hitting buildings, since the alternative would be unpleasant. He wasn’t sure how long this had gone on. These things breaking off from an unidentified ship and coming after them had seemed like days ago, but Brian knew that wasn’t correct. Three minutes was probably more like it. Two of those minutes were spent chasing these guys amidst the clouds. Of course, they had come out of one cloud mass and Brian couldn’t see them. The impact registered to the shields gave the update that the attackers were in fact behind them, and after a few unsuccessful attempts to try use the same trick against them, they hadn’t fell for it. So, Brian went against all common sense and took the fight lower, down toward the deck. Naturally, this was also where the radiation was at the highest levels, so this trick was getting old too. Heat, sweat, and slight nausea told him that maybe the radiation was too high, or that last barrel roll wasn’t a good idea. Either way, they needed altitude. Brian pitched up seventy degrees, and set the throttle to maximum, climbing as fast as mechanically possible. More energy flying past, they were still with him. A slight drop in speed clued him in that gravity still worked on this planet. They’d break out of it at these speeds, but they still lost some of their momentum as the planet’s pull tried to compete. The fighter got a slight sustained vibration as Brian continued to tax the engines for whatever they could give. It’s an old one, but it may work. Old? It’s the oldest! There’s no point in not trying it! Forget it!! You don’t know anything! And you do?! Brian’s brain seemed to argue with itself unceasingly. They were both right. Maybe gravity would slow them down enough, fast enough, and hopefully the opposing courses wouldn’t intersect, and the engines would get their speed back to normal fast enough, and they would be shot to pieces before he could put it into action. Entering another cloud mass, better get it over with. Brian hit the clouds pulled back, cut the engines, and engaged the emergency flaps, hoping to see two engine wakes shoot through the clouds past them.
  9. I must have been keeping a lower profile than I thought for the past few YEARS. Anyway, welcome to STSF.
  10. Yeah, there isn't really a complicated way to say "Shoot it"
  11. If it wouldn't severely impact my grade, I would do that on every test.
  12. Chief Security Officer’s Personal Log Lt. Cmdr. Brian Graham Recording USS Excalibur Stardate 200602.28 The past few hours had been hard to describe. Suspense, terror, adrenaline, excitement, frustration, blood, smoke, sparks, noise, confusion, relief, clarity, anger, and echoes from the past coming back to reality. Most of the time one of the feelings came in, only to be thrown violently to the side by another, itself making itself the priority as certain stimuli coalesced to bring about the particular feeling. The Hundred had arrived, everyone knew it would happen sometime and anyone who didn’t suspect it at all was a fool, or had just shown up. There was no way an organization like the Hundred, with a different ideology than the dominant entity in the quadrant, possessing the military assets that it did, and no hint of bothering with the diplomatic channels, would just sit around and be content to stay in the underground, hiding in a nebulae, warping out of a system just as a loyal Dominion ship warped in, only for the chase to begin again, or walking amongst those who were bent on your elimination. And so they came, almost a microcosm of the previous years of the Dominion War, except this time the nearest Cardassian was thousands of light years away, not counting wormholes and the theatre was on the other side of said wormhole, and, of course, this time not all the vessels with a Dominion configuration were firing on them, but there were sure enough. It had been fierce, it had been violent, it had been tense, with the moments where one thought the moment right now was your last moment of life function, and the next was nothing, and somewhere in between was an EPS overload, shrapnel, a disappearing bulkhead, or the flashpoint of a dilithium chamber. Sometimes you had a chance to think about your next move, other times thought and movement merged into an almost simultaneous motion where it was hard to imagine action could actually come before rational thought. Every so often a sensor contact would wink out; sometimes a ship system on the display would change from yellow, to red, then to black. Sometimes, after a really hard hit, they would jump from green to red, or even green to black, that happened once. Sometimes a light would come back on, but most of them didn’t, especially as each minute elapsed. Collision, venting atmosphere, order to clear the Bridge, access tunnel, tornado, loss, transporter, Excalibur, and finally warp trails. Then salvage: technology, parts, ships, bodies, parts of bodies, they were all out there. Soon they would be all be collected, the first three would go to the workshops or dry docks, the latter two to the sickbays, or the morgues. The morgue ones were now here, a line of torpedo casings, each with the traditional flag with the United Federation of Planets on it. Some of them had bodies, others, just what had been recovered, some were empty, but the formality was honored regardless. He’d counted the casings several times already, six of them held those who belonged to his department. Their records had already been updated though Brian hadn’t written the letters yet, he was going to right after this was over. There were others too, along the line and Brian had known all of them. Morningstar had been a small ship, so it was almost impossible not to have seen everyone who had served on it at some point or another. But death was something he had practically drilled into his mind. Starfleet was a dangerous place, every member of every department was at risk of every moment, and security was no difference, bloody, the whole thing revolved around carrying a weapon, it had to be dangerous, and so the fact that you were finite was a difficult thing to forget, and events like these made it even harder. Brian stood there, amongst the crowd, not feeling much of anything, though he probably would later. That worried him. Sure the immediate, immediate danger had passed for now, but there was still things to take care of. It seemed cold, colder than an Andorian winter, to be so fixated on moving on, when they hadn’t even fired the torpedoes off yet. But the universe didn’t stop when someone died, even though it you thought it should. But it couldn’t, and they couldn’t either, even though it seemed so insulting to the dead. They couldn’t afford to get too attached, it interferes with decisions, disrupts the process, creates a pause when action is needed, that was something too dangerous to consider also. I can’t let it get in the way, and when it’s me, I can’t let that get in the way of someone else either.
  13. I think DS9 reported that Earth was like paradise in that time period, so it might be pretty boring. I don't think you'd see many fights, unless you wanted to do something around the third world war, or during the few hours the Breen were able to perform that raid during the Dominion War. Though the planet idea could work, though nothing as deep in the Federation that could limit the possabilities. Possibly one of the seedier worlds like the ones O'Brien went to during his stint as an operative. Or have a series that focused on a different planet or situation each week. Though I too would like to see them back to exploring the galaxy again.
  14. Sadly, in Star Trek, highly probable. Especially since in DS9's "Sacrifice of Angels" allowed starships, at least Cardassian Galor-classes to target and destroy fighers pretty easily.
  15. One of the great things about "Lower Decks" I thought was how different it was with the junior staff, having to perform their duties without being able to be told all of what was going on. We're used to being in the briefing room when the senior staff is called in and this time we have to sit out and focus on the junior people, until one of them gets to go to the briefing room.