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  1. Don't worry rosetto, you're not opinionated. It's a scientific fact that Spock's Brain was the worst episode.
  2. Little TOS intercom infos I've noted: In "Space Seed" Khan tapped the Enterprise intercom system and was listening to the chatter from Engineering. Tapping's not a normal function, so I suppose it really doesn't count, but it was interesting that PM intercoms were listenable on a single channel. Of course, most everyone was knocked out w/ nerve gas, so it would probably be more confusing normally. After almost every battle you hear continuous chatter over communications. I suppose one of Comm's jobs is sorting out all the messages, though I believe other stations around the bridge were recieving messages as well. Jorahl pointed out the "Balance of Terror" incident, were Kirk tries PM to phasers, and then goes shipwide when they don't reply. I've also seen Kirk push different buttons on his chair to get different sections on comm. E.G., engineering, security, sickbay. This also applies to personal screens in quarters. One button always asnswers.
  3. T'aral, maybe save your pic as a PNG? It's bigger than JPEG, but it doesn't lose quality.
  4. What a coincidence, I found the Shatner "Rocketman" song only yesterday.
  5. If my ship is whisked to the far side of the galaxy, leaving us with a seventy-year journey home, and a super-being offers to take us home instantly in exchange for having his baby, I'll agree and ask what we can get for two babies.
  6. Darvin.
  7. I want to apologize beforehand, since I won't be able to play tomorrow. I'll follow you in the logs this week. Thanks all. -Nitara
  8. I got one too, by a "ColinXHoward".
  9. Mind like a steel trap. Rusty and illegal in 37 states.
  10. March 22nd is International Talk Like William Shatner Day! 1) Pronounce all your A's flat. (Note how he says "sabotage".) 2) Pronounce "you" as "eww". (That's because he's talking about you, not him.) 3) Act like you are the most incredibly important person in the world. 4) Start the first few words in your sentence, then say the rest of the sentence really fast. 5) Pause - your sentences - in the strangest places. 6) Inhale at the end of your sentences. This makes it sound like you're about to say the most profoundly phenomenal thing, but you decided to leave it at a cliffhanger. 7) Make little karate chop motions with your hands at times, sometimes before you say anything. 8) Sometimes repeat words.
  11. Sorry, to hear about that, T'ash. Hope everything gets better. The Challenger has amazingly survived "a shipload of illogical humans" so don't you worry, <_< .
  12. Just got a virus scam one from a "MichealTracy".
  13. Hey, if you want a really cool academy tip, try a sim hosted by N'Dak. Say,"I'm bored." I learned about that.
  14. I own up, the only DS9 episode I've ever seen was "Trials and Tribble-ations", and the only TNG episode I've ever seen was "Who Watches the Watchers".